The Works of Mr. John Oldham: Together with His Remains

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Dan Brown, 1703 - 113 стор.

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Сторінка 391 - Though he instructs the heels, and you the head. To such indulgence are kind parents grown, That nought costs less in breeding than a son; Nor is it hard to find a father now, Shall more upon a setting-dog allow, And with a freer hand reward the care Of training up his spaniel, than his heir.
Сторінка 421 - The wretch, at summing up his misspent days, Found nothing left, but poverty, and praise? Of all his gains by verse he could not save Enough to purchase flannel, and a grave: Reduc'd to want, he, in due time, fell sick, Was fain to die, and be interr'd on tick; And well might bless the fever that was sent, To rid him hence, and his worse fate prevent.
Сторінка 393 - T has ever been the top of my Desires, The utmost height to which my wish aspires, That Heav'n would bless me with a small Estate, Where I might find...
Сторінка 236 - Beyond the straits of scanty time and place, Beyond the ebbs and flows of Matter's narrow seas, They reach and fill the ocean of eternity and space. Infused like some vast, mighty soul, Thou dost inform and actuate this spacious whole ; Thy unseen hand...
Сторінка 372 - There in a garret near the sky, Above five pair of stairs I lie. But if you'd have what you pretend, You may procure it nearer hand: In...
Сторінка 25 - It pitied holy Mother Church to see A world so drowned in gross idolatry ; It grieved to see such goodly nations hold Bad errors and unpardonable gold. Strange ! what a fervent zeal can coin infuse, What charity pieces of eight 2 produce ! So were you chosen the fittest to reclaim The pagan world, and give 'ta Christian name.

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