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TACITUS, C.--continued.

Earl of Kerry, 528, russia, 71. 10s.-Lond. Taciti Historia. With Notes for Col. 1811, 8vo. 8 vols.- Lond. (Military Clasleges by W. S. Tyler. New York, 1849, sics), 1813, royal 8vo. 2 vols. - Lond. 12mo. 6s.

(Jones), 8vo. in 1 vol. - Lond. (Valpy's

Family Classical Library), 1830-31, 12mo. TRANSLATIONS,

5 vols. portrait. The Ende of Nero and Beginning of

The Works of Tacitus, a new and liteGalba, fower Bookes of the Histories of ral Translation. Oxford, Talboys, 1839, Cornelius Tacitus. The Life of Agri.

8vo. 16s, cola. By Sir Henry Savile. Oxford, by Translation revised, with Notes. Lond.

The Works of Tacitus. The Oxford Joseph Barnes, 1581, 4to.-Oxford, 1591, folio, 7s.6d.-Lond. 1698, fol.-Lond. 1605, (Bohn's Classical Lib.) 1854, post 8vo. 2

vols. 10s. fol. - 1612, fol. This translation is highly

Vol. 1 contains the Annals. praised by Bolton in his Hypercritica, Vol. 2: the History, Germany, Agricola, but according to Dr. Adam Clarke, it is a

and Dialogue of Orators. jejune and spiritless performance. The

The Life of Agricola, with an Account Agricola, according to Bishop Nicolson, of the Situation, Climate, and People of is a most admirable translation, with Britain, by Thomas Gordon, Lond. 1763, learned notes.'

8vo. The Annales of Cornelius Tacitus. The

Cn. Julii Agricolæ Vita, Scriptore c, Description of Germanie. M. D. XCVIII. Cornelio Tacito. The Life of Agricola, Lond. by Arn. Hatfield, for Bonham and by Tacitus : with a Translation by J. John Norton, 1598, fol. 3s. 60. Dedi.

Aikin. Warrington, 1774, small 8vo. 2s. cated To -- Robert Earle of Essex,

An accurate edition, with a faithful trans

lation, &c. by Richard Grenewey, the translator. --1604, fol.–1612, fol.–1622, fol.—1640, linear Translation and Notes.

Life of Agricola, with a literary Interfolio.

Lond. The Annals and History of Tacitus, Taylor, 1833, 12mo. 2s.6d. made English by several Hands; with

Annals of Tacitus. Books 1 to 6, litepolitical Reflections, and historical Notes, rally translated by R. Morgan. Dublin, by Mons. Amelot de la Houssaye and 1858, 12.no.-ib. 1862, 12mo. 3s. Sir Henry Savile. Lond. 1698, 8vo.3 vols. and Inhabitants of Germany: and the

A Treatise on the Situation, Manners, frontispiece. A translation by Dryden and others. Marquis of Townshend, 3102,

Life of Agricola, by C. Cornelius Tacitus; 46. Roxburghe, 7680, 9s. '6d.-Lond. 1716, translated into English by John Aikin: 12mo. 3 vols. Ileath, 3873, 38. 6d. Wil with copious Notes, and a Map of Antient lett, 2379, 6s. 60.

Germany. Warrington, 1777, 8vo. map, The Works of Tacitus: to which are Lond. 1805, 8vo. map.-Oxford, 1815.

3s. Heath, 3874, 6s. 60.-Second edition, prefixed, Political Discourses upon that Lond. 1823, 12mo. 35.6d. Author (by Thomas Gordon). Lond. 1728

Germany and Agricola, by Tacitus. 31, folio, 2 vols. Gordonstoun, 2258, 7s, 6d. Translated by Thomas Gordon. Oxford, Drury, 4275, russia, 10s. Gough, 3623, 178. 1817, 12mo. Reed, 4883, 11. LARGE PAPER. Roxburghe, 7681, 108.60.-Second edition, corrected, N. S. Smith, (with the Latin Text oppo

Germany and Agricola. Translated by 1737, 8vo. 4 vols. Fonthill, 1489, 168. site), and copious Notes. Lond. 1824, 8vo. Hollis, 1276, 21.76. - 1753, 12mo. 5 vols. map, 98.- Oxford, 1828, 8vo. Roxburghe, 7682, 11.-1757, 8vo. 4 vols.

