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WALLIUS, p. 106. Paulus Manutius Al- “ Out of brave horsemanship arise the dus, lib. 1, ep. 4, describes his way of borrow- first sparks of growing resolution, that raise ing from ancient authors, which is precisely the mind to noble action.”—Ibid. p. 183. the same as Ebenezer Elliot's. Wallius himself (p. 150) recommends it.

“The smallness of a kitchen, without ques

tion, Parnaso Ital. Modern. vol. 13, Parini, Makes many noblemen in France and Spain p. 125-7. What men of rank learnt from Build the rest of the house the bigger." Voltaire, and what they did not learn.

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 33, Devil's Law Case.

MR. Devay of Boston tells me, that mad- Figs were called fig dates; unless, which ness is more common in America than in is less likely, dates were so called.— Ibid. England; and that the most frequent cause

vol. 2, p. 83. is political excitement, the boundless ambition, and continual ferment of democracy. “ The midwife straight howls out there was

He says also, that a small collection of no hope good books is more generally to be found of the infant's life : swaddles it in a flayed in an American house, than in an English lamb skin, one.July, 1833.

As a bird hatch'd too early."

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 98. UNCALCULATED and, quasi, uncalculable dangers, or consequences

“ This three months did we never house " It lately happened that an iron bridge

our heads fell in very curious circumstances, by the But in yon great star chamber.” marching of a body of soldiers over it. Now,

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 152. the bridge was calculated to sustain a greater This, which is no uncommon allusion at weight than this body of men; and had they that time, is contrary to a general principle walked tumultuously over it, it would have in poetry, of a sublime character. withstood the pressure: but the soldiers marching to time, accumulated a motion,

“ Though we dine to day aided by the elasticity of the material, which As Dutchmen feed their soldiers, we will sup broke it down."—Bell's Bridgwater Trea- Bravely, like Roman leaguerers.” tise, p. 234.

Ibid. vol. 2, p. 224.

“ Nous entrâmes dans un petit batteau “ A SPANIARD is a Camocho, a Salimanrond qui avoit à chacun de ses flancs une co; nay, which is worse, a Dondego; and roue attachée dont les aîles servoient de what is a Dondego ? rames, une manivelle double les faisoit tour- Clown. A Dondego is a kind of Spanish ner à la fois."-LAMEKIS, vol. 1, p. 93. stock-fish, or poor John.

Brett. No, a Dondego is a desperate Vi. Question de Amor. At a tournay, prizes liago, a very Castilian ; God bless us." both for knights and ladies who shall appear Ibid. vol. 2, p. 298. Sir T. Wyatt. in the most gallant attire.-H. 2, I. 5.

Cold harbour, Ibid. vol. 3, p. 90. It was ** I do not like that he names me so often, called the devil's sanctuary. Hence, no Especially on his death-bed : 'tis a sign

doubt, the song. I shall not live long."

WEBSTER, vol. 1, p. 134. At the sale of ordnance in England, if

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it break the first discharge, the workman is Cosmos Indicopleustes writes to prove at the loss of it; if the second, the merchant that the world is an universal plain, of the and the workman jointly; if the third, the form of a parallelogram, shut in by walls, merchant.--Ibid. vol. 3, p. 185.

and surrounded by the ocean, which is again

enclosed by another land, wherein the terGENERATION of the winds as marked in restrial paradise is situated.—Ibid. vol. 2, the compass; a good satire on allegorical p. 310. mythology.-Ibid. vol. 3, p. 346.

“ The master in the fable did not well to FULLER, Church History, p. 146. Touch

beat his maid for serving bim with thin ing for the king's evil. He believed it, and

milk, when it was his own cow that gave it." relates a cure by Queen Elizabeth on a Pa

-SANDERSON's Preface.
pist, which converted him.
ST. AMBROSE's, perhaps, the first hymn

“ Who knoweth not that as emptyl vesbook ever published.—CLARKE, Ecc. Lit.,

sels give the loudest sound, and shallow vol. 1, p. 465.

brooks run with a fiercer current, and make

a greater noise than deeper rivers do, so By St. Basil's canons, the same penance

they that are the least able to judge are ever of ten years is appointed for him who opens

the most forward to pass sentence, and when a tomb, as for involuntary homicide.—Ibid.

they so do, the most rigid and peremptory

therein." Ibid. to his Fourteen Sermons. vol. 1, p. 356.

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p. 121.

