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TUKE, Samuel. Description of the struments described in the Cuts. Lond. Retreat, an Institution near York 1733, folio.-- Second edition, 1739, folio. for Insane Persons of the Society Fourth edition, carefully corrected, with

Third edition, with Index, 1751, 8vo. of Friends ; containing an Account an Introduction, by William Cobbett. of the Origin and Progress, the Lond; 1829, 8vo. published at 168. Re

duced, H. G. Bohr, 58. Modes of Treatment and a Statement of Cases. By Samuel Tuke.

TULLY, Richard. Narrative of York, 1813, 8v0. 4.8.

a ten Years' Residence at Tripoli, Pp. xx and 228, with a perspective in Africa, from the original Corresview, and two plans. LARGE PAPER in 4to. pondence in the Possession of the

Practical Hints on the Construction of Family of the late Richard Tully, Pauper Lunatic Asylums. York, 1815, Esq. the British Consul. Lond. 4to.

1816, 4to. Map and coloured Thomas. A Treatise against plates, 158. Painting and Tinctvring of Men A most curious and interesting work. and Women: against Murther and -1817, 4to. - Third edition, Lond. 1819, Poysoning : against Pride and Am- 8vo. 2 vols. coloured plates, 12s. bition: against Adulterie and

TUNDAL. Libellus de Raptu Witchcraft. And the Roote of all Anime Tundali et ejus Visione, these, Disobedience to the Minis- tractans de penis inferni et gaudiis terie of the Word. Wherevnto is paradisi. n. p. or d. 4to. with 20 added, The Picture of a Picture, singular woodcuts. or, the Character of a painted Hell and Heaven, by an Irishman, is by

This account of a supposed vision of Woman. By Thomas Tuke, Mi- Panzer attributed to the press of Reyser nister of God's Word at Saint of Eichstadt, who printed about 1475. Giles in the Fields. Lond. 1616, A copy is in the Grenville Collection.-

Another edition, supposed to be printed 4to.

at Cologne by Her Hoernen is described in A-K, in fours, A 1 and K 4 blank. the Spencer Catalogue, and Thorpe Inglis, 1592, 9s. Gordonstoun, 2221, 21. marked one 51. 55. probably the same as 83. Sir F. Freeling, 2246, 11. 7s. Heber, sold at Bright's, 1845, for 21. 108.- Anopt. vi. 10s. 6d. Bright, 5699, morocco, 21. ther edition supposed to be printed at 48. Bliss, pt. ii. 2147, 198. Sotheby's, Cologne by Ulric Zell, n. p. or d., sold at April, 1863, 11. 118.

Heber's sale for 41. 85.—n. p. or d. (AntConcerning the holy Eucharist and the werp,) 4to. Bright, 5702, 21. 10s. Popish breaden-God, to the Men of Rome as well laiques as cleriques (in verse) thys Vander Goes, 1472, 4to. Heber, pt.

Tondalus Vysioen. T'Antwerpen. Man. p. 1625, 4to.-Lond. 1636, 4to. Skegg, vi. 91. 59. Antwerpen, B.a. Thorpe, 31. 3s. 1835, 11. 10s.

There were several other editions in TULKET, Marmaduke. A topo- Latin, German, and Dutch, notices of graphical, statistical and historical which are given in the following EnAccount of the Borough of Preston glish version :in the County of Lancaster, its An- Metrical Moralizations, and other Frag

The Visions of Tundale, together with tiquities, &c. &c. By Marmaduke ments of early Poetry, hitherto inedited. Tulket, O. S. B. 12mo. 68.

By W. B. Turnbull, Edinb. 1843, post With six engravings.

8vo. frontispiece by C. K. Sharpe. Only

80 copies printed, 10s. 6d. TULL, Jethro, Specimen of a Eyton, 8s.6d. Tierney, Dec. 1862, 17. 10s. Work on Horse-hoeing Husbandry. Lond. 1731, 4to.

TUNE.-An Essay upon Tune, New Horse-hoeing Husbandry, or an

being an Attempt to free the Scale Essay on the Principles of Tillage and of Music, and the Tune of Instru. Vegetation; wherein is shewn a sort of ments, from Imperfection, illusVineyard Culture into the Corn Fields; trated with Plates. By John Mas. diminish the Common Expense by In- well. Edinb. 1781, 8vo. 6s.


