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But when the nauseous Dregs break

(loose They four and spoil the noble Justice.


The quaint Deportment of the Knave
Is always wonderfully grave,
And e'ery Sentence that he says
Digefted into Scripture Phrase :
His Actions so demure, as if
To be a Saint was to be stiff,
And that Religion must agree
The best with dull Formality.
Regeneration, Reprobation,
Election and Predestination,
Are the chief Points on which he cants
When mix'd among his Brother Saints,
In which Fanatical Discourses,
He summons all his Scripture Forces,
To prove all such as do accord
With him the Chosen of the Lord;
But that the Papists are accurs'd
Tis plain in Canticles the first;

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Therefore he joins their Holy Father The Pope and Dev'l so close together, That both may equal Terror strike, And by the Saints be fear'd alike.

His Christian Charity is fuch, He ne'er thinks what he gives too much, 'Tis plain, because he ne'er is known To give one Farthing of his own; Therefore as nothing is no Charge, It can't be thought a Gift too large. His Dealings are so just and plain He never cheats but when he can; And where he finds he cannot bite ye, He'll prove too honest to outwit ye : But if your Judgment you postpone, And to his Conscience trust alone, No human Justice will he do, Bur use you worse than Turk or Jew, Yet Vow, Protest, and Scripture plead, As if he was a Saint indeed.


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Such are that old Fanatick Strain
OF Whigs that envy Charles's Reign,
Insatiate Rebels, whom no Law
Can govern, or good Monarch awe;
A stubborn restless Generation,

O'ercome with Dogftar Zeal and Paffion 3. Impatient of the highest Place,

To which they plead a Right by Grace.
Cruel in Pow'r, and restless out,
When moft Rebellious most devout.
Making Religion a Disguise,
Or Cloak to all their Villainies;
As if they thought the same design'd
For nothing but a Holy Blind;
Therefore like Harlots seldom use it,
Except to shame it and abuse it.
From such implacable Tormentors,
Fanaticks, Hypocrites, Diflenters,



Whigs, Whigs, Roundheads, call 'em what you

(please I say, from Rebels such as these, May God preserve the Church and

Throne, And Charles the Wife that fits thereon: Nor may their Plots exclude his Heirs From Reigning when the Right is theirs, But may the Stuarts trample down Those Enemies to Church and Crown: For should the Foot the Head command And Faction gain the upper hand, We must expect a ruin'd Land.



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The Morning's Salutation :

Friendly Conference

Berween a
Puritan Preacher and a Family
: of his Flock, upon the 30th of

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Good Morrow to thee: how dost doz

I only just callid in to thew
My Love, upon this blessed Day,
As I, by chance, came by this way.
Grace, Peace, and Faith be unto chee,
And all this chofen Family:



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