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TYNDALE, William-continued. A compendious Introduccion, Prologe, Z, iv. Title on A i. Bliss, pt. i. 31. 6s.

or Preface vnto the Pistle off Paul to - Lond. by. Wyllyam Coplande, 1561, the Romayns. (Marlborowe, by Hans 16mo. White Knights, 4266, with the Luft, 1530.) 16mo. Contains c 6, in eights, Parable of the wicked Mammon, printed no catchwords or pages. Inglis, 1491, by W. Coplande, 11. 1s. Bp. Randolph, 158. 927, 31. Heber, pt. ii. the 2 vols. in 1, 11. The fyrst boke of Moses called Genesis. 11s. Several other editions of this work (With a preface and prologue shewinge appeared in the 16th century.

the vse of the Scripture.) Malborow. by The Parable of the wicked Mammon. leian Library,

Hans Luft, 1530, small 8vo. In the Bod. Marlborowe, by Hans Luft, 1528, 16mo. White Knights, 3170, 5s. Iuglis, 1488, Seynt Jhon with a' Prologge before it by

The Exposition of the fyrste Epistle of 18s. Gardner, 2154, morocco, 101. kell, May, 1854, morocco, 141. Currer,

W. T. 1531, 16mo.-Southwarke, by J. 24 12, with Brightwell's, i.e. Frith's Re: Nicolson, 11. d. 12mo. In the Bodleian velation of Antichrist, Marlborow, 1529,

Library. 2 vols. in 1, morocco, 151. 158.-South The Supper of the Lorde after the true wark for J. Nycholson, 1636, 16mo. This Meanying of the sixte of John and the edition is entitled, A Treatyse of Justi- xi of the fyrst Epistle to the Corinthiās, fycacyon by Faith only.- Lond. by W. wherevnto is added an Epistle to the Coplande, n. d. 16mo. Heber, pt. ii. 6s. Reader, and incidently in the Exposition 60. ; pt. ix. morocco, 198. – Lond. by of the Supper is cöfuted the Letter of Ihon Daye, 1547, 16mo.-Lond. by W. Master More against John Fryth. Anno. Coplande, 1549, 16mo. A to H, in eights, M.ccccc.xxxII. v Daye of Apryll, 16mo. I vi, Title on A i. Inglis, 1490, 15s. He With a Preface by R, Crowley, n. p. ber, pt. ii. 11. Bliss, pt. i. 21. 18s. Dr. printed abroad, 16mo. A, 7 leaves, B to Bandinel, pt. i. 21. 25.- Lond. by Wil. D, in eights, and E, six leaves. White liam Hyll, the XV. of September, n. d. Knights, 3937, morocco, 9s. Heber, pt. 16mo. Heher, pt. vi. 168. Sotheby's, July, ii. 11. 43. Sotheby's, July, 1860, 11. 13s. 1860, 31. 10s. Dr. Bandinel, pt. i. 31. Colla Dr. Bandinel, pt. i. 21. 10s.--Nurnberg, tion.-Title, within wood-cut border, on by Niclas Twonson, 1533, folio, pp. 32. HeAi, A, 4 leaves. B, 4 leaves. C to G, ber, pt. ii. 6077 (with a Supplycacion to each 8 leaves. H, 4 leaves. 1, 8 leaves, Henry the Eighth, 1544, A short Instrucon the recto of the last colophon, reverse tion agaynst the errours of Anabaptistes, blank. Several other editions appeared by J. Calvin, 1549), 41. 198. Heber, pt. in the 16th century. Tyndale's Parable v. with Tracy on Justification, 1l. 14s. was the favourite book of Anne Boleyn, Maskell, May, 1854, 31. and is said to have been the means of in

A briefe Declaration of the Sacraments ducing the king to listen favourably to expressing the fyrst Originall, how they the tenets of the reformers.

come up and were institute, &c. by Exposition on 1 Cor. vii.; with a Pro. Wyllyam Tyndall. Lond. by Robert logue, wherein all Christians are exhorted Stoughton, n. d. 16mo. Sign. E, in eights. to read the Scriptures. Marlborow, 1529, Inglis, 1492, 10s. 6d. Garrick, two edi. 8vo.

