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Colnbrook has several large inns, and is accounted the greatest thoroughfare in England for carriages, according to its distance from London, or, as it is called, the great Bath road. It consists principally of one street, is in three parishes, and has a market day on Tuesday, which was used for corn, but has failed some years. The town was incorporated in 1543, by the stile of a bailiff and burgesses.

HORTON, a village near Colnbrook, was antiently possessed by the family of Windsor, and afterwards by that of Scawen. It was purchased in 1794, by Thomas Williams, Esq. M. P. whose son, Owen Williams, Esq. M. P. is the present proprietor. The great Milton, after he had left the university, resided five years at Horton with his father. The house, called the manor house, is now in the occupation of Mrs. Hugford. Here Milton's mother died, in 1637, and is buried in the chancel of the church.



ADDINGTON, church and village, 310;--singular condition of the
tenure of the inanor, 310.

warren, remains of a Druidical temple at, 265. See
also, 226, n.
Addiscombe place, the residence of the earl of Liverpool, 309.
Agmondesham, or Amersham, its markets, fairs, manufactures, &c. 466.
Alle-solven chapel, a chantry, founded by sir John de Cobham, at Ro-

chester, 192.
Alleyn, Mr. Edward, founder of Dulwich college, sketch of his life, 53.
Allington castle, near Maidstone, ruins of, 241;- biographical sketches

of the several proprietors, ib.
Amersham, sce Agmondeskam.
Ascot heath, its situation, 426 ;--the king's races held there, ib.
Ashted park, the seat of R. B. Howard, Esq. 315;-its church, ib.
Aylesford lathe, 65;-town and bridge, 223 ;--the manor, &c. ib.

Bagshot, town of, 355;-formerly the lordship of the British monarchs, i
Banstead village, remarkable for its walnut trees, 311.
Barclay, Mr. G. bis seat at Box-hill, 326.
Barley-end house, formerly the family seat of the Duncombes, 464.
Barn Elms, the retreat of Jacob Tonson, the bookseller, 386.
Barnes, village and church, 387;--the seat of Lushington, Esq. 387.
Bartholomew, St. Romish legends of, 264.
Battersea, or Patrick's Ea, manor of, and its various possessors, 396.
Beaconsfield, town, market, and farm, 470 ;- soil in the vicinity, 470.
Beckenham parish, 271;-Longley park and Kelseys, two estates of lord

Gwydir, ib;-- Eden Farm, the seat of lord Auckland, ib.
Becket, Thoinas, the Saint, legendary anecdotes of, 263, n.
Beddington, its ancient manors ; 300; the first orange trees in England

planted here, 301, n.--the park, and its fine walnut trees, ib.
Belvidere, or Shrub's hill, in Windsor forest, description of, 425.
Belvidere house, Erith, the seat of lord Eardley, 143.
Berkshire, south-east side of, its ancient inhabitants, 400.
Bermondsey spa, ils discovery, 59 ; its decay, 60.
Betchworth castle, its antient proprietors, 333.
Beult, a small river of Kent, its course, 63.
Bexley, manor, history of, 148 ;-the church and monuments, ib.
Binfield, village, the early residence of the poet Pope, 430.
Bisham, manor, history of its descent, 431.
Blackheath, description of a singular cavern discovered there, 113.
Blases's well, in the manor of Bromley, anciently much frequented, 273.
Belchingley, borough of, its representation in parliament, 337.
Bookham, the seat of Mr. Laurel, 322.
Borough English, an antient custom, 329.
Botleys mansion and park, description of, 363.
Boulton, H. Esq; his seat near Blackheath, 322.
Bowe's almshouses, Woolwich, 132.
Box hill,. delightful situation of, 316;-its name derived from box trees

planted on its south side, by the earl of Arundel in the reign of Charles

11. 325;_extensive views from, 316, 325;~-villas and seats, ib.
Boxley hill, its fine prospects, 227;--history of the manor, and of the
Rood of Grace, ib.


Bray, village of, 433 ;-anecdotes of its vicar in the reigns of Henry

Vill. and his three successors, 434.
Brightwell court, the seat of the hon. Mr. Irhy, 440.
Bromley, town, history of, 273 ;-Blases's well, 273 ;-the church, ib.
Brooklands, near Weybridge, the seat of G. Payne, Esq. 304.
Buckinghamshire, antient inhabitants of, and origin of its name, 434.
Bulstrode, the seat of the duke of Portland, 439 ;-the pictures, ib.
Burford lodge, Box-hill, 328.
Burnham, village and church, 440.
Butler's court, formerly Gregories, near Beaconsfield, the residence of the

late Edinund Burke, 472.
Bysch court, near Godstone, the seat of John Manship, Esq. 338.

