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Here begynneth the seying of Urines, portrait, 71. 2s.6d. Bliss, pt. i. with the of all the coloures that Urynes be of, and portrait, 71. 5s. the Medicines annexed to every Uryne, The Trissotetras, or, a most excellent &c. Lond. Robert Wyer, n. d. sm. 8vo. Table for resolving Triangles, &c. Lond. Contains signatures A to Hin fours, 1645, 4to. With a portrait whole length marked in a bookseller's catalogue in by Glover. Inglis, 1597, morocco, 21. 1843, 21. 2s.

The Discovery of a most exquisite URING, Nath. History of his Sewel, found in the Kennel of Worcester

Streets, the Day aft Fight. Lond. Voyages and Travels. Lond. 1726 1652,,12mo. A most singular and curious or 7, 8vo.

rhapsody, containing chiefly the praises of With two maps. Nassau, pt. ii, 854, 6s,

such Scotsmen as have been famous in Heath, 2793, 7s. Sothebys, May 1860,

arms and arts since the year 1600. 9s. 60.

Gough, 11. 7s. Bindley, pt. iv. 290, 8s. A Relation of the intended Settlement 6d. Roxburghe, 8474, 11. 11s. 6d., and in St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Lond. 1725, Suppl. 592, 11. 2s. Heber, pt. vii. 98.; pt.

ix. 189. Hibbert, 8116, 11. 128. 8vo.

Bright, 5743, portrait inserted, 17. 11s.

Bliss, URQUHART Pedigree.-A pecu- pt. i. gs. 6d. Mitford, Apr. 1860, 11. liar Promptuary of Time : wherein Reprinted in the volume of his Tracts,

See Retrospective is displayed an exact Directory for Review, vi, 177-206. all particular Chronologies in what In a note to the account of the AdmiraFamily soever, and that by dedu- ble. Crichton, in Granger's Biographical cing the Pedigree of the Name of History, vol. 1, p. 317, it is stated that

his Discovery, gives a Urquhart in the House of Cromar- long and very wonderful account of Crichtie, since the Creation to 1652. ton. And Lord Orford says, “ That strange

book is a greater curiosity than Crichton Lond. 1652, 12mo.

was; the language more bombast than Hibbert, 5941, 12s. Nassau, pt. ii. 93, the marvels attributed to him. The ac21. 58. Bindley, 31. 3s. resold Heber, pt. count of his intrigue and death is a comvi. 11. A copy is in the British Museum. pound of gravity and obscenity." A speThe pedigree is reprinted in the 12mo. cimen of it is given by Tytler, in his Life edition of Sir T. Urquhart's tracts. . of Admirable Crichton, 2nd edition,

See also Scenes and URQUHART, Rey. D. H. Com- Edinb. 1823, 12mo.

Legends of the North of Scotland, by mentaries on Classical Learning.

Hugh Miller, Edinb. 1835, 12mo. chap. 9. Lond. 1803, 8vo. 6s.

Logopandecteision, or Introduction to Sir Thomas, of Cromarty. the Universal Language. In Six Books.

Lond. 1653, 4to. Heber, pt. ix. 3108, 11. Works, edited by Thomas Mait

12s, land (for the Club), with a biogra See RABELAIS, Fr., p. 2033. phical Introduction.

Edinb. 1834,

URSINUS, Zachary. A Discourse 4to.

concerning the Obseruation & Tracts by Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty. Edinb. 1774, small 8vo. Edited

Keeping of the Sabboth Day, &c. by David Herd, aná not by George Pa- turned into English by John Stockton, as frequently stated. Contains the wood. Lond. J. Harrison, 1584, Pedigree of the Urquharts (first published

16mo. in 1652), The Discovery, or Vindication of the Honour of Scotland, Life and

Dedicated to 'Ladie Pellam of Laughdeath of the Admirable Crichton, &c.

ton Sussex Inglis, 1494, 4s. Gough, 3866, 4s.