TUNNICLIFF, William. A To Compendium in decem Libros Ethico. pographical Survey of the Counties rum Aristotelis. Paris, 1564, 8vo.

Contra impios Blasphematores Dei of Stafford, Chester, and Lancaster. Prædestinationis Opus. Ant. 1555, 4to. Nantwich, 1787, 8vo.

Williams, 1666, morocco, 21. 158. Resold, With three maps, and plates of Arms.

Crawford, 11. 68.

A letter written by Cutbert Tunstall, A Topographical Survey of the Coun late Bishop of Dureame, and John Stokesties of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, ley, sometime Bishop of London, so ac, Devon and Cornwall, commonly called knowledged and confessed by the said the Western Circuit. Salisbury, 1791, Cutbert, about 14 Daies before his De8vo. With maps of the several counties.

parture out of this his naturall Lyfe, in Hanrott, pt. iii. 11. 45.

Presence of the most reverende Father TUNSTALL, Cuthbert, Bishop of in God Matthew [Parker) Archebyshop Durham. Certaine godly and of Canterbury, and others, whiche


was sent by the same two Byshops to deuout Prayers, made in Latin by Reginalde

Pole Cardinall, being then at Cuthbert Tunstall, Bishop of Dur. Rome, and of late Archebyshop of Canham, and translated into Englishе terbury. Lond. by Reginalde Woulfe,

Heber, pt. vi. 3607, 11. 11s. by Thomas Paynelle Clerke. Lond. Reprinted in Knight's Life of Erasmus, by John Cawoode, 1558, 16mo. Appendix, no. XXIV.

Twenty-eight leaves, dedicated to Queen Marye, and printed in double

- James, D.D. Epistola ad columns, Latin and English. Bindley, Conyers Middleton de Ciceronis pt. ii. 2428, 31. 5s.

Dr. Bandinel, pt. i. Epistolis. Cantab. 1741, 8vo. 58. 1216, 31. 15s.

Heber, pt. ix. morocco, gilt, 168. This Cuthberti Tonstalli in Landem Matri.

volume sometimes accompanies the vamonii Oratio, babita in Sponsalibus Ma- riorum edition of Cicero. riæ potentissimi Regis Angliæ Henrici Octavi Filiæ et Francisci christianissimi

Observations on the Epistles between Francorum Regis primogeniti, Lond. R.

Cicero and Brutus, with Dr. Chapman's Pynson, 1518, 4to.--Another edition, no

Letter on the ancient numeral Characplace or printer, n. d. 4to, 13 leaves, with

ters of the Roman Legions. Lond. 1744, the King's arms on the frontispiece. In 8vo. 5s. the Grenville Collection.

TORBERVILE, George. EpiBasiles, apud Jo. Frobenium, 1519, 4to. Brockett, 3105, 21. 68. Heber, pt. vi. 158. taphes, Epigrams, Songs and

Bonets, Gardner, in 1854, 178.

with a Discourse of the friendly De Arte Supputandi Libri IV. Cuth Affections of Tymetes to Pyndara berti Tonstalli. Lond. R. Pynson, 1522; his Ladie. Newly corrected with to be the first treatise on arithmetic pub- Additions, and set out by George lished in this country. Bindley, pt. iii. Turbervile, Gentleman. Lond. by 2296, 188. 6d. On VELLUM. A copy is in Henrie Denham (1570), small 8vo. the Public Library at Cambridge. -Paris, R. Steph. 1538, 4to.-Argent. 1644, 12mo.

Black letter, pp. 320, dedicated to Lady -Argent. 1551, 12mo.

