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a Mechanick still, and hadît not ordained thyself a Hedge-Sir Folm, of an orderless Order and unruly Rule, the Original, Rise or Beginning whereof is as uncertain as the Head or Heads of Nile, or the harching of Woodcocks, for no body can tell.from whence it came (See Truth triumphing, pag. 79. The Jesuite 4

Febusite, p. 904.) a Church, or rather Ĉ Chappel indeed, that is built upon a

Quaking. Bog, (mark that) or flat Quicksand, without Superior or Inferior in it, like the Knights of King Arthur's (See the Seven Champions of Christendom)Round Table, or the Serpent Amphisbena (of which see Pliny) that has a Head ab both ends.

Mahomet, the false Prophet of the Turks, was the first Prophet, Patriarch, Founder of the Quakers: For he had trembling Trances, and frantick Fits of the Falling-fickness, in which he had Re

velations, Dreams, Visions, whisper'd 1

into his Eari by a Dove, Pidgeon or Widgeon, that he had instructed and taught, used to pick Seeds out of his Ear or Ears; which Seeds are the Seeds of your Church as well as his, for they produce the vecy fame Fruits, Effects,


Workings in both, and both equally hope to be saved by him. And hence it is, that all your Wishes, Longings, Defires, are in the Turks over-running of Christendom; for as both they and you account Fools, Idicts, Madmen, Saints, you do not doubt but to pass easily for such with them, for your great Abilities in those Gifts. And therefore as your Brethren, the aforefaid Turkish Mahometan Fanaticks, deyote, deftine, damn themselves to destruction, meerly to tire, weary, make work for, and put a stop to the Chriftians in their Wars; and fill up Ditches, Grafts, Trenches with their Bodies, Carcases, outward Men for their fellow Musfel-men to inarch over ; even ye

also think to weary out the Officers of Justice, with your numberless Numbers, and render yourselves as hard to be cast out as Legion the Devil incorporate did, of whom ye are a Type. See The Stationers Beacon fired, 1200. The Sectary in Sippets, p. 202.

By all which it appears, that ye have a Turk as well as a Pope in your Bellies, and that ye delight in Persecution, in Affliction, Tribulation, as fome old ex


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travagant fantastick Fornicators find a Pleasure in being whip’d; and out of these Sores ingender one another, by equivocal Generation, as Flies blow Maggots, which afterwards become

Flies and blow others. See my Rorne's of Masterpiece, p. 808. Settle-brain for a

Sectary, p. 9. A Siringe for a fore Sin ner, p. 78.

That yon are Jefuitical, Romih,Franciscan Frogs, Witcheś, Sorcerers, appears in that ye meet to quake, tremble, quiver, and converse with your Spirits, Imps, Familiars, and that ye came from Rome out of the North, from whence Evil and Destruction cometh, as I have proved, cleared, demonstrated, and evinced in my Quaker Un maskid, p. 84. Lights Darkness, p. 26. For as the Needle in the Mariner's Compass Trembles, (mark that) and points to the Nortb, even fo do ye, ye trein

bling, quivering, shivering Quakers. E

And as Witches are most frequent in the North, and the colder the Climate is, the apter are the Inhabitants thereof (see my first Answer to thyself) to quake, &c. it follows, that Quakers and Witches are of the growth of the


same place, and both of the fame Nadire, Quality and Condition: For ás Witches swim upon the Water like light Scum, even so are Quakers the Scum of the Earth, that make themselves like Water-Dogs when they come out of a Pond. See my Popisa Royal Favourite, p. 800. Spoeet Sips of Scul-favingness, p. 53. Lastly, As Witches liquor their Staves and fly through the Air, even to do Quakers liquor their Throats with inchanted Potions, and gape to suck in the Air that it may fly through them, and blow the Light within them, (See Emmot and Gilpin, p. 7.: Aldermanbury. Bottle opened, p. 10,) at their Exorcisms rather than Exercises of Devotion.

Whereas thou fay'st I was branded, burnt or ftigmatiz'd in the Cheek, 'tis true, I was fo, nor am I at all afham'd of, sorry for, or abashed thereat, but rather fet a greater value, on my self therefore, as I believe I have very good cause, consideration to do, for I was only us'd like a sealed Measure, burnt, branded for being true. See my Verses written on this occasion in the Tower of London, in hæc verba,



of this Opinion Williain Prynne was the Sixth Day of March fix hundred thirty


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Nor was it improper, unft, or unbes coming a Man of my Profeffion, Cloarh, Vocation, that is, to measure equal Law, Right, Justice between Man and Man. See Truth Triumphing, p. 1o. The Pricking: Provender of Prelacy, p. 907. 14

As for the Jesuits, who thou say'st made use of the Scraps of my Ears, to bewitch the Quakers, &c. If they did fo, it was no fault of mine, nor am I bound to answer for it; for when the aforesaid Parings, Scraps, Shreds, were sever'd froin my Freehold, they were no longer, mine, nor am I to be accountable for the evil Administration of them, when they were out of my Power, Charge, Tuition. But if they had been in my own Poffeffion, and the Jesuits had itoll'n them to bewitch the Quakers; to listen to their Enchantinents, it is.. not just that I should answer for their Ears and my own too. See Speculum Infost, p. 95. The Frantick Franciscan, p. 700. A Hole picked in the Pope's Coat,

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