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TURNER, J. M. W.-continued. The Harbours of England, engraved containing 5 plates in each, and by Thomas Lupton, from drawings by J.

M. W. Turner, with illustrative Text by frontispiece.

J. Ruskin. Lond. Gambart and Co., 1856, Wilks, 2393, Proofs and prints mixed, folio, 12 plates, pub, at 21. 2s. 281. 10s.-Dawson Turner, 3197, Proofs obtained from the author, with his initials ings by J. M. W. Turner and Thomas

River Scenery of England, from draw. on the blue covers, 115l.

Southgate, Girtin, with
July, 1853, proofs and prints mixed (as in: Hofland. 7 parts in 1 vol.

Descriptions by Mrs.

Lond. 1827, deed are all the copies the editor has yet 4to. 21 plates in mezzotinto, (including seen), 14 Nos. with two of the Drawings engraved title), pub. at 31. 10s. Utterson, and Turner's initials on the blue covers, March,1857, with three unpublished plates 661. 10s.-Utterson, March, 1857, subscrip added, 21. 138.-LARGE PAPER PROOFS, imtion set, 50L Two different sets of Modern Impres- pub. at 41. 16s. Hanrott, pt. iii. 31. 5s.

perial 4to. LARGE PAPER INDIA PROOFS, sions, on very thick paper, are in existence ; one printed on hard paper by

Turner and Girtin's River Scenery of Lahee, the other on soft paper by Dawé. England, small folio, 20 beautiful mezzoWe believe about 25 sets of each were tinto plates, engraved on steel by eminent so printed from the old coppers in Tur- artists, principally after the drawings of ner's lifetime: They are very inferior to J.M.W. Turner. Also an engraved title. the original book, and easily detected. Pub. at 51. 58. Reduced, H. G. Bohn, to Value about 101.

11. 11s. 6d. Turner's Liber Studiorum, a set of PICTURESQUE VIEWS IN ENGLAND AND Photographs taken by Mr. Thurston WALES, engraved by the best artists, with Thompson from Thirty original Drawings descriptive and historic Illustrations by now in the South Kensington Museum. H. E. Lloyd. Lond. 1827-32, royal 4to. Lond. Lithographed by Cundal, Downes, 24 parts, published at 14s. each, forming and Co., 1861, folio, 31. 13s. 6d., or Mounted 2 vols., with 96 plates, 161. 16sLARGE on Card in Portfolio, 41.48.-Second Series, PAPER PROOFs, imperial 4to., at il. 18. each 1862, folio, 31, 38.

part, 251. 48. INDIA PROOFS, at 11. 118.

LABGEST PAPER, Liber Studiorum, illustrative of Land- 6d. each part, 371. 16s. scape Composition: a Selection of 15 of INDIA PROOFS, royal folio, published at the Best Plates from the original Work and Etchings, (only 12 printed), at 31, 3s.

21. 128. 6d, each part, 631.-INDIA PROOFS Lond. Day and Son, 1859, folio, 11. ls.

each part, 751. 12s. Dawson Turner, 3199,

a set of Artist's proofs before the letters, PICTURESQUE VIEWS OF THE SOUTHERN 361. Utterson, March 1857, (India Proofs, COAST OF ENGLAND, engraved by W. B. except the first twelve, which were on and G. Cooke, and other eminent En French paper) 191. It may be said, howgravers. Lond. 1814-27, 4to. 16 parts, ever, that at present this fine work is Ž vols. 80 plates, (32 being vignettes), worth the published prices, especially the pub. at 101. 108. Sotheby, Aug. 1854, 31. INDIA PROOFS of the first class, which 19s. March, 1857, 51. 185.-LARGE PAPER, with the etchings are worth more. The PROOFS, imperial 4to. 2 vols. 141. 148. last set sold was Mr. George Smith's, at Hanrott, 111. 158. Dawson Turner, 91. 185. Sotheby's, March, 1861; in Numbers, com-LARGEST PAPER, INDIA PROOFS; folio, plete with the exception of the etching of 2 vols. 241. J. Baker, May, 1855, 121. 128. the streights of Dover, of which only 3 --A set of Engravers’ Proofs before the impressions were taken, 115l. letters, (80) with the etchings to most of them. Archi, in 1836, 401. Geo. Smith, Annual Tour, Wanderings by the Ri. March, 1861, 901.

