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A Conchological Dictionary of the Bri- printed in 1810, in Brydges' British Bibtish Islands. Lond. 1812, 12mo. pp. xxiv. liographer, and some copies were struck and 272, with 28 plates, containing 100 off separately in 4to. Mitford, 4s. On VELspecimens, 9s.plain, 145.coloured; or with Lum in 8vo. Sir M. M, Sykes, pt. iji. 680, two sets of plates, 11. 11s. 60.

138.-Lond. 1561,4to.-Lond. 1562,4to. HeConchylia Insularum Britannicarum, or ber, pt. iv. wanting last leaf, 58.-1564, 4to. the Shells of the British Islands, systém--Lond. by Rychard Tottel, 1570, 4to. pp. atically arranged. Exeter, 1822, 4to. pp. 88. This edition differs from the pre279, with 20 plates, containing 139 figures, ceding as well as subsequent editions. highly coloured. This volume, which con Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 743, 151. 158.- Lond. by tains the Bivalves only, was reissued under Rychard Tottyl, 1571, 4to. pp. 88. Bibi. the following title :

Anglo-Poet. 744, 101. 10s. Resold, Heber. Bivalve Shells of the British Islands 17. 6s. systematically arranged. Lond. 1830, 4to. Five hundreth Points of Good HusWith 20 plates coloured by Sowerby, 21.10s. bandry. Lond. by Rychard Tottel, 1573, Reprinted, Nattali, 1848, 4to. 11.185. "Dr. 4to. 98 pages, six and a half quatrains in Turton's work is not only interesting to a page. -Lond. by Rychard Tottell, 1577, the collector, but also particularly desir- 4to. A paginary reprint of that of 1573. able, as it includes the shells that have Bindley, pt. iii. 2272, 21. 59. Heber, pt. been discovered since the publication of iv. 21. Part viii. 21. 48. Skegg, 1842, 21. Montague.”

68.- Lond. by Henrie Denham, 1580, 4to. Turton's Manual of the Land and The first complete edition of Tusser's Freshwater Shells of the British Islands. work, and the last printed in the author's Lond. 1831, 12mo. pp. 152, with 10 co- life-time. Reed, 7462, 11. 2s. Nassau, loured plates, 10s. 6d.- Revised and en- pt. ii. 1341, 11. 138. Heber, pt. iv., with larged by J. Gray. Lond. 1840, 8vo. 12' Autograph and Notes by Gabriel Harcoloured plates, 15s.

vey, 11.1s. Part viii. 11. 28. Bliss, 21.TURVEY.-The Tincker of Tur. Lond. Henrie Denham, 1585, 4to.--Lond. vey, his merry Pastime in his Pass- | Henrie Denham, 1586, 4to. Crawford, (4

leaves inlaid.) 21. 178. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. ing from Billingsgate to Gravesend, 745, 61. 6s. 746, 71. 78., resold Saunders' in the Barge being freighted with 1818, 11. 165.-- Lond. for the Assignes of Mirth. Lond. 1630, 4to.

W. Seres, 1590, 4to. Heber, pt. iv. 148.PLACK LETTER. Inglis, 1408, 61. GorLond. by Peter Short, 1597, 4to.-Lond.

Lond. R. Yardley and P. Short, 1593, 4.0. donstoun, 2246, 91. 98. A copy is in the by Peter Short, 1599, 410. An incorrect Douce Collection, Bodleian Library.

edition, foisted into the third volume of TUSCANY.-Edict of [Peter Leo- the Somers Collection of Tracts under the pold) the Grand Duke of Tuscany, reign of K. James I.--Edinb. by Waldefor the Reform of Criminal Law in grave, 1599, 4to.-Lund. 1604, 4to. This his Dominions, translated from the correct, and the sense often perverted.

and the following editions are very inItalian, together with the Original. Lond. for the Company of Stationers, (Edited by Capel Lofft.) Warring- 1614, 4to: White Knights, 11. 6s. Rox. ton, 1789, royal 8vo.

burghe, 3322, morocco, 31. 48.-Lond. 1620, Privately printed by Mr. Howard. Font. 4to.- Lond. 1630, 4to. pp. 164. Bibl. Anbill, 2245, 138. Brockett, 1174, 10s. 60.

glo-Poet. 748, 41, 4s. Bliss, pt. i. 16s. — TUSSER, Thomas. Five Hun- Lond. 1638, 4to.-Lond. 1672, 4to. pp. 146, dred Points of Good Husbandry, exclusive of the tables. In this edition together with a Book of Huswifery. thography is considerably modernised. A new Edition, with Notes, a Glos- Nassau, pt. ii. 1342, 14s. Mitford, April sary, and other Improvements, by 1860, 128.

