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STILLINGFLEET, Ed. continued. the Authors youth, William Alexander

Lond. 1604, 4to. pp. 94, work has perfected all the collections of of Menstrie. former historians on that subject.'— Ni- but not paged. Constable, 185, 11. 45. colson. Boswell, 2062, 5s. -Lond. Straker, The Aurora is omitted in the author's 1837 and 1840, 8vo. 9s. 6d. - New edition, works, 1637. to which is added Lloyd on Church Go

The Alexandræan, a Tragedie. 1605, vernment, edited by T. P. Pantin. Oxford, 4to. 1842, 8vo. 11. 18. For a continuation of

The Monarchicke Tragedies, Crosus,

and Darius. this work, see INETT, John, D.D.

By William Alexander of Sermons preached on several Occasions. Menstrie. Lond. V. S. and G. Elde, for Lond. 1696-98, 8vo. 3 vols. portrait.

E. Blount, 1604, 4to. The edition under

this date contains only two plays, the Miscellaneous Discourses on several latter with a separate title-page. Occasions. Now first published by his son, the Rev. James Stillingfleet, D.D., Darius, the Alexandrian, Julius Cæsar,

The Monarchicke Tragedies, Croesus, Dean of Worcester. Lond. 1735, 8vo.

Directions for the Conversation of the Newly enlarged by William Alexander Clergy; collected from Bp. Stillingfleet's Lond. V. Simmes, 1607, 4to. pp. 408. In

Gentleman of the Princes prinie Chamber. Visitation Charges [by W. Assheton). this edition the plays have separate titleLond. 1710, 8vo. On the Amusements of Clergymen and well as the Darius, are the same as those

pages, excepting the Crosus, which, as Christians in general. Three Dialogues issued in 1604. They sometimes occur between a Dean and a Curate. Lond. separately. Rhodes, 459, 15s. Lloyd, 31. 1820, 12mo. This is improperly ascribed Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 645, with the Paraoto Bp. Stillingfleet.

nesis and Aurora, 1604, 111. 11s. Nassau, The Life and Character of Bishop Stil. pt. ii. 1151, with the Parænesis and All lingfleet, together with some account of

rora, 81. 8s. his Works (by Timothy Goodwin). Lond. 1710, 8vo. portrait. Bliss, pt. i. 2s. This

The Monarchicke Tragedies. The third Life is also prefixed to his works in folio. Edition. Lond. W. Stansby, 1616, 16mno.

pp. 334. This edition varies very conSTIRLING, Sir William Alexan- siderably from the former ones. Garrick, der, first Earl of. Recreations with / 2234, 11.78. Lloyd, 23, 41. 6s. Bibl. Anglo

Poet. 646, 211. Rhodes, 461, 61. Heber, the Myses. By William Earle of pt. iv. 11. 118. Jolley, 41. Bindley, pt. i. Sterline. Lond. 1637, folio. 69, with a portrait with the motto. aut

Nassau, pt. ii. 1224, 108. Sir M. M. spero ant sperno,' morocco, 321,11s. Inglis, Sykes, pt. iii. 731, 12s. Rhodes, 2663, 16s.

11, with the portrait, 141. 10s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1645, 11. 11s. 6d. Lloyd, Elegie on the Death of Prince Henrie. 1351, with portrait by Hall, 1l. 18s. Bibl. Edinb. by Andro Hart, 1613, 4to. 4 leaves. Anglo-Poet. 619, 31. 13s. 6d. Heber, pt. Some copies have the date 1612. Copies iv 16s. R. Cutlar Fergusson. Feb. 1860, are in the Library of the Edinburgh Uni21 5s. Mitford, April, 1860, portrait versity and the Grenville Collection. Reby Hall, inserted, 11.185. Bliss, pt.i. (ditto), printed in Laing's Second Collection of 11. To some copies a PORTRAIT OF THE Scottish Fugitive Pieces ; see p. 1298. EARL BY MARSHALL, considered the chef. d'ouvre of his graver, is prefixed. Bibl. Lords Ivdgement by Sr. William Alex.

