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their Medicines from Gibbets and Pillories, the Parings of thine Ears have been among their Ingredients, and thou art guilty thereof. But I fear I begin to be like thee, that

1 is, tedious to no purpose, for I do not expect that any thing can do good upon thee, who hast been so often incorrigible to the Laws; for as the strength of two Men in their Wits is not suffici. ent to hold down and quiet one Madman, even so art thou proof against all Reason and Light, and therefore I will cast away no more upon thee, but lea. ving thee to thine own Darkness, with the old saying, bid theę twicę Goods night.


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John Audland,

HOU Quaking Quack, Jesua
itical Romish Fransciscan Frog,

see my Quaker Unmasked, pag. 1.
13. Thou art the Devil's Dice-Box,
which he SHAKES, Rattles, Wags, to
gull, cheat, delude, and feduce the in-
toxicated giddy-headed English Nation.
Thou art sick of thy Church, and haft
catch'd thy Religion like a Palsy, Epi-
lepsy, Ague, and art taken with Ter-
tian, Quartan, Quotidian cold Fits, at


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thy Superstitious, Idolatrous Jesuitical Meetings, Allemblies, Conventicles. See my Healths Sickness, p. 150. The Northern Blaft, p. 90. The Pope crolling tbe Cudgels, p. 297: Where thou say'! I have no Ears, c. therein thou shew. eft that thou hast no Light, Reason, Underftanding; for as a House is judged to be a Houfe in Law as long as any part is standing; and a light Piece of Gold is good and lawful English Coin, current with Allowance, altho' it be clipd, filed, washed or worn; even fo are my Ears legal, warrantable, and fufficient Ears, and good in Law, how. ever they have been clip'd, pard, crop'd, circumcis'd; and I have a better Title to the Remainders than thou hast to thine, for they have been twice adjudged to me by the Laws of the Land, which thine never were. For those parcels, scraps, shreds, that I was deprived of, did but confirm my Right to those that are (see my own Abridgment at large, pag. 29. Lilc upon Gerrard, pag. 26. The Legality of Treason, in two Parts, S. G. upon both, pag. 666.) left, for exceptio firmat legem in cafibus non exceptis.



This shews that the Light within thee, of which thou dost vapour, brag, vaunt, and extol thyself so inuch, is but

a kind of dusky Owl-light, a trembling The one twinkling, stinking Sturf, which thcu

carrieft in thy Paunch, Guts, Bowels, l as an Ox, Bull or Cow doth Tallow to

make Candles of, or the Cattle of Lin

celnfire do the Fewel of the Country; é and thou knowest who it was that lookned over Lincoln, and cried, All's mine,

as he will in time do' over ye Quakers,
Frogs, Vipers. See my Hidden Works

of Darkness, pag. 400. A Looking Glass | fir a blind Guide, p. 79a Fryers à Fry of Frogs, p. 220, 8c.

Whereas thou fayest, urgest and objectest, that I would have made an Act of Parliament, therein thou art mistaken, deceived and deluded, for I would rather have marred, spoiled and pervert

ed one according to the Sense, Judg1

ment, and Opinion of the House, (and
ejus est interpretari cujus est condere; see
Braton) by purring in, adding and in-
cerring fome thing

or things of my own
Invention, Wit, Contrivance, that had
not passed their Vores; and putting out,
eracing, and expunging other things,

which had, which cannot be said, held, or judged to be a Breach of Law, because it was, before it was inade one, and if it had been so, yet it would have proved no great Crime, Fault, Offence, for exchange (thou knowest) is no robe bery. See The Foot cut of the Snare, pag. 53. Prynne's Principles, p. 200. which is more than you can say, produce, or alledge for yourselves, who are a Generation, Spawn, Litter of Vipers, Frogs, Serpents; fo obftinate, peremptory, incorrigible, that you break the Act of Parliament, at the fame time that it is put in execution against you, like unto a Cut-purse that picks a Pocket when he is going to be hang'd; for you croud, thrust and intrude yourselves into Prifons by shoals, that you may, in defiance of Law, Government, Authority, meet more than five together, although it be in the Goal. See my Sword of ChriStian Magistracy fuppressed, p. 550. The Sectary disected, p. 82. - Whereas thou say'ft, I write in the Stile, Form, Language of a Conveyance, therein I do, according to my Profes

. son, Calling, Vocation, and if thou hadft. done fo too, thou hadft: been bur


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