Tusser Redivivus. The Calendar of William Mavor, LL.D. Lond.

the twelve Months with Notes, published 1812, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

in as many Numbers, by Daniel Hilman, Best edition. LARGE PAPER in 4to. a Surveyor of Epsom in Surry. Lond. Hibbert, 8198, 11. Nassau, pt. 43, 1710, 8vo. pp. 150. Hilman's work is 16. 4s. Strettel, 1655, 11. 48. Brockett, gested into such parts only as are appli3117, russia, 11. 78. Éyton, morocco, 11. cable to each month, and contains a regu.

lar intermixture of Tusser's quatrains, A hundreth good Pointes of Husband with a prose commentary by the author. rie. Lond. by Richard Tottel, 1557, 4to. It was published in Numbers. Bishop of Thirteen leaves. A copy is in the Bri. Ely, 901, 48. Nassau, pt. ii. .845, 4s.-tiske Museum. This first edition was re- | 1744, 8vo. The edition of 1710, with a




new title-page. Steevens, 1464, 45. 6d. | Tweddell, A.M. Lond. 1815, 4to. Also an White Knights, 4263, 6s. Reed, 7820, 68. Addenda to the Remains, containing Vin

Some of the Five Hundred Points of dication, &c. Lond. 1816, 4to. Forming Good Husbandry. Lond. 1848, 18mo. 28. together what was afterwards published 6d.

as the second edition. The Last Will of Thomas Tusser, with Letter to the Editor of the Edinburgh his Metrical Biography: C. Clarke, at Review, on the Subject of an article in his Private Press, Great Totham, 1840, No. L. of that journal, on the Remains of 4to.

John Tweddell. By the Earl of Elgin. The whole of Tusser's Poems are con. Second Edition. Lond. 1816, 8vo. pp. 63. tained in Southey's 'Early British Poets, Postscript to a Letter to the Editor of from Chaucer to Lovelace,' pp. 143-99. the Edinburgh Review. By the Earl of TUTCHIN, John. See Observator,

Elgin. 1816, 8vo. pp. 32.

A Narrative of what is known respectThe, p. 1714. PITT, Thomas, p. ing the Literary Remains of the late J. 1875. Noble's Continuation of Tweddell. By Philip_Hunt, LL.D. forGranger, vol. ii. p. 311.

merly Chaplain to H. E. the Earl of El

gin. Lond. 1816, 8vo. pp. 47. TUTET, Mark Cephas. List of Account of the Examination of the Various éditions of the Bible, and Elgin Box, by the Rev. Robert Tweddel. parts thereof in English, 1526 to Manchester (1817), 4to.

See Quarterly Review, xii. 257-73. 1776. (Anon.) Lond. 1776, 8vo.

250 copies printed for presents only. TWELLS, Leonard, D.D. A CriSee Dr. Cotton's Editions of the Bible, tical Examination of the late Text 2nd edition, pt. xii.-Second edition, Lond. and Version of the New Testament, 1778, 8vo. Printed for presents only.

in Greek and English. Lond. Tuvill, Daniel. Essaies poli- 1732, 8vo. 2 vols. 6s. ticke and Morall. Lond. 1608, 8vo.

Wolfius was so much pleased with this Singer, pt. iii. 128.

able review of Dr. Mace's edition of the Vade-Mecum, a Manuall of Essayes, New Testament, that he translated and morall, theologicall, interwoven with inserted it in the Prolegomena to that Moderate Observations, historicall, po- book. See Curæ, tom. v. p. 387. liticall. Lond. 1629, 8vo.-Third edition, 1638, 8vo. frontispiece. Singer, pt. iii.

Sermons at Boyle Lecture. Lond. 1743,

8vo. 2 vols. Hanrott, morocco, 13s. Resold,


Williams, Mitford, 15s. Bliss, pt. i. 48. 6d.

