Зображення сторінки

eye, 647.


Colombiade La, extracts from, CRANMER, ABP., said by Ful.

ler to have had an amiable
Colours, the love language of,


Craw-fish, discharges its own Dagenham Breach, irruption of
Cole's dog, Prov. 428, 676. stomach, curious fact in Na. in 1707, 401.
Coltic Timber, what ? 434. tural History, 434.

DAGOBERT, his soul fought for,
Columbia, i. e. Dr. Doveland, Credulity, effects of, 164; in- 170.
584, 596.

stances of English, 359. Daltini, or, Irish horsemen, 15.
Comedy, writers of, 261. Cricket, merry as, Prov., 486. Dumned, the Sabbath of, 85.
Comets, 396.

Cricket-match between married DANBY, WILLIAM, extracts,
Con, the son of the Sun, 155. women and maidens, 416; 502.
CONDER Josian, stories by, between Greenwich pension. Dance, St. Magnus's, 138.

ers with one arm and one Dancing, extracts relative to,
Connoisseur, extracts from 338. leg, 418.

388, 415, 434, 566, 604.

Crimes, duty of exposing, 51. Dandies, Cambridge ones, 403.
Conqueror, duty of, 114. CRISPIN, ST., his day much Dandro, and dandrif, meaning
Contradiction, spirit of, 645. kept at Keswick, 531.

of the word, 171.
Consumption, certain messenger Criticism, which corrupts DANIEL, extracts relative to,
of death, 353.
writer and readers, 673.

Cookery, old Scotch, 29. Crocodiles, the king of, 176; DANVERS, C. Southey's early
Cookoo, the, ever telling of superstition relative to the friend, 45.
one tale," 288.

Indian, 237.

Dareira, or, gnat of the Nile,
Cooling Card, meaning of, 459. CROMWELL, the Devil shall food for the bats, 228.
Copenhagen, anecdote at the have it sooner than, 426. Darkness, province of, 90.
siege of, 389.
Cross by the wayside, a memen-

Darwin's Phytologia,
Copper, quantity of used in pin to! 357; some of the Fa. tracts, 493.
making, 467.

thers saw it in every thing, DAVENANT, SIR WILLIAM, re.
Coracles, account of, 123.


marks on, 292; extracts from,
CORELLI, his enthusiastic ap- Crows, dutiful children, 109;

293, 692
pearance when playing the curious account of a tame DAVID, St. 54.
violin, 571.

one, 411; caught in Italy DAVIES, HOWEL, Whitefield's
Cormorant, description of, 44. with bird-limed hoods, 418. Welsh coadjutor, story of,
Corps' Candles, 160.
Crowthers, i, e. black pigs, ori.

Corwen, town of. 57.

gin of the name, 498. Davy, Sir HUMPHREY, reply
Corns, sprouts of rheumatism, Croyland, first ring of bells at, of to Faraday, 608.
555 ; Ali Bey known by, in England, 425.

Dead, spirits of, 229; dead,

Crune, or Croon, to bellow like the, extracts relative to, 579,
Cornagium, - cornage tenure, a disquiet ox, 422.

206, 456, 510.

Cuckoo, stuttering one ? 535. Dead Letter Office, story from,
Cortez, censuring of, 260. Cucupha, quilted cap with ce- 356.
Cotton, CHARLES, 306.

phalic powder in, 436. Death, the bitterness of, 85;
COURTOYS GYRON LE, extracts CUENCA LA BEATA DE, account but a point which divides
and remarks on, 280.
of, 384.

Adam from his remotest de-
COVERLEY, Sir RoGER DE, re- Culm, small coal not exceeding scendants, 626; striking ac-
marks of, 690, 707.

two inches in diameter, 393. count of a sailor's death at
Cowardice, what? 29.
Cumbrian Customs, 531.

sea, 627; extracts, 542, 544.
Cow-dung, water of, a purge, CUMMING, G. R., quære, as to Dee River and Ceiriol, account

the veracity of his adven- of from churchyard, 122.
COWLEY, extracts, 627.

tures, 256.