vers Loire and Seine, by Leitch Ritchie. Republished under the title of Anti- Lond. 1833, 34, 35, royal 8vo. 3 vols. 61 quarian and Picturesque Tour round the plates, published at ii. 1s. each vol. InSouthern Coast of England, illustrated DIA PROOFS, at 21. 2s. Dawson Turner, pt. i.

Afterwards issued with 84 plates from Drawings by Turner 2882, morocco, 31. 38. and others. Lond. Nattali, 1849, 4to.

under the following title :2 vols. 21. 10s.

TURNER'S LIBER FLUVIORUM; or, River Views of the Ports of England, en- Scenery of France, 62 highly finished graved in Mezzotinto by T. Lupton, line engravings on steel by Willmore, Lond. 1825, folio, 3 nos. 6 plates, all pub- Goodall, Miller, Cousens, and other disa lished, at 8s. 6d. each no. PROOFS, 12s. 6d. tinguished Artists, with descriptive LetINDIA PROOFS, 11. 18 Discontinued, but terpress by Leitch Ritchie, and a Memoir reproduced with 6 other plates, under the of J. M. W. Turner, R.A. by Aiaric A. following title ;

Watts (and Henry G. Bohn). Lond. H.

TURNER, J. M. W.-continued. Speech and Deportment.

Lond G. Bohn, 1857, imperial 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. 1663, 4to. with portrait. INDIA PROOFS, (25 printed,) 31. 3s.

¡Heher, pt. ix. 31. Six Views in the Isle of Wight, en

Sir James. Memoirs of his graved by J.Landseer, &c. folio, PROOFS, 21. žs. INDIA PROOFS (only 25 sets taken off), own Life and Times, 1632–1670. 31. 3s. These 6 views form part of a Se Printed from the original Manu Ibbotson as the painters, and J. Landseer script. Edinb. 1829, 4to.

Edited by Thomas Thomson. 101 as the engraver, but discontinued from some rupture between the parties before copies, printed on club paper were purpublication. The coppers came out at chased for the members of the Banna. Landseer's sale, with the name of Tur- tyne Club. Sotheby's, December, 1854,

16s. ner written on four of them.

See BANNATYNE CLUB, Appendix. Views in Sussex, Part 1, (all published,) See an article on this work, Edinb. Rev.

vol. 51, p. 38. Turner is noticed by map, and 5 plates, engraved by W. B.

Kirkton in his Church History, p. 199, as Conke, royal folio, published at 31. 3s. Turner and Girtin's Picturesque Views.

an old servant of the Covenanters, but & Sixty years since, edited, with "Memoirs, turncoat and a fierce, harsh man. by Thomas Miller. Lond. Hogarth, 1854, Richard. Nosce te (Hvmors). imperial 8vo., 30 plates (15 of them after Lond. 1607, 4to. Turner), 11. 1s. These are a few of the

A collection of Epigrams, consisting of plates published in the ITINERANT, a select collection of Views in Great Britain 46 pages. Steevens, 1105, 11. 6s. Bibl. and Ireland, engraved by WALKER, after know thy selfe, 1624, 151. 158. Heber, pt.

Anglo-Poet. 756, with Turner's Youth drawings by Wilson, and others, (afterwards used in iv. with Youth know thy self, 31. 5s.

See HERODOTUS, P. the Copper-plate Magazine). Lond. 1799, Bright, 5719, 41. 43.

1054. folio. Turner and his Works; illustrated

Yovth know thy selfe. Lond. 1624, 4to. with Examples from his Pictures, and pp. 68. critical Remarks. By_John Burnet, Robert, of Barnstable. Oratio F.R.S., with a Memoir by P. Cunningham, et Epistola de vita et Morte MarBurnet, 17. 118. Proofs, 51. 5s.-Re- tini a Shaumberg. Ingolst. 1580, edited by H. Murray. Lond. Hall and 8vo. Virtue, 1859, 4to. 12s.

