Dramatists of the Restoration: John Crowne

Передня обкладинка
William Hugh Logan
W. Patterson, 1873

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Сторінка 5 - EPITAPH. ON THE COUNTESS OF PEMBROKE. UNDERNEATH this sable hearse Lies the subject of all verse, Sidney's sister, Pembroke's mother : Death, ere thou hast slain another, Fair, and learned, and good as she, Time shall throw a dart at thee.
Сторінка 249 - Then peers grew proud in horsemanship t' excel, Newmarket's glory rose, as Britain's fell ; The soldier breath'd the gallantries of France, And ev'ry flowery courtier writ romance. Then marble, soften'd into life, grew warm, And yielding metal flow'd to human form : Lely on animated canvas stole The sleepy eye, that spoke the melting soul.
Сторінка 235 - This is so narrow an allowance for the fleet of Solyman the Magnificent, his army, the Island of Rhodes, and the varieties attending the Siege* of the City, that I fear you will think we invite you "to such a contracted trifle as that of the Caesars carved upon a nut.
Сторінка 6 - Chafin, the Earl's then Chaplain in his house, and much in his favour). At supper one of them drank a health to the Lord Steward : upon which another of them said, ' That he believed his Lord was at that time very merry, for he had now outlived the day, which his tutor Sandford had prognosticated upon his nativity he would not outlive ; but he had done it now, for that was his birth-day, which had completed his age to fifty years.
Сторінка 251 - ... all due ceremonies, in the presence of one of her fellow-players, who attended as a witness on her part. You will suppose, perhaps, that the new countess had nothing to do but to appear at court according to her rank, and to display the earl's arms upon her carriage. This was far from being the case. "When examination was made concerning the marriage, it was found to be a mere deception : it appeared that the pretended priest was one of my lord's trumpeters, and the witness his kettledrummer....
Сторінка 222 - I have now no more to say but what refers to a few private notes, which I shall give you in a whisper when we meet in Moorfields, from whence (because the place was meant for public pleasure, and to...
Сторінка 256 - of their house : and he is much with her in private, and she goes to him, and do give him many presents ; and that the thing is most certain, and...
Сторінка 111 - Thus, like the sad presaging raven, that tolls The sick man's passport in her hollow beak, And in the shadow of the silent night Doth shake contagion from her sable wings, Vex'd and tormented runs poor Barabas With fatal curses towards these Christians.
Сторінка 251 - ... the contrary. This passionate lover presented her with a promise of marriage, in due form, signed with his own hand. She would not, however, rely upon this, but the next day she thought there could be no danger, when the Earl himself came to her lodgings attended by a clergyman, and another man for a witness. The marriage was accordingly solemnised with all due ceremonies, in the presence of one of her fellow-players, who attended as a witness on her part.
Сторінка 218 - The commodity and trade of your river belongs to yourselves ; but give a stranger leave to share in the pleasure of it, which will hardly be in the prospect or freedom of air ; unless prospect, consisting of variety, be made up with here a palace, there a wood-yard, here a garden, there a brewhouse ; here dwells a lord, there a dyer, and between both duomo comune.

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