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Testament-English Versions. the title and table included. The title is reverse of the title begins the Calendar in a compartment used by P. Treveris to in black and red; with the Office of all the Polychronycon, printed by him for estates, pp. 16. Exhortation, pp. 23.

John Reynes, 1527. Some copies have Willyam Tyndale unto the Christen wood-cats in the book of the Revelation, reader, pp. 18. After the text, a Table,

while other copies are without them, the &c. pp. 19. The leaves are not numbered; type being in all respects the same. Cothe signatures run in eights, beginning pies in which the cuts are introduced, are at Erasmus' exhortacion. A to N niiii. necessarily extended about 20 leaves. In A full page contains 36 lines. It has Earl Spencer's Library, and a copy was wood-cuts throughout.

Dr. Cotton says,

in the Duke of Sussex's Library. A fiue " I judge it to be of foreign execution and perfect copy is in the Cathedral Li. and to have been printed from the 12mo brary, Canterbury, without the woodcuts, edition of 1536." A fine perfect copy is and Mr. Lenox has a copy with the cuts. in the Douce Collection, Bodleian Library. Mr. Lea Wilson described an imperfect The newe testament, both Latine and copy, No. 16 of his Catalogue, as 32mo. Englyshe ech correspondent to the under the date 1542, (see p. 2621). This other after the vulgare texte, communely copy is now in the Collection of Mr. Lenox. called S. Jeroms. Faythfully transStevens, 151. 15s.

lated by Myles Conerdale. Anno.

M.CCCCC.XXXVIII. Printed in Southwarke The newe Testament in Englyshe and by James Nicolson. Set forth wyth the Latyn, according to the Translacyon of Kynges moost gracious licence, 4to. This doctour Erasmus of Roterodam; set forthe is Nicolson's first edition of Coverdale's vnder the kynges moste gracious ly. New Testament, printed while Coverdale cence. Impr. by Rob. Redman, 1538, 4to. was in Paris, superintending the print. The text of this impression is that of ing of the Great Bible, 1539. It was in. Tyndale, copied from Matthew's Bible of tended to be an adaptation of his editiou 1537, and the controverted passage of St. of 1535, (which had been translated from John (1 Ep. ch. v. 7) is put within a pa- the Greek), to the accompanying version renthesis. Duke of Grafton, 57, mor. in Latin. His intention is stated in his 21. 10s. Pickering, pt. ii. 3198, title fac. Dedication of the Paris edition in No. simile, and 3 sheets wanting, 31. 2s. 6d. vember of this same year, 1538, namely, Bp. Daly, in 1858 (title and first sheet" that the correctour shulde followe the supplied from a smaller copy of the same true copye of the latyn in anye wyse edition), 101. 108. Copies are in the Bri- and kepe the true and right Englisle of tish Museum, St. Paul's, the Bodleian the same. And so doynge I was content Library, Royal Institution, Exeter Col. to set my name to it." But upon obtainlege, Balliol College, Earl Spencer's and ing a copy he complains that he found Mr. Francis Fry's Collections. Most of it did not agree with his former transthem are more or less imperfect. Mr. lation in English, and was not a true Lenox is the fortunate possessor of a copy of the Latin text. This edition was very fine and perfect copy, which was unknown to Lewis and others. In Heber's priced by Mr. Stevens in 1855, at 1701. Catalogue it is said, “This is the first Collation. The title, in red and black, is of the two editions printed in the same within a wood-cut, then follows an alma- year, and the Edition of which Conacke for 22 years, beginning 1539; a ca- verdale endeavoured to call in all the lendar, 6 leaves, and a second title in black copies." Mr. Offor, upon an attentive only, 'The newe Testament in Englyshe reading of the two editions printed this & in Latin. Novum Testamentum Anglice year, one in the name of Coverdale, the et Latine, anno Dñi 1538.' Revelation ends other of Hollybushe, is satisfied that, on fol. cclxxxxii, after which are the though copied one from the other, they Pystles of the Olde Testament, 8 leaves, are distinct editions; and both of them and tables, 4 leaves. With wood-cuts of very incorrect. In Matthew XXVI. letthe Evangelists ; on the last is the Colo- ter o, before the cock synge, thou shalt phon with the date. A full page contains denye me thryse,' is corrected in the 40 lines.

one by Hollybushe to 'before the cock do crowe,' &c.

