Зображення сторінки

own, 719.

Holkham House, description of,

Inundation, The, what so called


in Shropshire, 394.

Irish at Rouen, 62; half-chris-
Holly tree and leaves, 193, 200; Ice-thunders, heard by Southey tened, 74, Irish coward,

superstition about, in Wales, and Wordsworth, that is and enchantment of, 75;
on St. Stephen's day, 365;

the breaking up of the ice in dirty-headed, 171.
at Furness, browse for sheep,

the lakes, 534.

Iron Bridge, fall of one, and

Ice-worm, Erasmus had seen the cause, 706.
Honey, formerly not sold, but it in the Alps, 467.

Iron hot, for warming feet, call.
given, at Keswick, 537.

IDEAS AND STUDIES OF LITE- ed a Damsel, or Nun,-
Hope, saying about, 616; Ha-

RARY COMPOSITION, 1, &c. Friar? 434.
fiz remark on, 635.
Identity, 43.

Irontones, custom of, 169.
Horns, girl with, 547.

Idylls, subjects for, 95. I say, expletive, remark on,
Horse, The White, quære ? 23; Ignorance, general of the age 618.
White Horse of Swantowith,

immediately preceding one's Isle of Man, custom of, 74.
27; Arabian horses, 109;

Islington, benighted state of,
Hengist's, 133. White horse Ignorant classes, because only 682.
of royalty, 171; with a little half taught, 716.

IsopORE, Sr., ballad from life
blood is best roadster, 624; Iguanodon, length of, 504. of, 193.
fierce one, story of,' 372 Imuges for Poetry, 4, &c., 29, Israel, Sweet Singers of, some
humane treatment of stage
&c., 44, 45, 55, 75, 86, 94,

poor crazy people in Edin-
ones, 389; names of, 472; 105, 200-202, 274.

burgh so called themselves
blind one, what, 512, 541 ;

Imitative Talent, as common in 1681, 379.
flesh eater, 557; concert for,

as creative genius is rare, Itch in the ear, a bad distem-

per, 641.
Hospital, of Sultan Bayazed at Incas, Royal Bounty of, 158. Iry, remarks on, 200.
Adrianople, 437.

Independents, said one of their
Horsham, maiden lady of, queer
ministers most dependent

story, 370.

creatures, 686.

Jacks, a late invention, 374.
Houd, Le Prophele, 98.

India, Capt. W. Bruce's re- JACKson's Works, extracts,
Hour-Glass, ancient use of, mark upon the English Do.

645, 668-9, 670-1, 673.
379, 471, 625; South, ii. minion there, 684.

Jucula Prudentum, extracts

Indians, North American, ex. from, 674.

tracts relative to, 228-230; Jambu, Jaman, or Rose-apple,
642, 644.

long hair of, 260; aged, good the richest sort of which is
HOWARD, EDWARD, Eighth health of, 483; remarks, the Amrita, or, Immortal,
Earl of Suffolk, 349.

Howes, EDMUND, curious par. Indolence, I want not thee, but JAMES I., saying of, “that
ticulars in his history, 51. thy sister Leisure, 198.

men had a salmon-like in.
Howk, the, sound from, 6. Infallibility, Jackson's remarks stinct to visit the place of
Human Being, annual

upon, 671, 673.

their breeding, 639; extra-
sumption of one (?) 390. Infants, their lot after death, ordinary elixir of, 554; say.
Human Nature, a generic term, 195; dead female one sent ing of, 686.

to Dr. Pierce, Dean of Sa- JAMES, ST, explanation of text
Humphrey Hour,"

rum, 373.

in, 590.
every one, 615.

Influenza, earliest account of, Japanese Penitents, 42.
Humility, Bp. Reynold's re- 1580, 433.

Jaundice, The, lice a cure for,
marks on, 653.
Indulgences, 685.

439; recipe of the Jews,
Hungarian Woman, story of, Indian, Old, plaint of, 173. 485.
for Didrama, 196.