Doomesday, or, the Great Day of the Anglo-Poet. 648, russia, 501. LARGE PAPER ander Knight. (Edinburgh) printed by Hibbert, 203, with Marshall's portrait, Andro Hart, 1614, 4to. pp. 126. Bibl. russia, 141. 38. 6d. Harman, 81. 12s. 6d. Anglo-Poet. 647, 41. 48.—Lond. 1614, 4to. Sotheby, June, 1855, old morocco, portrait Lloyd, 21.38. Pitcairn, 11. 113. 60. Chalmounted, 231. 10s, Chalmers, portrait in. serted, Charles the First's copy, old blue mers, pt. iii. 11. 1s. Heber, pt. iv. 11. 2s. morocco, 221. Bliss, pt. i. with the port. 261.

Domesday. The first two books, edited The Tragedy of Darius. Edinb, by by A. Johnstoun, 1720, encouraged by the Robert Waldegrave, 1603, 4to. Steevens,

favourable opinion of Addison, appeared in 1217, date 1602? 7s.6d. Roxburghe, 5908, 1720, 8vo. 21. 2s.-Lond. 1604.

An Encouragement to Colonies. Lond. A Paraenesis to the Prince (Henry), by 1624, 4to. with map of New England. William Alexander of Menstrie. Lond. by Bindley, pt. iii. 1861, no map, 11. 6s. R. Field for Ed. Blount, 1604, 4to. pp. 25, Gordonstoun, 127, 21. 12s. 6d. Hibbert, but not paged. Reed, 7689, with the Mo- 182, 21. 13s. Jadis, 255, moroeco, 31. 38. narchicke Tragedies., 1604, and Aurora, Lond. 1625, 4to. This work was reissued in 1604, 21. 1s. resold Bindley, pt. iii. 1860, 1630, under the following title : 31. 58,

The Mapp and Description of New EnAvrora, containing the first Fancies of gland, by Sr. William Alexander, Knight.

Lónd. N. Butter, 1630, 4to. A copy is in This is but a small part of the Author's the British Museum. Sotheby, June, Work, coming down to the year 1624 only. 1856, morocco, 151. 158. Reprinted by the Besides the materials of Capt. Smith, the BALLANTYNE CLUB, in a volume not yet author derived assistance from the Manncirculated.

scripts of his uncle, Sir John Randolph,

and from the Records of the London ComSTIRLING, William, M.P. See

pany. Mr. Halliwell, in his folio edition SPAIN and APPENDIX.

of Shakspeare, vol. i. p. 321, speaks of Rev. William McGregor. compiled from authentic books and docu

this as a valuable and interesting work, Notes historical and descriptive on ments of the Shakesperian time. the Priory of Inchmahome, with introductory Verses and an Appen- MSS. Fidem emandavit et supple

STOBÆUS, Jo. Florilegium, ad dix of Original Papers. Edinb. vit Thomas Gaisford, A.M., &c. 1815, 4to, 11. lls, 6d. With plates.

Oxon. 1822, 8vo. 4 vols. 21. 10s.

reduced ll. ls. STIRLING CASTLE. · Lacunar An excellent edition. Crawford, calf Strevelinense. A Collection of gilt, 11. 168. LARGE PAPER. (25 copies Heads etched and engraved after printed.) Drury, 3982, 77. 158. Sir M. M. the carved work which formerly 1651, morocco, 101. Hawtrey, 41. 188.

Sykes, pt, iii. 1067, 71. 17s.6d. Williams, decorated the Roof of the King's

Eclogarum Physicarum et Ethicarum room in Stirling Castle. 1817, im- Libri duo. Accedit Hieroclis

Commenperial 4to. frontispiece.

tarius in Aurea Carmina Pythagoreorum. Brocket, 3075, 16, 98. Hanrott, pt.iv. 11. Recensuit Tho. Gaisford. Oxon. 1850, 8vo. 7s.

2 vols, 11. 18. LARGE PAPER, 21. 2s. STIRLING PEERAGE. -The Case STOCK, Joseph, D.D., Bishop of of Alexander, Earl and Viscount of Killala. Translation of Job. See Stirling, &c. &c. &c. (1825), 4to. JOB, p. 1212.