The singular translation The newe Testament of our Sauioure in Romans xv. letter c, lest I shulde Jesu Christ, newly and diligently trans. buylde vppon another mans fundamente,' lated in to Englysshe by Thomas Ma. is the same in both. Fol. 22, last two thew, with Annotations in ye Mergent to lines. Mr. Francis Fry informs us that helpe the Reader to the Vnderstāyding he has compared the copies in the British of the Texte. Set forth with the Kynges Museum with his own, and finds every moostgratious Lycense. Anno M.D.xxxviii ' leaf in the two editions differ. White 4to. This edition consists of fol. C. XXXI. Knights, 4198, morocco, 5l. 188. Duke of

Testament-English Versions. end, in all 6 leaves), 121. Tenison, June, Grafton, 56, mor. 71. Heber, pt. viii. title 1861, 100 (wanting title-page), 251. Anoand preliminary leaves MS. 41. Heber, pt. ther copy, 101, a few leaves wormed, and viii, morocco, 341. 138. Stevens, in 1855, wanting title-page and 6 leaves, 111. 168. tine and perfect, 841. Bp. Daly, in 1853 Stevens, perfect, 841. Copies, more or less (title and Almanac and Kalendar, 2 leaves perfect, are in the Bodleian Library, Tri. MS.), 251. Perfect copies are in George nity Coll. Cambridge, and in Mr. Offor's IV. Library, British Museum, the Bod. and Mr. Francis Fry's Collections; and leian, and in Mr. Francis Fry's and Mr. others, in perfect, are in the British MuLenox's Collections. Collation.--Title, re

seum and St. Paul's Library. Mr. Lenox verse blank; dedication to King Henry has a remarkably fine and perfect copy. VIII. signed “Myles Coverdale, pp. 3; See Lewis' History of the English Transla"To the Reader,' pp. 3; An Almanack for tions of the Bible, pp. 112–15; Dr. Cotxviii yeares and a Kalendar, pp. 4; Text, ton's List of Editions of the Bible, pp. fol. 1 (unnumbered) to 344.' A Table to 135–6, or 2nd edition, p. 330; and Lea finde the Epistles and Gospels, &c. pp.

Wilson's Catal: (No. 14) pp. 157-8. 4, unnumbered. The Latin text is in the Roman character, as also the running

The new Testament both in Latin and titles and numbers of the chapters. Å English after the vulgare texte : which is full page contains 41 lines. Tbis edition red in the churche. Translated and coris distinguished from the next (Holly- rected by Myles Couerdale: and pryn. bushe's) by the letter N in the word SANC- tet in Paris by Fraunces Regnault, TUM, at beginning of St. Matthew's Gos. M.ccccc.xxxvii. in Nouembre. Printed pel, being printed upside down. In Dr. for Richard Grafton and Edward Wbit. Cotton's List of the various Editions of church cytezens of London, 8vo. This is the Bible, is a copious description of the Coverdale's revised orauthorized edition, volume, and a few of the variations are printed under his own eye at Paris. In this given, but in his first edition he made the errors of the former editions of this several misstatements, which are correct- year, which are so severely complained ed in his second. See also Lea Wilson's of by Coverdale in his preface, are corCatal, (No. 13) pp. 156-7.

