The Economic Journal: The Quarterly Journal of the Royal Economic Society, Том 21

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Macmillan, 1911
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Contains papers that appeal to a broad and global readership in all fields of economics.

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Сторінка 213 - Now this is actually the case with rent. The ordinary progress of a society which increases in wealth, is at all times tending to augment the incomes of landlords . . . they grow richer, as it were in their sleep, without working, risking, or economising.
Сторінка 155 - to make arrangements for giving to boys and girls under seventeen years of age assistance with respect to the choice of suitable employment, by means of the collection and the communication of information and the furnishing of advice.
Сторінка 520 - taxable value is one pound sterling, and shall increase uniformly with each increase of one pound sterling in the taxable value, in such manner that— the increment of tax between a taxable value of £15,000 and a taxable value of £15,001 shall be
Сторінка 357 - additional quantity of work bestowed on agriculture yields an actually diminished return, and, of course, if each additional quantity of work yields an actually diminished return, the whole of the work bestowed on agriculture in the progress of improvement yields an actually diminished proportional return."—Essay on the Application of Capital to Land, pp. 6-8, quoted by Prof.
Сторінка 407 - to provide for the investigation of new or littleknown natural products from the Colonies and India, and of known products from new sources, with a view to their utilisation in commerce, and also to provide trustworthy scientific and technical advice on matters connected with the agriculture, trade, and industries of the Colonies and India.
Сторінка 444 - They are ... so disseminated through all the trading parts of the world that they are become the instruments by which the most distant nations converse with one another.
Сторінка 63 - There is not a horse in England, able and willing to work, but has due food and lodging; and goes about sleek-coated, satisfied in heart. And you say it is impossible.
Сторінка 600 - an authority which could safely be trusted not only to no single person, but to no council or senate whatever"?
Сторінка 252 - becoming atrophied and arrested through lack of exercise ; and, granting that her evolution being arrested, the evolution of the whole race will be also arrested in her person ; granting all this to the full, and allowing that the bulk of human labour tends to become more and more intellectual
Сторінка 655 - (1) that the worker should receive, in addition to the standard wages of the trade, some share in the final profit of the business, or the economy of production ; (2) that the worker should accumulate his share of profit, or part thereof, in the capital of the business employing him, thus gaining the ordinary rights and responsibilities of a shareholder.

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