Anne Countess Warwick. Bibl. AngloA Sermon of Cuthbert Bysshop of Du-Poet. 758, one leaf wanting, 21. Bright, resme, made vpon Palme Sondaye last 5703, one leaf of table in Ms. and læst past, before the Maiestie of our Souerayne leaf damaged, 61. Utterson, March 1857, Lorde Kynge Henry the VIII. Lond.

title and 2 leaves, MS. 31. 38.-Lond. by in Æd. Tho. Berthelet, 1539, 12mo. In- | Henry Denham,1567, sm. 8vo. See Brydges' glis, 1462, 198.-Lond. 1633, 4to.–1823,

Censura Literaria. Turbervile's Epi8vo. 48.

taphs, &c. are reprinted in the second Cutb. Tonstalli Confutatio Cavillation. volume of Chalmers' Edition of the Poets. quibus 88. Eucharistiæ Sacrament. ab The Booke of Faulcoprie. Lond. for impiis Caphernaitis im solte. Pari Chr. Barker, 1575, 4to. Inglis, 1693, 21. ap Roigny, 1552, 4to, Bibl. Harleian. i. 28. Towneley, pt. ii. 1608, with the noble no. 1323.

Art of Venerie, or Treatise on Hunting, Cutberti Tonstalli de Veritate Corporis printed by Byndeman, 21. 16s. Bright, & Sanguinis Domini in Eucharistia Lib. 5705, with the noble Art of Venerie, 101 2. Lutet. ap. Vascosan, 1554, 4to. 10s. 6d. The poem in commendation of hawking, A notice of this book will be found in Dr. by Geo. Gascoigne, is reprinted, with George Carleton's Life of Bern. Gilpin, notes from various ancient authors, in Lond. 1628, pp. 12, 13, 33.

Brydges' Censura Literaria.

TURBERVILE, Geo.continued. The Order of the Greate Turckes Courte,

The noble Art of Venerie, or Hunting. of hys Menne of Warre, and of all hys Lond. H. Bynneman, 1576, 4to. This work Conquestes, with the Summe of Mahu.

Translated oute of is usually bound with the preceding. metes Doctrine. Inglis, 1595. Lond. Th. Purfoot, 1611, Frenche 1542. Richardus Grafton excud. 4to. BLACK LETTER with wood-cuts. Bliss, 16mo. It contains H. iiij in eights. After pt. i. 12. 11s,

the preface is another title, 'The Estate Tragical Tales (10) translated by Tur

of the Courte of the great Turcke.' bervile, in Time of his Troubles, out of

The Offspring of the House of Ottosundrie Italians, with the Argument and mano, and Officers belonging to tbe great L'Envoye, to ech Tale. Lond. by Abell Turkes Court. Whereunto is added, Jeffs, 1576, 16mo. See Brydges' Censura Bartholomeus Georgieniz Epitome of Literaria.-Lond, for Abel Jeffes, 1517, the Customes, Rites, Ceremonies and Resm. 8vo.

ligion of the Turkes, &c. Englished by Tragical Tales; together with Epitaphs Dedicated To Sir Thomas Gresham,' by

Hvgh Goughe. Lond. by T. Marshe, 8vo. and Sonnets, with a Prefatory notice. H. Goughe. Edited by J. Maidment. Edinb, 1837, 4to.

The whole Discourse of the Victorie 50 copies reprinted, 21. 2s. Bright, 5706, that it pleased God to giue to the Chrismorocco, 21. 15s. Mitford, A pr. 1860, 175. tians against the Turkes, and what Losse Eyton, morocco, 11. 189.

hapned to the Christians in the said ConThe Booke of Faulconrie or Hawking, 'flict. Englished by a Frenche Copie (annexed is) the noble Art of Venerie or printed at Paris, by Fleuri Preuost, priHunting. Augmented with many new uiledged by the King. Lond. by Henrie Additions by another Hand. Lond. by Bynneman, 16mo. Black letter, five Thomas Purfoot, 1611, 4to. BLACK LETTER, leaves. An account of the victory obwood-cuts. Boswell, 2713, russia, 11. 7s. tained by a fleet of gallies belonging to Hibbert, 8193, 31. 1s. Inglis, 1594, mor. the Pope, the Knights of Malta, and the 41. Ss. Bindley, pt. iii. 2276, 81. 8s. Venetians, or (as they are united called) Caldecott, 1196, morocco, 31. 58. Skegg, the Christians over the Turks, on Sunday 1840, morocco, 61. 16s. 6d.

the 7th Oct. 1751, near 'the gulphes of Turbervile also published translations

Velapante.' of the Eclogues of John Bapt. Fiera Man. containing the certaine and true Newes

Letters sent from Venice, Anno 1571, tuan, see p. 1468, and the heroical Epistles of the most noble Victorie of the Chrisof Ovid, see p. 1476. An account of Turbervile will be found in Wood's

tians over the Armie of the great Turke:

and the Names of the Lordes and GentleAthenæ Oxonienses, vol. 1, p. 627, and in

men of the Christians slaine in the same Ritson's Bibliographia Poetica.