rected, and the whole so thoroughly re

vised that it may almost be considered The newe testament both in Latine a new translation. According to Fox, in and Englyshe eche correspondente to the his Martyrology, it was printed at the other after the vulgare texte, commune- expense of Bishop Bonner, and under the ly called S. Jeromes. Faythfullye trans- immediate care of the translator, and a lated by Johan Hollybushe (i e. Miles Co- few copies being sent as presents to the verdale) Anno. MCCCCC.xxxvii. Prynted in council and officers of state, gained Bon. Sonth warke by James Nicolson. Set forth ner, then Bishop of Hereford, the see of with the Kynge's moost gracious lycence, London, after which, on Dec. 17, the im. 4to. This is Nicolson's Second edition of pression was seized at Paris and deCoverdale's New Testament, and so stroyed by the Inquisition. White closely resembles the first, that it is Knights, 4093, imperfect, morocco, 51. 2s. difficult to distinguish them without 6d. Heber, pt. vi. morocco (the title, dehaving them before you. Nothing is dication, and leaf 195, slightly defective, knowo of Holly bushe, whose name ap. supplied in facsimile), 211. Gardner, July, pears on the title-page. It is probably 1854, fine old red morocco, 821. This was a pseudonym adopted by the printer in Lea Wilson's copy, and is now in the consequence of the complaints of Cover. library of Lord Ashburnham.) Stevens, dale against the inaccuracies of the for- 1855, fine and pefect, 751. Pickering, mer edition. A great many corrections pt. ii. 3200 (wanting 4 leaves), 71. 10s. were made in this edition, both in the Sotheby's, Aug. 22, 1857, morocco (title Latin and English texts, yet, from new and 4 leaves facsimile), 191. Sotheby's blunders, it cannot be called on the whole (Corrie), Apr. 1863 (wanting title and last any more accurate than the first. Colla. leaf of Almanac), 131. 5s. Copies are tim.-Title in black, Dedication, 3 pages, in the Lambeth, St. Paul's and Baptist To the Reader, 3 pages. Almanac and Museum Libraries, Christ Church and Kalendar in red and black, two leaves. A All Souls' Colleges, Oxford, in St. John's to Vv vi, in eights, fol. 1 to 342, on reverse College, Cambridge, (mostly imperfect), of which the Apocalypse ends. Table, British Museum (title and first prelimi&c. 2 leaves unpaged. In this, as well as nary leaf facsimile), and Mr. Fry's Collecthe former edition, the numeration of the tion, Mr. Lenox has a perfect copy, and anleaves is very incorrect. The number of other, in beautiful condition, is in Mr. tines in a page is the same, 41. Sotheby's, Offor's Collection. Collation.- Fol. cclxxiv. Nov. 25, 1858, (cnt close and wanting title, not including Title and dedication to lorde Dedication - To the Reder," and Table at Cromwell, two leáves; an almanack for

Testament-English Versions. The signatures run in eights, and are xvii. yeares commencing 1639, and kalen- these : * &-, A-X [signature I is redar, 4 leaves. The Table commences on peated, but the first extends to half a the reverse of fol. cclxxiv. and is continued sheet only), A 2-N n, the last of whicli

A full pa

is not a complete sheet, on the two following leaves.

There are contains 49 lines. The Latin text is in woodcuts in the Revelations. The last leuf Roman letter. There are no woodcuts ex was wanting in the copies collated. A

full page contains 37 lines. The translacepting one on the first leaf of the text.

tion agrees with Coverdale's 4to. and 8vo, The new Testament of oure Sauyour of the same year. Tyndale's prologue to Jesu Christ. Faythully translated & the Epistle to the Romans is inserted, lately correcte: wyth a true concor- but with some alterations and omissions. daunce in the margent, & many neces- Copies (wanting the last leaf) are in sary annotacions, &c. Imprynted at Trinity Coll., Dublin, Public Library, Antwerpe by Matthew Crom, 1538, 12mo. and Emanuel College, Cambridge, BriThis is the first separate edition of Co- tish Museum (imperfect beginning and verdale’s Version of the New Testament, end). See Ames' Typogr. Antiq. by Heras given in his Bible of 1535. It con- bert, iii. 1549. tains Tyndale's prologues, is neatly printed in a small black' letter type, The New Testamēt, both in Latin and with aumerous well.executed wood-cuts, English, after the vulgare text: which is 48 lines in a full page, no folios, numerous red in the churche. Trāslated and cormarginal references, and a gloss at the rected by Myles Coverdale. Prynted by end of each chapter. Collation.Title, Richard Grafton and Edward White within anemblematical border, Almanack, church, 1539, 8vo. Dr. Cotton supposes Kalendar, and two prologues, * i-viii. this to be the Paris edition of 1538, with The Testament, &c... A to Z 6, and a to o a reprinted title and dedication. See his viii.; together 304 leaves. Duke of Sus- List, p. 16. Sotheby's, May, 1860 (slightly sex, 101. 108, hought by Lord Ashburn- damaged, and wanting many leaves), 7i. ham. Utterson, in 1852, (wanting title- bought by Mr. Stevens, and returned page, some of the preliminary leaves, and because on collation it proved to be idenseveral leaves facsimile), 61. 15s. Ste-tical with Coverdale's Paris edition of vens, imperfect, 301. Copies are in the 1538, excepting the title and dedication. Baptist Library, Bristol ; St. Paul's Ca- A copy is in C. C. College Library, Oxford, thedral; British Museum; Grenville Col. lection (the only perfect copy known);

