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clear the water is ! You may see the smooth stones in it. Do not go too near the brink, or you may slip in.

12. The wheat grows in our field; and when it is ripe it will be cut down. How tall it grows! We must not run into it, or beat it down. Let us walk in the path.

13. My shoes are thick and strong. They keep out the wet. They were new last month. I hope they will last for a long time, if I take care of them.

14. I hear the school-bell ring. Come! Let us not loiter on the road, but make haste; that we may be in time. I do not like to go into school late. 15.

My father gets up very early to go to his work. When he comes home in the evening, I love to meet him at the door.

16. My brother goes out to take care of the sheep. He takes our dog with him and brings him home again in the evening. He is very kind to the dog, and does not teaze or worry him.

17. The great cart horses are coming down the lane. Take care. Do not go in the way. They are going home to be fed. They have been all day ploughing in the field. Now they will soon be at home.

18. The hen lays eggs. When the eggs are hatched, there will be some little chickens. The hen will take them with her and feed them. She likes to cover them with her wings, and keep them safe from harm.

19. A swallow has built her nest under the eave of our cottage. Swallows come in the spring, as soon as the warm weather begins. When the time grows cold again, they go away, and stay away all the winter.

20. Last winter a robin came to our door. I threw some crumbs of bread out to it. It took one of the crumbs and flew away with it. Then it came back and took another. All the ground was white with snow.

21. The bees go out in the morning when it is fine and the sun shines. They go out to the heath where the wild thyme grows, and suck sweet juice from the flowers. They bring this home to the hive. The hive is full of cells to hold the honey.

22. Hark! Do you hear the cuckoo? I heard it yesterday in the evening. It has a clear loud voice. When we hear the cuckoo in the woods, the summer is come. We shall soon see the flowers under the hedges in the green lane.

23. Do not be rough in your play. If we are gentle we shall not hurt each other. If we love each other we ought not to be rough, but kind and quiet. We may play without hurting one another if we like.

24. The rose blooms brightly in the summer. Our cottage is covered with ivy. I have seen roses clustering over the door of a cottage. Do not gather the flowers ; but when they are gone, remember to pick off the dead buds.

25. Do you hear the thresher in the barn ? With his flail he threshes out the corn. The ripe grain is gathered up and put into sacks. Then it is sold to the miller. The miller grinds it into flour, and of the flour the baker makes bread.

26. It is the month of June. The hawthorn is seen no more in the hedges. The woodbine and the honeysuckle begin to blow. The hay must be cut and made up into hay-stacks. In this month too they will shear the


27. In July the golden days of summer are come. The corn ripens every day more and more. The harvest will soon be here. The fruit is hanging on the trees. How beautiful do all the gardens look!

28. The bear, the bat, and the hedge-hog sleep all the winter under the ground. Man has his work to do in winter as well as in summer. But the night is the time for sweet sleep. We must rest, or else we shall not be able to work. In the morning we feel strong and able to work.

29. Look at the sunset! How clear the sky is between the clouds! And the clouds are all lit up with bright colours. The sun is sinking

in the West. One little cloud floating over it · is like an island in a sea of light.

30. Come! Let us haste home. The night-dews fall. The bees have all gone home to rest. The flowers are folded up. When the moon is up, it is time to go home and sleep all the calm and quiet night. At day-break all things will awake again, and the birds will sing their morning song.



JOHN was a good boy. He loved his father and his mother. He always did what he was bid to do. I wish all boys were good like John, and did what they were told to do; but I fear some do not.

. 32. John was always in time for school. When he heard the bell ring, he did not stop to play on the road, but ran to school. He was a good boy, and therefore he was happy all day long.

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