A History of Preaching in Britain and America: Including the Biographies of Many Princes of the Pulpit and the Men who Influenced Them, Частина 2

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Northwestern Publishing House, 1955
F. R. Webber's three-volume History of Preaching in Britain and America not only traces the various eras of the rise and fall of preaching in the English-speaking countries, but it strives in particular to illuminate a fact which is well-known to any student of church history: that poor preaching is inevitably followed by a great period of religious stagnation, while the preaching of evangelical truth results in spiritual life. Mr. Webber presents the lives and the sermons of the famous preachers of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Ireland, England and America, depicting their manner and style of preaching, and tracing the recurrent cycles of spiritual decay and revival in these countries. The 3 volumes of his History of Preaching are punctuated with dramatic episodes from the lives of more than 800 famous princes of the pulpit. Their doctrinal position is set forth, including their attititde toward such doctrines as Verbal Inspiration and Justification, and toward such evil fads as Evolution, Higher Criticism, Rationalism, and Modernism.

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CHAPTER PAGE I PreReformation Scotland
The Period of the Reformation
The Days of the Covenanters
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