The new

Testament in Englysshe: Christ Church, Oxford; York Minster; after the Greke exemplar: Dilygently and in Mr. Francis Fry's and Mr. Lepox's translated and corrected by Rycharde Tin Collections.

verner. M.D.XXXIX. 4to. On the reverse In the Library of the British and Fo- of the title is an Almanac for 28 years, reign Bible Society is a copy (imperfect) Calendar, pp. 6. A Table for the Evanof this edition of the New Testament, and gelists, pp. 16. A Table for the Acts, corresponding with the above collation, pp. 6. The Text. Epistles of the old

Tables. except that the imprint reads, 'Fynished Test.

On the reverse of the in the yeare of oure Lorde (MDXXXVur.' last leaf 'Imprynted at London in Paules See Catalogue of the Library of the Church yearde at the sygne of the May. British and Foreign Bible Society, 1857, den's heed, by Thomas Petyt for Thomas

Berthelet, Prynter to the Kynges Grace,

Cum. p. cl. i. 8.' Printed in a bold black The newe Testament. Faythfully trans- letter type, with a wood-cut at the comlated and latly correcte by Myles Cover- mencement of each gospel, with signadale. With a true Concordaunce in the tures, but no pagination. A full page margent, and many necessary Annota

contains 34 lines (in eights). Duke of cyons after the Chapters, declarynge son- Sussex, 251. bought by Lord Ashburnham. dry harde Places conteyned in the Texte. Copies are in the Bodleian Library and Prynted in the Yeare of our Lorde St. Paul's, and a copy, imperfect, is in Mr. M.CCCCCXXXVIII. 16mo. (in appearance Oftor's Collection. small 24mo.). Set forth wyth the kynges license. Collation,-Title in red

The new Testament in Englysche after and black. Searche the scripture in a label over the Newe Testament, both lated and corrected by Rycharde Taver

the Greeke Exemplar: diligently transwithin a wood-cut tablet. On the reverse ner, M.D.xxxix. Lond. by Thomas Petyt, an Almanac for 18 years. Calendar, pp. for Thomas Berthelet, 12mo. The new 12. To the reader, pp. 2. Prologue, pp. Testament contains fol. cccv. At the 8. The sum of St. Matthew's Gospel, pp. .end are the epistles from the old Testa. 4. The Text begins on signature I vii. ment to fol. cccxix. ; then a table to find

p. 113.

Testament-English Versions. The new Testament. Tyndale's (1542?) the epistles and gospels after the use of 32mo. The only perfect copy known in Salisbury. 9 leaves unnumbered, on the in the Bodleian Library. An imperfect last the printer's colophon. The volume

one was in Mr. Lea Wilson's Collection, has marginal references; but no notes (erroneously described by him as 1526 nor prologues, nor any wood-cuts. The or {537, see p. 2618,) which is now running titles are in Roman letters. A

in the possession of Mr. Lenox. Col. full page contains 36 lines.

lation.- Title and Calendar: Exhor.

tation to the studye of Scripture, The new Testament. Antwerpe by pp. 23.

Willyam Tyndale unto the Matthew Crom, 1539, sm. 8vo. This edi. Christen reader, pp. 18. S. Matthew tion is printed in a larger black letter wanting. S. Mark begins on K iii. Acts type than that of 1538, with different on cc iii. Prologue to the Romans, pp. wood-cuts. Tyndale's prologues, with 39, Philemon begins on AA, Revelathe exception of that to the Romans, are

tion ends on K K, reverse Here folow. the also to be found in this edition. 'The Epystles, &c. pp. 25. Epistles of the signatures (in eights) are A-Z, A a, Bb, Saynctes, pp. 9. Table, pp. 15. Epistles ***a-v, the last leaf being v viii. St. and Gospels of the Saynctes, pp. 4. A Mark begins on F viii; Acts on X ; Ro- full page contains 36 lines. The whole mans on a; St. James on o; Revelation of the type is in black letter. There are on o vii. For a particular description of many wood-cuts ard initial letters which the volume, which, according to Mr. are the same as those in a Flemisl Bible Offor, abounds with typographical errors, printed by Van Loo at Antwerp in 1512, see. Ames' Typogr. Antiq. by Herbert, vl.

folio. Mr. Stevens says they are also the 1519-50. Copies are in the Douce Collec same as those in the French version, tion, Bodleian Library (wanting title and Anvers, chez Jehan Kichard (1543), 12no. last leaf of Calendar), St. Paul's Library The newe Testamēt in Englishe, ac(imperfect), Baptist Coll. Bristol, and in cordyng to the translacion of the greate Mr. Francis Fry's Collection.