Summe of Christian Religion, transEpigrams Divine and Morall. By Sir lated by H. Parrie. Lond. 1587, 8vo. Thomas Vrchard, Knight. Lond. B. Bliss, pt. i. 78, 6d. Reprinted with the Alsop, 1641, 4to.- Re-issued, wit

Theological Miscellanies of D. David title, Lond. William Leake, 1646, 4to. Pp. Pareus. Lond. 1645, folio. 68, with a full-length portrait of the au Ursinus his Catechisme, wherein are thor by Gloyer. Nassau,'pt. ii, 1347, 31. 15s. debated and resolved the Questions conBindley, pt. iv. 793, 81, 28. 6d. Bibl. An- troverted in Divinitie, translated by H. glo-Poet. 766, with fac-simile portrait, 101. Parrie. Oxon. 1591, 8vo. 10s. Resold, Sotheby's, Aug. 1860, 31. 15s. Several other of Z. Ursinus' works have Heber, pt. iv. 21. 38. Skegg, 1848, with been translated into English.

a new

URSULA, Saint. The Lyf of ad Hibernos, partim de Hibernis vel Ře. Saint Ursula after the Cronycles of bus Hibernicis sunt conscriptæ. Dublin, Englonde ; translated into Englysh mers, 6s. A third good help to the meeter by Edm. Hatfield, monke knowledge of the primitive state of of Rochester: dedicated to the Christianity in Ireland,'— Nicolson.-n. p. most Illustrious Ladye Margaret, 1665, 4to. 10s.

or d. 4to.-Her. Nass, 1696, 4to.-Paris, Mother of K. Henry VII. Lond. Britannicarum Ecclesiarvm Antiqvitaper me W. de Worde, 4to.

tes et Primordia. Quibus inserta est pestiTwelve leaves. Roxburghe, 3280, 391.

feræ adversus Dei Gratiam à Pelagio Bri188. West, 1494, 16s. Reprinted in 1818 Historia. Collectore Jacobo Usserio,: Ar

tanno in Ecclesiam inductæ Hæreseos by the Roxburghe Club. See APPENDIX.

chiepiscopo Armachano, totius Hiberniæ URSULANUS, Edmundus. See Primate. Dublin, 1639, 4to. 7. Pp. 1196, MATTHEWS, Francis.

not including 12 pages of introductory

matter. Williams, 1800, morocco, 17.9.USSHER, James, Abp. of Armagh. Second edition, enlarged by the Author. Annales V. et N. Testamenti, à Lond. 1687, fol. with portrait. Heath, 4513,

9s. 6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 1027, 10s. Gough, prima Mundi Origine deducta ad 4059, 12s. extremum Reipublicæ Judaicæ Ex " An everlasting monument of the aucidium, à Jacobo Usserio, Archiep. Ireland."

thor's good services to the church of

Nicolson's Irish Hist. Lib., Armach. Genev. 1722, fol.

chap. iii. The best edition of a most valuable

For a Notice of an English Translation work; the chronology of Archbp. Usher of this Work, made in Usher's time or a is followed in the margins of all our large little later, but imperfect, sec Notes and Bibles. Prefixed is a life of the author Queries, vol. vii. p. 121. by T. Smith. Willett, 2686, 11. 49. LARGE The Judgment of Dr. Rainoldes touchPAPER. Hibbert, 8233, 13s.-Lond. 1650-4, ing the originall of Episcopacy more fol. 2 vols. Bp. of Ely, 1515, 10s.-Paris, largely confirmed out of Antiquity. Lond. 1673, fol. with portrait by Landry. Stowe, 1641, 4to. 5489, 78.-Bremæ, 1686.

The original of Bishops and MetropoTranslated by the Author under the follorv- litans, or a Disquisition touching the ing title : Annals of the World deduced Asia properly so called, the Lydian Asia, from the origin of Time, and continued to the Proconsular Asia, and the Asian the destruction of the Temple, containing | Diocese. Oxford, 1641, 4to.-Oxford, 1643, the History of the Old and New Testament. 4to. 3s. In the first volume of the Ox. Lond. 1658, fol. with portrait and a fron- ford Collection of Voyages and Travels. tispiece. Hibbert, 8232, morocco, 11. 6s. Remarks on Usher's Annals will be found Opuscula duo, de Episcoporum Ori. in the Rev. Rob, Walker's work on histo- gine, et de Asia Proconsulari: accessit

veteris Ecclesiæ Gubernatio Patriarchalis rical time, 1798.

ab E. B. descripta. Præterea accedit ApGravissimæ Questionis de Christiana- pendix de antiqua Ecclesia Britannica. rum Ecclesiarum in Occidentis præsertim Lond. 1688, 8vo. 4s. 6d. partibus &c. Successione et Statu Historica Explicatio. Lond. 1613, 4to.-Hanov. Direction concerning the Lyturgy and 1658, 8vo.