Battell. Translated oute of the French TURKEY and Turks.-Anony- Copie, printed at Paris, by Guillem de mous Publications.

Nucerd, with the King's Friuiledge.

Lond. by Henrie Bynneman, 16mo. Black Causes that be proponed and tracted in letter, five leaves. An account of the & Consultacyon of a Journey, to be made victory obtained by a fleet of gallies over with; the Tokyn of the holy Crosse, the Turkes, on Sunday the 7th Oct. 1571. agaynst the Infideles and Turkes, and sent to all Cristen (Princes, to The’ntent

A Discourse of the Bloody and cruell that they throughe their good Counsell, Battaile, of late loste by the great Turke and wyse Examinacyon, should examyne,

Sultan Selim. Lond. T. Dawson, (1579), yf any Thynge therin be, that ought to 8vo. Heber, pt. vi. 11s. See SELIMUS, he encreased, or mynysshed; or yf ought p. 2238. to be correctyd. This done the xii _Daye par l'agent de la Royne d'Angleterre le 9

Copie de la Requeste presentée oui Turc of Nouember, 1517, 4to.

de Novembre, 1587. Ensemble la copie The tryumphant Vyctory of the Impe- des certaines lettres du Sultan a le Reyne ryall Mageste agaynst the Turkes: The d'Angleterre, n. p. 1589, 16mo, 12 leaves. xxvi Day of Septembre the Yere of our in the Grenville Collection. Lorde, M.CCCC.XXXII Stewrmarke by a The Estate of Christians living under Capytayne named Michael Meschsaer, the subjection of the Turke; also the translated and emprented out of Frenche warres between the Christians and the iuto Englysshe by Robert Copland, 1532, Turke, .1592–3. Lond. J. Wolfe, 1595, 4to. Four leaves, black letter, with wood 4to. cuts. Bindley, pt. iv. 536, 41. The whole The Policy of the Turkish Empire. of the text of this interesting piece is Lond. J. Windet, 1587, 4to. printed in Ames' Typog. Antiq. by Dib The Mahumetane or Turkish Historie, din, iii. 116–19.

containing three bookes; translated from


1770, 12mo. 8 vols,-Lond. 1801, 12mo. 8 the French Italian by R. Carr, Lond. Vols. 11, 1s. 1600, 4to.

See Dunton's Memoirs, p. 182. Admirable Deliverance of 266 English TURKISH Tales ; consisting of men from the Turks. 1608, 4to. Bindley, several Extraordinary Adventures. pt. i. 149, 21, 5s.

With the History of the Sultaness A true Declaration of the Arrival Cornelius Haga, Ambassador for the

of Persia, and the Viziers. From General States of the United Nether- the Turkish of Chec Zade. Lond. lands at Constantinople, &c. Translated Tonson, 1708, 12mo. frontispiece, from the Dutch. Lond. 1618, 4to. pp. 32.

10s. 6d. Reprinted in the eighth volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

See PERSIAN and Turkishı Tales, p. 1835. Newes from Turkie touching the Death

TURLER, Ierome. The Traveiler of Achmet the late Emperour of the of Terome Turler devided into two Turkes : &c. Lond. 1618, 41o. Six leaves. Bookes. Lond. by William How

Strange and miraculous Newes from for Abraham Veale, 1575, 16mo. Tvrke, sent to our English Ambassadour Reed, 6233, 168. Bright, 5713, morocco, resident at Constantinople, of a Woman 21. 38. who was seene in the Firmament with a Book in her Hand at Medina Talnabi,

TURNBULL, D. Narrative of the where Mahomets Tombe is. Lond. 1642, French Revolution of 1830, the 4to. Four leaves.

