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16. Because they believed not in God, and put not their Truit in his Help; though He-commanded: the Clouds abuve, and opened the Doors of Heaven,

17. He rained down Manna allo upon them for to cat, and gave them Food from Heaven : fo Man did eat Angel's Food, for He tent them Meat enough.

18. He caused the Eait Wind to blow under Heaven; and through his Power He brought in the South-Weft Wind. : 19. He rained Flesh upon them as thick as Dust, and feathered Fowls like as the Sand of the Sea: He let it fall among their Teuts, even round about their Habitation. 20. So they did eat and were fiiled, for He


them their own Desire; they were not disappointed of their Luft.

21. But while the Meat was yet in their Mouths, the heavy Wrath of God came upon them, and flew the fattest of them, yea, and (mote down the chosen Men that were in Ifrael.

22. But for all this they finned yet more, and believed not his wond'rous Works: therefore their Days did He confume in Vanily, and their Years in Trouble.

23. When He flew them, they fought Him, and turned them early, and enquired, after God; and they remembered that God was their Strength, and that the high God was their Redeemer.

24. Nevertheless they did but fatter Bim with their Mouths, and diffembled unto Him with their Tongues ; for their Heart was not whole with Him, neither continued they stedfast in his Covenant.

25. But He was fo merciful, that He forgave their Mirdeeds, and destroyed them not; yea, many, a time turned He bis Wrath away, and would not suffer his whole Dilpleasure to arise.

26. For He considered that they were but Flesh, and that they'Wire even a Wind that paiTech away, and cometh not again.

27. Many a Time did thcy provoke Ilim in the Wilderness, and grieved Him in the Deter:; yea, they turned back and tempted God, and moved the holy One of lael.

28. 1 hey thought not of his Hand, und of the Day, when He delivered them fion the Hand vice Eneiny;

:29. How


29. How He had wrought his Miracles in Egypt,' and his Wonders in the Field of Zhan; and had turned their Waters into Blood, so that they might nor drink of the Rivers.

30. He fent Lice among them, which devoured them up; and Frogs to destroy them: He gave their Fruit unto the Caterpillar, and their Labor unto the Grasshopper:

31. He destroyed their Vines with Hail Stones, and their Flocks with hot Thunder-bolts: He catt upon them the Furioufness of his Wrath, Anger, Displeasure, and Trouble, and sent evil Angels among them:

32. He made a Way to his Indignation, and spared not their Soul from Death, hur gave their Life over to the Peltilence; and (mote all the first born in Egypt; the moft principal and mightiest in the Dwellings of Ham.

33. But as for his own People, He led them forth like Sheep, and guided them in the Wildernets like a Flock: He brought them out fafely, so that they should not fear; and overwhelmed their Enemies with the Sea.

34. And He brought them within the Borders of his Sanctuary, even to his Mountain, which He purchased with his right Hand.

35. He-caft out the Heathen also before them; caused their Land to be divided among them for an Heritage, and made the Tribes of Israel to dwell in their Tents. ? ***36. Yet they tempted and displeased the most high God, and kept not his Testimonies, but turned their Backs, and fell away like their Forefathers, ftarting aside like a deceitful Bow :

37. For they grieved Him with their Hill-altars, and provoked Him to Displeafure with their Images

38. When God heard this, He was wroth, and took sore Displeasure at lfrael; fo that He forfook the Tabernacle in Silo, even the Tent that He had pitched among Men.com

39. He delivered their Power into Captivity, and their Glory into the Enemies? Hand: He gave his People over also unto the Sword, and was wroth with his Inheritance:

40. The Fire' consumed their young Men, and their Maide'ns were not given to Marriage; their Priests were Nain with the Sword, and there were no Widows to make Lamentation.


41. Then

41. Then the Lord awaked as one out of Sleep, and like a mighty Man refreshed with Wine; He smote his Enemies in the hinder Parts, and put them to a perpetual Shame.

42. Moreover, He refused the Tabernacle of Joseph, and chose not the Tribe of Ephraim; but chose the Tribe of Judah, even the Hill of Sion which He loved;

43. And there He built his Temple on high, and laid the Foundation of it like the Earth, which He hath esta blished for ever.

44. He chose David also his Servant, and took him away from the Sheep-folds; as he was following the Ewes great with young. He took him, that he might seed Jacob his People, and Israel his Inheritance.