Panegyrici duo, Orationes sexdecim & Notes on the Turner Collection at tres Commentationes in Loca Scripturæ. Marlborough House, by J. Ruskin. Lond. Ingolst. 1609, 8vo. Smith and Elder, 1857, 8vo. pp. 88, 18. Epistolæ. Col. Agrip. 1615, 8vo.

The Life of J. M. W. Turner, founded A copy of each of these is in the Bri. on Letters and Papers furnished by his tish Museum. An account of Turner will Friends and Fellow Academicians. By be found in Wood's Athene Oxon. by Walter Thornbury. Lond. 1862, 8vo. 2 Bliss, vol. i. p. 680. vols., published at 1l. 10s. reduced 15s.


Obertus, p. 118. Among the many works to which Robert. Astrological InstiTurner contributed illustrations, the fol- tutions. Lond. 1658, 12mo. lowing are the principal: Byron's Works and Life, by Moore; Stowe, 5295, 188.

With cuts. Towneley, pt. i. 681, 8s. and Finden's illustrations of the same.Campbell's Poetical Works, published by Lond. 1654, 8vo.

Description of the Little World of Man. Moxon.-Finden's Illustrations of the Bible.-Hakewill's Italy.-Heath's Gal

Ars Notaria, or the Notory Art of So. lery of British Engravings. -The Keep: Magical Operations.

lomon, shewing the Cabalistical Key of

Lond. 1657, 8vo. sake.Milton's Poetical Works.-Moore's

This was complained of in Parliament Epicurean. Rogers' Italy and Poems, during the Commonwealth. See Burton's published by Moxon. Sir Walter

Diary, vol. i. pp. 305-6. Scott's Works, - Whitaker's Leeds and

The British Physician, or the Virtues Richmondshire.

of English Plants. Lond. 1664, sm. 8vo. TURNER, Col. James. Account With portrait. Nassau, pt. ii. 844, 98. of his Tryal for breaking open the Samuel. An Account of an House of F. Tryon, Merchant. Embassy to the Court of the TeWith his Life and Death, 1663, shoo (Tisu) Lama in Tibet: con

taining a Narrative of a Journey History of England during the Middle through Budtan, and Part of Tibet; Ages from the Norman Conquest to the by Captain Samuel Turner. To 61. --Second edit, Lond. 1825, 8vo. 5 vols. which are added, Views taken on - Third edition, Lond. 1830, 8vo. 5 vols. 31. the Spot, by Lieut. Samuel Davis; Fourth edition, 1853, 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 105. and Observations botanical, mine

The History of the Reign of Henry

VIII. comprising the Political History of ralogical, and medical, by Mr. Ro- the Commencement of the English Re. bert Saunders. Lond. 1800, 4to. formation. Lond. 1826, 4to. 1 vol. 21. 25.map and 13 plates.

Second edition, 1827, 8vo, 2 vols. 11. 6s.

See London Mag., N.Š. vol. vii. p. 215. Drury, 4440, 11. 4s. Reed, 6451, 11. 78.

The History of the Reigns of Edward Duke of York, 5221, 11. 88. Gough, 3817, VI., Mary and Elizabeth. Lond. 1829, 16. 10s. Towneley, pt. ii. 1464, russia, 11. 4to. 1 vol. 21. 88.-- Third edition, Lond. 113. 6. White Knights, 4412, 21. 6s. 1835, 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 12s. LARGE PAPER, with proof plates. Dent, pt. ii. 1170, russia, 21. Hibbert, 8195, 21. The Sacred History of the World, as Earl of Kerry, 615, 31. 158.

displayed in the Creation and subsequent

Events of the Deluge. Lond. 1832-4-7, TURNER, Samuel H. Notes on 8vo. 3 vols.--Second edition

of vol. i. in the Epistle to the Romans, intended 1832.-Sixth edition, 1836, 8vo. 3 vols.to assist Students in Theology, and Eighth edition, with the Author's last others, who read the Scriptures in additions, Lond. 1848, post 8vo, 3 vols. the Originals. New-York, 1824, A Vindication of the Genuineness of 8vo.

the Antient British Poems of Aneurin, Professor Turuer has in this work Taliesin, Llywarch Hen, and Merdhin, availed himself of the labours of the

with Specimens of the Poems. Lond. Prefixed is a

1803, 8vo. 5s. Bright, 5720, 78. German biblical critics.


