A List of Books: (with References to Periodicals, Relating to the Theory of Colonization, Government of Dependencies, Protectorates, and Related Topics

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Сторінка 49 - Bent.— THE RUINED CITIES OF MASHONALAND: being a Record of Excavation and Exploration in 1891. By J. THEODORE BENT. With 117 Illustrations. Crown 8vo, 3s, 6d.
Сторінка 44 - MILLS (ARTHUR) India in 1858 ; A Summary of the Existing Administration— Political, Fiscal, and Judicial ; with Laws and Public Documents, from the earliest to the present time.
Сторінка 28 - Thomas. The confederation of the British North American provinces; their past history and future prospects; including also British Columbia and Hudson's Bay territory...
Сторінка 23 - It is a good book, distinguished by accuracy in detail, clear arrangement of facts, and a broad grasp of principles.
Сторінка 1 - MANUAL OF THE HISTORY OF THE POLITICAL SYSTEM OF EUROPE AND ITS COLONIES, from its formation at the close of the Fifteenth Century, to its re-establishment upon the Fall of Napoleon, translated from the Fifth German Edition.
Сторінка 41 - CESNOLA'S CYPRUS. Cyprus: its Ancient Cities, Tombs, and Temples. A Narrative of Researches and Excavations during Ten Years
Сторінка 27 - The colonies; treating of their value generally, of the Ionian islands in particular; the importance of the latter in war and commerce.
Сторінка 30 - CONTENTS. Our Past Apathy. The Aims of the Great Powers. The Defence of British Interests. The Organization of Government for the Defence of British Interests. The Idea of the Nation. The Volunteers and the National Defence.
Сторінка 40 - A View of the Agricultural, Commercial, and Financial Interests of Ceylon. With an Appendix ; containing some of the principal Laws and Usages of the Candians ; Port and Custom-house Regulations; Tables of Exports and Imports, Public Revenue and Expenditure, &c.
Сторінка 98 - Spanish America; or a Descriptive, Historical, and Geographical Account of the Dominions of Spain, in the Western Hemisphere...

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