Deer, wounded, lie on the
Cowper, his taste-melancho- Customs, good old, the cause of “Asphodelus Lancastriæ Ve-
ly, wc. 322.
religion and order, 195.

rus" for cure, see note, 547.
Cows, ladies drawn by, 108; | Cutts, Lord John, why called De FoE, remarks of, 688.

in the Alps, proud of their a salamander by Marlboro', Delta Scenery, 180.
bells, 371; list of names of 349.

Demigod's death, effects of,
from a Shropshire Dairy, CYNETHA, 107.


Cypresses, duration of, 74. Demoniacal possession, 693.
Cowslip water, good for the CYVEILIOC, OWEN, 107; ex. Demons, dislike music, 569.
memory, 503.

communicated, 140.

Δήμος Ονείρων, 243.
Crabs, shower of at Reigate in

DENNY, SIR William, his Pe-
1829, 469.

lecanisidium, &c. 305.
Cramp-rings, blessing of, 511.

Dens inusitatæ belluæ, 37.

DERMODY, Thomas, account Newfoundland dog's puppy the Romans, 434; fad of a
of, 516.

inherited its mother's tricks, German princess, 460; way
DERRICK, Johnson's saying of, 593; church-going, 356; of dwarfing men, 507; weigh.

gone to heaven, story of, ed against Sir William Jones,
Desert, produce of, 224.

363; hunt of wild one, 369; 510.

famished, 370; instinct, 371;
Despotism, Eastern, instance over-tempted, 372 ; speaking

of, 498.

one, 378; the pride of old
Δευτερό ποτμοι, who, 431. Cole's, proverb, 428; sacri. Eagles, scared by lightning, 5;
Deril, hath not always had his ficed to the dog-star by the carving of, 38; made young,

due, 195 ; visit to St. An- Romans, 443, 478, 482; af- 142.
thony, 196; original of the fected by music, 573. Earthquakes at Tongataboo,
Devil's walk, 199; gran Fi. Dollars, Spanish, wide spread 244; curious phenomenon
losofo, 443 ; ugliness of, 463; of, 389.

at, 714.
Scotch dislike to mentioning, | Dolwyddelan Castle, 39.

Easter - dues, painful story

Dom DANAEL, the destruction about, 359.
Drril's Dust, what? 610.

of, 181.

Easter-tree, 116; water-tilts,
Dew-water of Ferrea, 225; of Doncaster, collections about, 119; ebb and flow felt by
St. John's night, has the vir. 452-3.

the sick, 290.
tue to stop the plague, 274. Dondego, what? 706.

Eaters, great ones, 558.
Dex, the larva of a beetle, which DONNE's Letters, extracts from, Eating, comfort of, according

corrorled the wood the Greeks 612, 620-1; poems, 647-8. to Bernal Diaz, 633.
used for seals, 431.

Doome's-day, Lord Sterlinge's, Ebb Tide, more rapid than the
Dhahi, statues in, 96.


flood, 197.
Diabolorum Regnum, applied to Doring or during, meaning of, Ebony, Pausanias's account of,
England, 353.

Diana's Chamber, near St. Dotterel catching, proverb, 454. Echo, remarks on, 508.
Paul's-her temple supposed Double stars, 434.

Edhowain, court or palace of,
to have been on the present Dragon, standard of, 132.

site, 414. Jewel's Works, DRAKE, Sir Francis, tradi. EDWARD THE CONFESSOR, why
vii. 292. ed. Jelf.

tion of in Somersetshire, 424. he took off a tax, 193.
Diet, 599.

Dramatist's English, extracts EDWARDS, THOMAS, author of
Dilapidations, friends of Bp. from, passim.

Canons of Criticism, 351.
Kidder strangely sued for, Drayton, remarks on, 291.

Edwin Prince, exposure of,

Dreams, extracts relative to, 112.
Dirt, latent in frost, like vices 565; recurrence of, 566,601. EdwY, 181.

and ill qualities in society, Drowned persons, Finlanders Eel, skinning of, barbarous

said to recover after two or story of, 356; how one came
Disangelicals, name for

three days! 553.

in at a bedroom window,371;
whom ? 603.