Ellis styles Mr. Turner " the able and translation of Koppe's Latin Introduction to the Epistle to the Romans, and the

successful champion of Welsh litera

ture.' work concludes with a well-written Essay for the consideration of Theological Prolusions on the present Greatness of Students'

Britain; on modern Poetry; and on the

present Aspect of the World. Lond. 1819, Sharon. The History of the immo. 6s. 68. Anglo-Saxons ;

Richard the Third. A Poem. Lond. comprising the

1845, fcp. 8vo. 78. 6d. History of England from the earliest Period to the Norman Con.

TURNER, William. Herbal. quest. The seventh edition, Lond. Three Parts, corrected and en1852, 8vo. 3 vols. 11. 16s.

larged. With the names of the A valuable and highly esteemed work. Herbes in Greke, English, Duche,

First edition. Lond. 1799-1805, 8vo. 4 vols. Dent, pt. ii. 818, 11. 55. Second Frenche, and in the Apothecaries edition, corrected and enlarged, 1807, 4to. and Herbaries Latin.

Also, a 2 vols. Duke of York, 5222, 21. 58. Booke of the Bathes in England, Drury, 4441, 41. 6s. Bindley, pt. i11.2279, &c. Collen, by Arnold Birckman, 21. 2s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 1727, russia, 31. 168.- Third edition, 1820, 8vo. 1568, folio, wood-cuts. 3 vols.-Fourth edition, 1823, 8vo. 3 vols, Best edition, to which is appended A -Sixth edition, 1836, 8vo. 3 vols.- most excellent and perfecte Homish ApoSeventh edition, 1852, 8vo. 3 vols. 368.

thecarye or homely Physick booke for

all grefes and diseases of the bodye. HISTORY OF ENGLAND from the earliest

Translated out of the Alemaine Speeche Period to the Death of Queen Elizabeth. Lond. 1807-29, 4to. 7 vols. pub.at 101. 105. by John Hollybush. Collen, 1561, pp. ---Second edition, 1823-29, 8vo. 12 vols. -- 45. (Hollybush was the name assumed by

Bishop Čoverdale.) Stowe, 5482, russia, Third edition, 1828-36, 8vo. 12 vols. 81. 3s.

41. 18.-Lond. by Stephen Mierdman, This series is made up of the following 1551, folio. Hibbert, 8227, 11. “Dr. Tur. works:

ner, who was born at Morpeth, was enHistory of the Anglo-Saxons to the questionably the earliest writer among Normau Conquest, as described above. us that discovered learning and critical

TURNER, W.--continued.

The Huntyng of the Romysh Wolfe. judgment in the knowledge of plants." - (1554?) 16mo. Contains F 4, in eights. Pulteney. Dr. Bulleyn observes, “that

White Knights, 4260, morocco, 11s. HeDr. Turner's Book of Herbs will always ber, pt. ii. russia, Herbert's copy, 11. 6s. grow green, and never wither as long as Maskell, May, 1854, 11. 198. Bodleian Dioscorides is held in mind by us mortal Library.-n. p. or d. (1554), Svo.

Dr. wights." See Rambles in Northumber. Bandinel, pt. i. 1217, 21. 11s. land, by S. Oliver (Chatto), p. 48.

A new Booke of spiritual physi for

dy verse diseases of the Nobilitie and · Libellus de Re Herbaria. Lond. 1538, Gentlemen of Englande. Rome, by Marc 4to.

Ant. Constantius, 1555, 8vo. The Names of Herbs in Greke, Latin,

A Booke of the Nature and properties Englyshe, Duche and Frenche, &c. Lond..

as well of the Bathes of England, as of 1548, 12mo.

