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25. For He hath redeemed Us to God by his Blood, out of every Kindred, and Tongue, and People, and Nation;

26. And hath made Us unto our God Kings and Priests, and We Hall reign on the Earth. 로 27. Blefling and Honor and Glory and Power be untoHim that fitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever

28. Amen.





NTO THEE, O God, do we give Thanks; yea,

unto Thee do we give Thanks, for that thy Name is near, thy wond'rous Works declare. (Pf. lxxv.)

2. “When I receive the Congregation, I shall judge « according unto Right. 3.

56. The Earth is weak, and all the Inhabiters thereof; 6 I bear up the Pillars of it."

4. For Promotion cometh neither from the East, nor from the West, nor yet from the South: but God is the Judge ; He putteth down one, and setteth up another.

5. For in the Hand of the Lord there is a Cup, and the Wine is red; it is full mixt, and He poureth out of the fame.

6. As for the Dregs thereof, all the wicked of the Earth shall drink them, and fuck them out.

7. But I will talk of the God of Jacob, and fing Praise unto Him for ever,

8. All the Horns of the Wicked also will I break; but the Horns of the Righteous shall be exalted.

9. GIVE THE KING thy Judgements, O God; and thy Righteousness unto the King's Son; then fhall he judge thy People according unto Right, and defend the Poor. (Pf: lxxii)

10. The Mountains also shall bring Peace, and the little Hills Righteousness unto the People.

11. He thall keep the simple Folk by their Right; He shall defend the Children of the Poor, and punish the Oppreflor.

12. They shall fear Thee, so long as the Sun and Moon endure, from one Generation to another,

13. He

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13. He shall come down like the Rain into a Fleece of Wool; even as the Drops that water the Earth.

14. In his Days shall the Righteous flourish, yea and Abundance of Peace, so long as the Moon endureth.

15. His Dominion also shall be from one Sea to the other, and from the River unto the Ends of the Earth.

16. They, that dwell in the Wilderness, shall kneel before Him; and his Enemies shall lick the Duft.

17. The Kings of Tarshish and of the Isles shall bring Presents; the Kings of Arabia and Saba fhall offer Gifts yea, all Kings Thall fall before Him; all Nations shall serve Him

18. For He shall deliver the poor when he crieth; the Needy also and Him that hath no Helper.

19. He shall be favorable to the simple and needy; and fall preserve the Souls of the poor.

20. He shall redeem their souls from Falsehood and Wrong; and precious shall their Blood be in his Sight.

21. He shall live, and unto him shall be given of the Gold of Arabia; Prayer shall be made ever unto him, and i daily fhall He be praised.

22. There shall be an Heap of Corn in the Earth, upon the Top of the Hills; the Fruit thereof fhall Thake like Libanus, and hall be green in the City, like Grass upon the Earth.

23. His Name shall endure for ever; his Name shall be continued as long as the Sun; the Pofterities fhall be blessed through him, and all the Heathen shall praise him.

24. Błeffed be the Lord God, even the God of Israel, which only doeth wond'rous Things.

25. And blessed be his glorious Name for ever, and let the whole Earth be filled with his Majesty.-- Amen és Amen.

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Fifteenth HYMN XXIX.. Morning. "I

N Judah is God known; his Name is great in Israel;

at Salem is his Tabernacle, and his Dwelling in Sion. (Pf.lxxvi.)

2. There brake He the Arrows of the B-sw, the Shield, the Sword and the Battle : Thou art of more Honor and Might than the Hills of the Robb-r5.

3. The

3. The tout-hearted are fpoiled, they have slept their Sleep; and None of the Men of Might have found their Hands,

4. At thy Rebuke, O God of Jacab, both the Chariots and Horse are fallen.

5. Thou, even Thou art to be feared ; and who may Aand in thy Sight, when once Thou art angry?

6. Thou didit cause thy Judgement to be heard from Heaven; the Earth trembled, and was ftill; when God arose to Judgement, to help all the Meek upon Earth.

7. Surely the Wrath of Man shall turn to thy Praise, and the Fierceness of them thalt Thou restrain.

8. Promise unto the Lord your God, and keep it, all ye that are round about Him: bring Presents unto Him that ... ought to be fared.

9. He thall cut off the Spirit of Princes, and is terrible to the Kings of the Earth.

10, I WILL CRY unto God with my Voice; even unto God will I cry with my Voice, and Hé fhall hearken unto me. (PS, lxxvii.)

11. In the Time of my Trouble I fought the Lord; my Sore ran, and ceased not in the Night Season; my Soul refused Comfort.

