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Testament-English Versions.

The New Testament translated out of The New Testament translated from the original Greek and with the former the Greek; and the Four Gospels ar

Translations diligently compared and re

vised. ranged in Harmony, with some prelimi.

Arranged in Paragraphs, with nary Observations and Notes critical and various Tables, &c. By James Nourse. explanatory, by William Thomson, A.M. New York, 1827, 8vo. Kilmarnock, 1816, 8vo. 3 vols. A work of

The Gospel of God's Anointed, the little merit.

Glory of Israel, &c. being a recent VerA New Testament, on an original Plan, sion, in two parts, of the Greek Scrip. with an entire Page of marginal Refer

tures, (commonly called the New Testaences corresponding with each page of the ment), by the Rev. Alexander Greaves.

Printed for the Author, 1828, 18mo. Sign. text. Lond. Bagster, 1817, 12mo. 10s.

A-3, A 6, 5s. The New Testament, translated by Dr. New Testament, with References, and G. Campbell, Dr. P. Doddridge, and Dr. a Key of Questions, geographical, histoJ. Macknight. Lond. 1818, 12mo. rical, &c. by Henry Wilbur. [Entitled

The New Testament, translated out of the 'Reference Testament.'] Lond. 1829, the Latin Vulgate.

Edited by M, Sid. 8vo. ney, and carefully revised by the Rev, R.

The New Testament, in the Common Horrabin. Lond. by P. and F. Hack, 1818, Version, conformed to Griesbach's Standsmall 8vo.

ard Greek Text (by Nathan Hale). BosNew Testament. Rhemish version, ton, U.S. 1830, 8vo. edited by Dr. Poynter. Lond. Keating, taining Reflections, &c. by R. Marks.

The Devotional New Testament, con1818, 12mo. New Testament,

Rhemish version Lond. 1830, 4to. (no notes). Dublin, Coyne, 1820, 12mo.

The New Testament, a new and cor-Again, 1825.

rected version; or a minute revision and New Testament. Lond. Eyre and professed translation of the original His. Strahan, 1821, 12mo. stereotyped.

tories, Memoirs, Letters, &c. of the Evan

gelists and Prophets. The New Testament, arranged and

By Rodolphus

Dickinson. Boston, U.S. 1833, 8vo. The adapted for Family Reading, &c. By a

character of this curious version may be Layman of the Church of England (J. judged by the following specimen : Luke Watson). Lond. 1822, 4to. New Testament, translated from the beth heard the salutation of Mary, the

2, “And it happened that when ElizaLatin Vulgate. (Dr. Challoner's.) Lond. embryo was joyfully agitated, and ElizaS. Bagster, 1823, 8vo.

beth was pervaded by the Holy Spirit; New Testament, with the Porteusian and she exclaimed, with a loud voice Index. Lond. 1823, 8vo.

and said, Blessed are you among woThe New Testament, arranged in chro- men! and blessed is your incipient offnological and historical order, with copi. spring!" ous Notes by the Rev. George Townsend, DD. Lond. Rivington, 1825, 8vo. 2 vols. of 1582, with the original Preface, all

New Testament, the Rhemish version 21.-1828, 8vo. 2 vols.-Fourth edition, the Annotations, &c. New York, 1834, 1838, 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 10s.

8vo. The same work, but with (short) Notes.

New Testament, with various ReadLond. 1833, 8vo.- New edition, n. d. 8vo. ings, references to parallel passages and 11. 18. Reduced, H. G. Bohn, 4s. 60. explanatory notes. Lond. 1834, 8vo.-

1840, 8vo. New Testament. Rhemish version. The Diamond New Testament, with By Dr. Poynter. Lond. 1825, 8v0.- Notes by H. Stebbing. Lond. 1835, 24mo. With a new title-page, 1842,

The Sacred Writings of the Apostles A New self-interpreting Testament,

and Evangelists, commonly styled containing many thousands of various The New Testament, translated by Drs. Readings and Parallel Passages, &c. by Campbell, MacKnight, and Doddridge, the Rev. John Platts. Lond. 1827, royal with Prefaces, Emendations, and an Ap4to. Also publisied in 8vo. 4 vols.

pendix, by Alexander Campbell, Bethany,

U.S. Fourth edit.--Reprinted, 1835, 8vo. The New Testament, with a plain --Lond. Houlston, 1839, 18m0.-1844.—Exposition for the Use of Families, by 1848.-1852, 12mo. 3s. 6d. the Rev. Thomas Boys, M.A. Lond.

