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FLAB’BY, adj. } Ital. Hluppo, fiuppo ; Lat. faca


naturally from combustible bodies, and artifici- She took an ark of bulrushes, and laid it in the flags ally by many chemical processes. Upon its first by the river's brink.

Erodu ii. 3. discovery it was styled gas sylvestre, from its Can bulrushes but by the river grow? being produced by burning charcoal: from its Cau flags there flourish where no waters flow!

Sandys. acrid properties it has obtained the name of aerial acid, and cretaceons acid; from its noxious qua- sels ; square, if ships ; if gallies, pendants.

He hangs out as many flags as he descryeth ves

Id. lities it has been called mephitic air, or mephitic

His flagyy wings, when forth he did display, gas; and, in the new chemical nomenclature, it

Were like two sails, in which the hollow wind is now called carbonic acid gas. See Air, CAR- Is gathered full, and worketh speedy way. BONIC ACID, and CHEMISTRY.

Faerie Queene. FIZ'GIG, n. s.

A kind of dart or harpoon These flags of France that are advanced here, with which seamen strike fish.

Before the

eye and prospect of your town, Can'st thou with fizgigs pierce him to the quick, Have hither marched to your endamagement. Or in his skull thy barbed trident stick ?

Shakspeare. Sandyr. Job.

The jades ? Teut. flabbe (a fly-flap);

That drag the tragick melancholy night, FLAB'ILE.

Who with their drowsy, slow, and flagging wings cus. Yielding ; easily shaken or wafted to and

Clip dead men's graves.

Id. Henry VI. fro.

Democracies are less subject to sedition than where Paleness, a weak pulse, palpitations of the heart, there are stirps of nobles : for, if men's eyes are upon flabby and black flesh, are symptoms of weak fibres.

the persons, it is for the business sake as fittest, and Arbuthnot.

not for flags or pedigree. Pulls out the rags contrived to prop

Graft an apple-cion upon the stock of a colewort, and it will bear a great flaggy apple.

Id. Her flabby dugs, and down they drop. Swift.

Juice in language is somewhat less than blood : FLACCID, adj. ?. Lat. fluccidus (à flaccus). for if the words be but becoming and signifying, and Flaccid'Ity, n. s. S Limber; weak; lax.

the sense gentle, there is juice : but where that wantThe bowing and inclining the head is found in the eth, the language is thin, flagging, poor, starved, great flower of the sun : the cause I take to be is, scarce covering the bone, and shews like stones in a that the part against which the sun beateth waxeth sack.

Ben Jonson's Discoveries. more faint and flaccid in the stalk, and thereby less Beds of cotton wool hung up between two trees, able to support the flower.

Bacon. not far from the ground; in which, flagging down in They whose muscles are weak or flaccid, are unapt the middle, men, wives, and children lie together. to pronounce the letter 7. Holder.

Ahbot. The surgeon ought to vary the diet as he finds the

Let him be girt fibres are too flaccid and produce funguses, or as they With all the grisly legion that truop harden and produce callosities.


Under the sooty flag of Acheron. Milton. There is neither fluxion uor pain, but flaccidity The French and Spaniards, when your flugs apjoined with insensibility. Wiseman's Surgery.


Waller. FLACCUS (Caius Valerius), an ancient Latin Forget their hatred, and consent to fear. poet, of whom we have very imperfect accounts

It keeps those slender and aerial bodies separated remaining. He wrote a poem on the Argonautic and stretched out, which otherwise, by reason of their expedition; of which, however, he did not live flexibleness and weight, would flagor curl.

Boyle's Spring of the Air. to finish the eighth book, dying at about thirty

The interpretation of that article about the flag, is years of age. John Baptista Pius, an Italian

a ground at pleasure for opening a war. Temple. poet, completed the eighth book of the Argonau- In either's flag the golden serpents bear, tics; and added two more, from the fourth of Erecting crests alike, like volumes rear, Apollonius; which supplement was first added And mingle friendly hissings in the air. to Aldus's edition in 1523.

Dryden. FLACOURTIA, in botany, a genus of plants

That basking in the sun thy bees may lie, of the monæcia class, and icosandria order. And resting there, their flaggy pinions dry.

Id. Male cal. five-parted : cor. none : stamens nu

My flagging soul flies under her own pitch, merous. Female cal. many-leaved: cor. none;

Like fowl in air too damp, and lags along germ superior; styles five to nine; berry many

As if she were a body in a body : celled. Species one; a thorny shrub of Mada

My senses too are dull and stupified,

Their edge rebated : sure some ill approaches. gascar.

Id. Don Sebastian. FLAG, 0. n., v. a. & n. s. Saxon fleog, The duke, less numerous, but in courage inore, FLAGʻGINESS, n. S. fleozan (to fly); On wings of all the winds to combat fics : Flag'oy, adj.

Teut. (Old) flag- His murdering guns a loud defiance roar, Flagʻ-OFFICER,

geren, to be loos- And bloody crosses on his flagstaffs rise. Dryden. Flagʻ-SHIP,

To hang

His stomach will want victuals at the usual hour, Flag'-STAFF.

loose or free; me- either fretting itself into a troublesome excess, or taphorically to grow dejected; spiritless ; feeble; flagging into a downright want of appetite. Locke. to droop: as a verb active to suffer, to droop or

Cut Aag roots, and the roots of other weeds. become feeble: as a substantive, the ensign of a

Mortimer's Husbandry. ship or regiment; a water plant with a large- and languishes.

Fame, when it is once at a stand, naturally flags

Addison's Spectator. bladed leaf: a flag-officer is the commander of

Her grandfather was a flag-officer. Addison. a squadron: flag-ship, that in which the com

Take heed, my dear, youth flies apace; mander of a squadron sails : flag-staff, the staff As well as Cupid, Time is blind : on which the flag is fixed : flaggy is lax; lim- Soon must those glories of thy face Ler; weak, in tension or taste.

The fate of vulgar beauty find :

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Spanish Ensign

Royal Standard

of Russia.

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London Published by Thomas Tegg. 73. Charpside Juel.1827.

J. Shury Sc.

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