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ful destroyer of Goose-Quills, that doft plunder and strip thy poor kindred naked to the Skin, to maintain thyself in a tyrannical and arbitrary way of Scri. bling against thy Brethren, even the Independants and Quakers, over whom thou settest up thyself as an unrighteous Judge ; for a Righteous Judge hath an Ear for both parties, and thou hast none for either. Verily, William, thou doft Evil, and against the Light within thee, to accuse thy Brethren of that, whereof thou art more guilty thy self; for tho' they break an Act of Parliament, yet thou didit worse, when thou would't have made one thyself, after thou hadft engaged thy Faith unto the House, that thou wouldst never lift up thy Heel against them more : Truly, thou thewest thyself in this, no better than a Jew, in throwing the first Stone at them, unless thou wert innocent thyself, and all thy Fundamental, Municipal, Common, Natural Law, will not serve to prove thee other, who haft been judged by the Laws of the Land as a Pharisee, to wear à Phila&tery in publick, and haft had thine Ears bored through, according to the Mo


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* Faical Law: And I fear thy pretended

Conversion to Christianity is but in or

der to something else, even as the Machometans (they say) will not admit a ere few to turn Turk, unless he first become er & a Christian: And that is the reason

why thou art so cruel (like a Renegado) to those of thine own Sect ; yea, even

unto those in whose Quarrel thou hast of loft Leather ; for as one of thy Ears h:1

was cut off for Presbytery, even so was han the other for Independency. But now - I speak of thine Ears, give ine leave to d ask thee one Question; I have heard,

1 that those who have lost their Legs, do

Cometimes nevertheless feel Pains in Be their Toes; and I would fain know,

whether toward change of Weather, thou doft not feel a kind of itching and tingling in those defunct Parings of thine, especially when Presbytery and Government are like to peep out again ? For what else does thy railing against the Bishops (as well as us) hold forth,

but that thou art the very fame Will, 43 Prynne, Utter-Barrifter, that didit here

tofore publish againft them so many ridiculous Hat-cases and Band-boxes, in which thy Works are always bound

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and vapour

up, and are to be sold on the Southside of Paul's Church-yard, where thy Stationers live? Among those, I have seen thy Title-pages pafted, like Mountebanks Bills, in which thou doft always write Reformation, Law, Religion, and Fundamental in Capital Letters, even as those Quacks do Pox and Running of the Reins, and both to the same purpose, namely, to deceive the Reader,

of more than thou art able to perform. But O! the Verbofity of thy Writings! Solomon faith, In many Words there is Folly ; and thou haft prov'd it true: For thou writeft perpetually in the Language of a Conveyance, and doft not indire, but draw; and when thou shalt answer for every Idle Word, all the Bills and Answers in Chancery will rise up in Judginent de gainst thee. For thou useft so many impertinent Tautologies, that thy Reader can never understand what thou meaneft, unless he should take the Pains to draw Breviates of thy fenceless Re. petitions, which is unsufferable, and not to be endured by a Free-born Englif-man. And this serves thee to the tame purpose that Hems and Hahs do


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thy Gifted Ghostly Fathers, that is, to lose time, and put off thy Commodity, namely, Waste-Paper, whereof thou endeavourest to obtain the Monopoly, and thereby undo hundreds of Families that live by writing lewd and profane Plays : for when thou hast ingroft the whole Commodity of Waste-Paper into thine own Hands, their Works will be left upon theirs; and in this thou ta. kest a more wife and rational Course, than thou didft heretofore in writing Indentures against them. For thou knoweft not how to write in any other Strain; and therefore to let thee fee how easy it is to attain unto thy Gifts, I will now speak unto thee a few words in thine own way. Dost thou not remember, William Prynne, when the long Parliament, according to the ancient, known, fundamental, established Custom, Practice, Usage, Example of all Rebels, Traytors, Cades, Tylers, Straws, fet open the Prisons, Goals, Dungeons, Cages, and took the Prisoners, Felons, Malefactors, Jayl-birds, into their Protection, Patronage, Safeguard, Tuition and, among others, thy felf, William Pryme aforesaid,


with thy Brethren, Companions, Cope. mates, Affociates, Burton, Bastwick, Lilborn, Poe, &c. How the Saints, Brethren, godly, well-affected, rod our to meet thee, with the Sisters, Helpers, Damsels, Handmaids, behind them, on the Tail of the Beast, stuck with Antichristian, Superstitious,

Superstitious, Idolatrous Rosemary and Bays, to celebrate, welcome, and congratulate thy Remitter! How they dawb’d, dalh'd, defiled, and polluted thee the said William Prynne, with Dirt, Puddle, Greetings, Salutation, that thou didst look inore like unto a Pimp, Pander, Bawd newly Carted, than an Utter-Barrister Triuinphant ; and with how dirty and filthy a Grace, Fashion and Demeanor thou didst bow, stoop, and lowt to thine Idolaters the Rabble - Rout Crowd on both sides of the Street, or Streets, who made an Idol of the Rings of thine Ears, even as the Jews did of their Ear-Rings. This, verily, William, is thy perfect Stile, and right manner of Expression, in which thou art the freer of thy windy Stuff, because thou comeft ealily by it, for thou dost but turn over thy Concordances, and


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