Germany and Agricola (the Latin Text), Lond. 1770, 12mo. 5 vols.--Dublin, 1778, with an English Version and Notes by 12mo. 5 vols.-Lond. 1817, 8vo. 2 vols. D. Spillan. Dublin, 1833, 12mo. 4s, 6d. Gordon's translation is not inferior to

Germany and Agricola, literally transMurphy's: its latinisms even give it a lated. Dublin, 1851, 12mo. 2s. peculiarity which represents the strong

Germany and Agricola, literally transmannerism of the original better than lated by H. Owgan. New edition, Lond. can be done by mere idiomatic English.' Simpkin, 1860, 12mo. 2s. - Quart. Review,

The Modern Courtier, or the Morals of The Works of Cornelius Tacitus, by Tacitus upon Flattery, paraphrased and Arthur Murphy, with an Essay on the illustrated by Amelot de la Houssaye. Life and Genius of Tacitus; Notes, Sup- Newly done out of French by an ingenious plements, and Maps. Lond. 1793, 4to. 4 | hand. Lond. 1687, 8vo. vols. An elegant but too paraphrastic La Vita di Giulio Agricola, scritta da version. Drury, 4224, 11. 148. Nassau, Cornelio Tacito et messa in volgare da pt. ii, 1188, 21. 38. Hibbert, 7769, russia, Gioun Maria Manelli. Londra, nella 21. 8s. Edwards, 331, 31. 18. Fonthill, stamperia di Gouanni Wolfio, 1585. 4to. 669, 51. 7s. 60.- Dublin, 1794, 8vo. 4 vois. | Dedicated to Lord Robert Sidney. Pages -Lond. 1805, 8vo. 8 vols. LARGE PAPER. 48.

TACITUS, C.--continued.

dology, by Alex. Tait, Philomath. Edinb. Observations on Tacitus, in which his 1746, 8vo. pp. 12. See INNES, Thomas, p. Character as a Writer and an Historian 1162. are impartially considered, and compared TAKE HEED IN TIME, or a brief with that of Livy: By the Rev. Thonias Relation of many Harmes which Hunter. Lond. 1752, 8vo. See MALVEZZI, Marquess. RUPERTI,

have of late been done by Fire in G. A.

Marlborough and other places. TAFFIN, John. Of the Markes 1652, 8vo. of the Children of God and of their Nassau, pt. ii. 667, 11. 15s. Comforts in Afflictions, translated TALBOT, Captain. Life and surout of French by Anne Prowse.prising Adventures. Lond. 1803, Lond. T. Orwin, 1590, 12mo. 12mo. Dedicated to the Countesse of War

Miss Catharine. The Works wick. The last three leaves (sig. s.) of the late Miss Catharine Talbot. contain a poem, 'The necessitie and benefit of affliction.'

The eighth Edition, with Notes The Amendment of Life, comprised in and Illustrations, and some Acfower Bookes. Lond. 1595, 4to.

count of her Life, by the Rev. M. TAFILETTA, Emperor of Germany. A short and strange Relation of Pennington. Lond. 1812, 8vo.

With portrait by C. Heath. some Part of the Life of Tafiletta

Charles. The Honour of the the great Conqueror and Emperor Seals ; or, Memoirs of the Noble of Barbary. Lond. 1669, 4to.

Family of Talbot, attempting to do With portrait. Inglis, 1353, 11s. TAILBOYS, Samuel. A new la- Justice to the Life, Character, and

Deserts of the late Lord Chancellor. chrymentall and funerall Elegy on L. Duke of Richmond and Lenox. Lond. 1737, 8vo. portrait. Lond. 1624, 4to.

Edward Allen. Five Years'

Residence in the Canadas. Lond. A copy is in the British Museum, TAILFER, Patrick. True and 1824, 8vo. 2 vols. 2 plates, 11. ls. Historical Narrative of the Colony

Matthew. An Analysis of the of Georgia in America, from the Holy Bible. Leeds, 1800, 4to. first Settlement thereof until this cluding the whole Bible

verbatim, syste

An excellent and useful publication, inpresent Period; and a Dedication matically arranged in twenty books. to General Oglethorpe. By Patrick Sotheby's, May, 1850, 11. 16s. Tailfer, M.D., Hugh Anderson, ments, systematically classified, whereby

Analogy of the old and New TestaM.A., Da. Douglas, and others. the dispersed rays of Gospel Truth are Charles-Town, South Carolina,1741, concentrated into chapters, with the

Prophecies of the Messiah's Kingdom.

