The Saxon in Ireland : Or, The Rambles of an Englishman in Search of a Settlement in the West of Ireland ; with Frontispiece and Map

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Сторінка 30 - Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, and on the labour that I had laboured to do: and, behold, all was vanity and vexation of spirit, and there was no profit under the sun.
Сторінка 50 - Whose midnight revels, by a forest side, Or fountain, some belated peasant sees, Or dreams he sees, while overhead the moon Sits arbitress, and nearer to the earth Wheels her pale course ; they, on their mirth and dance Intent, with jocund music charm his ear ; At once with joy and fear his heart rebounds.
Сторінка 134 - And oft the craggy cliff he loved to climb, When all in mist the world below was lost — What dreadful pleasure ! there to stand sublime, Like shipwrecked mariner on desert coast...
Сторінка 156 - While scourged by famine from the smiling land, The mournful peasant leads his humble band; And while he sinks, without one arm to save, The country blooms - a garden and a grave.
Сторінка 23 - A most animated and sprightly picture of the state of society at Sierra Leone, the point and cleverness of which is, we apprehend, to be placed to the credit of the talented editor, fully as much as to that of the original writer of the letters.
Сторінка 84 - Such were the arts by which James introduced humanity and justice among a people who had ever been buried in the most profound barbarism. Noble cares ! much superior to the vain and criminal glory of conquests, but requiring ages of perseverance and attention to perfect what had been so happily begun.
Сторінка 1 - It is not our wish to go into any examination or discussion either of the prudence of the Bible Society on this occasion or of the actual state of the Spanish Church. Our business is literary. We conceive that Mr. Borrow has come out as an English author of high mark. Considering the book merely...
Сторінка 1 - ... Personality and Office of the Christian Comforter (Bampton Lectures, Oxford, 1816); and an edition of the complete works of Jeremy Taylor (15 vols., London, 1822); while his widow edited the following: Hymns, Written and Adapted to the Weekly Church Service of the Year (1827); Journey through India from Calcutta to Bombay, with Notes upon Ceylon, and a Journey to Madras and the Southern Provinces...
Сторінка 292 - The volumes are printed on superfine paper in a clear and legible type, and form a compact and portable Work, the bulk of which does not exceed the compass of a single shelf, or of one trunk, suited for all classes and all climates.
Сторінка 232 - is a black spongy moor of rotten vegetable matter," but the bogs of Ireland " consist of inert vegetable matter, covered more or less with unproductive vegetables, and containing a large quantity of stagnant water." The difference between these soils is, that the rotten vegetable matter of the one produces unrivalled crops of grass, corn, &c. while the inert vegetable matter of the other, throws out no kind of plant useful to man. The...

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