The New Testament, in raised Letters 1827, 4to,

FOR THE USE OF THE BLIND. By the Ameri. The New Testament, with Notes and an can and Massachusets Bible Societies. Introduction, by J.A.Cummings. Second Boston, U.S. 1836, 4to. 4 vols.- The same, Edition, revised and improved. Boston, printed by J. Alston. Glasg. 1837-8, 4to. 1827, 12mo.

4 vols.

Testament-English Versions. New Testament, with an explanatory The New

Testament, with a Commen- and practical Commentary by W. Dalton. tary by C. Girdlestone. Lond. 1836, 4to. . Lond. Seeleys, 1842, 8vo. 2 vols.-Third New Testament,

edition, 1848, 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 4s. Rhemish version, edited by Dr. Denvir. Belfast, 1836, 8vo.

New Testament, in Taylor's System of -1837, 12mo.-1839, 18mo.-1841.-1846, SHORT-HAND as improved by Odell. Lond. 24mo.-With a new title, 1850, 1851, and Groombridge (1843), 8vo. 15s. 1854.

New Testament, Rhemish version. The Book of the New Covenant of our Lond. and Belfast, 1843, 8v0.–1844, 18mo. Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, with Annotations, and an expository preface

New Testament, Rhemish version, by Granvillé Penn. Lond. 1836, 7, 8vo. (Dr. Challoner's). Dublin, 1843, 12mo. 2 vols. 11. 5s.-Supplemental Annotations, New Testament, Rhemish version, 1838, 8vo. 5s. New Testament, Rhemish version (Dr. / 12mo.--1851 and 1853.

(Dr. Murray's edition). Dublin, 1844, Challoner's), edited by Rev. C. McCarthy.

The Descriptive Testament, containing Dublin, 1837, 12mo.

the authorized translation, with Notes New Testament. Edinb. by Blair and explanatory of Rites, Customs, &c., by Bruce, 1838, 12mo. This edition has the I. Cobbin. Lond. 1845, square 12mo.-New following false reading: Matth. 25, 19, edition. Lond. Routledge, 1848, 5s. “ After a long time the lord of those ser

New Testament, Rhemish version, by vants cometh, and reckoneth with him." | Dr. Mac Hale. Tuam, 1846, 12mo.

New Testament. With Numismatical New Testament, Rhemish version, by Notes by J. Y. Akerman. Lond. J. R. Dr. Blake. Newry, 1838, 12m0.-1846.- Smith, 1846, 8vo. 5s. 6d. Belfast, 1847, 8vo.

New Testament (Phonotypically printNew Testament. Pictorial Edition. ed). Lond. 1846, 8v0.-1849, 8vo. and With Notes by John Kitto, D.D. Lond. 16mo. C. Knight, 1839, royal 4to. wood engra New Testament, authorized version, vings. This forms the fourth volume of with wood-cut illustrations by Kenny the Pictorial Bible.-Lond. 1850, 4to. Meadows. Lond. 1847, 4to.-Lond. In

New Testament (Dr. Denvir’s), with gram, 1852, 4to. 2s.6d. preface by Rev. Dan. Curoe. Belfast, translation into English, and now for the

Wycliffe's New Testament. The first 1839, 16mo. New Testament. Camb. J. W. Parker, 1 MS. written about 1380, formerly in the

first time printed from a contemporary 1839, 12ino. Long lines. New Testament, Camb. J. W. Par- tion of Lea Wilson, F.S.A.

Monastery of Sion, and late in the cüllec

Lond. by C. ker, 1839, 12mo. Long lines, in para- Whittingham for W. Pickering, 1848, graphs.

small 4to. Printed in BLACK LETTER on New Testament. (The Polymicrian.) Lond. Bagster, 1840, 32mo. maps, 4s.

THICK PAPER, pub, at 21. 2s. or in antique

calf, 21. 12s. 6d. Mr. Wilson had, previous The New Testament, translated from to his decease, prepared the transcript of the text of J. J. Griesbach. By Samuel this MS. and passed it through the Sharpe. Lond. for John Green, 1810, press to the end of the Gospels. See the 12mo.--Second edition, Moxon, 1844, 12mo. preface. Berry, in 1857, morocco, 11. 11s. 38. 6d. - Third edition, 1856, 12mo.-On VELLUM, only 2 or 3 copies printed. Fourth edition, 1859, 12mo, 2s. 60.--Fifth Maskell, May, 1854, 181. 18s. This veredition, Lond. J. R. Smith, 1862, 12mo.. sion differs from that published by 18. 6d.

