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Rate's to be observed, in Compound

ing for Liberty of Conscience, in

the Particulars following, viz. FO: Liberty to assert the Pope's

Supremacy. For Liberty to Write, Speak, or Preach against the Governpent, as they shall be inwardly moved.

5 oo For Liberty to keep on their llats

before Magistrates, or in Courts

of Judicature. Bor Liberty to rail publickly a.

gainst the Bishops and Com

mon Prayer.
For Liberty to refuse all manner

of Oaths of Allegiance and
Supremacy, or in Cases Civil

or Criminal.
For Liberty to deny-Tythes, and
Cother Church-Duties.
For Liberty to expound the Reven

lations, and the Book of Dan

niel. For Liberty to disturb any Con

gregation after Sermon. For Liberty to assert the Solemn League and Covenant.




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For Liberty, to inftru&t Youth in

the ihort Catechifin, fet iorth by the t.ssembly of Divines. O 10 O That any Person or Persons, giited for any the Particulars abovefaid, may

have Liberty therein, either as an Iti. - nerate, in Private or Publick, at the Rates abovefaid.

That no Person or Persons be adinita ted to compound for Liberty of Conscience, until he, or they, have first taken, and subscribed to the folemn Protestation following, before the said Grand Commissioners and Farmers, or their Sub-Commissioners respectively.

1 A. B. Do here folemnly Bforest, That 3 judge my Celf til bound by the Coleinn League and Covenant, by the Engagement, by private Church Covenant, or by any other Darb which 3 have taken ever ance the Pear 1641. and that, so far as wirh safety to my Parson and Effare 1 inay, I will endeavour the urter Erricparion of Erlicopacy; and, to the urmost of my power, will as bect and p2omove all Schilın, face, tion and Discozd, both in Church and State, accozdinst to the best form and manner, preferited and laid open in the Sermons of many of the Grand Comınillioners and Farmers, before the Parliament, appointed to be Printed, and now called, The Hornílies of the Sepa: rated Churches. And that 3 will neber, by wiat Conviction of au thority Coever, whether Legal 02

tion 1

. Gpiscopal, ever consent to the Ella blish'd Doctrine and Iiscipline of the Church cf England.

and I do likewise believe, That Liberty of Confcience was a myIterious, yet pofitable salent, com: mitted to the Churches, and that it may be lawfully Farmed out for advantage and Imp2vement.

That no Person, within the King. doin of England, Dominion of Wales, or Town of Berwick, may, from and after the twenty fifth Day of March next, use or exercise any man. ner of Liberty of Conscience, except Persons standing conformable to the Church of England; until such Per


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son or Persons shall first take the Solemn Proteftation, and shall Compound with the said Grand Comin iflioners and Farmers, for Liberty of Conscience, nor shall he be admitted or permitted to be a Speaker or Hearer, in any Meeting or Affemblies whatfo ever.

That the said Grand Commissioners and Fariners of Liberty of Conscience, may lave Power to constitute, under the Publick Seal of the said Ofice, a convenient number of Spiritual Ga gers, who may have and exercise all Tuch Powers, Privileges, and Authorities, as the Gazers for Excise of Beer and Ale have, or ought to have and enjoy, and may, at any tiine, in case of Sufpicion, enter into any House or Place, Publick or Private, to Gage and try. the Spirits and Affections of any Person or Persons; and by Praying, Preaching, or other good Exhortation, dissuade from Episcopacy, and the Conimon-Prayer, the better to fit and prepare them to compound for Liberty of Conscience.

That the said Grand Commissioners and Farmers of Liberty of Conscience, may have Power to Fine any Perfon-or


Persons, (not exceeding the Sum of Twenty Pounds for every Offence) who Thall, after Composition for Liberty of Conscience, and subscribing the solemn Protestation, be present in any Church or Chappel, within the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick, in the time ot any part of Divine Service, unless at the Funeral of his father, or fome 0ther like Occasion, he Niall either respond, be uncovered, or carry himself reverently in the Time of Divine Service aforesaid.

That the said Grand Commisioners and Farmers of Liberty of Conscience, or any twenty four of them, allembled at the Office aforesaid, may bave and exercise a Jurisdiction of Appeal, in all Matters relating to Libertz of Conscience, within the frid Kingdom of England, and shall have a conclufive Power in all Matters brought be fore them by way of Appeal asatoresaid.

That for the better Management of all such Matters as shall be brought judicially before the faid Grand Con. milioners and Farmers of Liberty of Conscience, by way of Appeal, the faid Grand Comniisioners and Far-.


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