Зображення сторінки

What tho that Codpiece's dimenfion,
Shows something was of large extention
Besides, it brought into this Nation,
So Great a thing as Reformation;
And therefore, to oúr Lady's Eyes,
Can be of no disdainful Size:
Yet if to thine, OC-s! compar'd,
'Tis but a Bauble, by the L---d;
Bottom, tho' fhorten'd by thy Nelly!
A C--piece that would pinch thy Belly !
A Case that would not half inclose
Thy Scepter,all the Kingdom knows:
No! Harry's C--piece must knock under
Thine merits fifty times the wonder;
And has ejected twice the Force,
That e'er leap'd out of Trojan Horse;
For tho' thou hast but one good Wife
To recreate thee in thy Life,
And he had fix yet thou hadst more
Of other Mens, by twice a Score ;
Besides more Harlots, to thy Colt,
Than Solomon could ever boast;


And more Fitz Roys of thy begeering,
Than Hall had Peers of his creating.

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Go on, brave Ç-----s, and if thy Back,
As well as Luft, but holds thee tack,
Most of thy Court,in time, inuch rather
Than call thee King,will call thee Father,
For such a Crowd of sp---- D---s,
With empty Heads and tawny Looks,
Will plague thy throne,that all thy Places

Must be ingrossd by graceless Graces; - Thy Court be filld with B-It--d Brothers e Begot ou mercenary Mothers,

Most kindly taken for their Charms,
From Cellars into Monarch's Arms..

So Vapours that from Ditches rise,
Change to be Meteors in the Skies.

The witty'st of the wanton Crew, That do by turns thy Luft subdue; Was snatch'd from Theater, G-d wor, And rais'd to be the Lord knows what?


Tho' broach'd at fourteen Years of Age
By the Sham-Monarch of the Stage,
That skilld in Love, the pretty Thing
Might better please a Real King :
For Nelly knows she owes the Art
Of W---g, not to Co---- but Hart;
He taught her firit to manage right
The Female Scabbard of Delight:
Which made the Monarch love his Nell
Because she did the Trick so well.
So airy Jilts, train'd up for Cullies,
Are tappidin Stews by Pimps and Bullies,
And then preferr’d to wealthy Beds,
For charming highpriz'd Maidenheads.

Another Lass of Beauteous Feature, Bred up, like N--ll, in the Theatre, Who long had rowl'd her Eyes about, To pick some Keeping Cully out; Ogld the Boxes and the Pit, Where Noble Lords and Bubbles fit,

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Till she'd at last the luck to Charm
A King who ne'er meant Woman harın,
But lov'd the pleasing Spot from whence
He came,because he came from thence
However, as some people tell us,
Nelly of Molly growing jealous,
Prepar'd a Dose of purging Jallop,
And gave it to her Sifter Trallup,
That very Night the Royal C---ly
Design'd to exercise his Folly,
With his new Mistress, to the Grief
Of Nelly, who was Miss in Chief.
No sooner had the Princely Lover,
Inflam'd with furious Lust all over,
Bedded his new Theatrick Dame,
To satiate his falacious Flame,
But giving Moll an am'rous Tumble,
The Harlots Guts began to grumble,
And in the height of all their Sport,
Ler fly a very nauseous Flirt,


A Fizzle of a fouler Nature (rer,
Than Small-beerGrounds or KennelWa-
Which therefore highly did disgust
The Monarch'sSceptre of his Lust,
And of a sudden gave him reason,
To stop his Nose against the Treason,
Which in his Nostrils ítunk as hot
As if 't had bee a Powder-Plor:
Nor did the Mischief only readh
The neighb'ring folds of Madam's B---1
But in the sweet Enjoyment flew
All o'er his Royal Dowsers too,
That he was forc'd to fly the Bed,
Much frighted and as much bewray'd,
Leaving poor Miss, that smelt so strong,
To lie and batt'n in her Dung,
The K-, altho' he honour'd S---,
As inuch as any Mortal living,
And lov'd the condescending Part
Of Lady Fair with all his Heart,
Yet tho' before he was so smitten,
When once he found himself b----n,


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