Lewis and Baber. The New Testament, revised from the New Testament, translated by the Enauthorized version, with the aid of other glish College of Rhemes. Dublin, 1848; translations, and made conformable to 4to. plates. the Greek text of J. J. Griesbach. Re New Testament. Translated from the vised by a Layman [Edgar Taylor, Greek into pure English, with Notes by F.S.A.]. Lond. W. Pickering, 1840, 8vo. J. Morgan. Portland, U'.s., 1848, 8vo. 73. 6d.

New Testament, in Lewisian SHORTNew Testament (the Orthoepic); in AAND, lithographed by T. Coggin. Lond. which the pronunciation of every letter 1849, 8vo. is shewn, without altering the spelling, The New Testament, expounded and by George Knight. Edinb. 1840, 12mo. illustrated according to the usual Mar3s. 6d.

ginal References, in the very Words of New Testament, Rhemish version, Holy Scripture. By Clement Moody. edited by Dr. Kenrick. Philadelphia, Lond. Longman, 1849-61, 4to. 2 vols. 1840, 8vo.

i 11. 68.

Testament - English, continued. Welsh, continued.

New Testament, Rhemish version, (Dr. one in the Bodleian Library, (injured Challoner's). Recommended by Rev. A. by damp). A copy having been Queen Irvine. Dublin, 1850, 12mo.

Elizabeth's is in the Royal Library at New Testament, Rhemish version. New Dresden. The volume consists of 399 York (1850), 12mo. stereotyped.

leaves, not including a calendar, an EnNew Testament, Rhemish version, by glish dedication to Queen Elizabeth, Dr. Challoner. Lond. 1851, 12mo. signed William Salesbury, a long epistle

New Testament, with brief Notes by in Welsh to his Countrymen by the Bithe Rev. J, Edwards. New York,1851,8vo. shop of St. Davids, 16 leaves, and a Table,

The Chronological New Testament, di- 2 leaves. Printed in long lines, 31 to the vided into Paragraphs, with Introduction, full page. &c. by R. Blackader. Lond. 1851, small The New Testament in Welsh. Lond. 4to. 78. 60.-1853, reduced, 5s.

1647, 12mo. This edition has neither New Testament, a literal translation contents of chapters nor marginal referfrom the Syriac Peshito version, by James ences, Murdock, D.D., with marginal references Testûn Testament newydd ein Harglin Syriac. New York, 1851, 8vo. portrait, wydd a'n Jachawdwr Jesu Grist, yn 10s. 60.-Reprinted 1855.

Benhillion Cymraeg newn Egwyddoraidd New Testament, PRINTED FOR THE drefn, a osodwyd allau trwy lafür Ri Blind, on the principle of elementary Jones. (The New Testament abridged in sounds. Lond. (1851), 4to. 8 parts. Welsh verse.) Yn Llundain gan John

The Emphatic New Testament, accord- Broun, 1653, 8vo. Tenison, June, 1861, ing to the authorized version, with the 31. 13s. 6d. various Readings in English of the Vati. New Testament in Welsh. 1654. can MS., by John Taylor. Lond. Bagster, New Testament in Welsh. Oxford, 1852-54, 8vo. 12s. 6d.

1671. New Testament in PHONETIC SHORT Llyfr y Psalmau ynghyd â Testament HAND. Lond. 1853, 8vo.

Newydd ein Harglwydd a'n Hiachawdwr New Testament, with 2400 Questions Jesu Christ. The Book of Psalms in for examination by C. and J. Eves. Lond. Prose and Metre; together with the New 1854, 12mo. 2s,

Testament (in Welsh). Llundain gap E. New Testament. The Family Com. Tyler, 1672, 8vo. mentary by T. Raven. Lond. 1856, 8vo. New Testament in Welsh, 1673.

New Testament (Polyglot), with mar. New Testament in Welsh. Llundain, ginal readings showing the historical 1752, folio. connection. Glasgow, 1857, 16mo. maps. New Testament in Welsh. 1767, 8vo.