Byble. Londini, In officina Kicardi

Graftoni, 1546, 12mo. A fine copy is in The Newe Testament in Englyshe, 1 -Title in black and red within a com

the Baptist Library, Bristol. Collation. translated after the Texte of Master Erasmus of Roterodame, in Anno M.D.xl. partment bearing the king's arms at the Prynted by Rychard Grafton and Edward top and Grafton's cipher at the bottom; Whytchurche, 4to. Contains fol, ccxlu. on the reverse an Almanac for xxv years. besides the table to find the epistles and

Calendar, pp. 6. Table of the Evange. gospels after Salisbury use; by sign.

lists and Acts, pp. 22. Rehersall, pp. 2. H 5. Probably it should have another The Text, a 1, ending on R iii. Table to leaf with a colophon. On the back of the find the Epistles, &c. pp. 7, a blank page. title is an almanack for 19 years, begin. On the last leaf the colophon. ning 1540, then the kalendar.

It is en

The new Testament in Englishe ac. tirely in black letter: it has no prologues, cord yng to the Translacion of the great heads of chapters, nor marginal notes, Byble. Lond. by Edward Whitchurche, neither are there any cuts except that 1547, sm. 8vo. Black letter, with wood. the initials are cut in wood. A full page cut initials.. A copy is in the collection contains 39 lines. In the Bodleian Li. of Mr. Offor, who conjectures that the brary is a copy on yellow paper.

edition was suppressed, as a portion of

the first chapter of Revelations, about The Newe Testament in Englishe ac

eleven verses, is omitted in the printing, cordynge to the translacion of the greate viz, from I Jhon your brother, and

copa Bible. Lond. in officina Richardi Graf. nion in tribula-' to and the seuen golden toni, Anno M.J).XL. Cum privilegio ad

candelstickes.' imprimer dum solum, 12mo. Collation, The Newe Testament in Englishe and in Title, in red and black, within a bor- Latin. Novum Testamentum Anglicé et der, on the reverse the Almanake, Latine. Anno Dõi 1548. [in the colophon followed by the Kalendar, 4 leaves. 1547] 4to. A reprint of Redman's The text begins on fol. 1, a 1, and con edition of Tyndale's English and Erascludes on the reverse of fol. 395, wrongly mus? Latin Test, distinguishable by numbered 393. Then a Table of 3 leaves ; having the head line in Roman type, the on the recto of D d vii is the device of former being in black letter. Title, in Graftou, the reverse and Dd viji being a border, on the reverse, The bokes conblank. Together 404 leaves. A very tayned, &c, the Text, fol. ii-cclxxxxii neatly printed book. The only copy Epistles of the Old Testament, pp. 16 known is in the Grenville Collection, (not numbered). The Table, &c. pp. 8. British Museum.

On the last, Thus endeth the newe

Testament-English Versions. been confounded with (swen's edition of Testament, &c. Imprynted by Wyl.

1550. liam Powell, &c. the yere of our Lorde

The new Testament of our Saviour Mcccccxlvii. God sane the kynge. With Christ newly set forth after the best a wood-cut before each Gospel