Inoculation, originated in su- Jefr ve Jane, the most cele.
HUNTINGDON, S. S., story of, perstition, 576.

brated Work of Ali, 165, 183.
357; a rogue, remarks on, Insanity, remarks on, 696. JEHANNE LA PUCELLE, 21,&c.;

Inscription, mysterious, 76. capture of, 23 ; sentence of,
Huntingfield, House of, in Suf- Insects and Animalcula, 564. 24; fate of Flavy, who be.
folk, 416.

Inserenda, curious extracts and trayed her,-insults offered
IIURDI's Favourite Village, ex- omissions, 607 &c.

to her in prison, 25, 56;
tracts from, 297; imitated Instrument, self-performing, Charles convinced by,--fore-
Cowper, 298.

told by a Nun, 64; fettered
Hy Brasail, or, The Enchanted Insula Virentium, Giraldus’ac- - throws herself from a tow.
Island, 169,
count of, 243.

er-her favourite Saints, 65;
Hyrne, i.e. a corner, 306. Insurrection, duty of, 65. vision of — Breaking her


» calls upon


Sword, 67; speech of, to the 'Kamschatdales, superstitions of, of, should be registered, to
children, 69; the Maid and 87; why a passage omitted hinder suits, 667.
the Voice, 170; notes for, in the translation of the Language, extracts relative to,
202, &c.
Lord's Prayer for, 714.

JUFFRIES, CHANCELLOR, coffin KEHAMA, First germ of the Lanthony, death-place of St.

of, in Aldermanbury Church, Curse of, &c. 12; originally David, intended inscription
begun in rhyme, ib.

for, 192.
Jemappe, story of, subject for KELLET, ALEXANDER, extracts Laos, Laics, or Langiens, Peo-
a war poem, 194.

from, -Sun and sea worship pling of the World in the Be.
JENKYNS, Junge, story of, - -Men ornamented, not wo. lief of, 41.

his works should be col. men -- Tribes’fighting,172-3. | Larks, London supply of, 398.
lected, 400,

KEN, Bishop, Poems, extracts the song of, 518.
JEROME, Sr., absurd story of from, 346.

LATIMER, account of, at the
his filing his teeth to pro- Kendul, custom at, 354.

stake, 192 ; extract from, on
nounce Hebrew, 443; say. | Kent, his style of Architecture, the deterioration of broad.
ing of, 455; remark on, 506; 512.

cloth by Devil's Dust, 610.
admonishing St. Augustine, Keradon, i.e. Kehama, 12. Latin, Modern, remarks upon,

Keswick, beautiful morning 259.
Jesuits, vision of two, 237; prospect seen by Southey, Laughter, an image dedicated
doctor of, 443.

to, by Lycurgus, why ? 503.
Jewel, his reply to Cole, 669. Killerops, 157.

Laurel, Common, introduction
Jews, journey of, after death, King, or Chin Cough, remedies of, 357.
85; discipline amongst, 390; for, 531.

Laziness, in reasoning, 719.
say that every individual of King's Evil, touching for, Ful- Lead, quantity of English pro-
the human race existed in ler believed in, 707.

duce, 396; deleterious effects
Adam, 501.

KNIGHTLEY Cuerwood, pre- of, 407.
Jimmals, a ring of, 304.

fixed Dissertation to Dry: | Leek of a family, Scandinavian
John St. Baptist,. vigil of, den's Virgil, 351.

saying ? 432.
116; account of, 149, &c. Knowledge, imperfection of, in Leice:tershire Proverb, 341.
John Śr. The Evangelist, Chant the most learned men, 620. Lent Fridays, 119.

for the Feast of, 63; disap- | Koran, extracts from, 213. LEONARDO, LUPERCIO, &c.
pearance of, 131; and the Koreish, The second flight of,

BARTOLOME, translations
caldron of oil, 147.

from, 268-9, 272.
Johnson, S. loved ratiocina. Kosciusko, GENERA)., affect. LeonnOYS MELIADUS DE, ex-
tion in poetry, 322; formed ing story about, 363.

tracts, and remarks


his style upon that of Sir W. Kruken, Southey's dream a- Letter,copy of a queer one, 1 14.
Temple, 325; sayings of,

bout, 538.

Letters, revival of, a conse-
638, 663, 666.