Comparison between the Olde Learn- other Bathes of Italy and Germany. inge and the Newe. Translated out of Collen, by Arnold Birckman, 1562, folio. Latyn. Southwarke, James Nicholson, Bright, 6722, 118.

The Nature of Wines commonly used 1537, 12mo. Maskell, 1854, 11. 78.-Lond.

here in England. Lond. W. Seres, 1568, 1548, 12mo.

Avium, quarum apud Plinum et Aris. 8vo. Heber, pt. ii. 6062, 17. 198. totelem mentio est, Historia. Colon.

An Account of Turner, "a noted and 1554, 4to.-Reprinted, Cantab. 1823, 8vo. time," with a list of his works, will be

forward theologist and physician of his Privately printed for

G. Thackeray, found in Wood's Athena Oxonienses, Provost of King's. Sotheby's, Dec. 1864, vol. i. p. 361. 98. 6d. A new Dialogue, where in is conteyned

TURNER, William, M.A. A comthe Examinatio of the Masse, and of that Kind of Priesthod, whiche is ordeyned to pleat History of the most Remarksaye Masse : and to offer vp for Remis- able Providences both of Judgment sion of Synne, the Bodye and Bloude of and Mercy; to which is added whatChrist again. W. Seres, n. d. 8vo, Heber, pt. fi. 6s.6d. ever is curious in the Works of NaIn the Bodleian Library:-Lond. by John ture and Art. Lond. by John DunDay, n. d. 8vo. Maskell, May, 1854, 189. ton, 1697, folio. --Lond. Richarde Wyer, 1. d. 8vo. Inglis,

Hibbert, 8226, 11s. 1485, 12s.

Bindley, pt. iii.

1888, 11. 199, Stowe, 5483, 11. 158. The huntyng and fynding out of the History of all Religions in the World, Romish Fox, whiche more than seven from the Creation down to the present Yeares hath bene hyd among the Bis- Time. Lond. John Dunton, 1695, 8vo. pp. shoppes of England after the Kynges 684, 68. Hyghnes had commanded him (Turner) to be drguen of hys Realme. Basyl,

- William. Sound Anatomized 1543, 16mo. Dedicated to Henry VIII. in a philosophical Essay on Music, by Will Wraughton, Turner's assumed with a Discourse on the Abuse of name. Contains F 4 in eights. Knights, mor. 21. 64. A copy is in the Music. Lond. 1724, 4to. 6s. Douce Collection, Bodleian Library.

William. Journal of a Tour The rescnyinge of the Romishe Foxe, otherwise called the examination

of the in Greece, Egypt, and the Holy Hunter, deuised by Steven Gardiner. Land, with Excursions to the River The seconde Covrse of the Hvnter at the Romishe Fox, and hys Aduocate and Jordan, and along the Banks of the sworne Patrone Steven Gardiner, Doctor Red Sea to Mount Sinai. By Wil. and Defender of the Pope's Canon-law & liam Turner. Lond. 1820, 8vo. 3 hys ungodly ceremonies. Rede in the

vols. last Lefe the xij articles of Bisshop Stevens newe Popish Credo. Winchester, by

With plates, wood-cnts, &c. Duke of Hanse Hit Prik, 1545, 8vo. Dedicated to York, 5120, 11, 1s. Drury, 4347, 27. J. Henry VIII. by William Wraughton Baker, May, 1855, calf extra by Lewis, Turner), contains n in eights Inglis, 11. 2s. 1548, 1l. 13s. In the Douce Collection, · William Henry. Essays on Bouleian Library.

Subjects of Miscellaneous LiteraA Preseruatiue or Triacle against the

ture. Lond. Debrett, 1803, sm. Pryson of Pelagius, Lond. 1551, 8vo. A copy is in the Bodleian Library,

8vo. 28. 6d.


