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When the Marlbro' was wrecked, the alis flashing in bright columns behind large goats ran wildly about, and the cats came masses of black cloud. I look upon it the screaming upon deck, evidently aware of clouds we have here are only detached danger. Wind, not in gusts, but one con- pieces, driven from the large mass that tinuous roar, like the perpetual bound of a constantly floats near the Arctic circle this cataract.

time of the year." The hut enough upon the rising to be above all winter floods, trees enough about The Boiling Well, near Bristol. GREYit; the alder and the willow by the brook; GREENISH bubbles rise sometimes by dozens, orchards, and the yew among the stones,

a whole shower of them. Sometimes one and the ash, and the mountain ash, and the huge one; the large ones always bring up birch; but a little beyond and all was a trail of gravel soil. dreary — the nakedness of nature, the Little volcanos of gravel, where the soil mountain side all ruined, loose stones and is finer it rises like smoke. crags that waited but the next frost to thunder down ; in the bottom, a few lines

The Howk. A sound that echoed from the of those low stone walls, that you hardly rock aright, aleft, around—and from the suspect to be the works of man.

vault of rock, you felt the shaking war, and it made the senses shake.

Grass under a gale, as if you saw the From Tom's Letter.

stream of wind flowing over it. “ THERE were yesterday two fine water

I have seen the yellow leaves of the ash spouts close to us. They appeared to de

and birch in Autumn give a sunshiny apscend from a heavy black cloud, not in a straight column, but with a round. When

pearance to the trees—a hectic beauty.

Twinkling of the water-lilly leaves in a they reached the water they blew it about

breeze. with great violence. One of them looked

Sept. 28. Crackling of the furze pods in like the smoking of a vessel burnt to the

a hot day. water's-edge. The other seemed not to raise the water so high, but formed it very day, that the leafless twigs of the birch

A steady rain, so slow and in so still a like the capital of a Corinthian pillar; the

were covered with rain-drops- no raincolumn was more transparent in the middle

drop falling till with its own weight. than at the sides. When it ceased to act

An Autumn day, when at noon the mornupon the water, it reascended to the cloud, ing dew lies still upon the grass undried, forming a circle with a still increasing radius as it drew directly up. The lower

yet the weather delicious.

“ We were most dreadfully annoyed by point at last formed the centre, it then was

flies which swarm about the heaps of old so wide. It was then interrupted by other

forage and filth scattered over the camp." clouds passing over.”

This was near the camp in India which had “ A PUESTA del Sol parescio la Luna, e

been abandoned the day before. comio poco a poco todas las nubes."—Cron. del Conde D. Pero NINO. Том. .

Similies. “ You should have been with us last cruise An uncharitable man to the desert-which (Lat. 60 n.) to have seen the Aurora Bore- receives the sunbeams and the rain, and re

turns no increase. See Second Series, p. 615.-J. W. W. “As the moon doth show her light in the


world which she receiveth from the sun, so The skylark,-rising as if he would soar we ought to bestow the benefits received of to heaven, and singing as sweetly and as God to the profit and commodity of our happily as if he were there. neighbour."—Wit's Commonwealth.

The wind hath a human voice. Meet adversity — like the cedar in the snow.

July 1822.

on the lake with The enchanted fountains to the sources Lightfoot,' between the General's Island and of Whang-ho.

St. Herbert's, and nearly midway between Convulsions in eastern kingdoms – to a

the east and west sides. The water was perstone cast into a green-mantled pool; for fectly still, and not a breath of air to be a moment it is disturbed, but the green

felt. We were in fine weather, but on the stagnation covers it again.

eastern side a heavy shower was falling, Sound of a trumpet—to Virgil's statue by within a quarter of a mile of us, and the Naples.

sound which it made was louder than the Bitter resentment, revenge that requires loudest roaring of Lodore, so as to astonish blood—the sting of a scorpion, only to be

us both.

I thought that a burst had haphealed by crushing it and binding it on the pened upon Walla crag, and that the sound wound.

proceeded from the ravines bringing down White heat, tremulous, intense— like the their sudden torrents. But it was merely sun if steadily beheld.

the rain falling on the lake when every thing Look of love to the intense affection in

was still. the eye of the ostrich when fixed on its egg. Sorrow, misfortunes.- I have seen a dark

BELL - RINGING, a music which nature cloud that threatened to hide the moon, adopts and makes her own, as the winds grow bright as it passed over her, and only play with it. make her more beautiful. August 7, Cin

“The olive will hardly admit of any graft, tra, eleven at night.

by reason of its fatness, nor will the grafts Violet virtues-discovered by their sweet

of it easily thrive in any other stock.”—DR. ness, not their show. the lake lie the long shadows of thy

Jackson, vol. 2, p. 639. towers." Shadows seem to sink deep in It is remarkable that Reginald Heber dark water.

should never have noticed the pale transDesertion—weeds seeding in the garden lucent green of an evening sky, till he saw or court-yard, or on the altar.

it on his voyage to India. Journal, vol. 1,


p. lvii.