Calico printing, history of its invention in Germany, 281.
Camberwell, parish, village, and manors, 44 ;-the church, and its mor

numents, ib.-lhe grove, and Dr. Letsomr's seat, 45 ;-the fair, 59.
Camden place, Kent, the residence of the late historian and antiquary,

Camden, 275.
Camomile hull, near Egham, 356.
Canterbury, diocese of, 65.
Carew, sir Francis, anecdotes of, 301, n.
Caron's almshouse, Lambeth, description of, 33.
Carshalton, ancient records of, 298;--its springs, the source of the river

Wandle, 298 ; manufactures of paper, leather, snuff, oil, 298, 11.
Castle guard, an- antient customi, 108.
Chalfont, St. Giles's, the residence of the poet Milton, 469 ;-seats in the
: neighbourhood, viz. Newland park, and The lache, ib.
Chalk church, singular bequest to, for the repose of the donor's soul, 176.
Charlton, descent of the manor, 123 ;-the church and manor house,

123.Origin of Horn fair, 124.
Chatham, ancient records of, 214 ;- the dock, 215;-ordnance wharf,

216;-main mast of the victory, lord Nelson's flag ship deposited here,

ib;---fortifications, ib;-the garrison and barracks, 217.
Chatham chest, origin, design, and present state of, 221;-removed to

Greenwich, 292.
Cheam, its ancient name, and descent of the manor, 294 ;-the seat of

P. Antrobus, Esq. ib;-the church and remarkable monuments, 295.
Cherries, singular method of preserving on the tree, in the days of queen

Elizabeth, 301, n.
Chertsey, ils antiquity, 359 ;-privilege of the lundred to which it gives

name, 300;-sir Wm. Perkin's charity school, ib.
Chesham, town of, 465;- manufactures, ib.-fairs, ib.-descent of the

manor, ib.~-the church, and remarkable monuments, ib.
Chesterfield house, Blackheath, the residence of R. Hulse, Esq. 118;-

the picture gallery, ib.
Chevening, village of, 201;-description of earl Stanhope's seat, ib.-the

church and remarkable monuments, 202.
Chiltern bills, their situation, 455, n.
Chipping Wycombe, see Wycombe.
Chiselhurst, anciently an appurtenance to Dartford, now the property of

lord viscount Sydney, 275 ;--the church and monuments, ib.
Cholmondeley house, Richmond, 374.
Clanden, Fast, or Clanden. Abbatis, 352.

West, or Clanden Regis, manor and advowson, 352.
Clapham, village of, 287 ;--improved state of the common and roads, ib.
Claremont, the seat of the late lord Clive, 368.
Clever, parish of, 420 ;-St. Leonard's hill, the seat of General Harcourt,
ib.-Roman antiquities, 427, n;--the church, ib.


Cliftlen house, formerly the seat of the countess of Orkney; 442.
Cliff church, curious antiquities of, 178.
Cobham, Kent, 181;-mausoleum raised in the park, pursuant to the will
of the late earl Darnley; ib.—anecdotes of John lord Cobham, ib.

Surrey, the parish and village, 360 ;-medicinal springs, ib.
Ancient British monuments, ib.--the park and mansion, 367.
Coleshill, hamlet of, the birth place of Waller, the poet, 468.
Colfe's school and almshouse, at Sydenham, 72 ;-regulations of, 73.
Colnbrook, town of, 475;-formerly a Roman station, ib.-accommoda-

tions for travellers, 476;—fairs.and orporation, ib.
Combe, East, a villa at Blackheath, 122,

West, late the retireinent of the duchess of Bolton (formerly
Miss Lavinia Fenton, and Gay’s Polly Peachum, when the Beggar's

Opera was first performed,) 123.
Coombe Neville, a manor once belonging to Neville, the great earl of
Warwick, in the days of Henry VI. and Edward IV.371.

house, the residence of major Tollemache, 371.
Convers, Dr. Richard, biographical notice of, 82, n,-his epitaph, 84.
Cooper's hill, its situation, 356 ;--criticisms on Denham's poein, 350.
Cotman Dean, salubrity of its air, 330;-almshouses for widows, 330.
Coway Stakes, the spot where Julius Cæsar crossed the Thames against the

British chief Cassivelaunus, 361.
Cowling castle, erected by John lord Cobham, in the reign of Richard

II. 179;nasingular inscription on it, ib.
Crampit, or Crawford brook, its source and direction, 153.
Cranbourne lodge, Windsor, description of, 426.
Cray, river, its rise and source, 149.
Crayford, town of, its name, 149;remarkable monuments, 150.
Crag's, the, why so called, 146.-See Foot's Cray, North Cray, &c.
Cromlechs, ancient burial places of the Britons, 220, 325.
Croydon, its situation, 304;-once a royal residence, ib.
Coddington, or Codington, the favourite retreat of Henry VIII. 295.