. The word Copie of William Tindale's Translation, not is uniformly spelt nat. The typogra- whereunto are added the Notes of Thophical errors are numerous, and often

mas Mathewe wyth other, healpynge absurd. A full page of the English ver

verie mich to the Viderstandynge of the sion contain 40 lines, and of the Latin 57. Text. Lond. by John Day and William Williams, 1549, with portrait of Erasmus Seres, 1548, 16mo. The wood-cuts, 20 in inserted, morocco, 91. Dr. Adam Clarke number, and several of the initial letters in 1833, 101. 158. Heber, pt. vii. (the co

are used in their Bible of 1549. A copy, lophon wanting) 6l. 105. Gardner, July, according to Dr. Cotton, is in Eton College 1854, 391. 108. Pickering, pt. ii. 3205 (Lea Library. Pickering. pt. ii. 3207, Lea Wil. Wilson's copy, No. 17), 161. 15s. Stevens, son's copy (imperfect), supposed to be of perfect, 451. Copies are in St. Paul's Li. this edition (described in Mr. Lea Wilbrary, George IV's Library, the Gren- son's Catalogne, p. 166), 31. 10s. Mr. Steville Collection, Mr. Fry's, and the Bri- vens, who has paid much attention to this tish Museum. Mr. Lenox has a per- subject, doubts whether any edition bears fect copy:

An imperfect one is in the name of Day and Seres as early as 1548. the Bodleian_Library. See Lewis' History of the English Translations of the

New Testament. Lond. by J. Daye and Bible, p. 155.

W. Seres, 1548, 4to. In Dr. Cotton's List,

p. 8, first edition, but in second edition The newe Testament in Englyssh, ac he observes, 'I have never met with it.' cording to the Translation of the great Byble. Lond. ex Officina Johann Her

The new Testamente by William Tin. fordiæ, 1548, 24mo. On the back of the dale, with the Annotations of Thomas title is an Almanack for 15 yeares, be- Matthew. 1548, sm. 8vo. This edition ginning M.D.xlviii. The text ends on the (of which Mr. Offor has a copy wanting recto of Bb 3. At the end 'A table to

the title.page) is printed in black letter find the Ep. and Gosp. vsually redde in with wood-cuts. The almanack commencer ye Churche after Salysbury's Vse,' pp. 11.

with the year 1549. The only copy known was in Mr. Lea

New Testament by W. Tindale. Lond. Wilson's Collection, No. 19, and is now by Richard Jugge (1548), 24mo. The in Mr. Lenox's Collection.

smaller editions by Jugge are similar to The New Testament (1549), 24mo,

those in 4to., being sometimes printed Tyndale's version. BLACK LETTER, long

without dates, and having the portrait of lines, without prologues or notes.' The King Edward VI. on the title-page. Duke signatures beginning with Matthew a to of Sussex, 501., bought by Lord Ashburn2, A to Z, and A a in eights. Mark be- ham. A copy is in St. Paul's, of which the gins on the recto of g, Luke recto of k 7, following is a collation.—Title (wanting), Actes verso of rii, Romans recto of Dvii, Epistle (imperfect), Kalendar in red and Hebrews verso of s. Floriated capi.

black 6 leaves. St. Matthew begins on A tals at the beginning of each book, with

1, Revel. ends A A a 5, Epistles of Old numerous small wood-cuts in the Gospels The head lines Roman. 34 lines to a page

Test., &c. end on BB b 6. BLACK LETTER. and Revelations. The running titles and heading of the tables are in the peculiar without the head lines. type of the notes to Oswen's New Testa.

The newe Testament of oure Savyour ment, 1550, 4to. The Epistles and Gos. Jesu Christ. Imprynted at Lond: by

Richard Jugge, MDXLVIII. 16mo. The pels are according to the use of Salisbury. Stevens in 1855 (imperfect), 151. 15s. Now Title, with the Head of Christ in an oval, in Mr. Lenox's Collection.” Mr. Stevens crowned with thorns, under which the believes this neat edition to be hitherto text Rom. xv. 2. On the reverse of the undescribed.

title, Translated by Wyllyam Tyndale

after the last copye corrected by his lyfe. The new Testament. Worcester by At the end the Imprint. The Almanack John Oswen, 1548, 4to. or folio. Tyn- for 20 years begins 1549. A page contains dale's glosses or notes are in this edition 35 lines, not including the head line; for the first time printed separately at the page of print measures 3] by 24 in the rend of the volume, and a copy of | A fine and perfect copy is in the library these notes, in a separate state, in 4to. of the Earl of Ashburnham. is in St. Paul's Library.

Both the 4to. The newe Testament of the last transand folio are quoted by Herbert, p. 1459. lacion, By Wylliam Tyndall with the But Mr. Stevens doubts the existence of Prologes and aunotacions in the mergēt : either, and thinks the 4to. may have also m the latter Ende followeth the

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