By J, Whowell. Lond. 4to. 2 vols. pp. Pp. xviii and 118.

1378. Pub. at 51. 6s. reduced H. G. Bohn, TAILOR." See TAYLOR. TAISNIER, Jo. A Booke con This work has taken the place of Tal

bot's Analysis, upon which it is in all cerning Nauigation, translated into

respects an improvement. Its arrangeEnglish by Richarde Eden. Lond. ment is more complete, and its usefulness by R. Jugge, n. d. 4to.

is enhanced by an ample table of contents. With cuts, dedicated by Eden to'Syr William Wynter, Knyght.

Peter, Archbishop of Dublin.

Blakloanæ Hæreses olim in PelaTaitt, Alexander. The Roman gio et Manichæis damnatæ nunc Account of Britain and Ireland, in denuo renascentis Historia et Con. Answer to Father Innes. No. 1. futatio. Auctore M. Lemino [id Edinb. 1741, 12mo. pp. 20. est P. Talbot]. Gandavi, 1675, 4to.

A second No, never appeared. Collation. — Title-page and dedication An Essay upon Baron Napier's Rhab. I to Card. Barberini, 4 leaves; Præfatio et



TALBOT, Peter-continued. King of France. Lond. 1745, 12mo. 2 Historia, p. i. to 332; Appendix, 2 leaves, Vols. cuts. unpaged.

The General Entertainer, 300 Tales Treatise of the Nature of Catholick and Fables, in which are contained the Faith and Heresie, with Reflections upon

Lives and Intrigues of Great Personages. the Nullitie of the English Protestant Lond. H. Slater, 1747, 12mo. 2 vols. Church and Clergy. Rouen, 1657, 8vo.

Tales to kill Time: or, & new Method Sotheby's, Feb. 1863, 21. 68.

to cast off Care, and to cure Melancholy, The Politicians Catechisme for his in. Vapours, and hypochondriacal struction in Divine Faith

and morall plaints. By the Society of the Court of Honesty. Written by N. N. Antwerp,

Momus. Lond. 1757, 12mo. 1658, 12mo.

Tartarian Tales; or a Thousand and This has already been described under One Quarters of Hours. Translated from the title of FRENCH, N., but that was a

the French of Mons. Guelletee, by Thomas mistake. See Dop's Church History.

Flloyd. Lond. Tonson, 1759,12mo. frontisp. The Friar Disciplin'd, or Animadver

TALES OF THE GENii, or the Delightful sions on friar Peter Walsh, his new re- Lessons of Horam the son of Asmar, monstrant Religion. Taken out of his

translated from the Persian by Sir History and Vindication of the loyal For

Charles Morell. Lond. 1765, 8vo. 2 vols. mulary. The author Robert Wilson. A work possessing great powers of Printed at Gant, 1674, 8vo. Wilson is an imagination and a considerable command assumed name,

of language, written by the Rev. James Talbot also wrote under the initials Ridley. In it he has portrayed his friend N. N., and the names of Sargeant and Joseph Spence as the Dervise of the Wilson, &c. See Dod's Church History.

Groves,' --Nichols' Lit. Anec. vol. 2, p. 376.

-1766, 12mo. 2 vols. plates. Bindley, pt. TALBOT, Sir Wm. Discoveries of iii. 1267, 98.-Third edition, 1781, 2 vols. John Lederer. 1672. See LEDERER. White Knights, 4042, 68.-Fifth edition, TALES and Quick Answeres, very Rodwell, 1805, 2 vols. with plates by

Lond. 1786, 12mo. 2 vols. plates.-Lond. mery and pleasant to rede. Lond. Heath, Fittler, &c. 8vo. 158. LARGE PAPER, in the house of Thos. Berthelet, 4to. with proof plates. White Knights, 4043,

BLACK LETTER, consisting of 44 leaves, morocco, 21. 4s. Duke of York, 3692, 11. including the table and title, 4 leaves. 10s. On BLUE PAPER. Five copies printed. Roxburghe, 6643, 51, 15s.6d. Resold, Drury, 4127, morocco, 11. i3s. - Lond. White Knights, 4645, 191. 198. Reprinted (Walker's Classics), 1814, 18mo.- Lond. at Chiswick in 1814. See SHAKESPEARI1820, 12mo. 2 vols. 10s. 6d. with plates by ANA, pp. 2312 and 2327.