Κράμβη δις θάνατος, coleworts quence that followed from,
Jonah, in the Hebrew means, twice sodden, 469.

the knowledge of, look-
A Dove, 481.

ed upon by barbarians as
Jonson Ben, extracts from


mean and disgraceful, 701,
and relative to, 325; a care-

Lacteals, how discovered in a Lerites, A.D. 1781. Les der.
ful reader of the Polyolbion, human subject, 588.

nières robes en vogue, 597.
- himself superintended the Ludders blackened at the siege Leyden, extracts relative to,
first folio edit. 326; extracts of Geneva, .to prevent their 599.
655-6, 462, &c. 465, 497. being seen, 152

Liberty, remarks on, 685.
499, 657, &c.

Laking, apple - laking, Cam. Lice,cure for the jaundice, 439;
Jornett, Ital. giornata, une brian custom, 531.

used in choosing a burgo.
verte militaire, 117.
LAMBERT, Mr., immense size

master, 454.
Journey-Journals, 517.

of, 388.

Lie, a, 678, 680.
Joyu-jewel-gays, 456.

Lambs, two, suckled by a pit- Lightning, Welsh · Town de-
Juggernaut, processional music man's wife, 418.

stroyed by, 76; Kalmuc su.
of the Idol of, 246.

Lammas Day, -- St. Peter ad perstition of, 87; Bells, no
Jupiter, inhabitants of, 84; Vincula, or Gule of August, effectual charm against, 96;
image of, in Crete, without 121.

a paralyticcured by, in Mexi.
ears, why ? 667.

Lamprey, pet one of M. Anto.
ny's daughter, 439.

LIGHTFOOT, sayings of, 450,

LANDOR, ROBERT, extracts
Kaba, black stone of, 112.

from, 655.

Lights, feast of, 121.
KALENDAR, sketches for poem

Lands, extent of, in England Lily, his similies not to be
on, 210, 212.

and Wales, 390; conveyances relied upon, 457.


co, 554.

645, 672.

many, 678.

Lime, two kinds of, in the neigh. | Mackerel, their food, 401. Marathon, sounds on the plain
bourhood of Doncaster, 607. Madman, story of, 358.

of, 225.
Lime-trees, first planted in Eng. Madness, increase of, 384; re- Mareb, reservoir of, 104.
land, 393.

marks on, 470-1, 482; poli- MARGARET, ST., 69.
Lines, to S. P. 52; to M. C. 63. tical excitement the cause of Margites, character of, suits
LINGUET, extracts from, 639, its increase in America, 706.


Madoc, notes for, 15; parti- MARIATALE, account of, in

culars relative to, 45 ; sketch Hindoo mythology; 253.
Ideas for &c. 1, &c.

of, 204-210.

Marine, on board the Royal
Llanrwst, epitaph at, 526. Magazine, St.James's, extracts,

George, story of, for ballad.
Llys Bradwen, 39.

&c. 340.

Loaves, horse, 710.
Maggi Carlo Maria, sonnet,

Marriage Act, proof of the ne
Locrine, 242.

94; verses of, applicable to

cessity of, 396; ill effect of,
Locust, hieroglyphic on the Bp. Ken's poems, 347; ex.

forehead of, 228; why so tracts from, 655.

Marriage, extracts relative to,
numerous ? 356; queer no.
Magic, Midwives', 161; gro-

598, 605; better a relative
tion about, 463,
Locust Bird, or Samarman, ac-

tesque, story for, 193.

marry than a friend, why?

614; saying of Plymouth
count of, 110.
Magnalia and Purcalia, what?

sailors about, 363, 563.
Lodges, Masonic, made use of


Magnus, St. his dance, 138.
by the Jacobites, 383.

Marriage upportionment, Mar.

tin Heemskerke's 239.
Logonomie, Gill's, 705.

Magpie, or Magety Pie, a des Martinist, lodge of at Avignon,
London, Fire of, notion that it perate bird, 593.

was purposely kindled by the Maid Marian, a nief, or bonds. Martingale, who sent you to
government to annihilate the woman, 18.

London without one ? 356.
plague, 378;
Hobbes' opi-

MAINTENON's, M. Letters, ex- MAROLLE of Stalimine, story
nion of, 665.
tracts, 621-2.

of, 196.
Longevity in the Vale of Gul- MALACHY, St. his ejaculations,

brand, in Norway, 544.