TURNOR, Edmund. Collections containing a portrait of Xavier, an epistle for the History of the Town and dedicatory, the author to the reader, table Şoke of Grantham, containing au- 823, 10s. 6d. North, pt. iii. 726, morocco,

and preface, 13 leaves. Towneley, pt. i. thentic Memoirs of Sir Isaac New- 11. 1s. ton, now first published from the

History of our B. Lady of Loreto,

translated out of Latyn into English by original MSS. in the Possession of T. P. Imprinted with licence, 1608, 8vo. the Earl of Portsmouth. Lond. with plates by Guil. de Thiele. Bright, 1806, imper. 4to.

5725, 19s. Pp. xvi and 200, with 3 and 6 plates, TURTLE-DOVE. The Turtle-Dove algo 14 plates on the letter-press. Bindley, pt. iv. 749, 7s. 6d. Edwards, 650, 179. 68. under the Absence and Presence of

Dent, pt. ii. 1171, 108. her only Choice. By a Lover of Baker, 542, (with proofs and etchings), 11. the Celestiall Muses. Edinburgh, 98. Nassau, pt. ii, 1340, 13s. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. iii. 726, 168. Duke of York, 1664, 8vo. See FULLARTON, John. 5224, 15s. Hibbert, 8194, 11. 6s. Heber, Pp. 256. The greater portion of this pt, ii. 108. Hanrott, pt. iii. 11. 12s.

volume is in verse. Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 765, - Lewis. History of the ancient 61. 6s. town and borough of Hertford.

TURTON, Thomas, D.D., Bishop Hertford, 1830. 8vo. plates, 183,

of Ely. Text of the English Bible LARGE PAPER. INDIA PROOFS, royal 8vo. as now printed by the Universities 11. 10s.

considered with reference to a Re. TURPIN, Archbishop. See RODD, port by a Sub-Committee of DisThomas,

senting Ministers. Second edition, Count. An Essay on the Art corrected and greatly enlarged. of War, translated from the French Camb, 1833, 8vo. of Count Turpin. by Captain Jo Thoughts on the Admission of Persons seph Otway. Lond. 1761, 4to. 2 without regard to their Religious Opi. vols. 10s.

nions to certain Degrees in the Universi.

ties of England. Camb. 1834, 8vo.-SeRichard. The Trial of the cond edition, corrected and enlarged, 1835, notorious Highwayman, Richard 8vo. Turpin, at the York Assizes, on the ference to Lord Brougham's Discourse on

Natural Theology considered with re. 23rd day of March, 1739. York, that Subject. Camb. 1836, post 8vo. 88. 1739, 8vo.

The Roman Catholic Doctrine of the Puttick's, June, 1860, 7s. 6d.

Eucharist considered in reply to Dr. Wise. The Genuine History of the Life of man's Argument from Scripture. Camb. Richard Turpin, the Noted Highwayman.

1827, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Fourth edition, Lond. 1739, 8vo. pp. 35.

Observations on Dr. Wiseman's Reply The Whole Life and Conversation,

to Dr. Turton's Roman Catholic Doctrine Birth, Parentage, and Conduct of Richard

of the Eucharist considered. Camb. 1839, Turpin. Printed for J. Lang at York, n.

8vo. 4s. 60, d. 12mo. 4 leaves. Sotheby's, May 16,

William, M.D. The British 1863, with the preceding, 9s.

Fauna, containing a Compendium TURQUET, Lewis de Mayerne. of the Zoology of the British IsHistorical Collections of the most lands ; arranged according to the Memorable Accidents and Tragicall Linnean System. Swansea, 1807, Massacres of France, 1547-1598. 12mo. 9s. Lond. 1598, folio.

This useful work contains a complete Sotheby's, May, 1860, 13s. specification of all the quadrupeds, birds, General Historie of Spain, translated fish, reptiles, worms, shells, corallines, into English by Edward Grimstone. and animalcula inhabiting Great Britain. Lond. 1612, folio, pp. 1400, with woodcuts. A Medical Glossary: in which the

TURSELLIN, Horatius. The ad. Words in the various Branches of Medimirable Life of S. Francis Xavier, cine are deduced from their original Lan. transl. by T. F. Paris, 1632, 4to. ! by W. Turton, M.D. Lond. 1797, 4to.”

Pp. 616, with au engraved title-page, 1802, 4to.

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