A revised Translation of the New Tes New Testament in Welsh. 1799. tament; with a notice of the principal Testament Newydd. The New Testavarions Readings in the Greek Text, ment in Welsh. 1806, 12mo, - 1808, By K. Highton. Lond. Bagster, 1862, 12mo.-1814, 12mo.-1819, 12mo.– 1825, 8vo, 10s. 60.

18mo. everal other editions have of The New Testament for English Read. late years been published by the Bible ers, containing the authorized version, Society, with Marginal Corrections of Readings

* Testament Newydd. Cærfgrddin, and Renderings, Marginal References, (Carmarthaen), 1811, 8vo. and a critical and explanatory Comnen Testament Newydd. Caer Grawnt tary. By Henry Alford, D.D. Lond. (Cambridge), 1813, 12mo.-1826, 12mo. 1863, 8vo. 2 vols. (Vol. i. part 1, the Testament Newydd. Llundain, 1814, three Gospels, 12s., all yet published.) 8vo.

Testament Newydd Dwy ieithawg Welsh.

(Duoglott). Welsh and English. Den

bigh, 1824, 12mo. Testament newydd ein arglwydd Jesu New Testament in Welsh and English. Christ, &c. Lond. by H. Denham at the Oxford, 1826, 12mo. Costes of Humfrey Toy, 1567, 4to. BLACK Testament Newydd. Rhydychain LETTER The first edition of the Testa- (Oxford), 1830, 12mo. ment in Welsh. The translator was Wil. Testament Newydd gyda nodau eglur liam Salesbury, assisted by Thomas Huatt haol, ar bob adnod gan y parch. James and Richard Davies, Bishop of St. David's. Hughes. Wyddgrug, 1835, 12mo.-AnoHeber, pt. vii. (the first two leaves da- ther edition, Treffynnon (Holywell), 1839, maged, presented by Dr. S. Johnson to 32mo.-ib. 1846, 8vo. Dr. Worthington), 41. 1s. Bliss, pt. i. 631. Testament Newydd. Cyfieithiad, W. Savilles, Feb. 6, 1861 (wanting title, 4 pre- Salesbury. Caernarfon, 1850, 8vo. liminary leaves and 2 sheets), 231. A New Testament, Welsh and English. copy is in the British Museum, and Lond. 1853, 32mo.—New York, 1856, sro.

Testament-Welsh, continued. Irish, continued.

* Testament Newydd. Lond. 1860, 8vo. 11, 1856 135. A copy having both the 1s. 30.-1862, sm. 4to. 1s. 9d.–1863, 16mo. English and Irish Dedications is in the 9.-24mo. 6d.

Grenville Collection. * Testament Newydu. Welsh and En The Books of the Old Testament were glish in parallel columns. Lond. 1861, published in 1685. See BIBLE. 24mo. 1s.

The same version revised by Robert Gaelic.

Kirk, (with Bedel's Translation of Tiomnadh Nuadh, ar Tighearna agus ar Old Testament). Lond. 1690, 12mo. Slanuigh-fhir Iosa Criosd, etc. The New

New Testament in Irish Gaelic. (From Testament in the Gaelic Language by Kirk's edition.) Glasgow, 1754, 8vo. the Rev. James Stewart, Minister of

Tomna Nuadh. The New Testament Killin. Dun-Eudain (Edinb.], 1767, 8vo. in Irish. (Lond.) 1763, 8vo. and 12mo. This translation, printed at

* New Testament, in the Irish characthe expense of the Society in Scotland ter, with a Glossary, Irish and English. for propagating Christian Knowledge, Lond. 1810, 12mo. bears a high character for fidelity and

New Testament, in Irish, in the Roaccuracy: Ten thousand copies printed. man

Character. Shacklewell, 1813, New Testament in the Gaelic Lan 12mo. Published by the British and guage. Revised by the Rev. Dr. Stewart Foreign Bible Society. It has been since of Luss, son of the Translator. Dun- several times reprinted by the society. eidain, [Edinb.] 1796, 12mo. Of this

The New Testament in the Vernacular edition twenty-one thousand five hundred Language of Ireland. Shacklewell, 1818,

Printed with beautiful Irish copies were printed for the Society for 12mo. Propagating Christian Knowledge.

types, but the errors are innumerable.' -Several subsequent editions, 8vo. and O'Reilly. 12mo. Edinb. 1813, 12mo.-1819.-1821.

* The New Testament in Irish charac- 1825. - 1826, two editions. - 1827,

ter. Lond. 1820, 8vo.-1821, 12m0.1829, &c.