tions, 2465, 11. 2s.; 2466, 11. 7s. Heber, The Practyse of Prelates. Whether pt. iv. 16s.; pt. ix. with John Lamthe Kynges Grace may be seperated from bert's Treatise unto Henry VIII. (1638), hys Quene, because she was hys Brothers 31. Wyfe. Marborch. In the Yere of oure An Exposicion vpon the v. vi. vii. Lorde mccccc. and xxx. 16mo. Contains Chapters of Mathew, whych three Chapi. K, in eights. 80 leaves. Williams, 1822, ters are the Keye and the Dore of the morocco, 41. 4s. Bright, 5732, 5l. 2s. 60. Scripture, and the restoring again of Currer, 2441, 41. 6s. Copies are in Moses Lawe, corrupt by the Scribes and the Bodleian Library and the Gren- Pharisees, &c. Compiled by William ville Collection. - Lond. by Anthony Tindale, newly set forth according to his Scoloker for Wyllyam Seres, 16mo. On first Copy, 1548. Lond. by John Day and the back of the title-page W. Tyndale's William seres, 8vo.-Lond. by Wyllyam preface commences. The volume con- Hyll, n. d. 16mo. fol. c, with a table at tains I 4, in eights. From a letter of the end. Heber, pt. ii. wood-cut in. Vaughan, resident for Henry VIII, at serted, 31. 138. 6d. Maskell, May, 1854, Antwerp, preserved in Cotton Mss., it morocco, 41. 10s. See MATTHEW, St. appears that the king was very anxious An Answere vn to Sir Thomas Mores to prevent the appearance of this work, Dialogue, made by Willyam Tindale. and that Tyndale would have suppressed 16mo. it, but had given the manuscript out of Tyndale's Pathway to Scripture. This his hand.

is the prologue to the first edition of the

N. T. printed at Cologne in 1526, with TYRO, T. T. Tyros roring Megge two introductory paragraphs added, and some variations, by Fox. It is probable planted against the Walles of Me that there was a separate edition, but no lancholy. One Booke cut into two copy is known.

Decads. Lond. Valentine Simmes, Translation of the Pentateuch, Soe

1598, 4to. PENTATEUCH, p. 1827.

Translation of the New Testament, See Steevens, 1106, 11. 98. resold Hibbert, TESTAMENT, p. 2611.

8199, 61. 10s. Perry, pt. iv. 335, 191. BirdTYRANNY.-A Display of Ty-hey, pt: iv700, 131. 58. Heber, pt. iv. with ranny, or, Remarks on the illegal agro aureo Valent. Sims, 1598, 31. 88. Proceedings in the Courts of West

TYRRELL, Edward. See LONDON minster and Guildhall, 1678-88. (Chronicle of), p. 1385. Lond. 1689-90, 4to. 2 pts.

Sir James, The general HisLloyd, 399, 5s. Hollis, 348, morocco, 12. tory of England, both ecclesiastical

Tyrannical Government anatomized. and civil. Lond. 1696, 1700, 1704, See Buchanan, George.

folio, 3 vols. TYRCONNEL, Countess. Resolu

This work was never completed ; it only

extends to the death of Richard II. In tion courageuse et louable de la it there is much curious natter not to be Comtesse de Tirconel, Irlandoise. found in other historians. It is styled Ses adventures et ses voyages en

the Whig History, in opposition to

that of Brady, which is called Tory. habit de Cavalier, estant persecutée Marquis of Townshend, 3262, 31. 4s. pour la Religion Catholique en An- Gough, 3853, 21. 128. 6d. Towneley, pt. gleterre.

Dent, pt. ii. 1428, russia, Traduicte d'Espagnol en 1671, 21. 25.

51. 12s. Hibbert, 8231, with his BiblioFrançois par Pierre de Cadenet. theca Politica, 1727, 31. 19s.

Hawtrey, Paris, 1628, 12mo.

with his Bibliotheca Politica, 11. 15s. The Spanish original is entitled Reso Bibliotheca Politica : or, an Enquiry lucion Varonil, o viage heço Doña Maria into the ancient Constitution of the En. Estuarda Condesce de Tirconel en trage glish Government, with respect to the de Varon, &c. Por don Alberto Enriquez. just Extent of the Regal Power and the En Bruselas, 1627, 12ino. Both of these Rights and Liberties of the Subject. In volumes are in the Grenville Collection. 14 Dialogues. Second edit. Lond. 1718, fol.

LARGE PAPER. Richard Talbot, Earl of. The Bishop of Ely, 1498, 68. Life of Richard Earl of Tyrconnel. only 18 Dialogues-Third edition, Lond.