Episcopal Government. Lond. 1642, 4to. Answer to a Challenge of a Jesuit -1660, 4to. (W. Malone) in Ireland. Dublin, 1624, 4to. Vox Hiberniæ; or rather the voyce of 3s. 6d.-Lond. 1625, 4to.--Lond. 1631, 4to. the Lord from Ireland; a Fast Sermon. 68.-1686, 4to. Heber, pt. viii. 10s. 60.- Lond. 1642, 4to. New edition edited, by Professor Schole. Petition to the House of Peeres against field, Camb. 1850, 8vo. 138. 6d.

John Nicholson for publishing Vox HiA Discorirse on the Religion anciently berniæ. n. p. or d. 4to. Single sheet. professed by the Irish and British. Dub.

Immanuel or the Mystery of the Incarlin, 1622, 4to.-Lond. 1631, 4to. Lond. nation of the Son of God. Dublin, 1638, 1687, 4to.“ A learned treatise."--Nicolson. 4to.-Oxf, 1643, 4to.-Lond. 1658, 4to.

Gotheschalchi et Predestinatianæ con- New edition, Lond. 1844, 18mo. 2s. This troversiæ ab eo motæ Historia. Dublin, is also printed at the end of his Body of 1631, 4to. The first book printed in Ire- Divinity. land-Hanov. 1662, 8vo.

Confessions and Proofs of Protestant Veterum Epistolarum Hibernicarum Divines of Reformed Churches that EpisSylloge, quæ partim ab Hibernis, partim copacy is the best: together with a briefe


USSHER --continued.

the Subject briefly laid down. Lond Treatise touching the originall of Bishops 1661, 4to. portrait. Heber, pt. vi. 3683, and Metropolitans. (Anon.) Oxf. 1644, 4to. morocco, 11. 25.-1683, 8vo. The first of these does not appear to be

Sermons (20) preached at Oxford and Usher's.

elsewhere. Lond. 1677, fol. The Principles of the Christian Reli Strange and Remarkable Prophecies gion. Lond. 1644, 12mo. — 1647.-1653, and Predictions of Archbishop Usher, 12mo.

Lond. 1678, 4to. Lloyd, 1292, 2s. NasBody of Divinity, or Summe and Sub- sau, pt. ji. 815, with portrait inserted, 6s. stance of the Christian Religion, catechis Second Prophecy delivered to his tically propounded, &c. Lond. 1645, folio. daughter on his Sick Bed. Lond. 1681, 4to. —1647, fol. portrait by W. Marshall. The Prophecy of Bishop Usher: to

Third edition, corrected and much which is added, two Letters, one from Sir amended, to which is added, Immanuel, William Boswell (Ambassador at ths or the Mysterie of the Incarnation of the Hague) to the most (Reverend William Son of God, Lond. 1648, folio, portrait.- Laud, late Archbishop of Canterbury; 1653, fol. with portrait.—Lond. 1658, folio. the other from the Reverend John Bram1670, fol. To which is now added Seventy hall, Bishop of Derry in Ireland, to the Sermons, and a Life of the Author. most Reverend James Usher, late ArchLond. 1678, folio, portrait. Bliss, 8s. bishop of Armagh. Lond. printed in the -New edition, edited by Dr. H. Robin. Year 1687, 4to. twelve pages. This preLond. 1841, 8vo. 129.

diction (which is not noticed by Dr. Parr, De Romanæ Ecclesiæ Symbolo A posto. in his Life of Usher,) is reprinted in the lico vetere, aliisque Fidei Formulis Dia- seventh volume of the Harleian Mistriba. 1647, 4to. or 12mo. portrait by R. cellany. Vaughan.-Edidit Tho. Barlow. Oxon. Episcopal and Presbyterian Govern1660, 4to.

ment conjoyned. Lond. 1679, 4to. De Macedonum et Asianorum anno Historia dogmatica Controversiæ inter solari Dissertatio. Lond. 1648, 8vo.