1824, 12mo.-1861, 12mo. 1s. * The New Testament in Gaelic. Re

New Testament in Irish character. vised by the Rev. Dr, Dewar for the Dublin, 1829, 12m0.-1830, 12mo.-Dublin, British and Foreign Bible Society. 1858, 4to. Lond. 1807.-1821, four editions.-1828.

Manks. -1829, and 1831. small 12mo. and 8vo. Conaant Noa. The New Testament in See Reid's Bibliotheca Scoto-Celtica, the Manks Language, translated by Dr.

* New Testament in Gaelic. Lond. Thos. Wilson and Dr. Hildesley, Bishops 1840, 24mo. 1s.

of Sodor and Man. Lond. Oliver, 1763-67,

8vo. 2 vols. * New Testament in Gaelic. Lond.

New Testament in the Manks Lan1855, 8vo. 1s. 90.-12mo. 1s. 1d.

guage. Whitehaven, 1775, 8vo.

* New Testament in the Manks Lan. Irish.

guage. Lond. 1810, 12mo. Published by Tiomna Nuadh, ar Dtighearna Agus ar the Bible Society. — Shacklewell, 1815, Slanajghtheorra Josa Criosd, re Hülliam 12mo. O Domhnuill. The New Testament in

Polyglotts. Irish, in Anglo-Saxon Character. (Dublin) 1602, small folio. The Irish types

Novum Testamentum Græcum, Lati. for this volume were furnished at the

num, Syriacum, Arabicum, Æthiopicum,

et Persicum, Londini, 1657, folio. This expense of Queen Elizabeth. The ver

forms the fifth volume of the London Po. sion was begun by Bp. Nicholas Welsh, lyglott, but some copies have the followJohn Kearney, and Nehemiah Donellan, Bishop of Tuam, and was finished by the ing distinct title, Novum Testamentum Editor,who succeeded Donellan as Bishop juxta Editionem Bibliorum Polyglot. In of Tuam, assisted by Abp. Usher. Heber, qua Textus Græcus, cum versione Interli

neari et vulg. Lat. Translationes Antipt. ix. (with Common Prayer Book in Trish, 1608), 2 vols. russia, 191. Bp. Daly, quæ, &c. Londini, 1698.? in 1858, 251. Copies are in the Bodleian Græci Textus Archetypi, Versionis Sy

Novi Testamenti Biblia triglotta; sive Library, the Grenville Collection, Bri. tish Museum, and in the Library of the riacæ, et Versionis Latini Vulgatæ Synop

sis: cui accedunt Subsidia critica varia. British and Foreign Bible Society.

(Evangelia) Cura et impensis Rob. Watts, Tiomna Nuadh. The New Testament Londini, 1828, 4to. In this handsomely in Irish Character, translated by William printed volume the Greek text is printed O'Domhnuill, and edited by Bishop Bedell. after the editions of Knapp and Vater, Lond. 1681, 4to. White Knights, 4200, with improved punctuation; this is 118. Heber, pt. i. 11. Sotheby's, Aug. , accompanied by the Syriac version, after

Testament-Polyglotts, contd. Greek, continued. the text of Professor Lee's edition of 1728, 51. 7s. 60. A copy, with MS. notes 1816; and at the foot of the page is the by T. Morell, is in the British Museum. Latin Vulgate Version, according to the LARGE PAPER. Heath, 549, russia, 11. 58. Sixtine recension, printed from the Ant Novum Testamentum Græcum, cum werp edition of 1603, which was superin- Notis Scaligeri, Stephani, et Casauboni. tended by John Moret. Prefixed is Londini, apud R. Whittaker, 1633, sm. Prof. Vater's Index of critical subsidia; 8vo. A good and convenient edition for the and in an appendix is given his selection pocket, says Dr. A. Clarke. Savile's, of various readings, with the authori. Dec. 1860, ils. ties by which they are supported.