12. When I am in Heaviness, I will think upon God; when my Heart is vexed, I will complain.

13. Thou holdest mine Eyes waking; I am so troubled, that I cannot sprak. I have considered the Days of old, and the Years that are past.

14. I call to Remembrance my Song; and in the Night I commune with mine own Heart, and my Spirits make diligent Search.

15. Will the Lord absent himfelf for ever, and will He be favorable no more?

16. Is bis Mercy clean gone for ever, and is his Promife come utterly to an End for evermore?

17. Hath God forgotten to be gracious, and will He shut up his tender Mercies in Displeasure.

18. And I said, it is mine own Infirmity; but I will remember the Years of the right Hand of the most High.

19. I will remember the Works of the Lord, and call to Mind thy Wonders of old time: I will meditate also of thy Works, and my Talk shall be of thy Doings. -Q

20. Thy

20. Thy Way, O God, is holy: who is so great a God, as our God?

21. Thou art the God that doeth Wonders, and haft declared thy Power among the People.

22. Thou with thine Arm redeemed thy People, even the Sons of Jacob and Joseph.

23. The Waters faw Thee, O God, the Waters faw Thee and were afraid; the Depths also were troubled: the Clouds poured out Water, the Air thundered, and thine Arrows went abroad. 24. The

Voice of thy Thunder was heard in the Heavens; the Lightning lhone upon the Ground, the Earth was moved, and shook withal.

25. Thy Way is in the Sea, and thy Paths in the great Waters, and thy Footsteps are not known.

26. Thou leddest thy People like a Flock, by the Hand of Moses and Aaron. THOU DIDST divide the Sea by thy Power, Thou brakest the Heads of the Dragons of the Waters. (Pf. lxxiv.)

27, Thou smotest the Heads of Leviathan in Pieces, and gavest him to be Meat for the People in the Wildernefs : Thou broughteft out Fountains and Waters out of the hard Rocks; Thou driedst up mighty Rivers.

28. The Day is thine, and the Night also is thine Thou hast prepared the Light and the Sun.

29; Thou hast set all the Borders of the Earth; Thou haft made Summer and Winter.

30. O the Depth of the Riches both of the Wisdom and Knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his Judgements, and his Ways paft finding out! (Rom. xi. 33.)

31. For Who hath known the Mind of the Lord, or who hath been his Counsellor?

32. For of Him, and through Him, and to Him are all Things; to Whom be Glory for ever. Amen.

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Fifteenth HY MN XXX. Evening.

EAR'MY LAW, O my People; incline your Ears

unto the Words of 'my Mouth: I will open my Mouth in a Parable ; I'will declare daik Sentences of old. (Psi lxxviii.)

2. Which


2. Which we have heard and known, and such as our Fathers have cold us.

3. We will not hide them from the Children of the Ge. nerations to come; but thew the Honor of the Lord, his mighty and wonderful Works that He hath done. 4.

He made a Covenant with Jacob, and gave Israel a Law, which He commanded our Forefathers to teach their Children; that their Poilerity might know it, and the Children which were yet unborn:

5. To the Intent, that when they came up, they might thew their Children the same, that they might put their Truft in God, and not forget the Works of God, but keep his Commandments :

6. And might not be as their forefathers, a faithless and stubborn Generation, a Generation that set not their Hearts aright, and whose Spirit was not stedfast unto God.

7. Like as the Children of Ephraim, who being armed, and carrying Bows, turned themselves back in the Day of Battle.

.8. They kept not the Covenant of God, and would not walk in his Law; but forgat what He had done, and the wonderful Works that He had fhewed for them.

9. Marvelous Things did He in the Sight of their Forefathers in the Land of Egypt, eyen in the field of Zoan: He divided the Sca, and let them go through; He made the Waters to stand on an Heap.

10. In the Day-time alfo He led them with a Cloud; and all the Night through with a Light of Fire.

11. He clave the hard Rocks in the Wilderness, and gave them Drink thereof, as it had been out of the great Depth: He brought. Waters out of the ftony Rock, so that it gushed out like the Rivers.

12. Yet for all this they finned more against Him, and provoked the most High in the Wilderness.

-13. They tempted God in their Hearts, and required Meat for their Luft: They (pake against God also, faying “ Shall God furnish a Table in the Wilderness?

14. “ He fmote the stony Rock indeed, that the Water gushed out, and the Stream flowed withal; but can He give Bread alfo, or provide Flesh for his People?". 15. Therefore when the Lord heard this, He


swroth: So a Fire was kindled against Jacob, and there came up heavy Displeasure against Israel.

16. Be

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