Qui non s'ha d'uopo aver da Bonaparte

Spanish Jews in the Levant are very Avuta lezion di cavalcare."

numerous, and still speak Spanish as their Cacasenno, xviii. p. 5. mother tongue.-Ibid. vol. 3, p. 244. If the date of this villainous poem were to be made out by internal testimony alone,

A Frenchman, for want of bark, cured who would suppose that it was older than

ague by coffee in powder.—Ibid. 255.

p. the days of Napoleon.

Turkish allowance of heads decapitanda.

-Ibid. p. 400. “ Cutting down the sea weeds for kelp has injured the Scotch fisheries : there is

Prohibition of smoking is thought the no longer protection for the young fry, and hardest duty of Wahabism. — Ibid. p. 467. therefore the old fish forsake those places." -Quarterly Review, No. 74, p. 348.

“Es tan grande la fuerza de una batalla

campal, que con mucha razon dizen los Water melons grow in the deserts of que professan la arte y disciplina militar. South Africa.-Puilir, vol. 2,

Dios me dè cient años de guerra, y no un

dia de battalla.”—GARIBAY, vol. 4, p. 1031. Flies annually destroyed by fire at Florence.”—GALIFFE, Italy, vol. 2, p. 408.

SUGAR canes, Jer. vi. 20, “ from a far

country." “ Rex NEMORENSIS, a priest of Diana at

“ Then Samuel told the people the manNemi by the lake, who held his place by the tenure of having murdered his prede- and laid it up before the Lord.”—1 Sam.

ner of the kingdom, and wrote it in a book, cessor, and was never without a drawn sword to protect himself against his aspi

A constitution or original compact here. rant successor.”—Mementoes of a Tour, vol. 2, p. 217.

L'on étoit assuré, avant que l'on Gas from a burning spring used for do- parlât, qu'il étoit d'un sentiment contraire

à ce qui se diroit. Le mais étoit sa transition mestic purposes in America.—M'KENNEY'S

favorite, et le non son mot chère et famiSketches, p. 84.

lier.”—MARIVAUX, La Paysanne Pauvre, vol.

3, p. 17. Galileo's finger bit off by an antiquary. Duppa's Travels, p. 13.

The miscreant Burke was asked how he

felt when pursuing his trade of murder, he A SAINTLY beard.—HEBER's Journal, vol. replied that “ he had no feelings about it 2, p. 17.

when he was awake, but that when he slept

he had frightful dreams, such as he had The modern Greeks use M7 for B.- never had before." Turner's Tour, vol. 1, p. 145.

Drink had something to do with this

waking state, for the price of blood was STRANGE history of a Corsican who was

chiefly expended in ardent spirits. like Prince Leopold of Naples.-Ibid. p.195.

“ Shall I make spirits fetch me what I

please ? Red sand fell with the rain at Zante.--I'll have them fly to India for gold, Ibid. p. 204.

Ransack the ocean for orient pearl,

x. 25.

And search all corners of the new-found been taken from the heavier hives, without world

destroying the labourers, in other words, For pleasant fruits and princely delicates." after driving them, as it is termed, out of MARLOW, Dr. Faustus, p. 15. the full hive into an empty one."-Sheffield

Iris. STORY in Oviedo of the fruit brought from the West Indies by a Devil to Eng

A BOOK or pamphlet was published, 1712, land.

with this good title, “ Account of the dam

nable Prizes in Old Nick's Lottery." "Enter two friars, with a rout of stinkards following them.” — Marlow, Lust's Common Prayer as read in private by Dominion. This then was a common ap- Garrick. 1797. pellation for the rabble. The dialogue proceeds with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stinkard. In “ ISLAND newly emerged from the ocean our days this would be high treason against obtains peculiar plants.”—PRICHARD, vol. 1, the majesty of the people!

N. B. Island not elevated from the ocean, BalGuy's father composed a

but formed by coral, &c. weekly for the first four years after he obtained his small preferment; and that his In 1679, when the family of the Lords of son might follow the same course, he de- Brederode became extinct, their escutcheon stroyed almost his whole stock, burning was laid with the last of them in the grave, two hundred and fifty at one time.

at Vianen.

P. 35.


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HARTLEPOOL,” says MR. SURTEES, vol. DALMAN, a Tarragonan conjurer, often 3, p. 100, was now in that delightful state taken before the Inquisition and examined. of existence which is allowed once, and once -Grandezas de Tarragona, p. 264. only to all bodies, as well human as corporate, bourgeoning with the fresh vigour of FLETCHER (Elder Brother, p. 118) sneers young life, regardless of the distant hours of slow decay, which as surely await, if

“ Dunce Hollinshed exempt from sudden ruin, every institution The Englishman that writes of shows and of human policy, as they do every form of

sheriffs." mortal mould." Not so necessarily.