Pp. 11, with two sheets of Pedigree, by Translation of Isaiah, See ISAIAH, P. T.C. Banks, privately printed.

1171, The Stirling Peerage:

- to which is Narrative of what passed at Killala prefixed an Epitome of the noble Family during the French Invasion in 1798. See of Alexander, also an Appendix. Lond. KILLALA, p. 1270. 1826, 4to. pp. 46, with a pedigree, a folding sheet. Written by T. C. Banks, and

Richard, Pastor of Allhalprivately printed.

lowes. A Commentary upon the STIRRY, Rot amongst the

whole Prophesye of Malachy. Lond. Bishops, or a terrible Tempest in 1641, fol. 158.

With portrait of Stock by T. Jenner, the Sea of Canterbury, set forth in Prefixed to the volume is an Exercitation lively Emblems. A Poem. 1641, upon the Prophecy of Malachi by Samuel 12mo.

Torshel, a preceptor to the children of K,

Charles I. A satire against Abp. Laud. "Bindley,

The Chvrches Lamentation for the pt. ii. 1136, 137. Heber, pt.

viii. 41.175. Losse of the Godly, deliuered in a $erBright, 31. 5s. Bandinel, in 1861, 81.Reprinted, Lond. 1838, 12mo. Éyton, ton Baron of Exton.

mon at the Funeral of John Lord Haring.

Lond. 1614, 16mo. morocco, 5s.

Sig. A, four leaves, a, eight leaves, and STITH, William. The History of B to 67, in eights. The sermon exthe first' Discovery and Settlement trait of his Lordship.

Sir M. M. Sykes, of Virginia. Williamsburg in Vir pt. iii. 610, 11. 18. Williams, 1652, moginia, 1747, 8vo.

rocco, 11. 7s. Bindley, pt. iii. 888, 11. 145. Marquis of Townshend, 2972, 6s. Font. Gordonstoun, 2057, ii. 178. Bright, 128. hill, 2808, 88. G. Chalmers, 65, 14s. The biographical part of this tract is rePuttick's, March, 1861, 31. 38. – Virginia, printed in Park's edition of Harington's printed. Lond. reprinted for S. Birt, 1763, Nugæ Antiquæ, ii. 307-19. Stock was a 8vo. This is really the Williamsburg celebrated preacher among the Puritars, edition, with a new title. Puttick's, Mar, and published other things, See Wood's 1861, 31.

| Fasti Oxonienses,


STOCKDALE, Fred. Wilton Litch the French. Lond. John Kyngston, field. Etchings from original Draw n. d. sm. 4to. BLACK LETTER. ings of Antiquities in the County of Heber, pt. v. 9s. Caldecott, Ss. 6d. Kent. Lond. 1810, 4to.

Sotheby's, May, 1862, 11. 38.

STOCK-JOBBING. The System Sign. B to G 3, with title and introduction, two leaves, list of subscribers, two of, explained. By & Practical pages, and list of the (40) plates, one page. Jobber. Lond. Chapple, n. d. 8vo. Two hundred and ifty copies printed.

The Art of Stock-Jobbing; with Towneley, pt. ii. 1505, 12s. 6d. Folio. Glossary of Cant Terms. Lond, n. d. INDIA PROOFS, 21, 28. Twenty copies 8vo.-The seventh edition, also without worked off on this size, in which many of date, has a preface to the former editions, the engravings are placed two on a sheet, and also "a Preface to the present ediin order to bind up with Hasted's History tion,” which is dated June, 1819. The of Kent. These contain, in addition, 1. more correct title of the book would be Northfleet Church, engraved by J.Hawks- “The Whole Art of Swindling, &c." worth. 2. Remains of St. Andrew's Pri.

STOCKTON JUBILEE. See RITSON, ory, Rochester, etched by J. Tyrel. 3. Ancient Tomb in Newington Church, etched Joseph. by J Hawksworth.,

STOCKWOOD, John. A BarthelA concise historical and topographical mew Fairing, shewing that Children Sketch of Hastings, Winchelsea, and Rye, including several other Places in the ought not to marry without Consent Vicinity of those ancient Towns. Em of their parents. Lond. by John bellished with numerous Engravings from Wolfe for John Harison the Younoriginal Drawings. Lond. 1817, medium octavo. pp. 53, including title, address, list ger, 1589, 8vo. of subscribers, and list of (19) plates.

