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All-Hallow Eve; or, The Test of Futurity, 97, 241. | Legend, a Celtic, 810.

Abbey, Glastonbury, 150.

Animal Life, Curiosities of, 932.

Miscellany, 187, 421, 570, 858.

Alexandria, Christian Schools of, 834, 484.

Madeira, Tinted Sketches in, 265.

Abbeville, a Day at, 590.

Ásses, Dogs, Cats, etc., 688.

Newman, Very Rev. Dr., Saints of the Desert, 16, 170,

A Celtic Legend, $10.

Newman, Very Rev. Dr., Reply to Dr. Pusey's Eireni.

Benedictines, Rise of, 150.

con, 46.

Buried Alive, S05.

New York, Religion in, 881.

Necklace, the Pearl, 693,

Curiosities of Animal Life, 282.

Nile, Franciscan Missions on the, 768.

Catholic Publication Society. The. 279

Nile, Solution of the Problem of the, 828.

Christian Schools of Alexandria, The, 854, 484.
Cuckoo and Sightiogale, The, 843.

Old Thorneley's Heirs, 404, 448, 599, 738.
Cardinal Tosti, 851.

Our Ancestors, Industrial Arts of, 549, 780.

Dr. Spring, Reminiscences of, 129.

Dreamers and Workers, 418.

Prayer, Jenifer's, 17, 183, 318.

De Guérin, Eugénie, Letters from Paris, 474.

Problems of the Age, 148, 289, 518, 577, 758.

Perico the Sad, 497, 660, 787.
Eirenicon, Reply to, by Very Rev. Dr. Newman, 46. Perreyve, Henri, 815.

* Pamphlets on the, 217.

Eve de la Tour d'Adam, 366.

Reminiscences of Dr. Spring, 129.

Ecce Homo, 618.

Religion in New York, 381.

Episcopal Church, Doctrine on Ordination, 721. Reading, Use and Abuse of, 463.

Rome the Civilizer of Nations, 638.

France, Two Pictures of Life in, 411.

Franciscan Missions on the Nile, 768.

Saints of the Desert, The, 16, 170, 884.

Steam-Engine, Proposed Substitutes for, 29.

Glastonbury Abbey, 150.

St. Paul, Youth of, 531.

Gerbet, l'Abbe, 808.

Sealskins and Copperskins, 557.

God Bless You, 593.

Gipsies, The, 102.

The Age, Problems of, 145, 289, 518, 577, 758.

Turkestan, A Pretended Dervish in, 198, 870.

Haven't Time, 92.

Two Pictures of Life in France before 1848, 411,

Hürter, Frederick, 115.

Three Women of our Time, 884.

Heaven, Nearest Place to, 438.

Tosti, Cardinal, 851.

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VOL. III., NO. 13.-APRIL, 1866.




In the year 1841, the bishops of the opposition to the Roman See unthe Protestant Episcopal dioceses of der a rival Oriental primacy. The Massachusetts, New York, New Non-jurors, who were ejected from Jersey, Connecticut, Missouri, Marytheir sees at the overthrow of the land, and Pennsylvania, professing to Stuarts, proposed to the Synod of speak in the name of their church in Bethlehem to establish the primacy in the United States, addressed the fol- the patriarchate of Jerusalem ; but howing language to the schismatical their proposal was met by a decidedly Patriarch of Constantinople, whom freezing refusal. The American they style - the venerable and right bishops who signed the letter from reverend father in God the Patriarch which the foregoing extract is taken of the Greek Church, resident at Con- show a remarkable desire to bow stantinople :"

down before some ecclesiastical power The church in the United States more ancient and venerable than of America, therefore, looking to the themselves; and in their extreme triune God for his blessings upon its eagerness to propitiate the Eastern efforts for unity in the body of Christ, prelates, they acknowledge without turn with hope to the Patriarch of scruple the most arrogant titles usurpConstantinople, the spiritual head of ed by the Patriarch of Constantinothe ancient and venerable Oriental ple, although from their want of familChurch.

iarity with the ecclesiastical language, This is by no means the only in- they do it in a very unusual and pestance of overtures of this kind, look- culiar style. Whatever may be at ing toward a union between Protest- present the particular views of those ant Episcopalians and Eastern schis who are seeking to bring about a matics, with the view of concentrating union between the Protestant Episco

pal churches and the Easterns, in re.*. "L'Eglise Orientale, par Jacques G. Pit- gard to the order of hierarchical organi

zation, they are evidently disposed to gande, 1855. 1 Quoted in the "Memoir of Rev. F. A.

pay court to the successor of Photius

and Michael Cerularius, and to espouse VOL. III. 1

zipios, Fondateur de la Société Chrétienne Orientale." Rome : Imprimerie de la Propa

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