Orthodoxos et Pontificios de Scripturis et De Textus Hebraicis vet Test. Varian- Sacris Vernaculis. Lond. 1689, 4to. 58. A tibus Lectionibus, Epistola ad Lud. Capel- learned and erudite work, edited by Henry lum. Lond. 1652, 4to.

Wharton.-Lond. 1690, 4to. Jacobi Usserii, Armachensis Episcopi,

An Epistle concerning the Religion ande Græca Septuaginta Interpretum Ver- ciently professed by the Irish and Scotsione Syntagma. Lond. 1654, 4to.

tish, shewing it to be for Substance the Lond. 1666, 4to. According to Bp. Marsh, in the Church of England. 4to.

same with that at this Day established This is a work of great merit; it displays much original inquiry; and may

WHOLE Works, with a Life of the be regarded as the ground-work of later Author, and an Account of his Writings publications on the Septuagint.”

by C.R. Elrington, D.D. Dublin, 1847, &c.

8vo. 16 vols. published at 91. 12s. (It The Reduction of Episcopacie into the is intended to publish_& 17th Volume, Form of Synodical Government received containing a general Index.) Dr. Elin the Ancient Church, Lond. 1656, 4to. rington edited the first fourteen voLond. 1660, 4to.

lumes, upon whose decease it was comJudgment of the Extent of Christs pleted by Dr. J. H. Todd. Death and Sanctification; of the Sabbath The Life of Archbishop Usher, by C. and Observation of the Lord's Day; of R. Elrington. Dublin, 1847, 8vo. 128. the Ordination of other Reformed This forms the first vol. of his Works. Churches: With a Vindication of him De Vita Jac. Usserii Archiep. Armaby Dr: N. Bernard, Lond. 1657, 8vo.-chani. In Vitæ selectorum aliquot ViroAgain 1658, 8vo..

rum. (Gul. Batesii.) Lond. 1774, 4to. Of the Sabbath and Observation of the Life and Prophecies of Archbishop Lord's Day. Lond. 1657, 8vo.

Usher. 1712, 8vo. Of Ordination in other Reformed Life and Letters of Archbishop Usher Churches. Lond. 1657, 8vo.

See PARR, Richard, D.D., p. 1787. i XVIII Sermons on Repentance, preach See DILLINGHAM, W., p. 647. P. IGNATII ed in Oxford, 1640. Lond. 1659, 4to. et Polycarpi Epistolæ, p. 1158.

The Judgement of Babylon, and of Laying on of Hands, and of Ordination.

USSHER. Extracts from the Lond. 1659, 4to.

Letters of Elizabeth, Lucy, and Chronologia sacra et de Romanæ Ec- Judith Ussher, late of the city of clesiæ Symbolo Apostolico vetere. Oxon. Waterford. Dublin, S. Jones, 1812, 1660, 4to, 3s. 6d.

The Power communicated by God to 8vo. the Prince and the Obedience required of

Privately printed.

USSHER, or USHEB, James. Clio, Death of Usury. 1634, 4to. Perry, pt. i. a Discourse on Taste. Lond. 1772,

1488, 5s.

Reasons against the Repeal of the 8vo. 2 vols.

Usury Laws. Lond. 1825. See Quart. An Elegy. Lond. n. d. 8vo. Privately Review, xxxiii. 186–205. printed. Mitford, April, 1860, presenta See BLAXTON, John. MUSCULUS, Wolftion copy, with MS. notes by Professor gang. PORDER, Richard. Porson, 31. 10s.

UTTERSON, Edward Verson, SeUSTARIZ, Geronimo de.

The lect Pieces of early popular Poetry:: Theory and Practice of Commerce re-published principally from early and Maritime Affairs. Written originally in Spanish by Don Gero- Lond. 1817, sm. 8vo. 2 vols.

printed Copies, in the black letter. nimo de Ustariz, and translated by 250 copies printed. Drury, 3771, 118. John Kippax, B.D. Lond. 1751, 6d. Field, 1656, 138, Bindley, pt. iii. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s.

