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JULY, 1843.

Parliamentary Papers. Correspondence relating to Affghanistan.

Bombay Times, 1842, 1813. Narrative of the War in Afghanistan. By Captain H. HAVELOCK. The Expedition into Afghanistan. By Dr. J. ATKINSON, Super

intending Surgeon of the Bengal Division. Rough Notes of the Campaign in Scinde and Afghanistan. By

Captain JAMES OUTRAM. Campaign of the Army of the Indus. BY R. :IKENNEDY, M.D.

Superintending Surgeon to the Bombay coluña of the Force. Outline of the Operations of the Britisk Props in, $cinde and

Affghanistan, betwixt November 183€, and Nonember 1842; Bombay Monthly Times, published Febrag:n list, March 1st,

, Narratire of a Journey to Kalát, including an Account of the In

surrection at that place in 1840. By CHARLES Masson, Esq. The Military Operations at Cabul, with a Journal of Imprisonment

in Affghanistan. By Lieut. VINCENT EYRE. A Journal of the Disasters in Afghanistan, in 1841, 1842. By

LADY SALE. In our May Number we entered into an examination of the reasons upon which the invasion of Affghanistan was founded, and expressed the opinion to which that examination had con

We now proceed to redeem our promise of offering some notice of the manner in which the great and unjust scheme was carried out; and, if our space will allow it, something like a sketch of the beginning, middle, and end,-if the end is yet come, -of that strange and tragic drama. The incidents themselves are sufficiently exciting to attract the attention of those even who read merely for the gratification of curiosity, or for amusement; and for all those who find any meaning in the course of human events, few passages in recent history contain a deeper moral.

The interest which attaches to the late events in Affghanistan has in some degree extended to the earlier progress of the war,

NO. XXXI.-- N. S.

ducted us.


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