Charles I.'s death, 635.
Lotus, account of, — Duppa's Malays, their dislike to large

Mary, Queen, the days of,
work on, 179.
books, 454.

sketch of, poem, 190.
Lore, extracts about, 474. 578.
MALCOLM, murderers of, 153.

Louver-Holes, what, 373.
Maldire Ingenuity, 246; cus-

VA, and Bras GARCIA, 629,
Love of God, 62.

tom if one dies at sea, 375; 630.
Lucar, Por la plaça de San. Lu-

astonishment of a prince of

Masonry, curious trial about,
car, &c. 267.
the, 428.

374; derived from the Tem.
LUTHER, Colloquia Mensalia, Malta, knights of, unable to

plars ? 383.
extracts from, 156, &c.; says

write, 710.

Mason, the poet, notes and ex.
that demons dislike music,
Malum bene positum non est

tracts relative to, 294-296;
569; remarks of, on the evil movendum," saying of Sir manliness of his moral poems,
of writing, 624; fondness for
Ph. Warwick's, 640.

295; last book of the Garden
the lute,570; his saying that MAMBRUNI, CONSTANTINUS,

miserably bad, 296.
every man had a Pope in his

Idololatria Debellata, 627.

MASSENGER,extracts from, and
belly, 693.

Mun, condition since the fall, remarks on, 331, 473.
Lycians, governed by women,


Mass, horrors of, 674.
Man, Isle of, extracts relative

Mast, reflection of on a river at
LYLY, JOHN, extracts from his

to, 320.

evening, one of the most
Euphues, the Anatomy of Mandrakes, origin of, 243.

beautiful images Southey
Wit, &c.; Euphues and his MANGO CAPAC, Southey could

ever saw, 201, hollow iron
England, 298, 301.

not identify Madoc with,-
LYTTLETON, THOMAS LORD, some account of, 3, 4.

Mastiff, Lyly's derivation of
story of his death believed Manipa, Priest of, 43.

the word, 301.
in the family, 350.

Manners, corruption of, 678; Materialism, 595.
censores morum, wanted, 686.

Mathematics, and absence of
Mantras, or, Charms from Cey.

mind running in a family,

lon, book of obtained by 713.
Machinery, creates enormous Adam Clarke, 699,

Mathraral, 54, 57.
wealth for few lividuals, Manufacturers, seditious when MATTHEW OF WESTMINSTER,

provisions are dear, 667. extracts from, 124, 138.
MACKENZIE, SIR GEORGE, ex. Manure and Dunghills, re-

MATTHEW OF Paris, extracts
tracts from, 476, 646.
marks on, 493.

from, 130, 131.

ones, 386.

MAUNDEVILLE, extracts from, Minehead, account of, and of the on English places of worship,
90, 91.
borough, 519.

MAURICE OF SAXONY, Jack. | Mines, Irish gold and silver, Morals, no man's religion ever
sun's remark on his quick- 169; at Keswick, 537.

survived, saying of South,
ness, 645.

Mirror of Magistrates, extracts, 640,
Maxims, Orientul, 101.


Morarian Hymn, extract from,
May, the translator of Lucan, Misfortune, technical sense of, 385.
anecdote of, 312.


More, Sir T., no one put to
May-lay in the Highlands, ac- Misjed, or, Place of Prayer, death for heresy when he
count of, 92, 116.

was chancellor, 664.
MAZARIN, saying of, 439. Missionary Poems, subjects for, Morley, John, sometime
Mecca, 177.


butcher, story of, 618.
Mechanical notions, 359. Mitrum-nitrum, St. Peter v. Moro Alcayde, original and
Medicines, Lord Bacon's re- Salt-Peter, 372.

translation of, 265.
mark on, 698.

MOALLAKAT, extracts from, Moseley, ruin of, sonneton, 93.
Medical Facts, &c. 437-8-9, 106-7.

Moss-cups, specific for hooping
474, 476.

Mob, the, Sheridan's opinion cough, 548.
Meer-stone, 481.

of, 689.