Danson hill, near Bexley, the seat of John Jahaston, Esq. 149.
Darent, river, 03, 152 ;

-village of, 160,church, 10,1.
Dartford hill and heath, 157;—the town a place of ancient eminence, ib.
Datchet, its bridge, and villas in the vicinity, 435,-the church, ib.
Datched Mead, the scene of Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor, 435.
Deepden, on Cotman Dean, see Catman Deun.
Denbighs, the seat of J. Denison, Esq. 328 ;-representation of the valley

the *r Shadow of Death," at, ib.
Denham manor, its descent, 473 ; description of the mansion, &c. ib.
Deptford, its ancient state and name, 73 ;-~-various possessors, 74.
Derby, earl ot, his seat at the Oaks, 3,11..
Dilton park and house, the seat of the duchess of Buccleugh, 425.
Dog anu Duck, St. George's Fields, formerly a place of entertaimnent,

30 ;—now a school for the indigent blind, 37.
Dorking, its situation, 328;-descent of the manor, 329,-custom of

Borough Englisk retained in this manor, ib.--the church, ib.
Dorset, duke ot, his seat at Knowle park, 249.
Downe, village of, 208;-monuments in the clrurch, ib.
Drake's hill, or Catherine's hill, near Guildford, 350..
Druidical iemains, 205, 206.
Dulwich, first notice of it in history, 52;n-given to Edward Alleyn,

Esq. 53 ;, the college, ib.--anecdvies of the founder, 54.
Dunsian, Si. legendary anecdotes of, 58.
Durdans, the seat of Mrs. Kenworthy (formerly the residence of Frede.
rick prince of Wales) near Epsom, 31+.


A 2

Fardley, lord, his seat at Erith, 143.
East Grinstead, its antiquity, 339;-foundation of Sackville college, 340.
East Hampstead, see Hampstead.
East Sheen, see Sheen.
East Wickham, see Wickham.
Eden farm, Beckenham, the property of lord Auckland, 271, ·
Effingham, ancient remains of, 322.
Egham, village and parish of, 356 ;-Strode's almshouses, ib.-descrip

tion of Cooper's hill, ib.
Eltham, once a royal residence, 275 ;-history of the palace, ih.
Ember Court, near Ditton, the seat of Col. Taylor, 368.
Englefield Green, near Egham, 358.
Epsom, its ancient name, 313 ;-discovery of the mineral spring, ib.
Erith, ancient name of, and distinction from the manor of Lesnes, 141,
Esher place, the seat of Miss Pelham, its beautiful situation, &c. 368.
Esquire of the Body, description of the office so denominated, 299.
Eton; village of, 435 ;-description of the college, 436 ;-portraits, 437.
Ewel, its spring and market, 312 ;- the birth place of Richard Corbet,

D.D. bishop of Oxford, in the reign of James I. 312.
Egnesford castle, when erected, 267 ;--the church, ib.

Farmer, capt. biographical notice of, 340.
Farningham, village of, 267 ;-curious memorials in the church, ib.
Faukeshall, an old name for Vauxhall, which see.
Fellbridge park, the seat of J. Nichols, Esq. 338.
Fetcham, seats in the vicinity of, 322.
Fishmongers's almshouses at Newington Butts, 42.
Foot's Cray place, Kent, description of, 146.
Frogmore house, Windsor, 425,-description of the grounds, &c. ib.

Gad's hill, remarkable as the scene of prince Henry's dissolute frolics, 180.
Garrat lane, near Wandsworth, 396;-origin of the custom of electing

a mayor of Garrat, ib. n.
Gatton, borough of, 337;~its former consideration, and ancient history, ih.
Gavelkind, an ancient tenure, peculiar to the county of Kent, 60,
Gipsies, biographical accounts of, 272, 286, n.
Godstone, famous for its quarries, whence its name, 338.
Grange, the, at Bermondsey, 59.
Gravesend, its ancient name, 171;~-descent of the manor, ib.
Great Marlow, see Marlow.
Great Missenden, see Missenden.
Greenbithe, hamlet of, 169;--chalk hills and pits in the neighbourhood, ib.
Greenwich, ancient history of, 85, 111;-depredations of the Danes, 85;

the manor, and its descent, 86;--the antient palace, park, and obser:

yatory, 87 ;-new palace converted into a royal hospital for seamen, ib.
Guildford, a seat of royalty under the Saxon princes, 343;-remains of
antiquities, 343, 345, 350,--the corporation, 343.

Hadlow parish, Kent, its hop, plantation and pastures, 246.
Haling house park, near Croydon, the seat of W. P. Hammond, Esq. 309.
Hall, Mr. biographical notice of, 333.

Barns, at Beaconsfield, the seat of the poet Waller, 471.
Ham house, near Richmond, the seat of earl Dysart, 372.
Hampstead, East, formerly a royal residence, 428.
Hanging wood, on the Woolwich road, 124.
Hardoitch, or Hardwick, near Chertsey, the place for choosing king's offi-
cers for the hundred, 364.


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