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p. 30. Whereas thou say'st the Brethren, Godly, &c. rode out with the Sifters, Helpers, &c. I do confefs, thank, acknowledge their Loving - kindness therein; and if they did Evil in sticking Rosemary and Bays upon their Vefsels, Bodies, outward Folks, as thou say'ft, against the Doctrine and Discipline of the Presbyterian Church, it is no more than the Members, Tools, Limbs of the Devil and thy Synagogue did to the Patriarch Patron, and Founder of their James Naylor, whom they exalted above his Brethren upon an Ass, and ran bare before both, against the fundamental, known establith'd Rule, Canon, Conftitution, of their disorderly Order. See The Buckle of the Canonical Girdle turn'd, p. 63. The Quaker Quafa'd, p. 4.

Whereas thou fay'ft my Works are bound up in Hat-cases, c. If thou would't but buy one of those, and pur thy Har therein, it would operate upon, and instit into thy Noddle, sconce Logger-head more Senfe Reason, UnderItanding, and teach thee berrer Manners than to keep it on before a Court of Justice ; by which thou doft bur fhew,



declare, demonftrate, that thou hast a - Crack, Flaw, soft Place in thy Skull;

and in that respect art very careful to keep it warm, left thy fickly Brains (if thou hast any) should take cold. And as for those Chandlers and Haberdashers of finall Wares, &c. which thou fay'st have undertaken to oppose, answer, confute ine: Verily, they will find it a harder Task than they are aware of, for I have already Written, Printed, Published 160 odd Works, Books, Labours; and before they have done with those, do nor doubt to have as many more in a readiness, and to find Imployment, Work, Business enough for them all; as long as Church and State can furnish, store, fupply me with Subject Matter. Provided I may have process enough to carry on the Work, and can but procure, induce, engage our Presbyterian Brethren, the Nonconformists, to help, aid and affift me, which (it being so much for their own Advantage, Interest, Concernment, and they having at present nothing else to do) I do not doubt to obtain.


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Will. Prynne.

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OF all the Factions in the Town,

(Wheels, Mov'd by the French Springs or Flemish

None treads Religion upside down, Or tears Prétences out at Heels, Like Splayňouth with his bráce of Caps Whose Conscience might be scan’d perBy the dimensions of his Chaps. (haps


He whom the Sisters so adore,
Counting his Actions all divine,

Who when the Spirit hints can roar, D And if occasion serves can whine ;

Nay, he can below, bray or bark,
Way ever fike a Beauk-learn'd Clerk,
That speak all Linguas of the Ark.

To draw in Proselites like Bees,
With pleasing twangs he tones his Prose;
- He gives his Hankerchief a squeeze,
And draws Fohn Calvin thro' his Nose ;

Motive on Motive he obftrudes,
With Nip-stocking Similitudes,
Eight Uses more, and so concludes,

When Monarchy began to bleed,
And Treason had a fine new Name;

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When When Thames was balderdash'd with

(Tweede And Pulpits did like Beacons flaine ;

When Jeroboam's Calves were rear'd,

And Laud was neither loved nor fear'd This Gospel-Comer first appeard.

v. Soon his unhallow'd Fingers strip'd His Sovreign Liege of Power and Land:

And having smote his Master, flip'd His Sword into his Fellow's Hand: But he that wears his Eyes may note, Oft-times the Butcher binds a Goat, And leaves his Boy to cut her Throat.

VI. Poor England felt his Fury then Outweigh'd Qu. Mary's many Grains ;

His very Preaching few more Men, Than Bonner's Faggots, Stakes and

(Chains. With Dog-Star Zeal and Lungs like



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