1819, 11. 28. Resold, Cuzzer, 2438, 10s.

TWINE. See TWYNE. TWEDDELI, John. Prolusiones Juveniles Præmiis Academicis dig. TWISDEN, Sir Roger. Historical natæ. Auctore Joäne Tweddell, vindication of the Church of Eng. A. B. Trin. Coll. Cant. Soc. Lond. land, in Point of Schism. Lond. 1793, 8vo. 3s.

1675, 4to. Horne Tooke, 745, with his MS. Notes,

Bright, 5727, 78. 6d. 128. Resold, Heber, pt. vii. 178. Remains of John Tweddell, being a

Twiss, Francis.

A complete Selection of his Correspondence, a Re- verbal Index to the Plays of Shakpublication of his Prolusiones Juve speare, adapted to all the Editions, niles, an Appendix containing some Account of the Author's Collections, comprehending every Substantive, MSS., Drawings, &c., and of their extra- Adjective, Verb, Participle, and Adordinary. Disappearance, preceded by a verb, used by Shakspeare; with a the Rev. Robert Tweddell, A.M. The distinct Reference to every indivi. second Edition, augmented by a Vindi- dual Passage in which each Word cation of the Editor against certain Pub. occurs. Lond. 1805, 8vo. 2 vols. lications of the Earl of Elgin and others, pub. at 21. 2s. but afterwards raised together with

1816 portrait, plates and maps, 11. 1s.

to 51. 5s. The first edition was published in Most of the edition of this work was 1815, 4to. followed by: An Appendix to destroyed by fire, and till the publication the Remains, co: tuining an account of of Mrs. Cowden Clarke's Concordance the author's collections, &c. By Robert to Shakespeare, in 1844, was continu.

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ally rising in price. Field, 572, 21. 178. Discovery of D. Jackson's Vanitie Reed, 8414, 31. 3s. Dent, pt. ii. 819, 41. 45. Lond. 1631, 4to. Bliss, pt. i. 59. 60. North, pt. ii. 1652, 41, 9s. Bindley, 41. 148. 6d. Boswell, 2846, 5.1., 128, 6d., 2847, 72, 28. Adventures, Intrigues, and


TWITCHER, Jemmy. The Life, few Ms. notes, 31. 58. Puttick's, June, of the celebrated Jemmy Twitcher. 1860, 21. 17s.

Lond. n. d. 8vo. This Index was denounced in the Ec

Two ITALIAN GENTLEMEN.-The lectic Review, Jannary, 1807, and the compiler censured for the misapplica- pleasaunt and fine conceited Co. tion of his time and talents to that blind mædie of Two Italian Gentlemen, devotion which fashion requires to be paid with the merie Devises of Captaine at the shrine of Shakespeare by every one who makes the slightest pretensions Crackstones. By A[ntony] M[unto refinement of taste."

day]. (Printed circa 1550.) Twiss, Richard. Travels through this play appears to be a translation

Inglis' Òld Plays, 140, imperfect, 91. 128. Portugal and Spain (1772-3), with from the Italian. Copper-plates, and an Appendix.

TWOPENNY, Richard. Disserta Lond. 1775, 4to. plates.

tions on some parts of the Old and Bindley, pt. iii. 2285, 16s. 6d. Dent, pt. ii. 1172, 178. Willett, 2473, 11. Edwards, New Testaments, which have been 483, 11. 35. LARGE PAPER. Garrick, 2392, supposed unsuitable to the Divine 11. 13s Baker, 543, russia, 21. - Dublin, Attributes. Lond. 1824. 8vo. 10s.6d. 1775, 12mo. 2 vols. An incorrect edition, with two bad prints.

Two WISE MEN and all the rest A Tour in Ireland in 1775. Lond. 1776, Fooles : or a comical Morall, cen8vo. pp. 208, with a map, and a view of suring the Follies of this Age, as it author of this tour has been damned to hath been diverse Times acted. everlasting fame' for some severe remarks | Anno 1619. on the Irish ladies. See Monthly Review, This old play, a lampown on the times, 1x. 192-3. Heath, 4777, 88. 6d. Several has been attributed to George Chapman, editions have been published in Dublin.

upon very slender authority. An heroic Epistle from Donna Teresa

TWYNE, Brian.