Pixe and fir groves said to form fine

TURNER's Tour in the Levant, vol. 3, p. echoes.

175. “From the tomb of Orchan I vainly M. de la Hire after Leonardo da Vinci looked for the miraculous drum which was observes that any black body viewed through

said to sound of itself every night, and on a thin white one gives the sensation of blue; enquiry was informed that it was burnt in and this he assigns as the reason of the blue

the last great fire-at Brusa." ness of the sky, the immense depth of which being wholly devoid of light, is viewed

SUNSHINE in sheets and fulls of light through the air illuminated and whitened by through the refts in a cloud. the sun. Chama Gigas — the name of those huge

" His old friend, the Rev. Nicholas Lightfoot. scallop shells which are placed about foun

See Life and Correspondence, vol. v. 118. tains.

J. W. W.

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At the edge of the frozen lake, opposite Flies in a bed room when the window to Lord's Island, the frost had formed little curtain is drawn appear in a glance of light, crystalline blossoms on the ice wherever like fire-flies, where they flit across the sunthere was the point of a rush to form a nu- beam, that beam not being otherwise visible cleus. These frost flowers were about the except where it falls upon the wall. size of the little blue flower with the orange eye, (O) and exceedingly beautiful, bright First Rochelle expedition. “Men fell as silver.

a-rubbing of armour which a great while

had lain oyled.”—Sir H. WoTTON, p. 222 3 March, 1829. The lake perfectly still in a mild clear day ; but at once a motion

“Sol la cicala col nojoso metro began upon it between the Crag and Stable Fra i densi rami del fronzuto stelo hill, as if an infinite number of the smallest Le valli e i monti assorda, e'l mare, e'l cielo." conceivable fish were lashing it with their

ARIOSTO, c. 8. st. 20. tails. What could possibly occasion this, neither I, nor Bertha and Kate, who were Grass twinkling with the morning dew. with me, could discover or imagine. It abated gradually. “ WHERE the rainbow toucheth the tree,

Ferran Gonzalez, Count of Castille. no caterpillar will hang on the leaves."

FERRAN GONZALEZ had slain in battle

Sancho Abarea, King of Navarre, with his
own hand. He had not provoked the war :

Sancho had often infested Castille, and an-
In the Secchia Rapita the hammer of the
bell is spoken of

swered the Count's remonstrances and de

mands of restitution by defying him. He "Il martello de la maggior campana." sent home the body honourably.

Canto 1. x.

Teresa, Queen dowager of Leon, was and the fire-flies—but in a way worthy of daughter of Sancho and sister to Garcia such a writer.

Abarea, then reigning in Navarre. There “E le lucciole uscian con cul de foco,

exists a jealousy between Sancho of Leon

and the Count, whom his victories and reStelle di questa nostra ultima sfera."

nown made too formidable for a vassal. At 8. i.

a Cortes which he attended, Sancho had

asked of him his horse and his hawk. These I noticed a very pretty image by the side the Count would have given, but the King of a little and clear runlet, the large butter- would only receive them as a purchase—and cups on its margin moved when there was

contracted for 1000 marks, to be paid on a no wind, rocked by the rapid motion of its

certain day, if not, the debt was daily to stream.

double ; it was his own contract. The writ-
ings were drawn out“ partidas por

A.B.C." The horse-chestnut in the way in which and sealed and witnessed in all form. At its boughs incline to rest upon the ground, this same Cortes, Teresa proposed to the resembles the fig-tree.

Count, her niece Sancha of Navarre for wife.

This was concerted with Garcia, that so he “ ACHILLES' shield being lost on the seas might entrap Ferran, and imprison or slay by Ulysses, was tossed by the sea to the him in revenge of his father's death. tomb of Ajax, as a manifest token of his A meeting was appointed to conclude the right." - EUPHUES.

marriage, each party to be accompanied by

only five knights. The Count kept his pro- SABBATH of Hell. See the legend of Jumise; Garcia brought thirty-five, and seized | das and St. Brandon. How much more huhim, but not till after a hard resistance, for manly is this conceived than Monti's Sonthe Castilians refuged in an Ermida, and de- net, vol. 17, p. 77, who describes Justice as fended it till they had secured their lives by writing upon the traitor's forehead as soon a capitulation. The five knights were re- as he has expired, sentence of eternal damleased, the Count fettered and imprisoned. nation, with the blood of Christ ! dipping

A Lombard Count on pilgrimage to San- her finger in the blood. This is hideous ! tiago, visits Ferran in prison, and upbraids The angels, says the second sonnet, made Sancha for her part in the wrong. She sent fans of their wings to shut out the sight. her damsel to see him, and then went her.

“Per spavento self; the marriage promise passed between Si fer de l'ale a gli occhi una visiera.” them, and they fled together; his chains were

I thought I had done when at the end of heavy, and she at times sustained them. A

the first sonnet, but it seems there is yet a priest who was riding with hawk and hound, third, to tell us that as the soul had rediscovers them, and only consents to let the

sumed flesh and bone, the sentence appearCount escape on condition that Sancha

ed in red letters,-it frightened the damned abandons her person to him, she retires with

-he tried to tear it out, but God had fixed him, contrives to throw him down, and Fer

it there. ran kills him with a knife. They proceed, and meet the Castilians coming to his res

“Ne sillaba di Dio mai si cancella !" cue, with a stone image of the Count before Perhaps this horrible absurdity suggested them, which they had sworn never to for- to Lewis his fine picture of the Wandering sake.