In the description of an Auto-da-, which

is in Humboldt's possession (Travels, vol. 7, KINSEY (Portugal, p. 229), says “ cider p. 263), “ a boast is made of the prodigality is an African liquor ; the use came from with which refreshments are distributed to thence to Spain, so into France, and from the condemned; and of the staircase which Normandy to us."

the Inquisition have had erected in the inBut is the apple an African fruit ? terior of the pile for the accommodation of

the relaxados !" “ In the neighbourhood of Sheffield, when the garden flowers are nearly past, bee Selection, Gentleman's Magazine, vol. 3, hives are carried to the moors, that they p. 455. GASSENDI's delight in the singing may collect honey enough from the heath of birds ; a very to maintain them during the winter. This removal takes place either in the case of Danish Folkesagn, vol. i. p. 84. ANDERS, late swarms, or poor stocks which have but a parallel case to Huntington's way of little honey, or after the seasons' honey has living.

beautiful passage.

p. 316.

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Aaron Purgatus, a book by Monceau, | In America, where they are sometimes or Moncæus, to justify Aaron for making frozen as hard as stones, they rot if thawed the golden calf !-BAYLE.

in open day; but if thawed in darkness

they do not rot, and lose very little of their “Knowest thou not that fish caught with natural odour and properties." — Recueil medicines, and women gotten with witch-Indust

. xiv. p. 81, as quoted in Jameson's craft are never wholesome.”—Euphues.

Edinburgh New Phil. Journal.
The first assertion may be true, and pro-
bably is; the beasts killed by the Indian

CHORISTERS pressed formerly.— TUSSER,
poisoned arrow are not rendered unfit for
food. The effect is altogether different.

“For some centuries there was scarcely INDIANS.

:-" Their connection with the lowest orders in the United States has in- milies, who could write his name ; where

a Knight of Malta, though all of noble fa. duced a shocking demoralization; the greater fore the Vice-Chancellor who committed all number of them in the United States are now entirely dependent on them; they are always a clergyman." -- Carte's Life of

the acts of their chapters to writing, was rapidly decreasing, or in some instances re

Ormond, vol. 1, p. xxxvii.
tiring further west. The manner in which
they live among the Americans, without

“E CRUDELE il rimorso a i solitari,
actually amalgamating, is curious; they
have no vote, no privilege as citizens; but Ricadendo sul cuor, come in lor centro,

Chi i pensier non divia, this indifference towards them is got over


pascon del velen che sta piu dentro." by saying, that they are considered as and

Maggi, tom. 2, p. 72. treated with as independent nations.' I should however suppose, if they became farmers, out of the lands appropriated to them and

" It appears," says Percy," from the

Earl of Northumberland's Household Book, gained property, they would be entitled to the rights of citizens. Except in one part

that horses were not so usually fed with of this Continent, they have never yet

corn loose in the manger, in the present shewed themselves patient of regular labour; manner, as with their provender made into this exception is at Nantucket, where they

loaves.”_N. BEN Jonson, vol. 2, p. 118.

Horse loaves and horse bread are fre. have long assisted in navigating the whaleships, and prove active, good seamen. They quently mentioned, and probably the poor are now becoming extinct most rapidly; the same name, certainly.

ate the same bread, at least bread called by the habits of a seaman in such long voyages, and the irregularities attached to it, are sufficient causes. The few who remain at

A SERPENT ere he comes to be a dragon, home marry into the lowest orders of whites

Does eat a bat." or of negroes ; the latter is the most com

Ben Jonson, Cataline, vol. 4, p. 269. mon."

A serpent, the Greek proverb says. In the Independent Whig are some re- “The Roman soldiers bore other devices marks by Gordon on Sir R. L'Estrange's for their standards as commonly as the eagle

, style.

minotaurs, boars, wolves, dragons, &c. till

Marius having won many battles under the Frozen Potatoes.—“ In the time of frosts, eagle, introduced that more generally. Cathe only precaution necessary is, to retain taline had his (M.'s) silver eagle, and put the potatoes in a perfectly dark place for some days after the thaw has commenced. " See GIFFORD's Note in loc.-J. W.W.

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