Зображення сторінки

The rudiments of letters, and inform
The mind with moral and religious truth,
Both understood and practised; so that none.
However destitute, be left to droop,
By timely culture unsustained, or run
Into a wild disorder, or be forced
To drudge through a weary life without the help
Of intellectual implements and tools;
A savage horde among the civilised,
A servile band among the lordly free.
.... The discipline of slavery is unknown
Among us: hence the more do we require
The discipline of virtue. Order else
Cannot subsist, nor confidence, nor peace.
Thus duties rising out of good possest
And prudent caution needful to avert
Impending evil, equally require
That the whole people should be taught and trained.
So shall licentiousness and black resolve
Be rooted out, and virtuous habits take
Their place: and genuine piety descend,
Like an inheritance from age to age.




n. Noun; a. Adjective; v. Verb; pa. Participle. Abyss, n. a depth that cannot be Columbine n. a flower. fathomed.

Conspire, v. agree together for a Allegiance, n. the duty of a sub

purpose. ject to the Government. Clammy, a. sticky. Azure, a. blue.

Croft, n. a small piece of grassland.

Culture, n. improvement. Bard, n. a poet.

Cutlery, n. manufactures of steel Bedropped, pa. sprinkled over.

or iron. Beverage, n. drink.

Current, n. flow of water. Bill, n. a hatchet with a hooked end, Cultivate, v. improve.

used in wood-cutting Bloom, n. bright, fresh appearance Dangled na streake

ance Dappled, pa. streaked or spotted. - v. to make beautiful.

Discipline, n. strict exercise of law Bourne, n. a low eminence. Bushell, n. a dry measure of eight

Emblem, n. a sign. gallons.

Emblematic, a, containing signs. Contemplate, v. watch carefully Extract, v. draw out.

Faery, a. unearthly.

Mine, n. an excavation in the earth Fibrous, a. full of thick threads or Mineral, n. what is brought out of fibres.

mines, Felt, n. cloth or stuff.

Moralize, v. think seriously about Firstling, n. first child or offspring Maple, n. a large tree. when young

Mittens, n. thick leathern gloves.

Melancholy a. mournful. Grove, n. plantation of trees.

Mature, v. ripen. Gorgeous, a. brilliant in light or colour.

Nutritious, a. affording food or Gourd, n. fruit resembling a melon

substance. Harbinger, n. one who foretels O'er, prep. over; to o'er-brow, to the coming of another.

overlook; o'er-brim, fill Herald, n. one who proclaims or

up. announces anything Pilgrim, n. traveller, Humanity, n, nature of men, kind- Pearlash, n. a substance obtained ness.

from wood-ashes. Humid, a. moist.

Potash, n. an alkaline salt obtained

from burnt vegetables. Intellectual, a. belonging to the Pledge, n. promise. mind.

Periwinkle, n. a flower. Innumerable, a. too many to be Prattle, v. to make a murmuring counted.


Pore, v. look closely and steadily. Litharge, n. oxyde of lead; the Plump, v. make large and fat.

'dross which arises in puri-
fying silver with lead.

Pearly, a. shone through by light Law, n. rule of government.

from behind.

Precipitate, v. hasten; utter hastily Legible, a. easily read. Manufacture, no workmanship.

Roundy, a, like a ball. Mead. n. a field with water running Rudiment, n. first beginning. through it.

Russet, a. brown.



EXPLANATION OF WORDS. Sallow, n. a willow tree.

Treble, n. a shrill sound.
Statute, n. a particular law.
Sophistry, n. a clever falsehood. Upland, n. long range of rising
Solstitial, a. belonging to the sol
stice; that period of the v

Vary, v. alter,
year when day and night |
are equal.

| Vernal, a. belonging to spring. Servile, a. slavish.

Vitriol, n. sulphuric acid in comSolitude, n. the state of one who is

bination with metallic alone.

oxyde. Surface, n. outside.

Willowy, a. where willows grow.

Wailful, a. mournful. Tower, n. an eminence.

Woof, n. in weaving, the threads Tenant, n. a dweller for a time.

thrown with the shuttle. Thrive, v. flourish. Triumph, n. a procession. Zinc, n. a metal used in making brass.


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