Mother, one at the age of sixty.
Melancholy, 436, 461, 473. Modernity at Gloucester cathe.

two, 398.
Melrose, the wonderful beauty dral, 392.

Mourning Ale, 700.
of, 529.

MOHAMMED, intended poem, Mousell for Melast mus, &c. 714.
Memory, loss of, 460; how to 18; sketch of, 19; Turpin's Muck, the mother of the meal
increase, 509.

account of the image of Ma. chest, 675.
MENU, offspring of, 246 ; how homed, 26; flight of, 177; MOLEY, ISHMAEL, saying of,
poets ranked in, 634.

arrival at Medina, 178; 231.
Mercy-knires, 23.

flight of, 224.

Monastic Life, 141.

Sugahibliothek, 581.
Merriment, morality and duty | MON BODDO, LORD, opinion on Mundu, phantoms, or, Festan-
of, 449.

four distinct minds in man, tiguas, about, 237.
Merthyr Tydril, story of the 586.

Mummies, Sir T. Browne's re-
forgemen and the devil, 358. Monk, mad one of Heidelberg, mark on, 504.
MESSIAH, Jewish ideas of, 102. 470; to be guarded against Murat, battle of, 109.
METASTASIO, extracts relative

on all sides, 674.

Music, what ? 221; power of,
to, 328, 469, 656.

Monkey, the primitive, 96; 243; sign of predestination,
Methodists, church government

monk and fish mortality, 436; a temper keeper, 472,
among, 363; hell, no place 244; sayings of Rabelais 480, 484, 501, 568; strange
for, 374; in agricultural
about, 638.

effects of, 571.
countries attached to the
MONSTRELLET, quoted, 21, 55, Musical Instruments, French,

church, not in manufactur- 66; reports that the sons of
ing ones, 682.

the kings of France are made Mysteries, 6, 44.

knights at the font when
Metrical Memoranda, 2.

Mystification, use of, 577.

baptized, 712.
Mexican Gods, account of, 142,

Mythology, Catholic, 9.
MONTAIGNE, sayings of, 626-7.
&c. 146-7.

Montargis, battle of, 108.
Mice, follow the steps of man,

MONTLUC, extracts from, 626,


Numes,extracts relative to, 468,
MICHAEL, ST., chair of, 155.
Moon, man in, dream of the

506, 542-3, 590, 606.
Micher miching, 329, note, death of, 274; extension of, Name's-sake, liking for, 467,

275; women of lay eggs, ac- 643.
Michi, pedantic use of, for mihi,

cording to Neocles of Croto. Nathan, remark on the name,

MIDDLETON's Plays, extracts MOORE, HANNAH, affected at Nature, Sketches of, 105.
from, 649.

the death of Mason, 294; her Negro Slare ut Surinum, of a
Midsummer Watch, 117.

strange remarks on Sir Phi- sacred order, story of, 366;
Milan, Philip, Duke of, 153. lip Sydney's Arcadia, 322; saying of the negroes of the
Milky-Way, Patagonian notion her friendship with Beattie, Isle of Bourbon, 702.
of, 87.

334; saying of H. Walpole's | Neif, u, i.e. a bond woman,
Millepedes, remedy for obstruc- to, 620.

tion in the glands ! 555, Moorish Princesses cono ted, 18.
Millet, Indian, 180.

82; customs after meat, 231; Nelly, the blue eyed, lines on,
Mimosu's Arabian, 111.

just, 241; remark of a Moor 635.

na, 613.

Nequity, i.e. no equity. We NORDEN, extracts from, 228, | Ossetes, Caucasian tribe, said to
want the word, 681.


be under the government of
Newcastle, privilege of the town NOBRIS, J. remarks of, 491,

women, 480.
of, 405.


Ostrich, the intense affection
NEWCASTLE, DUCHESS OF, her NORTH, LORD KEEPER, his “the mother ostrich fixes on

writings, and remarks on, love for music, without which her egg,Thalubu, p. 238.

he could not have mastered 7. 120.
New Forest, old story of the the drudgery of law, 573. Otaheite, superstitions of, 245.
exorbitant price of the wood Northern Lights, 162.