Novum Testamentum, cujus Græco Novum Testamentum Polyglottum, contextui respondent Interpretationes Græcum, Syriacum Latinum, Lusitanum, duæ; una, vetus, altera Theodori Bezæ; et Anglicum, textum archetypum. Lond. cum ejusdem Theod. Bezæ AnnotationiBagster, 1829, 4to. 11. 11s. 60.-1849, 4to. bus : Accessit etiam Joachimi Camerarii 11. Is. (Forming part of Bagster's Poly- in Novum Foedus Commentarius, in quo glott Bible. See p. 171.).

et Figuræ Sermonis, et Verborum Signi. The English Hexapla, with Greek ficatio, et Orationis Sententia, ad illius Text (Bagster's), 1841, 4to. See under Foederis Intelligentiam certiorem, tracGreek Testament, p. 2647.

tantur, Cantabr. R. Daniel, 1642, folio. Best edition of Beza's Testament.


set, 750, 11. 18. Novum Testamentum Græcum, ad Edi Novi Testamenti Libri omnes, adjecte tionem Henr. Stephani (1582) impressum, sunt variæ Lectiones, &c. Lond. excudecum Notis marginibus, Londini, Tho. bat M. F. prostant apud Danielem Frere. Vautrollier, 1587, 16mo. A very neat 1648, 12mo. book. Title in red and black, with H. Novum Testamentum Græcum. Lond. Stephen's preface, 6 leaves ; various read- R. Daniel (1652), 32mo. engraved title. ings in red and black, 17 leaves, all un Novum Testamentum Græcum, Editio paged. Text, pp. 377. The first edition nova accurata. Lond. R. Daniel, 1652, of the New Testament in Greek printed 12mo. Printed in double columns, 7s.6d. in England. Copies are in George IV. A copy, with numerous MS. notes, is in Lib., British Museum; the Bodleian the British Museum, Library, and in Earl Spencer's collection. Novum Testamentum Græcum, adjectæ

Novum Testamentum Græcum, cum sunt variæ Lectiones, &c. Lond. R. Notis marginibus. Londini, excude. Daniel, 1653, 4to. Formed from the edi. bant Reg. Typog. C. Barker et G. Bi. tion of Vignonius. (Printed to accompany shop, 1592, 24mo. A very curious edi. Daniel's Septuagint of this date.) Gough, tion, printed in Elzevirian type. It 3794, 7s.6d. has the remarkable addition in Matth. Novum Testamentum Græcum. Lond. i. 2, found in several MSS. A copy is in ex off. R. Danielis, 1653,8vo. Adapted to Earl Spencer's collection. Williams, 1718, Daniel's Septuagint. A copy, with MS. ruled, morocco, 31.

notes by T. Mangey, is in the British Novum Testamentum Græcum, cum Museum. Argumentis ad singula capita, Locis pa Novum Testamentum Græcum. Huic rallelis, &c. Lond. (1609), 8vo.

Editioni omnia difficiliorum Vocabulorum Novum Testamentum Græcum, cum Themataquæ in G. Pasoris Lexico gram. Notis R. Stephani, I. Scaligeri, I. Ca- maticè resolvuntur in Margine apposuit sauboni, &c. et variis Lectionibus. Carolus Hoole. Londini, 1653, 12mo. A Londini, ap. J. Billium, 1622, 8vo. Title very useful edition, reprinted 1664, 1672, and dedication, pp. 8. Text, pp. 325, 1673, 12mo. ; 1674, 1701, 8vo. All remarkand the various readings and notes, 72 able for the multiplicity and intricacy of leaves unpaged. An edition, accord- the contractions in the Greek text. ing to Mill and Le Long, replete with Novum Testamentum Græcum (edidit errors. Edwards, 816, russia, 9s. The Joan. Pearsonius, Episc. Cestrencis). Can. dedication copy (to James I.) is in the tab. Field, 1665, 12mo. This was printed British Museum,

to accompany Field's edition of the SepNovum Testamentum Græcum. Cant. tuagint. ap. Tho. Buck, 1632, sm. 8vo. engraved Novum Testamentum Græcum. Lond. title, 5s. A beautiful and accurate edi-J. Redmaine, 1674, 12mo. tion. Steevens, 102, morocco, 11, 1s. Testainenti Novi Libri omnes: acces. Williams, 1722, morocco, 11. Duke of serunt parallela Scripturæ Loca, necnon Grafton, 35, morocco, 11. 2s. Heber, pt. variantes Lectiones ex plus 100 MSS. Co. ii. the first leaf supplied in pen and ink, dicibus et antiquis Versionibus collecta morocco, presented with autograph in- (a Joanne Fell, Episc. Oxon.). Oxon. e scription by Pope to Lord Bolingbroke, in Theatro Sheldon, 1675, sm. 8vo. An ex

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