Druids, United Lodges of, ce- story of the man with eels
Diseases, Languis held all to remonies at, 402.

in his inside, 402; mere so
be animalcular, 436; Dr. Drum, miraculous ones, 7; of full of small eels as to supply
Hahnemann's notion of cho. captives' skins, 158.

eel-cakes, 409.
leraic miasma, 439; effect of Drunkenness, Johnson's Eggs, hatched by a man, queer
the Fall, 690.

mark on, 624.
Disports, master of merry, 115. Druses, opinion of relative to Egregori of the Book of Enoch,
Dissenting Churches, remark transmigration, 586.

who ? 122.
DRYDEN, remarks on, and ex. Egypt, night in, 223; their
Dirination by Torrent, or, Tag- tracts relative to, 328;

medicine wholly upon astro-
hairn, 39.

Charles, his eldest son, usher logical or magical grounds,
Dirine Right, remark on, 665. of the palace to Clement XI. 547; leprosy and elephan-
Dock, floating one of iron, ac- drowned in Thames, 351. tiasis peculiar to, 551.
count of, 386.

Ducking-stool, a legal punish- Elden Hole, 243.
Doctor, Tue, &c. Collections

ment, 401.

Election trick, 392.
for, 427, &c.
Duelling, effectual

Electricity, cure for agues, 436.
Dog-ribbed Indian Woman, ac- against, 492.

Elephants, majestic bearing of,
count of, 166.

Dulness, Triumph of, a poem,
Dogs, know the dog-killer, ac. origin of, 714.

ELIDORE, descent of, 139.
cording to Lord Bacon, 108; DUNCOMBE, WILLIAM, notice ELIZABETH, sick exile cured
Mrs. Wilson's story of, 194; of, 351.

for joy at her succession-
extracts relative to, 584; | Dwarfs, boys bred up for by Fullerknew his father“right



story, 416.

on, 693.




well,” 506; advised the EUSTACHIO MANFREDI, son. Femmes couvertes, remarkable
House of Commons to prefer net of, 49.

story, 396.
the most weighty matters EUTHYMUS, story of from Pau. | FEROUS, murder of, 166.
first, 718.

sanias, 226.

Fern male, root of, good against
ELTON, OLIVER, story of, 9. Erangelicals, 603; Magazine, tape-worm, 575.
Enaniorados de la Pena de los, 410.

Evans, ABEL, who, 349.

of, 8.
Enchanter, cold blooded, why? | EVELYN, JOHN, 348.

FERRIS, RICHARD, adventure

Evergreens, Christmas, 115. of him and his wherry, 355.
Eneorema, what ? 434.

Excrements, eating of, 249. Festivals, Church, remarks on,
England, should be the scene Executioner's Falchion, self-re- 691.
of an Englishman's poem,- moval of, 242.

Fererfew, Sweet, Matricaria
ideas relative to-why not Exeter, account of, 522.

Suaveolens, medicinal pro-
attempted, 17; charity of, | Exorcism, effect of, 238.

perties of, 575.
-"in the day of her visita. | Expenditure, Public, increases Fez, sword of, 26.
tion may it be remembered," wealth, 688.

Fidelity, animal, 140.
20; three names of, 46; Exuperius, Sr. how sainted, Fiddlers of Ambleside, their
saying of M. de Custine's 675,

custom on Christmas. Day,
about, 718.
Extracts, &c. 77, 215, &c. 270,



Fig-dates, i, e, figs, 706.
POETRY, &c. extracts rela. Eyes, artificial, made by Juan FILICAJA VINCENZO DE, Son-
tive to, 279, &c.

Gonzalez, a Catalan optician, nets from, 48, 49, 50, 82, 87,
English, account of, from Mal.


colm's Manners and Customs

Fingers, art of conversing with
of London, 376.


and counting by, 431.
Evtelexeia, Aristotle's use of,

Fire, Defensive, 173.
434, 440.

Faggots, of human bones, 226. Fire-Fly,ominous one, 160,276.
Enthusiasm and Atheism, 689. Fairies, fountain of, 43; tree

Fish, plan for naturalizing salt.
Envy, severely just vice, 626. of at Dompré, 64; Indian's

water ones in ponds, 372;
Epic writers, have usually been name for, 168, 346. Fairy-
deficient in learning, -sug.

extraordinary price of, in
rings, 358. Extracts relative

Billingsgate, Jan. 4, 1809,
gestions for epic poems, 11. to Scottish superstition, 529. 387; atfection for each other,
Epitaphs, 48, 50-52, 73; on Fairs, the two great ones in 541.
Richard I., Henry II., &c. Edward VI.'s time were St.

