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Contents of the Second Volume.


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Duc de Nemours' letter.

Tocqueville disapproves of contingent promises

Empire rests on the army and the people

Slavery of the Press

Public speaking in France

English and French speakers

American speakers

Length of speeches

French public men


Foreign French
Narvaez and Kossuth
French conversers.
Monsieur, Madame, and Mademoiselle
Tu and vous .
Feeling respecting heretics
Prejudices of the Ancien Régime
French poetry
Fashion in Literature
Montalembert's changes of opinion.
Increasing population of Paris
Its dangerous character
No right to relief .
Sudden influx of workmen
Soldiers likely to side with the people
Lamoricière's heroism
June 1848

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Piedmontese unpopular with the lower classes.

Popular with the higher classes in Naples

Influence of Orsipi

Subjection of the French

Effect of Universal Suffrage

Causes which may overthrow Louis Napoleon

Popularity of a war with England

Condition of the Roman people

Different sorts of courage in different nations

Destructiveness of war not found out at first

Effect of service on conscript .

Expenditure of Louis Napoleon

Forebodings of the Empress .

Prince Napoleon

Ampère on Roman affairs



Mortara affair
Torpor of Roman Government
Interference with marriages
Ampère expects Piedmont to take possession of Rome
Does not think that Naples will submit to Piedmont
Wishes of Naples only negative
Ampère's reading .
Execution of three generations
Familiarity with death in 1793
Public execụtioners
The Chambre noire'
Violation of correspondence
Toleration of Ennui
Prisoners of State .
M. and Madame de La Fayette
Mirabeau and La Fayette
Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette
Evils of Democratic despotism
Ignorance and indolence of · La Jeune France'
Algeria a God-send
Family life in France
Moral effect of Primogeniture
Descent of Titles.
Shipwreck off Gatteville
Ampère reads 'Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme'

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