Westall. Brockett, 3016, 11. 15s - New Mery Tales, wittie Questions, and edition, collated and edited by Philo-Juquicke Answeres, very pleasant to be venis, (H. G. Bohn,) with numerous enreadde. Lond. by H. Wykes, 1567. Pp. gravings on wood and steel. Lond. (Bohn's 20, besides title and table, 3 leaves.

Re- Illustrated Library), 1861, post 8vo. 58. printed in the Shakespeare Jest Book. Tales of the Genii, edited and abridged See p. 2327.

by Archbishop Whately. Lond. Hay. Tales of the three Kings of Colchester. ward, 1840, fcp. 8vo. 4s. -Second edition, One of the penny chapbooks.

Lond. Parker and Son, 1861, 12mo. 5s. Foreign Tales, witty and merry Say.

Tales of the Fairies, translated from ings, Repartees, &c. French and English the French of the Countess of D'Anois. [by A. Bowyer.] Lond. 1719. White Fifth edition. Lond. 1766, 12mo. 3 vols. Knights, 1604, 10s. See Jests, p. 1203. Chinese Tales, or the Wonderful Ad- revised translation by J. R. Planché.

Fairy Tales, by the Countess D'Aulnoy, ventures of the Mandarin Fum Hoam. Lond. Routledge, 1855, 12mo. 78 6d. From the French of M. Guellette. Lond. 1726, 12mo. 2 vols. plates,

Tales of the Castle, by Madame de

Lond. Mogul Tales, or Dreams of Men Awake: Genlis. Lond. 1784, 12mo. 5 vols. being Stories to divert the Sultana of (Walker's Classics), 1816, 18mo. 2 vols. Guzerat for the supposed death of the Popular Tales of the Germans, (transSnltan. Translated from the French of lated by W. Beckford, Esq.) Lond, 1791, M. Guellette. Lond. 1736, 12mo. 2 vols. 12mo. 2 vols. cuts.

The Palace of Enchantment, or EnterPersian and Turkish Tales, Translated taining and Instructive Tales. Lond. W. from the French edition of P. de la Croix, Lane, 1794, 12mo.3 plates. by Dr. King and other hands. Fourth English amusing Tales and Converedition, Lond. 1739, 12mo. 2 vols.-Lond. sations. By W. Bellamy. 1799, 4to. with 1767, 12mo. 2 yols.

plates. Bindley, pt. ii. 1222, 11. 6s. Oriental Tales, collected from an Ara. Tales of Terror, with an Introductory bian Manuscript in the Library of the Dialogue (by Monk Lewis). Lond. 1801,

TALES —continued.

tions by Richard Doyle, reduced H. G. small 8vo. coloured plates. - - Lond. 1808,

Bohn, 4s. 6d.

Tales from the Persian of Inatula. See 8vo. See Lewis, Matthew Greg. p. 1353, Classic Tales, serious and lively. With Dow, Alexander.

Tales of a Traveller.

See IRVING, Critical Essays on the Merits and Reputation of the Authors. (By Leigh Hunt.)

Washington. Lond. John Hunt and Carew Reynell,

Tales of the East. See WEBER, Henry. 1806, 12mo, 5 vols. 15 plates, (2 of them TALFOURD, Sir Thomas Noon. after Sir David Wilkie); The authors Ion, a Tragedy in five Acts. Lond. taire, Johnson, Marmontel, Hawkesworth, n.d. (1835), 8vo. Privately printed. and Sterne,

Eyton, 78.-Second edition (1835), priClassic Tales. Cabinet edition, in one vately printed. Eyton, 6s.-Lond. 1836, volume, comprising Rasselas, Vicar of 8V0.-1837, 8vo. 4s, Wakefield, Exiles of Siberia, Paul and The Athenian Captive, a Tragedy in Virginia, Indian Cottage, Gulliver's Tra- , five Acts. Lond. 1838, 8v0.-1948, 8vo. vels, Sterne's Sentimental Journey, Sor- 48. rows of Werter, Theodosius and Con. Glencoe, or the Fate of the Macdonalds, stantia, and Castle of Otranto. Lond. a Tragedy in five Acts. Lond. 1839, 8vo. Jones, 1833, 12mo. frontispiece of 7 me- Eyton, 5s. 60.-Second edition, 1840, 8vo. dallion portraits and vignette title, 10s. | 4s. 60.--1847.- Lond. H. G, Bohn, 1852, 12mo. Tragedies ; Ion, Athenian Captive, reduced, 3s. 60.