Antiquitatis Pinna y Ruiz of Murcia to R. Twiss: with Notes by himself. Dublin, 1776,

Academice Oxoniensis Apologia, in 8v0.-Lond. 1777, 4to. A satire written tres Libros divisa, Authore Bryano after the manner of the celebrated epistle Twyno. Oxon. 1608, sm. 4to. to Sir W. Chambers. An heroic answer from Richard Twiss, refutation of all Dr. Caius's arguments

Pp. 462, including the title. 'An ample Esq. to Donna Teresa Pinna y Ruiz, for the seniority of the Cantabrigians.” Lond. reprinted from the Dublin third Nicolson. Nassau, pt. ii.

1344, 7s. Edition, 1777, 4to. Chess.

De Rebus Albionicis,

John. (A compilation of Anecdotes and Quotations relative to the game of Britannicis atque Anglicis ComChess.) Lond. 1787-9, 8vo. 2 vols. Bind- mentariorum Libri duo. Lond. E. ley, pt. iii. 1264, 8s. 6d. In vol. ii. of the Author's Miscellanies, will be found addi. Bollifant, 1590, 8vo. tions to this interesting work.

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 681, 11s. Nas. A Trip to Paris in 1792. Lond. 1793, san, pt. ii. 846, 12s. Saviles, Dec. 1860, 8vo. 136 pp., with the Guillotine, and the 11. Is. John Twine was a man of extraRose of Jericho. An Edition was hand. ordinary knowledge in the history and somely printed in Dublin, in 12mo. 1793, antiquities of this kingdom.'— Nicolson. 176 pp. with a few additional paragraphs, An account of Bryan and John Twyne will furnished by the Author.

be found in Wood's Athere Oxonienses. Miscellanies. By Richard Tiss,

Ser A POLLONIUS OF TYRE, P. 57. Lond. 1805, 8vo. 2 vols.

Thomas. The Garland of TWISSE, William, D.D. Riches godlie Flowers, commonley called of God's Love unto the Vessels of Twines Praiers. Lond. by Heprie Mercy. Oxford, 1653, folio. Denham, 1580, 12mo.

Sotheby's in 1821, 13s. Sotheby's, June Black Letter. -Lond. by the Assigne of 6, 1857, 108. An account of Twisse will be w. Seres, (1574), 24mo. Pickering, pt. ii. found in Wood's Athene Oxonienses. morocco, 31. 108.-1586, 24m0.-1589, 24mo.

- 1596, 24mo.-Lond. by P. $. 1602, 24mo. The Beginners of a Monastick Life.
Heber, pt. viii. 88. Lond. by Will. How, Lond. 1698, 8vo.
n. d. 12mo. Currer, 3439, 31. 6s.

An Account of Queen Anne Bullen;
Shorte and Pithie Discourse concerning from a Manuscript in his handwriting,
all Earthquakes in generall, particularly 1623. n. p. or d. 8vo.
that within the Citie of London, which
hapned upon Wensday in Easter Weeke

TYBURN Chronicle, or Villainy last Past, the Sixt day of April, almost display'd in all its Branches, conat six a clocke in the evening. Lond. by taining an authentic account of the Richard Johnes, 1580, 4to. wood-cut. Hal. Lives, Trials, Executions, &c., of liwell in 1859, 319, 31. 11s.

The Schoolemaster, or Teacher of Table the most notorious Malefactors.
Phylosophie. A most pleasant

and merie Lond. J. Cooke, (1768), 8vo. 4 Companion, well worthy to be welcomed.

vols. Lond. R. Johnes, 1583, 4.0. Heber, pt. v. 4225, 41. 43.

With plates. Nassau, pt. ii. 847, 11. 178. An account of Thomas Twyne, with a

Sotheby, April, 1863, 21. 16s. list of his numerous translations, &c. will A new Meeting of Ghosts at Tyburn. be found in Wood's Athena Oxonienses.

Lond. 1660, 4to.

