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Humbly offered for the Farming

Liberty of Conscience.

Written in the Year 1663. By Samuel

Butler, Author of Hxdibras.

#INCE nothing can be dearer unto poor

Christians than Liberty, or S the free exercise of their Bo

Judgments and Confciences, the pursuit of

which Happiness hath kindled that fire in the Bowels of the Three Kingdoms, which all the precis ous Blood that hath been shed, during the late Troubles, hath not been able totally to extinguish : And since many of us, whose Names are affixed, were

so profitably inftrumental in those late Combustions, as appears all along in our Sermons before the Honourable House of Parliament, in the Years 1642, 43, 44, 45, 46, in exciting the good People of this Nation, to seek and maintain their Christian Liberty, against all Prelatical and Antichristian Impoliti. on whatsoever. And considering that the Little Finger of Apostacy from our first Love, would be a greater Burden upon our Tender Consciences, than the Loyns of Epifcopacy. We being more bound in Honour than Conscience, call -not totally desist; neither need any Man fear, or so much as fufpect, leit any Inconvenience or Alteration should happen in Religion, by the great diverfity of Opinions, Tongues, and Languages, tolerated among us, unless in

, the great Babel of Episcopacy, that may possibly be pulled down and destroyect: by this our notable Confusion ; for, if

; the Gospel was wonderfully spread abroad by every Mans speaking in his. own Language, and the very Eneinies thereof altonished, and miraculously wrought into a Belief of it; how it is. likely to be now obstructed in the frea exercise of our Spiritual Gifts, with



these our cloven and divided Tongues. And since many worthy Persons, from whom we mnight little expect it, but far less deserve it, out of their Goodness and Clemency, are pleased to encline to fome Liberty, did not some Perfons, Aliens and Strangers to the Comnaonwealth of Israel, take up a Reproach against us, as Persons reprobated into an unpoflibility of fubmiffion to Principles of Concórd, Peace, and Order, in Church or State, never being able hitherto to come to any Confifter.cy ainongst our felves; the Ark of Got having for twenty Years together, been exposed to By-ways, Streets, and worse places, for want of an Agreement amongst our own Brethren where to rest it, or how to entertain it. If this be our Case, and could we be sure of so much Favour as Saul once desired of Sanzuel, that the Bishops would but bonour us before the People, we would in a private Christian way, lay our Hands upon our Hearts, and acknowledge the hand of God, and the Justice thereof, in turning us out of his Vineyard, as wicked and unprofitable Servants, and to suffer the Iniquity of our Heels to overtake us ; crying out with

Reverend Mr.Calany, The Ark of God is juftly departed from us ; but being not yot thus allured, do hope the People will yet believe these to be only Bears-lkins lap'd about us by Episcopal Hands: And therefore, to the end that a Consistency, and Oneness of Judgment of the whole separating Brethren, and their Moderation, may be known unto all Men, and that the World may know, that there is a Spirit of Rule and Government resting in us; It is humbly proposed to the fole Power

of granting Licenses and Indulgen. ces for Liberty of Conscience, within the Kingdom of England, Dominion of Wales, and Town of Berwick, may be vested in the Perfons under-named, for the Term of seven years, under the Farm Rent of an Hundred Thousand Pounds per An. to commence from the twenty-ħifth Day af March next, under fuch Rates and Qualifications as are hereafter Specified.

The Names of the Grand Commissioners

and Farmers of Liberty of Conscience; proposed on Monday March 2. 1062, being the Day of a private Fast, kept by Mr.Calamy, Mr. Baxter, and others, at Mr. Beal's House, near My Lord of Ely's Chappel, in Holbourn.

Mr. Edmund Calanty.
Mr. Tilham, late of Colshester.
Mr. Philip Nye.
Mr. Feak.
Mr. Stanley of Dorchester:
George Fox, Executor of the Last Will

and Testament of James Nailor,

Dr. Lazarus Seaman.
Mr. Dell, late of Cambridge.
Dr. Owen.
Mr. Bryan, late of Coventry.
Mr. Matthew Mead.
Mr. John Coppin.
Dr. Manton.
Mr. Kiffen.
The Executor of Mr. Venner, lately

Mr. Thomas Cafe.
Mr. Regnor, late of Lincoln.


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