1777, 11. Şir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 789, A politico-commercial treatise on the

11. 25, Brockett, 3198, morocco, ll. 4s. trade of the Spanish monarchy.

Nassau, pt. ii. 855, 11. 7s. Heber, pt. i. 14s.

Contents.USTONsOn, Onesimus. The true Vol. i. Syr Tryamour, Syr Isenbras, Syr

Eyton, 1574, 11. 78. Art of Angling, being a clear and Degore, Syr Gowghter. Vol. ii

. The Hye · speedy way of taking all sorts of way to the Spyttel Hous, the Schole Fresh-water Fish, with the Worm, men, the Proude Wyves of Pater Noster,

House of Women, the Defense of WO&c. in their proper seasons. Lond. the Wife lapped in morel's skin, GlosOnesimus Ustonson, 1776, 12mo.

sary. This is a reproduction of the True Art

Tales of the Dead; principally trans- · of Angling, by T. S., Gent. See s. T., | lated from the French, (by Mrs. Utterp. 2164. Sotheby's, in April, 1827, 11. 1s.

son.) Lond. 1813, 12mo. USURPER. 'The unfortunate of Wight), 1836, 12mo.

Little Book of Ballads. Newport (Isle

36 copies pri. Usurper, a Tragedy. Lond. 1663, vately printed and presented to the Rox4to.

burghe Club. Hawtrey, July, 1862, 3056, Roxburghe, 4328, 6s. 6d. USURY.—The Market or Fayre v. Utterson.

Kyng Robert of Cyselle, edited by E.

Lond. 1839, 12mo. 30 of Vsurers. A new Pasquillus or copies privately printed. Translated Dialogue against Vsurye, &c. trans- from a MS. in the Harleian Collection. lated from the High Almaigne by Tracts; at the Beldornie Press, Ryde,

UTTERSON'S REPRINTS of RARE POETICAL William Harrys. Lond. by Steven Isle of Wight, 1840-43, 12mo. 16 pieces. Mierdman, 1550, 16mo.

Eyton, 1848, 111., containing ROWLAND'S Towneley, pt. i. 445, russia, 21. 38. (S.), Knave of Harts, 1613, Knave of North, pt. iii. 492, 21. 10s. Heber, pt. i. Clubs, 1611. More Knaves yet, n.d.-6936, 9s. 60.

Looke to it, 1604.-Night-Raven, 1620.News from Hell to Usurers. Lond. W. Good Newes and bad Newes, 1622-and Copland, 1565, 12mo.

Melancholie Knight, 1615.-Barnefielde's Alarm for Usurers.. Lond. 1584, 8vo.

Cynthia, &c. 1593.- Diella, certaine SonThe Death of Vsury, or the Disgrace nets by R. L. 1596.-Hannay's Songs, &c. of Vsurers. Cambridge, 1594, 4to. Towne. 1622.–Bastard's Chrestoleros, 1598.ley, pt. i. 506, 7s.6d.

Maynard's 12 Wonders, 1611.-MicroSpectacle for Usurers, &c. 1606, 4to. cynicon, 1599.- Zepheria, 1594.-Certain BLACK LETTER, with a frontispiece. North, Elegies by Sundrie ext Wits, 1620.pt. iii, 636, 108.,6d.

Skialethia, 1598.





Edition, with 8 line engravings on steel in the manner of STOTHARD. 66. NAVAL AND MILITARY HEROES OF GREAT BRITAIN ; or, Calendar of

Victory. By MAJOR JOHNs and LIEUT. NICOLAS. With 24 Portraits. 6s. 67. MARRYAT'S SETTLERS IN CANANDA. New Edition, illustrated with

10 fine engravings on wood bv GILBERT and DAIZIEL. €3. PICTORIAL HAND-BOOK OF MODERN GEOGRAPHY, completed to the

present time. By HENRY G. Bohn. With 150 Engravings on wood, and 51

Maps engraved on steel, 6s.; or, with the Maps coloured, 73. 64. 69. ANDERSEN'S DANISH LEGENDS AND FAIRY TALES, for the first time

complete, containing many tales not in any other cdition. 120 wood Engravings. 70. LONGFELLOW'S POETICAL WORKS Complete. Portrait, and 24 full-page

wood Engravings, 5s.; or, without the 24 illustrations, 3s. 6d. 71. MILTON'S POETICAL WORKS, with a Memoir and Critical Remarks, by