10s. 60.-1694, 4to. This edition contains Lond. 1689, 4to.

1727, fol. Brockett, 3135, 11. 4s. Reed, 4649, 5s. The title is as follows: Brief Disquisition on the Law of Nature. The Popish Champion; or a compleat Lond. 1692, 8vo,—1791, 8vo. History of the Life and Military Actions

John, of Lincoln's Inn. Sug. of Richard Earl of Tyrconnel, Generalissimo of all the Irish Forces now in Arms, gestions sent to the Commissioners also an Acccunt of the Life and memor appointed to enquire into the Laws able Actions of Father Petre the Jesuit. of Real Property, with Minutes of Lond. for John Dunton, 1699.' It consists of 58 pages, not including title and epistle

the Evidence given before them. dedicatory, two leaves.

Printed for the Author, 1829, 8vo. TYRIE, James. The Refutation dex, a to 1. Not published.

Pp. xviii. & 388, also appendix and inof ane Answer made be Schir Johne

TERTÆUS. Knox, to are Letter sent be James

Spartan Lessons.

In Greek, Latin, and English. Tyrie to his umquhile Brother : Set forth be James Tayre. Parisiis (Translated and edited by James apud Thomam Brumenium. 1573,

Moor.) Glasg. 1759, 4to. 6s.

Gough, 3280, 11, 11s. 6d, Heber, pt. ix. 8vo.

2871, 11, 10s. Roxburghe, 302, 11. 18. Hibbert, 8109, The War Elegies (4) of Tyrtæus imi. 11. 17s. Bindley, pt. iii. 285, 21. 128. 60. tated, and addressed to the People of G. Heber, pt. vi. 3616, 21. 11s. G. Chalmers, Britain; with some Observations on the 22.

Life and Poems of Tyrtæus, by Henry



James Pye. Lond. 1795, 8vo. A per. formance of merit. An excellent trans- Public General Statutes from Magna

TYRWHITT, R. P. A Digest of the lation of this poet, by Polwhele, will be found with his Theocritus, &c.

Charta to 1 & 2 Geo. IV. A.D. Martial Effusions of Antient Times ; 1821 : with chronological Tables addressed to the Spartan Hosts, to excite of Statutes and Sovereigns' Reigns, them to Valour and Discipline in their Conflicts with the Messenians; and pre- and an Appendix of Schedules and scribed as pernianent Recitations by the Forms. By R. P. Tyrwhitt and Republic of Lacedæmon to inspire their T. W. Tyndale. Lond. 1822, 4to. Youth with warlike sentiments. From the Fragments of Tyrtæus. 8vo. 2 vols. Supplement to Ditto, 1826.

(Six) Elegies of Tyrtæus, translated Reports of Cases argued and deterinto English Verse, with Notes and ori. mined in the Exchequer of Pleas, and in ginal Text. Lond. 1761, small 8vo. A the Exchequer Chamber in Error, 1830 very feeble production by W. Cleaver to 1835, 5 vols., and Continuation from

The Idylls of Theocritus, Bion, and 1835 to 1837, by Tyrrwhitt and T. C. Moschus, and the War-Songs of Tyrtæus. Granger, 1 vol. Lond. 1831-37, royal Literally translated into English Prose 8vo. 6 vols. 31. 38. by the Rev. J. Banks, with Metrical Versions by J. M. Chapman, Polwhele, &c.

TYSILIO. Chronicle of the Kings Lond. Bohn's Classical Library, 1863, post of Great Britain. See ROBERTS, 8vo. 58.

Peter, p. 2104. TYRWHIT, Lady Elizabeth. Tyson, Edward, M.D. OrangMorning and Evening Prayers, with Outang or the Anatomy of divers Psalms, Hymns, and Medi- Pygmie compared with that of a tations. The second Lampe or Monkey, Ape, or Man ; with Part of Bentley's Monument of Philological Essay concerning the Matrons. (1582).

Pygmies, Cynocephali, the Satyrs See BENTLEY, Thomas.

and Sphinges of the Ancients. TYRWHITT, Thomas. An Epistle Lond. 1699, 4to. plates, 5s. to Florio at Oxford. Lond. 1749, A curious treatise. THICK PAPER. Bind

ley, pt. iii. 2287, morncco, 11. 9s. 4to.

The Anatomy of a Porpess. Lond. Published anonymously. It is reprinted 1680, 4to. in the Crypt, new series, no. viii. Also

The Anatomy of an Opossum. Lond. in Gent. Mag. for 1835, p. 595.