45. So he fed them with a faithful and true Heart, and ruled them prudently with all his Power.

46. SALVATION to our God, which fitteih upon the Throne, and to the Lamb. (Rev. vii. 10.)

47. Amen. Blessing, and Glory, and Wisdom, and Thanksgiving, and Honor, and Power, and Might be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.





TIVE EAR, O thou Shepherd of Israel, Thou that

G ; ,

Thou that fittest upon the Cherubims. (Ps. Ixxx.)

2. Before Ephraim, Benjamin and Manajes, ftir up thy Strength, and come and help us,

3. Turn us again, O God; thew us the Light of thy Countenance, and we shall be saved.

4. O Lord God of Hofts, how long wilt Thou be angry with thy People that prayeth ?

5. O REMEMBER not against us our former Iniquities, but have Mercy upon us, and that soon; for we are brought very low. (Pf. lxxix.)

6. Help us, O God of our Salvation, for the Glory of : thy Name; O deliver us, and be merciful to our Sins, for thy Name's-fake.


7. So we, that are thy People, and the Sheep of thy Paiture, will give Thee Thanks for ever, and will alway be shewing forth thy Praise from Generation to Generation.

8. Thou hast brought a Vine out of Egypt; Thou hast cast out the Heathen and planted it;

9. Thou madeft Room for it; and when it had taken Root, it filled the Land: the Hills were covered with the Shadow of it, and the Boughs thereof were like the goodly Cedar-trees :

10. She stretched out her Branches unto the Sea, and her Boughs unto the River.

II. Why hast Thou then broken down her Hedge, that all they that go by, pluck off her Grapes ?

12. The wild Boar out of the Wood doth root it up, and the wild Beasts of the Field devour it.

13. Turn Thee again, thou God of Hofts, look down from Heaven; behold and vifit this Vine, and the Vine. yard that thy right Hand hath planted, and the Branch that Thou madeft fo ftrong for thyself.

14. Let thy Hand he upon the Man of thy right Hand; and upon the Son of Man, whom Thou madelt fo ftrong for thine own self.

15. And so will not we go back from Thee; let us live, and we will call upon thy Name.

16. Turn us again, O Lord God of Hofts; thew the Light of thy Countenance, and we shall be saved.

17. LORD, TĦou art become gracious unto thy Land; Thou hast turned away the Captivity of Jacob: Thou haft forgiven the Iniquity of thy People, and halt covered all their Sins. (Pl. lxxxv.)

18. Thou hast taken away all thy Displeasure, and turned thyself from thy wrathful Indignation,

19. Turn us then, O God our Savior, and let thine Anger cease from us.

20. Wilt Thou be displeased at us for ever? and wilt Thou stretch out thy Wrath from one Generation to another?

21. Wilt Thou not turn again and quicken us, that thy People may rejoice in Thee?

22. Shew us thy Mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy Sal. vation,


23. I will

23. I will hearken what the Lord will say concerning me: for He shall speak Peace unto his People, and to his Saints, that they turn not again to Folly.

24. For his Salvation is nigh them that fear Him, that Glory may dwell in our Land.

25. Mercy and Truth are met together ; Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other.

26. Truth sall Aourish out of the Earth, and Righteousness shall look down from Heaven.

27. Yea, the Lord shall fhew loving-Kindness; and our Land shall yield her Encrease.

28. Righteousness shall go before Him, and He Mall fet us in the Way of his Steps.

29. Now our LORD Jesus Christ himself, and God. even our Father, which hath loved us, and hath given us everlasting Confolation and good Hope through Grace; comfort your Hearts, and stablish you in every good Word and Work. (2 Thessal. ii. 16, 17:)

30. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us all. Amen.




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ING WE aloud unto God our Strength; make a

chearful Noise unto the God of Jacob: take ihe Pfalın, bring hither the Tabret, the merry Harp, with the Lute. (P/. lxxxi.)

2. Blow up the Trumpet in the new Moon; even in the Time appointed, and upon our solemn Feaft-Day.

3. For this was made a Statute for Israel, and a Law of the God of Jacob: this He ordained in Joseph for a Tellimony, when He came out of the Land of Egypt, and had heard a strange Language.

4. « Thou calledit upon me in Troubles, and I delivers6 ed thee, and heard thee what Time as the Storm fell

upon thee: I proved thee also at the Waters of Strife.

5. * Hear, Ó my People, and I will affure 'Thee, O Ifrael, if thou wilt hearken unto Me; there shall no “ ftrange God be in thee, neither Thalt thou worship any 6 other God.

6. “I am

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