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the Apostles in the Geneva: Print ; the Mightiness of our Faith, which is able to remove a Church into a Wood; the Transparency of our Charity, that is fo invisible, that neither the Right Hand nor the Left ever knew it ; the Multitude of our Good Works which no Man living can number ; the Godly Works of our tautological Prayers, and the Zeal thereof, which brings us cven to Divine Consumption, whereby we look like the Prodigal Son at his return home, or the Priests in the Arras; the defying of all Fathers, Bifhops, and Doctors, Conformable Perfons, Canonical Róbes, Ecclefiaftical Gestures, and Utensils, all Learning, Liberal Arts and Degrees, as the Rags of Superstition, the Dregs of Popery, are abominable in the goggle Eyes of a right Round head'; and yet this simple Innocent Proféffion is scorned and baffled, and by whom, but by Scholars, and such as profess Learning? which is no more necessary to Religion, than a Publick Church (which verily) is but a Den of Thieves when we are absent.

All which Grievances do stand with much reason, and therefore are utterly

Faxming against our tender Consciences, and never were allowed by any Synod of Moorfields or Westminster.

That therefore which we do now resolve to maintain, and desire to have confirmed, and never to be alter'd (till fome new Toy tickle us in the Pericranium, which will be very short, ly) is,

1. That our Religion, Tenets, and Manners, before mentioned, be esta: blished and maintain'd against all Rea. Son, Learning, Divinity, Order, Disa cipline, Morality, Piety, or Humani. ty whatsoever.

2. That the very Name. of. Bishops, Thall be a sufficient Jury and Fudge, to condemn any of them, without any further Evidence or Circumstance.

3. That if any Man whatsoever, having Knowledge in the Latin Tongue (being a Popish Language) shall

prefume to think he can save a Soul by Preaching, he shall be. Excommunicrited both in this world and in the World to come ; unless it be some certain Lecturers, of whose approved Railing and Ignorance, we are well asfured, and have known to stand fix Hoars on a Fasting Day,

4. That the Felt-maker and the Cobler, two innocent Cuckolds may be in stituted Primates and Metropolitans of the two Arch Provinces, and the rest of the Sečt preserved, according to their Imbecilities of Spirit, to such Bisopricks and other Livings, as will competently serve to procure fat Poul. try, for the filling of their insatiate Stomachs, in which regard, ChurchLivings had more need to be increased, than diminished.

5. That no Man whatsoever, who bears the Name of Cavalier, may be capable of making any of the Brethren a Cuckold, unless he cut his Hair, and alter his Profession ; but be excluded from the Conventicles, as the King's Friend, and a Reprobate.

6. Laftly, That there be two whole Days fet a part to Fast and Pray for the Confusion of all that are not thus relolyed.,

A CAVEAT fo the Round.



I ,

That you

will be wary,

Come to charge ye
And pull the" Mitre from the Prelate's

Left you miscarry, (bred;
In all these fattious Humours you bave
But as for Brownifts we'l bave none,
But take them all and bang them one by


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Your wicked Actions,
Foyn'd in Factions,

(due ; Are all but Aims to rob the King of his

Then give this Reason
For your Treafon,
That you'l be ruld, if he'llbe ruld by
Then leave these Fa£tions, zealous Bro-

(ther, Least you be banged one against another.



Tour Wit abounded,

Gentle Round-Head,
When you abus’d the Bishops in a Ditty,

When as you Sanged,

You must be Hanged,
A Tympany of Malice made you witty,
And, thoʻ your bot Zeal made you bold,
When you are bang'd,your Arse will be


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Then leave confounding,

And expounding
The Doctrine that you preach in Tubs,

You raise this Warring,

And private Farring,
I doubt, in time, will prove the Knave

(of Clubs. It's for your Lying, and not for your

(Oaths, You shall be bang'd, and Ketch shall

(bave your Cloaths.


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