Public Documents of Massachusetts, Том 4

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Secretary of the Commonwealth, 1898

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Сторінка xliv - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Сторінка 5 - The power of the State to provide for the general welfare of its people authorizes it to prescribe all such regulations as, in its judgment, will secure or tend to secure them against the consequences of ignorance and incapacity as well as of deception and fraud.
Сторінка 5 - Few professions require more careful preparation by one who seeks to enter it than that of medicine. It has to deal with all those subtle and mysterious influences upon which health and life depend...
Сторінка 550 - If it consists wholly, or in part, of a diseased, decomposed, putrid, infected, tainted, or rotten animal or vegetable substance or article, whether manufactured or not ; or in the case of milk, if it is the produce of a diseased animal.
Сторінка 550 - If any substance or substances have been mixed with it, so as to lower or depreciate, or injuriously affect its quality, strength, or purity.
Сторінка 550 - If it is colored, coated, polished, or powdered, whereby damage or inferiority is concealed, or if by any means it is made to appear better or of greater value than it really is. (7) If it contains any added substance or ingredient which is poisonous or injurious to health.
Сторінка 399 - The acids are the strongest nitric and sulphuric acids, mixed in the proportion of one part of the former to three of the latter by weight.
Сторінка xxiii - Their action is intended to be prompt and summary. They are clothed with extraordinary powers for the protection of the community from noxious influences affecting life and health, and it is important that their proceedings should be embarrassed and delayed as little as possible by the necessary observance of formalities.
Сторінка 550 - food," as used herein, shall include all articles used for food or drink by man, whether simple, mixed or compound. SECTION 3. An article shall be deemed to be adulterated within the meaning of this Act...
Сторінка 549 - ... or to contain less than three and seven-tenths per cent, of fat, it shall be deemed, for the purposes of this act, to be not of good standard quality, except during the months of April, May, June, July and August, when milk containing less than twelve per cent, of milk solids, or less than nine per cent. of milk solids, exclusive of fat, or less than three per cent, of fat, shall be deemed to be not of good standard quality.

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