JAMES MONTGOMERY. Todd's Verbal Index to all the Poems, and a selection of
Explanatory Notes, by H. G. Bonn. 120 fine wood Engravings. Vol. I, Paradise

Lost, complete, 72. DITTO. Vol. II. Paradise Regained and other Poems, with Verbal Index. 73. MARRYATT'S PIRATE AND THREE CUTTERS. With 20 beautiful steel

Engravings, from Drawings by STANFIELD, and a Memoir of the Author. 74. SOUTHEY'S LIFE OF NELSON, with Additional Notes and Index. 64 En

gravings, from Designs by Duncan, BINKET FOSTER, &c. 75. GRIMM'S GAMMER GRETHEL; or German Fairy Tales and Popular

Stories (containing 42 Fairy Tales), translated by EDGAR TAYLOR. Numerous

wcodcuts by GEO. CRUIKSHANK, 3s. 6d. 75. LONGFELLOW'S PROSE WORKS; with 16 fine wood engravings by BIEKET


BOHN'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. A SERIES OF LITERAL PROSE TRANSLATIONS OF THE GREEK AND LATIN CLASSICS. Five Shillings each, except Thucydides, Æschylus, Virgil, Horace, Cicero's Offices, Demos

thenes, Appendix to Eschylus, Aristotle's Organon, all of which are 3s. 6d. cach rolume, and Martial, which is 7s. 61. 1. HERODOTUS. By the Rev. HENRY CARY, M.A. Frontispiece. 2. & 3. THUCYDIDES. By the Rev. II. DALE. In 2 Vols. (3s . 6d. each). Frontispiece. 4. PLATO. Vol. I. By Cary. [The Apology of Socrates, Crito, Phædo, Gorgias,

Protagotas, Phædrús, Theatetus, Euthyphiron, Lysis.) Frontispiece. 6. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. literally translated. Vol. I., Books 1 to 8. 6. PLATO. Vol. 11. By DAVIS. [The Republic, Timæus, and Critias.] 7. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. Vol. II. Books 9 to 26. 8. SOPHOCLES. The Oxford Translation, revised. 9. ÆSCHYLUS, literally translated. By an OXONIAN. (Price 3 s. 61.)

Appendix to, containing the new readings giren in Hermann's posthu. mous edition of Æschylus, translated and edited by G. BURGES, M.A. (3. 62.) 10. ARISTOTLE'S RHETORIC AND POETIC. With Examination Questions. 11. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. Vol. III., Books 27 to 36. 12 & 14. EURIPIDES, literally translated. From the Text of DINDORF. In 2 Vols. 13. VIRGIL. By DAVIDSON. New Edition, revised. (Price 3s.6d.) Frontispiece. 15. HORACE. By SMART. New Edition, revised. (Price 3s. 61.) Frontispiece. 16. ARISTOTLE'S ETHICS. By Pror. R W. BROWNE, of King's College. 17. CICERO'S OFFICES. (Old Age, Friendship, Scipio's Dream, Paradoxes, &c.] 18. PLATO. Vol. III. By G. BURGES, M.A. (Euthydemus, Symposium, Sophistes,

Politicus, Laches, Parmenides, Cratylus, and Meno.] 19. LIVY'S HISTORY OF ROME. Vol. IV. (which completes the work.) 20. CÆSAR AND HIRTIUS. With Index. 21. HOMER'S ILIAD, in prose, literally translated. Frontispiece. 22. HOMER'S ODYSSEY, HYMNS, EPIGRAMS, AND BATTLE OF THE FROGS AND MICE. 23. PLATO. Vol. IV. By G. BURGES, M.A. [Philebus, Charmides, Laches, The

Two Alcibiades, and Ten other Dialogues.] 24, 25, & 32. OVID. By H. T. Riley, B.A. Complete iu 3 Vols. Frontispieces.

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