Jew. Garcia infests Castille till the patience of the Count fails, and he meets him in a pitched battle, defeats and takes him—he

A good paper in the manner of Addison, refuses to liberate him at Sancha's request, might be made upon the motion of a Board but she appeals to his knights, and pleads that act, upon sufficient cause being shown.

of Suicide, instituted to grant licenses for so well that they obtain bis deliverance for her sake.

The King of Leon summons him now to a Cortes, and immediately seizes him. San

Would this story mature into a useful

volume ? cha sets out with her knights, leaves them concealed, and proceeds as on pilgrimage. OLIVER Elton is the second son of wealthy The King of Leon allows her to see her hus- parents, who live up to the extent of their band and pass the night with him. In her income; he is not their favourite ; his mopilgrim dress Ferran escapes and joins his ther had not nursed him. She would not troops; but their aid is made needless by perform maternal duty, and was therefore an interview between Sancha and the King deprived of maternal affection. Oliver's of Leon, the able mind of the Countess over- provision was a good living; he has scrupowers him, and all is settled.

ples, and cannot accept it.

The date must be 1793. During a vacation Oliver sets out for a long walk-to bo

tanize, and to be from home. At a country Catholic Mythology.

inn, he is requested by the landlady to sit Adam in Limbo beholding the light of the in her room, the house being full. The landAnnunciation. Simile,-suggested by Bet- lord had been a respectable tradesman, by tinelli's Sonnet, Pern. Mod. 19, p. 169. misfortunes bankrupt, and reduced to this

employment. Dorothy, the daughter, had

Ground that may be built on. therefore been decently educated. Oliver soon after he leaves the inn sprains his foot GIOVANNI, the Judas Iscariot of S. Franviolently, and returns, preferring it to home, cisco's disciples, a man of blasted hopes, the and a practical comment follows upon the slave of his own feelings,-sense enough to text from S. Augustin.

smell the saint for a fool and his disciples Mr. Elton refuses to support his son while

as rogues. he graduates in physic—the living, or no- Some nun of St. Clara's school. thiny. Oliver who has lived parsimoniously at Oxford, sets off for London, his way lies FREQUENT Portugueze shipwrecks on the by the inn, and he finds Palmer dying of coast of Africa. Some girl on her way to a broken heart; in Dorothy's distress he a nunnery—a Caffir—the good Negroes ! becomes her comforter.

the άμύμονες ανδρών. Here would be rich In London Oliver looks about for literary scenery. employment, he is unknown, his last ten pounds are stolen, and he must have walked A court fool at some tyrant's court. the streets for want of a lodging, had not a prostitute invited him in. This woman who A DRAMATIC romance with the good title would have infected him, hearing his dis- of Merlin or the Round Table, magic and tress, offers him money.

the sublime of pantomime. A letter from Dorothy finds him; her mother is in danger of an arrest, could he A Jew family in Portugal, love and the send twenty pounds? He enlists as a soldier, inquisition. and sells his watch to make up the sum. On a review day he sees Dorothy, it dis

Beast Poems. THEY would be difficult but orders him, and she faints, he runs to her, of good purport, some tales of the affection and the Major strikes him, they had been between the bear and her cub, or the seal schoolfellows and enemies, he knocks him or walrus. down, and writes from his confinement to the Colonel, who interferes and dismisses him from the regiment.

Pelayo the restorer would form a good One friend only knows Oliver's fate, he hero for a poem which should take up

Caprocures for him the place of gardener to tholicism for its machinery. Lord L. with a decent salary. Dorothy had Count Julian, Florinda, Egilona, Rodrigo been apprenticed to a milliner, he marries in his state of penitence, Oppas, young her, and lives in happy obscurity.

Alonso, fine characters all. The cave of The story should be related in a nar- Toledo for a scene of enchantment, Covarative to his sister, who with her husband donga for the battle. visiting Lord L. recognized Oliver.

Biscay seems to have been disputed beParkgate. Saturday Oct. 10, 1801.'

tween Pelayo, Eudon, and Pedro. Alonso The soldier part should be omitted. So

was Pedro's son and married Ormisinda, will the history become that of a man who,

Pelayo's daughter. by practical wisdom and useful knowledge, for dramatic poetry, but as one bad play

This is a grand subject for narrative, not preserves himself from misery in difficult

would be seven times as productive as a circumstances, and makes and deserves his own happiness.

good poem six times its length, let us see

what can dramatically be done with Pelayo. 1 These are δεύτεραι φροντίδες- the former

End with the surprizal of Gigon, the death part dates from 1798, or 1799.-J. W. W. of Munuza, and the acclamation of Pelayo.

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