Supersymmetry:Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology: Theory, Experiment, and Cosmology

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OUP Oxford, 9 лист. 2006 р. - 532 стор.
This book describes the basic concepts of supersymmetric theories. It is aimed at theorists, experimentalists and cosmologists interested in supersymmetry, and its content is correspondingly divided into three distinct tracks of study. The topics covered include a discussion of the motivation for supersymmetry in fundamental physics, a description of the minimal supersymmetric model as well as models of grand unification and string models, a presentation of the main scenarios forsupersymmetry breaking, including the concepts and results of dynamical breaking. On the astrophysics/cosmology side, the book includes discussions of supersymmetric dark matter candidates, inflation, dark energy, and the cosmological constant problem. Some very basic knowledge of quantum field theoryis needed and extensive appendices (in particular an introduction to the Standard Model of fundamental interactions) allow the reader to refresh and complete their notions.

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Professor at Universite Paris-Sud until 2002. Chairman of the European Research Group (Euro-GDR) on Supersymmetry from 1997 to 2004. Professor at Universite Paris 7, "AstroParticule et cosmologie" (APC) laboratory, and Director of APC laboratory since 2005.

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