Glencoe. Lond. 1840, 8vo. 10s. 60.-1844, Tales of the Dead, principally trans- 8vo. reduced, 6s.- Tenth edition, to which lated from the French, (by Mrs.Uiterson). are added a few Sonnets, 1848, 18mo. 38.60. Lond. 1813, 8vo. Hibbert, 7686, 6s. 68. -Eleventh edition, 1850, fcp. 8vo. 6s. An article on the Popular Mythology of A Proposed New Law of Copyright, of the Middle Ages,' with a notice of this the highest importance to Authors, (1838), interesting little volume, will be found in 8vo. the Quarterly Review, xxii. 318-80. Three Speeches delivered in the House

Tales of the Cordelier Metamorphosed, of Commons in favour of an Extension of with Translations by G. Hibbert." Lond. Copyright. Lond. 1840, 8vo. 1821, 4to. plates by Geo. Cruikshank. Speech for the Defendant in the ProsePrivately printed by Bulmer and Nicol, cution, the Queen v. Moxon, for the Pubpp. 54. Heber, pt. vi. 11. 5s.

lication of Shelley's PoeticalWorks. Lond. December Tales. Lond. 1823, 12mo.

1841, 8vo. (The trial is fully reported in

Townshend's State Trials, 8vo. 1850.) Popular Tales and Romances of the Recollections of a First Visit to the Northern Nations. Lond. Simpkin, 1823, Alps in 1841. Lond. n. d. 8vo. Privately post 8vo. 3 vols,

printed. Reprinted in the following Tales of Humour, Gallantry, and Ro- work: mance, selected and translated from the Vacation Rambles and Thoughts, in Italian. Lond. Baldwyn, 1824, post 8vo. 1841, 1842 and 1843. Lond. 1844, post 8vo. 16 woodcuts by Geo. Cruikshank.

2 vols. 185.-Second edition, 1845, post8vo. Tales of the Wild and Wonderful, (in- 10s. 6d.-Third edition, 1851, 12mo. 58.cluding Der Freischutz from the German | New edition, with Supplemental Tours in of Apel).

Lond. Hurst and Robinson, 1846. Lond. 1854, fcp. 8vo. 2 vols. 10s. 1826, post 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Final Memorials of Charles Lamb, comWinter Tales, or European Nights' prising his unpublished Letters, with Entertainments. Edited by Maria Scott. Sketches of his Contemporaries. Lond. Lond. 1825. 12mo. frontispiece.

1848, 8vo. 2 vols. 18s, Tales of Chivalry and Romance. Edinb. The Castilian, an Historical Tragedy, 1826, crown 8vo. 10s. 6d.

in five Acts. Lond. 1853, fcp. 8vo. (PosTales of an Antiquary. 1828. See thumous.) THOMSON, R.

Sir T. N. Talfourd was a contributor to Tales of Other Days, by J. Y. A., with the Retrospective Review, London Maga: Illustrations by George Cruikshank. zine, and New Monthly Magazine, and Lond. E, Wilson, 1830, post 8vo. 9s. wrote the History of Greek Literature in

Tales from the German of Tieck: the the Encyclopedia Metropolitana. Old Man of the Mountain, the Love

See LAMB, Charles, p. 1300. Charm, and Pietro of Albano, Lond. TALLEYRAND, C. M. de Perigord, Moxon, 1831, 12mo. 6s.

Prince of Benevento, Memoirs of Fairy Tales from All Nations. By An: C. M. Talleyrand. Lond. 1805, thony R. Montalba. Lond. Chapman and Hall, 1849, square 12mo. 9s. 24 illustra- 12mo. 2 vols.

Life of Prince Talleyrand. Lond. 1834, edition 1596, was edited by Thomas Amy. 8vo. 2 vols. portrait.

ot, for the Shakespeare Society.-Lond. Revelations of the Life of Prince Tal. 1596, 4to. Roxburghe, 4317, 51. 58. leyrand. Lond. 1848, post 8vo. 11. 18.- Lond, by V. S. for Nicholas Ling, 1607, Second edition, in 1 vol. 10s. 6d.