134; on Richard II., King James' at Bristol, and Bar.

from, 77, 80, 81, 220.
John, &c. 135; a true one tholomew's in London, 405. Flamborough Head, 161.
at Santarem, 633; of Thomas Faithlessness, Indian notion of

Flamen Dialis, or, Priest of
Tryon, 634.
European, 236.

Jupiter, account of, 614.
Ergot of Rye, poisonous though Falcon, The Faery, 90.
used medicinally, 401.

Flamingos, flight of, 396.
Fame, 605.

Fleas, import of, 470.
Ermesia, ancient prescription, | Family Pride, 583.

FLETCHER, THE, remarks on,
Fancy A, called by Steele a

Escape from drowning at sea, fantasque, 620; where situ-

Floating Island, Welsh one, 76.
extraordinary one, 485. ated, 548.
Espinoza, NICOLAS ? a galley Farmer, small one, ought not

Florida, custom there of sacri.
slave once ? 635-6,
to keep a pig, 610.

ficing the first-born male,

ESPRIELLA, characteristic Eng. Farthing, Queen Anne's, trial
lish Anecdotes and Fragments

Florist's Feast at Bethnal

about, 388.
for, 352, &c.; projected con. Fashion, 596.

Green in George I.'s time,

tents of, 419.

FASTOLF, Oath of, 66; bad cha.
Esquimaux Female, awe of in

racter of him by u. Wind Follies, no christian burial for,

when outlived, 616; hath
St. Paul's, 362; saying of in
the streets of London, 516. Fasts and Thanksgirings, in

eagle's wings, but owl's eyes,

Dutch Prov. 644.
Estrella de Venus, &c. 266. New England, 148.
Etymology, perversion of by Fear, a bad guard, 659.

Fonthill, Garrard's description
the Meccans, 225,
FEATLEY, extracts from, 445,

of to Strafford, 408.
Eumenides, awful to name, like 644, 661,

Food, extracts about, 558.
the Fairies, 529.

Feet- Metrical, twelve in the Fool, name for, original in
Euphues, extracts from, 457-9, English language, 1.

every language, 577 ; origin

FELTHAM, OWEN, extracts of fools- to supply the want
EURONYMUS, who? 227.

from, 81.

of free society, 420; fools

sor, 72.

and wise men, opposed, say. GARCI, FERNANDES, murders Goat, efficacy of blood of, 453;
ing of Louis XII., 445 ; every

his adulterous wife, and mar. anciently thought to operate
prince should have two, 503. ries the servant who betrayed upon themselves for cata.
Forest, thoughts for inscription her, 78, 275.

ract, 589.
in, 194.


Commentarios Gob and Gobbins, meaning of,
Fortitude, a royal virtue, 625. Reales, quotations from, 158, 407.
Fortunate, many, but few blest, &c.


Gardens, Chinese, 600; in Cas. of, 585.
Fountains, Turkish, 74; of tle Ditch at Exeter and Ec- God, easier pleased than man,
Epirus, 240.
cleshall, 523.

Fox, the Martyrologist, his GascoigọE, 289; extracts, Godam, jurement Anglois,"
account of Latimer at the 430.

stake, 192.

Gebir, extracts from, 216. Godissours, i. e. jesters, gibers,
Fox, the Statesman, 195; in. Gems, virtues, of, 46.

scription under bust of, Ib. Genius, Good, fighting, 78. GOFF, Thomas, extracts from,
For, tamo one, story of, 370; GERALD, Epitaph for, 195. 301.

stewed, a remedy for palsy, Ghost-cry, The Sailor's, 241. Gold-dust, used by the Mero-
Giants, names of, 606.

vingian kings to powder their
Fox-hunter, story of, 373. Gibbet, health drunk under by heads and beards with, 597.
Francus, etymology of, 70. plunderers, 355.