1698, 4to. Dissertatio de Babrio, Fabularum Æso

James. Letters, Poems, and pearum Scriptore. Accedunt Babrii Fragmenta. Lond. 1776, 8vo. Boswell, 808, Miscellaneous Papers, with a brief 6s.6d. In Tyrwhitt's Edition of Orpheus Memoir of his Life. Lond. 1822, de Lapidibus, 1781, is ' Auctarium Disser- 12mo. portrait, privately printed. tationis de Babrio ;' and Observations, &c. on this writer will be found in Ric. Dawes TYTLER, Alexander Fraser, afterMiscellanea Critica, and Steph. Weston wards Lord Woodhouselee. EleHermesianax.

Vindication of the Appendix to the ments of general History, antient Poems called Rowley's,&c. Lond. 1782 8vo. and modern; to which are added a

Observations and Conjectures on some Table of Chronology, and a Compa8vo. Steevens,

1372, 5s. Field, 491, 58.' | rative View of Ancient and Modern Thomæ Tyrwhitti Conjecturæ in Geography, illustrated by Maps. Æschylum, Euripidem et Aristophanem. Edinb. 1801, 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. Accedunt Epistolæ diversorum ad Tyr An esteemed work.-Edinb. 1805, 8vo. whittum. Oxon. 1822, 8vo. 58. 60. LABGE 2 vols. Brockett, 8192, 11s -Fifth edition, PAPER. Drury, 4352, 12s. 6d.

corrected and improved, Edinb. 1812, 8vo. In the sale of Mr. Mitford, pt. i. Dec. 2 vols. 108. 6d. 1859, was a collection of Tyrwhitt's The Elements of General History, Writings from different publications, with ancient and modern; being a Continuation Notes and Additions by the Author, 71,158. of Professor Tytler's Work, from the

See CHAUCER, Canterbury Tales, p. Deaths of Queen Anne and Louis XIV. 427.

to the Demise of King George the Third,

TYTLER, A. F.--continued. on the present Political State of 1820, by E. Nares, D.D. Lond. 1822, 8vo. India. Lond. 1815, 8vo. 2 vols. forming vol. iii.- Tenth edition of the

Intended as a manual of instruction in work, with Nares' Continuation. Lond. their duties, for the younger students of 1831, 8vo. 3 vols. With Continuation to

the Company. the death of William IV. by Dr. E. Nares. Lond. Longman, 1845, 8vo. 1 vol. 14s. TYTLER, Patrick Fraser, (brother 1855, 8vo. 14s.

of the preceding.) History of ScotElements of General History, Ancient land, by Patrick Fraser Tytler. Lond. Whittaker (Popular Lib.), 1844, Edinb. 1828-40, 8vo. 9 vols. royal 8vo. 4s. 60.

An esteemed work, Second edit. Edinb. and Modern. To which are added a com- reduced, (Blackwood), 21. 128. 60. Elements of General History, Ancient 1841-43, post 8vo. 9 vols, 21. 5s.-Third edit.

Edinb. Tait, 1845, 8vo. 7 vols. pub. 41. 4s. parative view of ancient and modern Index (published by Blackwood) sold se

The Geography, and a Table of Chronology. New edition, with Additions, Corrections,

parately at 5s.

In the third volume of his History and Illustrations, and a continuation to the

of Scotland Mr. present time. Lond. 1847, thick 12mo.

Tytler introduces New edition, corrected to end of 1860, of Richard II., tending to shew that

some historical remarks on the death Lond. H. G. Bohn, 1861, 12mo. frontis- he did not die at Pomfret Castle, but piece, 3s. 6d.

Elements of General History, Ancient having escaped into Scotland, lived and Modern, with Continuation, edited by some controversy; amongst others, Lord

This has produced B. Turner. Lond. A. Scott, 1848, 12mo. Dover addressed to the Royal Society of 7s. Elements of Ancient History. Lond. the Manner and 'Period of the death of

Literature, May 4, 1832, a Dissertation on Longman, 1848, 12mo. 3s.

Elements of Modern History continued Richard II., an extract from which is to 1846. Lond. Longman, 1847, 12mo. 35. given in Brayley's Graphic Historical

Illustrator, p. 17. Sir James MackinQuestions on Tytler's Elements of General History. Lond. Whittaker,

tosh shortly notices it, differing from 1842, 8vo. 5s.