Events which produced it, and the News from Turkie; a Relation of the Scenes by which it was accompaPassages of Sir Thomas Bendish with the Grand Seigneur.

Lond. 1648, 4to. nied. Lond. 1830, 8vo. 168. Bright, 5711, 8s. 6d.

Travels in Cuba, with an account 'of Capitulations and Articles of Peace be- Porto Rico, and the Slave Trade. Lond. tweene the King of England and the Sul- Longman, 1840, 8vo. map, 158. reduced, H. tan of the Ottoman Empire. Constanti. G. Bohn, 58. nople, 1663, 4to. Published by Paul

George, LL.D.

A Treatise Rycaut. Reed, 1956, 5s, 6d.

Lond A New Survey of the Turkish Empire, upon ancient Painting. History and Government. Lond. 1664, 1740, royal folio, 50 plates. small 8vo. 2 plates.

Edwards, 376, 21. 4s. Combe, 2135, 21. History of the Turks from the first 10s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1610*, 1l. 168. Font Founders to the year 1683, Lond. T. hill, 2450, 31, 178. 6d. Heath, 1368, 31. 6s. Passenger on London Bridge, 1683, 8vo. Mitford, April, 1860, 189. — Republished portrait of the Sultan.

under the following title : History of the Turks. Lond. 1719, 8vo. Collection of Ancient Paintings, after 4 vols. with a map and portraits. Wile the originals at Rome, with critical, hislett, 1245, 10s. 6d. Hanrott, pt. iii, 631, torical, and mythological Observations 11. 10s.

Lond. 1741, folio, 54 plates. History of the Turks, Moguls, and LARGE PAPER, royal folio. Tartars. 1730, 8vo. 2 vols. Roxburghe, 8398, 11. 4s.

John. A Voyage round the Observations on the Religion, Laws, Go World in 1800-1804. Second vernment, and Manners of the Turks. Edition, with numerous Additions. Lond. 1768, 8vo. 2 vols.

Sketches of Turkey in 1831-32, by an 1813, 4to. 10s. 6d. American. New York, 1833, 8vo.

Drury, 4439, 18s. Fonthill, 742, 11. 9s.

The first edition appeared in 1805, 8vo. Costume of Turkey. See COSTUME.

3 yols. TURKISH Spy.—Letters writ by a

Richard. Exposition upon Turkish Spy, who lived five and the Canonicall Epistle of Saint forty years undiscovered at Paris. James. Lond. J. Windet, 1591,

The author of this work, which was in 8vo. fact originally written in Italian, was

Pickering, pt. ii. 148. John Paul Marana, a Genoese.—1691, 8vo. 8 vols. Roxburghe, 6843, 98.-1694, 12mo. TURNEBUS, Adr. Epithalamium 7 vols. Fonthill, 3476, 31.-1707, 8 yols.- Francisci Valesii, illustriss. Franciæ 1748, 12mo. 8 vols.- Lond. 1763, 12mo. 3 Delphini et Mariæ Stuartæ, serevols.-The twenty-sixth Edition. Lond. niss. Scotorum Reginæ, Adr. Tur

upon them.

copy, 138.


nebo Auctore. Paris, apud Guil. privately printed. Eyton, presentation Morelium, 1558, 8vo.

Catalogue of the Works of Art, in the Pp. 12. Heber, pt. viii. 1s.

possession of Sir Peter Paul Rubens. See Adversaria. Paris, 1564-65, 4to.

RUBENS. Argent, 1599, folio.

Roman Antiquities of the City of Poemata. Paris, 1580, 8vo. Hadrott, Treves, translated from the German of pt. iii. morocco, 4s.