Dent, pt. ii. 661, 31. 48. There are also ten wood-cuts on the letter Disputatiuncularum Disputioncularum press, 78. 6d.

A few copies were taken off Grammaticalium Libellus. Lond. Th, with proofs on India paper, 1l. 18.

Iudson, 1589, 12mo. Excursions in the County of Cornwall. A plaine and easy Laying open of the Lond. 1824, royal 8vo. 21. 2s. pp. xii and Meaning and Understanding of the Rules 171, also index and list of plates, with of Construction in the English Accidence, fifty plates, including a map.

by Iohn Stockwood sometime School

master of Tunbridge. Lond. by the As. - John. Proceedings on his Trial signees of Francis Flower, 1590, 4to. pp. for a Libel on the House of Com- 88, without preface, &c. dedicated mons, Dec.7, 1789. Lond. 1790,8vo. Master William Lewis, Doctor of both

Lawes,' &c. - John Joseph. Covent Garden Progymnasma Scholasticum. Lond. Journal. Lond. 1809, 8vo. 2 vols.

Adam Islip, 1597, 8vo. A history of the 0. P. Row, in which

STOCQUELLER, J. H. Fifteen John Kemble took a large part.

Months' Pilgrimage from India to Sketches civil and military of the Is. England, through Persia, Turkey, land of Java. Lond. 1811, with map and Arabia, Armenia, Russia and Ger. plan, 12s. 6d. Percival. Lectures on the many. Lond. 1832, post 8vo. 2 vols.

11. ls. truly eminent English Poets. Lond.

Hand-book of India; & Guide to the 1807, 8vo. 2 vols.

Stranger and the Traveller, and a comLife of Waller, the Poet. Lond. 1769, panion to the Resident. Lond. 1844, 870. 12mo.

-Second edition, 1845, 8vo. 14s. Poetical Works. Lond. 1808, 8vo. 2 vols.

Oriental Interpreter and Treasury. Memoirs of his Life and Writings, Lond. 1848, 8vo.-Second edition, 1850, written by himself. Lond. 1809, 8vo. 2 8vo. 8s. vols. With portrait of the author.

Catechism of Field Fortification. Lond. There is a long list of the works of this 1850, 8vo. 28. 6d. industrious writer aud translator in Overland Companion to India. Lond. Watts' Bibl. Brit.

1850, cr. 8vo. 2s.

British Officer; his position, duties, STOCKER, Thomas. Tragicall &c. Lond.

1851, 8vo. 158. Historie of the Troubles and Life of Field Marshal the Duke of Civill Warres of the Lowe Coun- Wellington. Lond. (Ingram's Illustrated tries, 1559 to 1581, translated from Library), 1862, 8vo. 2 vols. 123.

India, its history, climate, productions.


STOCQUELLER- continued. pt. iii. 2001, 6s. LARGE PAPER. Edwards, &c. Lond. Routledge, 1853, 12mo. 1s.- 65, 88. 1857, 1s.

STOKES, David. A paraphrasti. Military Encyclopedia, Technical, Bio-cal Explication of the twelve Minor The Old Field Officer, or Adventures of Prophets. Lond. 1659, 8vo. Major Worthington. Edited by J. H.

- William. The Vaulting Mas. Stocqueller. Lond. 1853, 8vo. 2 vols, 188.

The British Soldier. Lond. 1856, post ter, or the Art of Vaulting reduced 8vo. 38, 6d.

to a Method, comprized under cerThe British Army. Lond. 1857, post tain rules, illustrated by examples. 8vo. 48. 6d

The War in Italy. Lond. 1859, 12mo. 18. Lond. 1641, 8vo. Familiar History of British India, from A very singular and curious work, with the earliest Period to the transfer of the portrait by Glover, and curious prints. government to the British Crown in 1858. Oxford, 1652, 4to.-Oxford, 1655, 4to. Bindo Lond. Darton, 1859, 12mo. 2s. 6d.

ley, pt. iii. 1989, russia, 81. 10s. pt. iv, 147, STODDARD, Solomon, of New imperfect, 21. 11s. England. Doctrine of the Insti

STOLBERG, Fred. Leopold, Count. tuted Churches Explained and Travels through Germany, SwitzerProved from the Word of God. land, Italy and Sicily, transl. from Lond. 1700, 4to.

the German by Thomas Holcroft. Puttick's, March, 1861, morocco, 12. 89.