Golden legend, extracts from,
Freedom, noble burst relative GIBBON, extracts from, 177.

132, &c.
to in “ The Bruce," 217. Giggleswick, ebbing and flow-GOLDSMITH, O., remarks on-
French Wars, ruinous to the ing well of, 404.

told Cradock his Hermit
English,56; history, its atro- | GILPIN, Richard, that slew could not be amended, 343.
cious character, 275; in- the wild boar, 534.

GOMBAULD, Endymion de, ex-
stance of their natural gaiety, Gilsland Wells, beauty of, and

tracts, 628.
617; the people, great read- romantic story of two boys, Gondibert, extracts from, 618-
ers, 376.

9, 650,
Friendship, should be slow of Gin, attempt to diminish use GONGORA, Al Escorial, 627.

growth, 192; staid thoughts of, gave origin to the cry, Good man, striking remark on,
on, 440,

“No gin, no king." 378. 637.
Frison Chief, story of, 674. Gipsies, Russian, their skill in Good-nature, a thorough Eng.
Frost, hard one of Jan. 1809, music, 573.

lish expression, 384.
when the rain froze as it GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS, ex. Gooseberry Pie, lyrical manner
fell, 387.
tracts from, 139.

described in an ode upon,
Fubbs, name of Charles II.'s Glacier, damn'd curious thing, 199; names of, 411.
yacht, 543.

story of, 356.

Gothic Genius, 259.
FULLER, quotations from, 96, Gladiators, why suppressed, Gougu, the loss of, 538.
221, 242; his remarks on 121.

Gout, divers fantastic remedies
Speed, 316, 414-15; his vein Glamorganshire, streams of, 76. for, 556-7.
of wit, 475, 480-1,506-7, 673, GLANVILLE, John, Works of, Government, proper object of,
697, 707.

Funerals, form used at that of Glasses, Musical, 414.

GOWER, quoted, 146.
Greek Emperors, 153; Mexi. Glastonbury waters, virtue of, Grace, Heurt of, 299.
can, 154; North American


GRAHAM, Dr. half knave, half
Indians, 230.

Gleanings and Anecdotes, Mis- enthusiast, 360.
Furze.pods, crackling of, on a cellaneous, 540, &c.

Grandmother, a man that mar.
hot day, 6.

Glover, accuracy of as a poet, ried his, 419.
Futura, i. e. projects for future 11; his Medea usually se- GRANGE, LADY, story of, 91.
productious. 273.

lected by Mrs. Yates for her Graves, RICHARD, why he

benefit, — H. Walpole's re- wrote his Columella, or the
marks on, 343.

Distressed Anchoret, 618;
Gads-steel, 76.

GLOVER, JOSEPH, of Keswick, Shenstone might sit for the
Gullasses, what? 135.

born at Watenlath, a native more amiable part of Colu-
GALLOYS, PERCEVAL LE, ex. genius, -- Southey's tribute mella's picture, 338.
tracts and remarks on,

285. to his worth and worthiness, GRAY, extracts relative to, 343,
GARASSE, Doctr. Curieuse, ex- 534.

tracts from, 460-1, 463, 487, Glow-worm, notion about, 142; GREAAL SAINCT, remarks and
495; his most uncharitable glass-worm used for by Lyly, extracts, 282.
writings belie his own na- 299.

Greeks merry, proverb, 380.
tare, 716.

Gnat, poisonous bite of, 497. GREEN, ROBERT, peculiar use


of “ for to do” – “ for be- Plowman v. 3918. Passus | Herb, of Orpheus—that starves
cause," 322.
Sextus, 533.

tigers, 160 ; that hates step-
Green, pale translucent, of an HANDEL, anecdote of, 425, 472, mothers, 161.
evening sky, 7.


Herbaldoun, near Canterbury,
Greta Hall, annals of, 448. Handfast, i. e. hold, 654.

Gridiron, The, timbers laid fir, Hankford's Oak, 156.

D'HERBELOT, extracts from,
HANNAH, Lines, 53.

