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cept upon such Ground where Churches or Chappels do already ftand, in regard of the Inconvenience of setting up Altar against Altar : And foralmuch as the Custom of reading fome part of the Holy Bible before Sermon, commonly called First and Second Ler fons, hath been found Fruitless, That therefore the said Grand Commiffoners and Farmers, may have power to appoint instead thereof, the Annual reading of those Sermons preached by many of the said Grand Commisioners and Farmers, before the Parliament, upon Special Occasions of Thanksgivo ing and Humiliation, from the Year 1641, to the Year 1648. Which said Sermons may be called, The Homilies of the Separating Churches.

That the said Grand Commissioners and Farmers may have Power to require Mr. Gilbert Millington, and Mr. Luke Robinfon, the lame Evangelist, to deliver up all such Articles, Orders, Books, Papers, and other Writings, as were transacted before the late Committee for plundered Ministers; and likewise, all such as were passed and transacted before Mr. Philip Ney, and some others of


the now Grand Commissioners and Farmers, and heretofore called, Commilioners, or, Spiritual Tryers, to the end the faid Articles, Orders, Books, and other Papers, may be printed and published, and may be kept at the said Office upon Record for cver, and appointed to be the Book of Canons of the Separated Churches.

All this being done, we may upon Scripture Grounds expect, that the Door of Hope may yet be open to Us, and our Children after us, to see the Travail of our Souls, and to set us into the Promised Land, and to reap some of those Clusters of the Grapes of Cao naan, which, with so much Labour and Toil of 'Body and Mind, were planted, especially in the Years of 1641, 42, 43, 44, 45, by many of us, and other precious Saints and Ministers of the Golpel, who are since fallen aNeep, and have, we hope, reaped the Fruits of those Labours, the Lord having in that Day put a mighty Spirit into us, and fet us as Watchmen upon the Towers of Israel, to cry mightily, Curse ye Meroz, cur se ye bitterly. Grant that those Heart-breaking Labours of Ours, those King.destroying. Labours,


B. 4

tliofe Kingdom-ruining Labours, thore Gospel · scandalizing Labours, those Church subverting Labours, those Soul. confounding Labours of Ours may never be forgotten, but may be written, as with the point of a Diamond, upon the Heart of the King, upon the Hearts of the Bimops, upon the Hearts of the Parliament, and upon the Hearts of all the People, from Dan to Beersebag that fo in God's good time, we may receive our Reward feven-fold into our own Bosoms, and that the Gene. sations to come, may hear and fear, and do no more so wickedly. So prays

S. Butler,

The Round-Heads Refolution,

W Hereas we are thro" our great

Ignorance and Obstinacy grown: to a moft Seditious and Malignant Head, and the Horns of that Head (tho’of a main length) not able to sup. port our Arrogant Faction, as appears by our laft being foundlý llath'd and


bastinado'd, by a mad Crew called the Cavaliers; and whereas a great Part of Us have Mut up our Shops, because we could no longer keep them open ; which kind of shutting up, proceedeth commonly from our vast Expence in White-broths, Cuftards, and other Luxurious Dishes, provided for the Edification one of another. And whereas the Multitude called, True Protestants, endeavour to hold up Bishops, to maintain good Order, Di. fcipline, and Orthodox Preaching in the Church ; Learning and Arts in the Universities, and Peace in the Commonmealth; all which is nothing but Ido. latry, Superstition, Profaneness, and plain Popery: And further, whereas we (who are nothing properly but Round Heads and Fanaticks) are in most scandalous manner termed Holy Brethren, the Zealots of the Land, and which in Sincerity we never were, or ever will be.

And forasmuch likewise as the prophane World of True Protestants, are a ftiff-necked Generation, and will not yield unto Us the Pre-eminence of Doctrine and Religion, notwithstanding, the many senseless two Hours of




those Spiritual Trumpets of Our Faction,

the San&tified Clergy- Lecturers, or of 'Our more Divine Lectures of our Supreme She Lecturers, whose Bowels do even earn for the getting in of the Saints unto us, and have, as it were, even a zealous lusting after Us:

And forasmuch as the Religion profeiled by Us, is the purest and

most decent, as appears by the great Love and Community betwixt the Brethren and the Sisters, the Conveniency of the Woods, Sam-pits, and Dark Places, the putting out Lights, and defying those Tapers of Iniquity, which cause us to behold our own Wicked Deeds, the goodly Bigness of the Ear, with the Shortness of the Hair, which hindereth not the Sound of the Shepherds Voice, but easily heareth them call to a great Feast, amongst the Rich Saints; the Length and Sharpness of the Nose, which not only smelleth the sweet Savours of the Holy Plumb-broth, but also promiseth an eager Appetite to fome good Works towards

the Younger Sifters; the Roundness of the Band, the Length of the Doublet, and the Shortness of the Breeches, being a Habit correspondent to the Pictures of

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