Year-book of Pharmacy

Передня обкладинка
J. & A. Churchill, 1892
Includes the transactions of the British Pharmaceutical Conference at its 7th-64th annual meetings.

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Сторінка 342 - He paused, as if revolving in his soul Some weighty matter, then, with fervent voice And an impassioned majesty, exclaimed — " O for the coming of that glorious time When, prizing knowledge as her noblest wealth And best protection, this imperial Realm, While she exacts allegiance, shall admit An obligation, on her part, to teach Them who are born to serve her and obey ; Binding herself by statute to secure For all the children whom her soil maintains The rudiments of letters, and inform The mind...
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Сторінка 265 - THE POCKET MATERIA MEDICA AND THERAPEUTICS; a resume of the Action and Doses of all Officinal and Non-officinal Drugs now in Common Use. By C. HENRI LEONARD, AM., MD, Professor of Medical and Surgical Diseases of Women and Clinical Gynaecology in the Detroit College of Medicine.
Сторінка 260 - Works by R. LLOYD WHITELEY, FIC, Principal of the Municipal Science School, West Bromwich. CHEMICAL CALCULATIONS. With Explanatory Notes, Problems and Answers, specially adapted for use in Colleges and Science Schools. With a Preface by Professor F. CLOWES, D.Sc. (Lond.), FIC Crown 8vo.
Сторінка 259 - OSTWALD— Solutions. By W. OSTWALD, Professor of Chemistry in the University of Leipzig. Being the Fourth Book, with some Additions, of the Second Edition of Ostwald's ' Lehrbuch der Allgemeinen Chemie '. Translated by MM PATTISON MUIR, Fellow of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.
Сторінка 43 - In the second stage the picraconitine is hydrolyzed into benzoic acid, methyl alcohol and aconine, which is the final product of the change. The authors have carefully studied the process of hydrolysis by heating pure aconitine with water in closed tubes at 150°, but have been unable to obtain at any stage either picraconitine or methyl alcohol. The alkaloid extracted from the solution by ether was a mixture of aconine with unaltered aconitine. With pure aconitine the reaction occurs precisely in...

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