100, 102,
GRIJALFAS' Treasure, inven- Hanway, Jonas, Mrs. Car | HERBERT, GEORGE, extracts,
tory of, 260.
ter's remark on, 610,

Gripe, story of spreading, 354. Hure, that kennelled on the HERBERT, Southey's marvel.
Groaning-boards, wonder of, in hearth at Naworth, 406; re- lous boy, 278.
1682, 374.

turns to its form to die, 543. Herce, meaning of, 133.
Grvaners, hired ones at the Hurp-strings, the bursting of, Heresies, extirpation of, 685.
Huntingdon Chapel, 363. 241.

Heretics, Old, had a masonic
Grores, Egyptian, 181.

HARVEY's Prose, drunken or way of recognizing each
Ground thut may be built on, maudlin, 340, 342.

other, 383.
ideas, &c. 10.

HARUT and MARUT, 101. Hereditary Qualities, 583.

Hasan Casa, The Seven Songs HERRICK, remarks on, and ex.
Guernsey Lily, naturalized by of, 231-236.

tracts from, 303, &c.; no.
the shipwreck of a vessel | Hats, a guess why beaver's fur ticed more old customs and
returning from Japan, of is used for, 509.

vulgarsuperstitions than any
which country it is a native, Hawkins, Sir John, History other of our poets, 305.

of Music, 568-9, 570-1. HESIOD, extracts from, 220.
Guitars, great run for, and Hauks, of Noroega, 237. Herameters, New Testament

story of Kirkman the harp. Huwse, i. e, hals, 9. v. 533. translated into, 713.
sicord maker, 435; poor Haydn, his remark on the sing- Hexameters, English, remarks
teacher of, 571.

ing of the charity children on, 1; hexameters and pen-
Gule of August, 121.

at St. Pauls, the most pow. tameters composed by a ta-
Gulls, resolution of a flock of, erful effect he ever heard, ble, 339.


Hesham, Abp. of York's at.
GUNN, ADOLPHUS, good story Headless Men, account of, from tempt to save at the sup-
of, 403.
Herrera, 244.

pression of the religious
GUTHLAKE, Sr., at Crowland, Hear! Hear! quoth Southey, houses, and why, 403.


Higgons, Sir Thomas, Cava-
Gyffydh, Rhees ap, Epitaph on, Heart's hope, fine cottages of, lier, and Bevish Higgons,

his son, 348.
Gytha, the mother of Harold, | HEARNE's Collection of Cu. Hill, AARON, 398.

said to have retired to Steep- rious Discourses, &c. 133-4; HIMILCON, the Carthaginian
Holme, 408.

journey to the Northern general, story for monodra-
Ocean, extracts from, 167,


Hindoo Mythology, extracts re-
H, power of the letter, 416. Hedgehog, Douza's pet one,462.

lative to, 246.
HABINGTON, the purest writer Heart of Mun,origin of Quarles' Hindoos, remarks on, and cus.
of his age, 305.

Epigram, 219, triangular toms of, 435; old families
HACKET, BP., extracts from architecture of, 346.

respected by, 700; invoke
and sayings of, 466, 510; Heaven, 596.

the manes of their ancestors
Christian consolations of, | Hell, extracts relative to, 591. to be present at a marriage,
547, 639.
Marlow's works on, 651;

HADINGUS, Descent of, 38. where ? 504.

HOBBES, extracts from, 410,
Hair, long, Clovis' body, son Hengst, Hengistus, 133.

411•13, 560, 625; on mul.
of Chilperic, known by, 271; Henbune, the cimex of, 546. titude of suits, 667; recom-
a single lock of seven feet HENRY II., cruelty of, 173; mends the Whole Duty of
nine inches, 431; the juta of stript when dead-his epi. Man, 705.
the Synyasees, 435; dyed taph, 174.

Hoel, character of, 107.
yellow by Roman ladies, 436. HENRY III., his perjury, 141. Holiday.trenings, Summer, 119;
HALDANUS, Club of, 30. HENRY IV. of France, bad ac- holidays originally humane,
Hall, BP., extracts from, 219; tion of, 73.

indebted to Hugo de Anima, HENRY VIII., a saying of, Holiness, Christian, 694.
222, 565.

HOLINSHED, extracts from,174,
Hals, i. e. neck, “ Hange myn | Hemp, thief's dislike to the &c.


huper at myn hals.” Piers plant, 463.



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