Milton's Legacy in the Arts

Передня обкладинка
Albert C. Labriola, Edward Sichi
Pennsylvania State University Press, 1988 - 239 стор.

Milton's influence upon poets and poetry has been broadly and specifically studied often in collections of essays. The present volume of original essays, by emphasizing and classifying Milton's influence on the arts other than poetry, is a significant addition to interdisciplinary scholarship. The editors choose to interpret John Good's words literally--Milton's influence "was powerfully felt upon all the multiplied forms and phases of eighteenth century life"--and to examine the implications of that assertion even into twentieth-century life. No other volume considers the certainty or possibility of Milton's influence on arts as diverse as oratorio, opera, drama, dance, book illustration, sculpture, and landscape architecture.

Beyond Milton's well-documented influence on poets and poetry, the contributors focus their attention on the other arts and other creative artists whose imaginations were nevertheless affected by the poet Milton, at times profoundly so. Their chief aim is to be representative, not fully comprehensive, in defining, describing, and demonstrating the manifold influence of Milton on the other arts. A related aim is to motivate others to do likewise.

Divided into three parts--Milton and book illustrations, Milton and the performing arts, and Milton and the philosophy of form--this book makes a central and significant point about the impact of Milton's work on the imaginations of artists in various disciplines throughout the following centuries. Indeed, for many of the works of art analyzed in the present volume, Milton must be considered their "onlie begetter."

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