TYBURN GHOST, or the strange DownTWYSDEN, Sir Roger. Historiæ fall of the Gallows. A most true ReAnglicanæ Scriptores decem, ex Paddington was wonderfully pluckt up by

lation how the famous triple Tree near Vetustis Manuscriptis nunc pri. the Roots, and demolished by certain evil mum in lucem Editi. Ad jectis Spirits. To which is added Squire Ketch’s variis Lect. Glossario, Indiceque 1678, 4to. Nassani, pt. ii. 1345, 8s.

Lamentation for the Loss of his Shop. copioso. Lond. 1652, fol. 2 vols.

TYE, Christopher. See Acts of (often in 1), 51. 58.

the Apostles, p. 7. A valuable collection of British Histo. rians. Hibbert, 8229, 31. 4s. Heath, 4498, TYERMAN, Rev. Daniel, and 61.58. Willett, 126, 61. 6s. Bishop Ran- George Bennet. Journal of Voydolph, 983, 61. 128. 6d. Roxburghe, 8322, 71. 7s.

Marquis of Townshend, 3260,91 ages and Travels in the South Sea Stowe, 5484,51. Loscombe, June, 1854,41. Islands, China, India, &c. De12s, bd. Brogden, Aug. 1848, 51. Sothe- puted by the London Missionary by's, Aug. 1858, 41. 5s

Ib. March 1860, Society, compiled from Original 31. 83. LARGE PAPER. A copy is in the Grenville Collection - Contents:

Documents by James Montgomery. 1. Simeon, Monachus Dunelmeusis.

Lond. 1831, 8vo. 2 vols. portraits 2. Johannes, Prior Hagustaldensis. 3. Ricardus, Prior Hagustaldensis.

and plates, pub. at 11. 16s. 4, Ailredus, Abbas Rievallensis.

New edition. Lond. 1840, royal 8vo. 78. 5. Radulphus de Diceto, Londoniensis. TYERS, Thomas. Political Con6. Johannes Broinpton, Jornallensis. ferences between several great Men 7. Gervasius, Monachus Dorobornensis.

in the last and present Century ; 8. Thomas Stubbs, Dominicanus. 9. Gulielmus Thorn, Cantuariensis. with Notes by the Editor, Thomas 10. Henricus Knighton, Leicestrensis. At the end of the volume a leaf of the second Edition, with Addi

Tyers, Esq. of the Inner Temple.

Questio quodlibetica, or an Examination tions. Lond. 1781-4, 8vo.
of Dr. Fenton's Treatise of Usury. Lond. Bindley, pt. iii. 1330, 6s. 6d. Heber,
1653, 12mo. 3s,

pt. ii. 58. The first edition of this agree-
An historical Vindication of the Church able and amusing work appeared ir. 1780.
of England in Point of Schism, as it stands of the eleventh conference, it is said only
separated from the Roman, and was re- 25 copies were printed. Spe a Notice of
formed 1. Elizabeth. Lond. 1657, 4to.' A this work and its Author, Gent. Mag. vol.
most elaborate historical work, written 57, p. 182.
in opposition to Saunders and others of An historical Rhapsody on Pope. By
that stamp.'-Nicolson. There is a copy in the Editor of the Political Conferences
the British Museum with MS. votes by (Thomas Tyers). The second Edition,
the author. LARGE PAPER. Williams, 1671, corrected and enlarged. Lond. 1782, 8vo.
21. 118.-1675, 4to.

28. New edition, edited by Professor G. E. Conversations Political and Familiar, Currie Camb. 1847, 8vo. 78. 6d.

Lond. 1784, 8vo. Published anonymously

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An historical Essay on Mr. Addison. ! The Works of the English Reformers: Lond. 1783, 8vo. Bindley, pt. iii. 1279, William Tyndale and John Frith, Edito with the Rhapsody on Pope, 1782, 168. ed by Thomas Russell, A.M. Lond.

