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the Indexes of thy Books, and wheresoever thou findest any thing of Quake, Tremble and shake, from the motion

of the Heavens to the wagging of a te Dogs-tail, thou appliest it right or wrong unto. Os; and that it


seem to be to some purpose, thou doft always print it in CAPITAL LETTERS, because such were hererofore, to very good purpose, imprinted on thy Cheeks by the Ministration of that Son of Bed lial, the Executioner. But I cannot understand how thou, or thy Rabble of Saints, could answer the Churche's for committing the abominable Sin of

Bays and Rosemariness, which they had before, and have fince so often condemned; for if it be Idolatrous and Superstitious (as they have determined) to ftick those Creatures in the Windows of Steeple-houses, much more must it be on their own Vefsels. All that they have (in my Opinion) to say for themselves, is, that they serv'd thee up (like a Westphalia Ham) with Bays, as thou art a Pagan Poer, according to the profane Custom of thy Forefathers the Heathen;' tho he that has the patience to read thy vile untunable Pitties, will rather take thee for an Irish Ratcatcher, that is said to Rhime Verinin to Death, than the English Prudentius or Robert Wisdom Junior, as fome of thine own Tribe stile thee, according to the Flesh; for thou doft abuse Scripture most unconscionably, against its own express command, in cafting Holy Things into Doggerel, which is worse and more abominable than unto Dogs; and this thou performest so dully, that fome of the Virtuofo's have been pużzled to find out the reason of it, till they were informed, that when thou writest, thou dost use always to set a Death's Head on the Desk before thee, as one Campannello a Popish Frieris said to have done the Pictures of those to whom he intended to address his Writings; and found it most certain, upon several Experiments, that the Person to the Resemblance of whose Countenance he could nearest force and screw his own, was always most pleas'd with his Writings : And this they are confident is the natural reason why thy Compositions are so flat and dull, that they will hardly hold till the Ink is dry, and when they are printed, not one of


an hundred will endure the Stitching, but turn to such homely Uses as they are most fit and proper for. Truly, William, if I were your Friend, I fhould advise you to leave this freak of the Death's Head, left the young Gentleman of the Honse furprise you again, (as you know they one did at Midnight ) and make you drink Health's-Sickness in it again on your bare Marrow-bones. "But I wonder in what part of the World thy Readers five, if there are any such Creatures in Nature! verily, they ought to have

their Heads (like John Brow above

in Africk) for there is more of labour and drudgery than understanding required, and they ought to have a large measure of Patience, Long-suffering, and Ignorance, that can endure to read one Page of thine : For as in the North, the more dirty and foul the Highways are, the larger meafure they allow to their Miles; even fo dost thou to thy redious dull Impertinencies, "ińsomuch that some are of Opinion, that thy Readers ought to be diered like Run ning Nags, before they can be in Breath

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to read thy longwinded Periods, which none but such as thyself will submit to; for if few Words do beft with the Wife, none of those will ever endure to have any thing to do with thee. And yet I have heard, that thou dost not a little glory, that thy Works have past thro all sorts of Times, ( but only those wherein thy were refuted by the hand of thy old Antagonist the Hangman) without dispute or question. It is very true indeed, they are utterly incapable of Confutarion, as some places are rendered impregnable by their barren rocky Situations, or by being fortified with Mud-walls and Ditches. He that fhould venture to encounter thee at thy own Weapon, inight be said to revive the old way of fighting with Sandbags, the true Types of thy dry disjointed Stuff; and beside, muft of neceffity cire so many several forts of Wares from Plumbs and Sugar, to Mundungus and Ratsbane, with which thy Works are always bound up, that his Writings will be charged with Quota tions, as full and dull as thine own: But since fo many Chandlers and Haberdafers of small Wares have un


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dertaken to confure thee, and proceded e so far therein already, it were an Act

of grear Imprudence to take the Task out of their Hands who are best able to go through with it.

· And therefore I fhall leave it to them to determine, 10

whether thou haft fubftantially and solidly prov'd the Quakers to be Jesuirical Romis Capuchin Frogs, with Masks on their Faces, put on by the Jesuits and pulld off by thee, as 'thou doft confidently undertake to perform in thy Title Page. Truly, William, I do confess those Jesuits are dangerous Fellows, thou hadit best look about thee and have a care, for it is verily believ'd by many knowing Persons, that they have always set thee on work no less than the Independants ; and have receiv'd a better return from thy Horse-like Drudgery, tho' thou hart 110 more Wir to perceive than a Fool lras to know by what hand it is set on work. And if they bewitched the Quakers ( as thou dost confidently affirm) ir is most certain they have drawn thee into that Fear too. For if it he true, as some carnal Learned Men aver, that Witches ferch the materials of




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