Wyttenbach. Lond. 1839, 8vo. 22 plates TURNER, Dawson. Account of and vignettes, 8s. 6d. reduced, H. G. Bohn,

58. a Tour in Normandy undertaken

The Turner Gallery. Outlines in Lichiefly for the Purpose of inves- thography of the Collection of Pictures tigating the Architectural Antiqui- of Dawson Torner, Esq. drawn on stone ties of the Duchy, with Observa- by Mrs. Dawson Turner. Yarmouth, 1840, tions on its History, on the Coun- imper. folio. 100 copies privately printed. try, and on its Inhabitants. Lond. Dawson Turner's sale, 3201, 31. 4s. 1820, royal 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 1s. Descriptive Index of the contents of

With 50 plates, etched by Mrs. Turner five Manuscript volumes illustrative of and J. S. Cotman. Brockett, 3185, 11. 108. the History of Great Britain, in the Stowe, 5294, 18s. J. Baker, May, 1855, Library of Dawson Turner. Yarmouth, 11. 10s.

1843, royal 8vo. privately printed. pp. 65 LARGE PAPER, INDIA PROOFS. and Index. Hibbert, 8105, 51. 58. Drury, 4346, mo- ner's sale, 2880, 11. 12s.

A copy on VELLUM. D. Turrocco, 51. 15s.6d. Puttick's, 1859, with the original Drawings, bound in 4 vols. Narrative of the Visit of King Charles 351,

II. to Norwich, Sept. 1671, as related by One copy VELLUM. D. Turner, pt. i. Blomefield and Echard, &c. Yarmouth, 2879, russia, 101.

1846, royal 8vo. pp. 19. Privately printed. The Botanist's Guide through England Guide to the Verification of Manu. and Wales, by Dawson Turner and Lewis scripts by reference to engraved facsimiles Weston Dillwyn. Lond. 1805, post 8vo. of handwriting. Yarmouth, 1848, royal 2 vols. White Knights, 4261, 10s.

A copy on VELLUM, unique. D. Tur. A Synopsis of the British Fuci. Yar-ner's sale, 2881, 21. 17s.6d. mouth, 1803, 12mo. 2 vols. 78.

List of Norfolk. Benefices continued Natural History of Fuci, or Sea Weeds, from Blomefield's History. Norwich, 1817, being coloured Figures and Descriptions of the Plants referred by Botanists to the

Sepulchral Reminiscences of a Market Genus Fucus; Latin and English. Lond. Town (Yarmouth). Yarmouth, 1848, 8vo. 1808-18, royal 4to. 4 vols. 258 tinted plates, Puttick's, July, 1862, with Ms. additions containing numerous figures, 61. 6s., or by the author, 11s. finely coloured, 121. 128. Currer, 2563, 121.

Fifty etchings of portraits by Mrs. DawLARGE PAPER, in folio, plates extra.co Heber, pt. vii. 46 108. Resold, Eğton, 11.

son Turner. 1823, 4to. privately printed. loured. Twenty-five copies printed, 211.

19s. Muscologiæ Hibernicæ Spicilegium. Etchings by Mrs. Dawson Turner, a Yarmouth, 1804, post 8vo. 16 coloured series of one hundred Portraits of Distinplates. Privately printed. Eyton, mo- guished Individuals, Yarmouth, vy rocco, 6s.

folio. 49 copies privately printed. D. Specimen of a Lichenographia Britanni- Turner's sale, 3200, 212. 10s. ca, or attempt at a History of British Lichens. Yarmouth, 1839, 8vo. pp. 240 and

A Collection of Etchings by Mrs. Daw. Index. Privately printed. Eyton, mo

son Turner. Portraits, Edifices, Land. scapes, &c.

Hanrott (upwards of 150, rocco, 10s.

Sketch of the History of Caistear being the most complete set ever sold), Castle, near Yarmouth. Lond. 1842, 8vo.

morocco, 361. Eyton, 1561, 67 portraits,

21. 12s. plates on INDIA PAPER, 5s. On the Mural Paintings in Catfield

J. M. W. Liber Studiorum, Church. n. p. or d. 8vo. Returns of Church Goods in Nine Studies of Pictures, drawn and

a Series of Seventy Plates, being Churches within the county of Norfolk. n. p. or d. Svo.

etched by Joseph Mallord William Catalogue of Engravings, Etchings, Turner, engraved by Charles Tur. the illustration of the Topography of ner, F. C. Lewis, Say, and others. Norfolk, n. p. 1811, "royal 8vo. pp. 216, Lond. 1812-19, oblong folio 14 Nos.


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