Tytler, in a note at the end of History of Questions on Tytler's Elements of England, vol. i. (Lardners Cab. Cycl.) General History by J. Lenny. Lond. See also reply to Mr. Tytler's Remarks, in Hughes, 1847, 8vo. 38. 6d.

Tracts, Legal and Historical, by John Plan and Outlines of a course of Lec. Riddell, Esq. Edinb. 1835, 4to. tures on Universal History, ancient and

For notices of the work, see Quarterly modern, delivered in the University of Rev. vol. 41, p. 328; vol. 67, p. 303. Edinburgh. By Alexander Tytler, Esq. Westminster Rev, vol. 13, pp. 292; vol. Advocate, Professor of Civil History, and 23, p. 118., Tait's Mag. vol. 4, pp. 769 ; of Greek and Roman Antiquities. Édinb. vol. 7, p. 613; vol. 9, p. 314; vol. xi. pp. 85

and 156. British and Foreign Quarterly, 1782, 8vo. 5s.

vol. 5, p. 132. Universal History from the Creation to the beginning of the 18th Century. Lond.

Life of James Crichton of Cluny, com(Murray's Family Library), 1834, 6 vols. monly called the Admirable Crichton, 11. 1s.

with an Appendix and his Portrait. Essay on the Principles of Translation. Edinb. 1819, 8vo.- Edinb. 1823, 12mo. Lond. 1791, 8vo. Bindley, pt. iii. 1274, 2s. An Account of the Life and Writings -1797, 8vo. Bindley, pt. iii. 1275, 3s. 60. of Sir Thomas Craig of Riccarton. -The third edition, with large Additions Edinb. 1823, 12mo. portrait and vignette, and Alterations. Edinb. 1813, 8vo. Best 98. edition, 7s.

Lives of Scottish Worthies, by Patrick An Essay on Military Law and the Fraser Tytler. Lond. 1832-3, 18mo. 3 vols. Practice of Courts Martial. Edinb, 1800, 158. Reduced, Tegg, 1840, 108. 6d. This 8vo.

forms a portion of Murray's Family LiAn Essay on the Life and Writings of brary. Petrarch. Edinb. 1810, 8vo. Bindley, pt.

Life of Sir Walter Raleigh......with & iii. 1290, 58.

Vindication of his Character from the Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Attacks of Hume and other Writers. the Hon. Henry Home of Kames. See Edinb. 1833, 12mo. 58. With portraits, KAMES.

seals, and autographs. This work, which TYTLER, Alexander Fraser, (son Raleigh and his Times, forms No. xi. of

exhibits the most complete account of of the preceding). Considerations the Edinburgh Cabinet Library.


Life of King Henry the Eighth, with TYTLER, William.

An Inquiry, biographical Sketches of Wolsey, More, historical and critical, into the Erasmus, Cromwell, Cranmer, and other eminent contemporaries. Edinb. (Cabi- Evidence against Mary Queen of net Library), 1837, 12mo. portrait, 5s. Scots. Fourth edition, with seve

England under the Reigns of Edward ral additional chapters, and
VI. and Mary, illustrated in a Series of Introduction. Lond. 1790, 8vo.
Original Letters, Lond. 1839, 8vo. 2 vols. 2 vols.
Historical View of the Progress of

A review of this work, by Dr. Sam. Discovery on the Northern Coasts of Johnson, appeared in the Gentleman's America. Edinb. 1849, 12mo, vol. ix. of Magazine for 1760. Brockett, 3191, 178. the Edinb. Cab. Lib. 1840, 12mo. 6s.

-First edition, Edinb.-1759, 8vo. in 1 vol,

Second edition, (anonymous).

Edinb. 1849, 12mo, 28. 6d.

1767, 8vo.-Third edition, Edinb. 1772, Memoirs of the Life and Character of svo. Bindley, pt. iii. 1287, 78. Henry the Eighth. Lond. 1838, 12mo. Miscellaneous Remarks on 'The En

quiry into the Evidence against Mary TYTLER, Robert, M.D. A Treatise Queen of Scots. 1784, 8vo.

A Dissertation on the Marriage of concerning the Permutation of Let- Mary and Bothwell, by W. Tytler. In ters in the Arabic Language, trans- the first volume of the Transactions of lated from the Persian of Moluvee the Antiquarian Society of Scotland.

Poetical Remains of King James the Roshun Ulee. Calcutta, 1810, 8vo. first. See JAMES I. p. 1179.

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