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Hudibras: No greater Com plement can be paid to these Writings, than to say, they are His ; and therefore I fall forbear to add any thing further to their Praise, hace no one, who is the least i acquainted with the Charačters of this Glory of our Nation, but must secretly congratulate himself and Mankind upon the recovery of this invaluable Treasure, and conceive the highest Idea of any thing that comes from fo renowned a Hand,


from one whom all confeß the most exalted. Wit of the Age in which be lived, and one of the brightest Spirits that ever adorn’d our Island: There is no one, I say, who

bas heard the Name of | BUTLER, but will natua

rally expect from these Mifcellanies every Excellence that can be met with in bu man Produ&tions : He will depend to see Wit in its whole extent and variety, fo unconstrain'd, and flow. ing with that freedom, AS

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if the great Author were only the Amanuensis to Some Heavenly Muse; and charmed us with Thoughts not his own.

What therefore the Reader may be inform'd of is, that a very great Expence, and almost incredible Industry has been laid out in colle&ting these Papers, which have been scattered thro' an infinite number of Hands, and could not have been recovered but by the most intenfe application,


To conclude, These genue ine Pieces were written, as may be collected from the general Arguments, partly during the Rebellion, and partly at the latter end of King Charles the Second's Reign, about which Time your inimitable Author died.

Fuß at the finishing of this Volume, the Publisher of it having receiv'd some extraordinary Pieces done by this celebrated Author, from several Gentlomen, he

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is; at their Request, desired to publish them; and ac. cordingly he will,

next Term, oblige the World. with 'em : Therefore if any other Perfons have any Most Û nuscripts of Mr. SAMUEL BUTLER's in their Hands, if they please to send emito Mr. John Morphew near Stationers-Håll; they shall be carefully incerted in the next. Volume, which will be printed at the Time abovementioned.


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