Othomucas, one of the rudest of
of, 405,

Norwegian Brothers, in the tor. the Orinois tribes; suppose
Newgate, keys of, stolen in rent circled island, 27.

themselves descended from a
1780, found in draining the Notched Bridge, beautiful one pile of stones, 663.
basin in St. James's Square, over the Teign, 522. Ottery, St. Mary, the birth.
Number Two, extracts about,

place of Gower, and Brown
New River, not liable to be


the Pastoral Poet, and Cole.
frozen over, 380.

Nuns, formerly confessed by ridge, 522.
News, like fish, commended for some Abbesses,-the custom Outcast, is the word any way
its freshness, 646.

put a stop to owing to their traceable to Hindostan, 259.
NIEBUHR, extraets from, 105,

curiosity, 432; at Ghent, Ovid wrote Getic verses in La.

amused themselves with tin measure, 346.
Nightingales, of Orpheus'tomb, country dances, 568.

Owl, no worshipper of the light,
227 ; sings all night to keep Nurse, affection of a, 714. 592; the egg of, according
herself awake, lest the slow,

to Pliny, a cure for a drunk.
worm should devour her,


ard, 400.
305; heard in Lord Lons-

Ox-eye, i.e. a silver cup, 425.
dale's gardens at Whiteha.
Ouded, i.e. woaded, 286.

O.rford, notes relative to, 425.
ven, A. D. 1808, 423; a tame Oaks, Hankford's, 156; of the Oysters, Mr. Senhouse colo.
one agitated at migration
forest, and of our fathers,

nized the Solway Frith with,
time, 496; sings till she

bursts, 511.

Oaths, extracts relative to,591.
Nile, Savary's account of, 179;

islets of, 181.

tian princess married to, 79.
NINON LENCLOS, saying of,

Obituary Anecdotes, proposed Paciecidos, extracts, 629.

chapter of, 419.

Paddington, curious custom at,
Objects, Inanimute, feeling to-

408; the Rev, J. S. Boone
latter books of Amadis, ex.
wards, 543.

writes me word that it has
tracts from, 317, &c.
Observations, Literary, 258.

been observed within the
Nispolis Las, con tiempo se ma-
Ocean-shells, the murmur of,

memory of persons now live
duran, Spanish Proverb,676.

ing, -and that there is still
OFFA, apparition of, 75.
Nix, the water-spirit, 157.

an estate called the “Bread
Offices, Good, requisites for, and Cheese Land.”
No, only to be said to the devil, 647.
Turkish saying, 613.

Pages, 151; amusements of,
Oil, boiling, old use of, for gun.

and ceremony on quitting
No-name Lake, 606.

shot wounds, 231.

Pagehood, 152.
Noah, of all subjects the most Old Age, the North Indian's | Pahat, humorous rigmarole of,
magnificent, – the one misfortune, 168.

which Southey would have Ommia, Dirge of, 181. Palencia, why rebuilt, 79.
introduced hexameters into Ophioglossum, Adder's PALEY, William, striking
our language, 2; ideas of it, Tongue, 29.

story of, 365.
ib.; Noah's Ark, remnant of, Orchesographia, Thornet Ab- Palm Soap, 354.
on Mount Ararat, 76; why beau's Treatise on, 434,566.

Palm-tree, 113, 180.
he lived longer than Adam, Organ, powerful effects of one Pamela, the history of, 516.

of Elliot's, 402.

Puntagruelism, 577-8.
Nonsense, philosophy of, 577 ; Oriental Images, 255, &c. Panther, queer story of, 435.

the sense of, and Orator llen. Orleans, siege of, 55; from Da- Paper-mill, the first in Eng
ley's remark on, 601;
niel, 66.

land erected by John Speil.
thing, say musical compos. ORRERY, LORD, story of his man about half a mile south
ers, so melodious as, 372; a writing love-letters, 616. of Dartford in Kent, 393.
Puritan saying about, 686; OSMOND, MLLE, DE, her pas. Papists, Pym's saying of, 687;
talked methodically by the sion for making verses, 613. conversion of, by 'Touching
English, 689.

Ossat, CARDINAL DE, 643. for the Evil ? 707.




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