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The Assembly-Man.

Written by Mr. Sam. Butler,

and-Sir John Birkenhead, in the Year 1647


N Asembler is Part of the
States Chartels ; nor Priest,

nor Burgess, but a Participle that Sharks upon both. 'He was chofen, as Sir Nathanael, because he knew least of all his Profeffion;, not by the Votes of a whole Diocese, but by one whole Parliament Man. He has fate four Years, towards a new Religion, but in the Interim left none at all: As his Masters, the Commons, had a long Debate, whether Candles or no Candles, but all the mean while they


fate still in the Dark: And therefore when the Moon quits her old Light, and has acquir'd no new, Astronomers say she is in her Synods ; few me such a Picture of Judas as the Asembler, (a griping, false, reforming Brother rails at Waste spent upon the Anointed, Perfecutes molt those Hands which Ora dain'd him, brings in Men witlo Swords and Staves, and all for Money from the Honourable Scribes and Pharisees,) one Touch more (a Line tyed to his Name-fake Elder-Tree) had made him Judas, Root and Branch. This Asembly at first was a full Century, which should be reckon'd as the Scholiast's Hecatomb, by their Feet, not Heads; or count them by Scores, for in Things without Head's Six fcore go to an Hundred, they would be a new Septuagint; the old Translated Seripture out of Hebrew into Greek, these turn it into Four Shillings « Day. And these AfTemblers were begorin one Day, as Hercules's fifty Baitards all in one Night. Their first List was sprinkled with some Names of Honour, (Dr, Sanderson, Dr. Morley, Dr. Hammond, 6c.) but these were Divines, too worthy to mix with such


Scandalous Ministers, and would not

Asemble, without the Royal Call. Nay, the first List had one Archbithop, one Bishop, and an Half, (for Bishop Brownrigg was then but Elecz.) But now their Asembly (as Philosophers think the World) consists of Atoms, petty small Levites, whose Parts are not perceptible. And yet these inferior poftern Teachers have intoxicated England (for a Man sometimes grows Drunk by a Glister.) When they all meet, they new Beasts in Africk, and by promiscuous coupling engender Monsters. Mr. Selden visits them (as Perhians use) to fee wild Alles fight : when the Commons have tir'd him with their new Law, these Brethren refresh him with their mad Gospel : They lately were gravel'd 'twixt Jerufalem and Jericho, they knew not the distance 'twixt those two Places; one cry'd twenty Miles, another ten, 'twas concluded leven, for this reason, that F. mas brought from Jericho tó Jerusalem Market : Mr. Selden smild. and said, Perhaps the Fibmas SaltFish; and so ftop'd their Mouths. Earl Philip goes thither to hear them Spend; when he heard them toss their


National, Provincial, Classical, Coxgregational; he fworé damnably, that a Pack of good Dogs made better Mufick: His Allusion was proper, since. the Elder's Maid had a Four-legg'd Husband. To speak Truth, this Aj. sembly is the Two Houses Tiring-Room, where the Lords and the Commons put on their Vizards and Masques of Religion. And their Honoili's have so fifted the Church, that at last they have found the Bran of the Clergy: Yet such poor Church-menders must Reform and Shuffle, though they find Church-Government may a thousand ways be chang'd for the worse, but not one way for the better. There have lately Publish'd Annotations on the Bible, where their first Note (on the Word CREATE) is a Libel against Kings, for creating of Honours. Their Annotation on Jacob's two Kids, is, that tmo Kids are too much for one Man's Supper : But He had (lay they) but one Kid, and the other made Sauce. They observe upon Herod, what a Ty. rant he was, to kill Infants under two Years old, without giving them legal Tryal, that they might speak for themselves. Commonly they follow the

Geneva Margin, as those Sea-Men who understood not the Campafs crept along the Shore. But I hear they threaten a second Edition, and in the Interim thrust forth a paultry Catechism, which expounds Nine Commandments, and Eleven Articles of the Creed. Of late they are much in love with Chronograms, because (if poftible) they are duller than Anagrams; O how they have torn the poor Bishops Names to pick out the Number 666! Little dreaming that a whole Baker's Dozen of their own Assembly have that beastly number in each of their Names, and that as exactly as their Solemn Leagne and Covenant consists of 666 Words. But tho' the Allembler's Brains are Lead, his Countenance is Brass; for he Damned such as held two Benefices, while himself has four or five, befides his Concubine Lecture. He is not against Pluralities, but Dualities; hef fays it is unlawful to have two of his owó, tho' four of other Mens; and observes how the Hebrem Word for Life has no singular Number. Yet it is fome Relief to a fequestred Person to see two Asemblers snarl for his Tithes; for of all kind of Beasts none can match


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