Diary, Sketches and Reviews: During an European Tour, in the Year 1847

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his friends, 1850 - 304 стор.

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Сторінка 71 - Of fruits, and flowers, and bunches of knot-grass, And diamonded with panes of quaint device, Innumerable of stains and splendid dyes, As are the tiger-moth's deep-damask'd wings; And in the midst, 'mong thousand heraldries, And twilight saints, and dim emblazonings, A shielded scutcheon blush'd with blood of queens and kings.
Сторінка 71 - Full on this casement shone the wintry moon, And threw warm gules on Madeline's fair breast, As down she knelt for heaven's grace and boon; Rose-bloom fell on her hands, together prest, And on her silver cross soft amethyst, And on her hair a glory, like a saint...
Сторінка 291 - O thou that art situate at the entry of the sea, which art a merchant of the people for many isles, thus saith the Lord God; O Tyrus, thou hast said, I am of perfect beauty.
Сторінка 296 - But Thou, exulting and abounding river ! Making thy waves a blessing as they flow Through banks whose beauty would endure for ever Could man but leave thy bright creation so, Nor its fair promise from the surface mow With the sharp scythe of conflict...
Сторінка 293 - Egypt riseth up like a flood, and his waters are moved like the rivers; and he saith, I will go up, and will cover the earth; I will destroy the city, and the inhabitants thereof.
Сторінка 222 - ... without delay, and after confessing his crime, with every minute circumstance connected with it, the whole of which was committed to writing in the presence of witnesses, a bell in the Galilee tower ringing all the while to give notice to the town that some one had taken refuge in the church, there was put upon him a black gown with a yellow cross upon the left shoulder, as the badge of St. Cuthbert, whose girth or peace he had claimed. When thirty-seven days had elapsed, if no pardon could be...
Сторінка 303 - Lmoon [ruled the widespread concave of the sky, attracting upward to her silver zone all the waking eyes of earth. All was [grand, supernatural, and glorious, at that hour, among the ruins of prostrate Karnac ! * * * " There was a spell — a fascination of the sight — a charm of thought — a chain of woven fantasies and deep reflection — mingled with the melancholy of contemplating that scene, which won us to the spot, and made Lit difficult to remove away.
Сторінка 280 - ... by the Author. Twenty-sixth Thousand, Revised. Boston : Gould, Kendall & Lincoln. 1849. 18mo. pp. 212. Exercises in Greek Prose Composition, adapted to the First Book of Xenophon's Anabasis. By James R. Boise, Professor of Greek in Brown University. New York : D. Appleton & Co. 1850. 12mo. pp. 185. The Old World, or Scenes and Cities in Foreign Lands. By William Furniss. Accompanied with a Map and Illustrations. New York : D. Appleton & Co. 1850. 12mo. pp. 290. Quotations of Humor, Wit, and Wisdom....
Сторінка 206 - Signori mi vogliono onorar più che mai. La SS. Trinità guardi le vostre nobili persone, e accresca il molto magnifico Officio. „ Fatta in Siviglia 2 aprile i5o2.
Сторінка 296 - ... spectator — -and all our passengers were on the look-out with their glasses — when suddenly the pilot cried out with a shout, " El kitab ! El kitab !" The word was passed, and all sprang forward to see the Pyramids. The Pyramids ! — there they stood — the Pyramids of our early dreams — the wonders of our infancy.

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