4to. Steevens, 1302, 201. This edition is TALLIS, Thomas. Discursus Can- reprinted in the first volume of Nichols? tiones, quæ ab Argumento sacræ

Six Old Plays.


2298. vocantur, quinque et sex Partium, Autoribus Thomas Talisio et Gui.

TANCOIGNE, M. Narrative of a lielmo Birdo. Lond. 1575, oblong Journey into Persia and Residence

at Teheran. Lond. 1820, 8vo, map 4to.

Tallis is the Chaucer of the English and coloured frontispiece. Cathedral quires ; his responses in the TANGIER.-The Moores Bafiled : Litany are like the responses of angels in heaven, their effect on the heart is 50 de being a Discourse concerning votional and impressive.' - W. Lisle Tanger, especially when it was Bowles.

under the Earl of Teviot. Lond. TALMUD. See STEHELIN, J. P. 1681, 4to. pp. 27.

Talon, Nicolas. The Holy His Another edition, with the Genealogy tory, translated by (John Pawlet or of the Family of Rutherfurd. Edinb. Powlet) the Marques of Winchester. 1738, 4to. frontispiece.

A Discourse touching Tanger, in a Lond. 1653, 4to.

Letter to a Person of Quality. Lond. Bliss, pt. i. morocco by Lewis, 17s. Printed for the Author, 1680, 12mo.

TAMERLANE. The Life of Ta A Brief Relation of the present State merlane the Great. Lond. 1653,

of Tangier. Edinb. 1664, 4to. pp. 8. 4to.

TANNER, Robert. A Mirror for Sixty-one pages.

Mathematiques. Lond. 1587, 4to. History of Tamerlane the Great, Em

Dedicated to Charles Lord Howard of peror of the Mogols and Tartars and his Effingham, with cuts. White Knights, Successors, concluding with the Life of 4190, 29. Inglis, 1393, 15s. Heber, pt. i, Orangzeb. Written in Italian by M.

5s. Manouchi. Lond. Jonah Bowyer, 1722, Svo.

- Thomas, Bishop of St. Asaph. History of Timur Bec, known by the Notitia Monastica ; or an Account name of Tamerlane the Great, Emperor of all the Abbies, Priories, and of the Moguls and Tartars. from the Persian into French by P. de la Houses of Friers, formerly in EngCroix. Now faithfully rendered into En- land and Wales. And also of all glish. 1723, 8vo. 2 vols. with maps.

History of India under the Two First the Colleges and Hospitals founded Sovereigns of the House of Taimour, before A.D. 1540, with many adBāber, and Humāyun, (descendants of ditions, by James. Nasmith, M.A. William Erskine. Lond. 1854, 8vo. Cambridge, 1787, folio. Vols. 11. 12s. Reduced H. G, Bohn, 128. Best edition of this most valuable

See ALHACEN. BEC, Jean du. MAR work. The greater part of this edition LOWE, Christopher. Timour, (Institutes.] was destroyed by the fire at Mr. Nichols'

Ni. TAMING OF A SHREW.-A plea- chols Lit. Anec. vol. 2, p. 97. Heath,

Printing Office, 8th March, 1808. sant conceited Historie, called The 4547, 47. 148. 6d. Nassau, pt. ii. 1415, Taming of a Shrew. As it hath russia, 61. 168. 6d. Marquis of Townsbeen sundry Times acted by the Dent, pt. ii. 1412, russia, '101. 58. Hib

hend, 3081, 81. Brockett, 3127, 61. 68. right Honourable the Earle of bert, 1999, russia, 52. 10s. Stowe, 41. 108. Pembrooke his Servants. Lond. Sotheby's, Mar. 1860, 41. 10s. Sotheby's, by Peter Short, and are to be sold May, 1860, 31. 7s.6d. Bliss, pt. i. russia

extra, 61. 7s. 6d. by Cuthbert Burbie, &c. 1594, 4to. First edition, Lond. 1744, folio. Bishop

Inglis' Old Plays, 109, supposed unique, of Ely, 1463, 11. 148. Duke of Grafton, 211. Resold, Heber, pt. iv. 2094, 941. A 902, 11. 18. Edwards, 611, abridged, 11. 9s. reprint of this edition, collated with the Sotheby's, May, 1863, 188.

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