A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Samuel 1831, 8vo. 3 vols. Published at 11. 11s. 6d. Johnson, by Thomas Tyers, Esq. 8vo. Some copies were taken off on large pp. 27, printed in double columns, with paper. These three volumes are all that out a title-page.

are published of an intended Edition of

the works of the most eminent English TYLER, Alexander. Memoires and Scotch reformers, the publisher, as of Ihon the Great, third of that he informs us in the preface, being Name, present King of Poland :- obliged to relinquish his design in conseDone in Verse (out of H. G.'s his by the Religious Tract Society. They

quence of the abridgments made of them torical Account of the said Princes contain several pieces not in Fox's ediLife and Actions), by a Lover of the tion, and are reprinted from the original

editions, a subject of some importance, Peace and Glory of Christendome.

as Fox has taken great liberties with the Edinb. 1685, 4to.

text. The first volume is accompanied Pp. 186. Constable, 1096, 21. 68. Bibl. by some excellent notes.- Contents.-1. Anglo-Poet. 755, 31. 13s. 6d. Heber, pt. i. Prologues to the five Books of Moses. 7062, 8s. Sotheby's, June 30, 1854, 178. 2. Prologue to the Prophet Jonas. 3.

The Parable of the Wicked Mammon. 4. Tom. See Tom Tylere and The Obedience of a Christian Man. 5. his Wife.

The Practice of Prelates. 6. An Answer - Wat. The Idol of the

unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue. 7.

An Exposition of Matthew, ch. v. vi. vji. Clownes, or, the Insurrection of 8. An Exposition of the first Epistle of W. Tyler. Lond. 1654, 12mo. St. John. 9. A Pathway into the Holy

By John Cleavland. Two editions were Scripture. 10. A fruitful and godly published in 1654. It is reprinted in Treatise expressing the right Institution Cleavland's works.

and Usage of the Sacraments of Baptism, See SOUTHEY, Robert. STRAW, Jack.

&c. 11. The Testament of Master William

Tracy, Esq., expounded by William TynTYMME. See TIMME, Thomas. dale. 12. The Supper of the Lord. 13.

The Works of John Frith. TYMMS, Samuel. Family Topographer, being a compendious ac

The Works of William Tyndale; Doccount of the ancient and present by the Rev. H. Walter.

trinal Treatises and Expositions. Édited

Camb, Parker state of the Counties of England. Society, 1848-50, 8vo. 3 vols. Lond. J. B Nichols, 1832-43, fcp. The Life of Tindal, and Selections from 8vo. 7 vols. 11. 15s. Reduced, Bohn, his Writings, will be found in the first 13s, 6d.

volume of the Fathers of the English

Church, edited by Legh Richmond. TYNDALE, William. The whole Workes of W. Tyndall, John Frith, how Christen rulers ought to governe,

The Obedyence of a Christen Man, and and Doct. Barnes, three worthy &c. Marlborowe, by Hans Luft, 1528, Martyrs, and principall Teachers of small 4to. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 635, the Churche of England. Lond.

21. White Knights, 2917, 21. 18. Perry,

pt. ii. 1214, 11. 10s. Heber, pt. i. (with by John Daye, 1573, folio.

the Parable of the Wicked" Mammon), The works of Tyndale run to p. 478, 1528, in 1 vol. 11. 199. Heber, pt. ii. 3i. besides a full Index ; those of Frith 138. 6d. Duke of Sussex, with Briglit1-171, besides Index; those of Barnes well's (Frith) Revelation of Antichrist, 1-376, besides Index: a Life of each is Marlborow, 1529, Erasmus' Exhortation prefixed from Fox's Actes and Monu- to Studye Scripture, ib. 1529, 211.–Marl. ments, and there are two spirited wood borow, 1535. Inglis, 1489, imperfect, 5s, cuts at the beginning and end. Bindley, 6d. Sotheby's, Dec. 1861 (Hunter), with pt. iii. 1251, 31. Denyer, 26, 41. Wil- the Testament of W. Tracie, 1535, in 1 liams, 1925, morocco, 61. "Hibbert, 8230, vol. 41. 45.-Marlborow, 1537,8vo. Heber, morocco, 61. 128. Heber, pt. vii. 11. 13s. pt. ii. 21.--Lond. (Wyllyam Hill, 1518), Bright, 31. 198. Brogden, Aug. 1848, 41. 4to. Heber, pt. ix, (Herbert's copy), 27. 10s, Crawford, in 1854, (title mended), 3s. Gardner, 2155, 31. 55 Lilly, mor. 31. 188. Currer, 2619, morocco extra, 8l. 51. 15s. 60.--Lond. by Wyllyam Coplande, Prince (Abp. Laud's copy), mor. 61. 6s. 2. d. (1549), 12mo. A to Y, in eights,

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