Lond. 1796, 4to. 2 vols. Gospel Order Revived ; an Answer to

With map and 18 plates, Hibbert, 7732, the Rev. Increase Mather's Order of the 10s. 6d. Towneley, pt. ii. 1440, 10s. 60. Gospel. (New York), 1700, 4to. Puttick's, Duke of York, 1958, il. 1s. Fonthill, 424, March, 1861, morocco, 21. 18s.

11. 17s. Way for a People to live long in the STONARD, John, D.D. A Come Land that God hath given them. Boston, mentary on the Vision of Zechariah, U.S. 1703, 4to. Puttick's, March, 1861,

the morocco, 11. 48.

Prophet; with a corrected Answer to some cases of Conscience Translation and critical Notes. respecting the Country. Boston, 1722, 4to. Lond. 1824, 8vo. 14s. Puttick's, March, 1861, morocco, 12. 13s.

An elaborate work. STODDART, Major Amos. Sketch A Dissertation on the Seventy Weeks es, historical and descriptive, of of Daniel the Prophet, by the Rev. John Louisiana. Philadelphia, 1812, 8vo. Stonard, D.D. Lớnd. 1826, 8vo. 168. - John, LL.B.

Remarks on
STONE, Francis.

Picturesque the local Scenery and Manners in Views of all the Bridges belonging Scotland, during the Years 1799 to the County of Norfolk. and 1800. Lond. 1801, roy. 8vo. 1830-31, oblong 4to. 4. parts, 84 2 vols.

engravings in lithography. With the plates tinted. Towneley, pt. STONEHENGE.—The most notaii. 1435, 12. 10. Roxburghe, 8792, lasjaa. ble Antiquity of Great Britain, 6d, With the plates coloured. pt. ii. 549, 31, 4s. Dent, pt. ii. 562, mo- vulgarly called Stone-Heng, on Sarocco, 31. 7s. Heber, pt. x. 6s. Stowe, lisbury Plain, restored by Inigo morocco, 18s.

Jones: to which are added, the STOEVER, D. H., Ph. D. The Life of Sir Charles Linnæus,

Chorea Gigantum, or Stone Heng Knight, to which is added, a copi- leton ; and Mr. Webb's


restored to the Danes, by Dr. Charous List of his Works, and a biographical Sketch of the Life of his of Stone-Heng restored, in Answer

to Dr. Charleton's Reflections ; Son, translated from the German by Joseph Trapp, A.M.

with Observations upon the Orders Lond.

and Rules of Architecture in Use 1794, 4to.

Pp. 435, with portrait of Linnæus by among the ancient Romans. Lond. Heath. Hibbert, 7730, 2s. 6d.

Bindley, 1725, folio.

n. P:


STOPES, L. An Ave Maria in Baker, 563, 11. 6s. Dent, pt. ii. 308, Commendation of our most vertuous morocco, 11. 168. Bindley, pt, li. 192; 1. Queene (Mary). Lond. by Rich. 178. LARGE PAPER. 7s. Roxburghe, 8564, 21. 8s. White Lante. Knights, 4237, 21, 15s. Fonthill, 886, 31. A collection of four-line stanzas, on a 3s. North, pt. ii. 698, 31. 15s. Willett, single sheet. At end 'Amen. Qd. L. 1344, russia, 41. 17s. Nassau, pt. i. 1973, Stopes.' See Dibdin's Ames, vol. 3, p. 582. 91. Collation.—Title, one leaf; memoirs, 6 pages; title to Jones' Stone-Heng, one

STOPFORD, Joshua. Pagano Paleaf,

two dedications, one leaf; the trea- pismus, or an exact Parallel between tise, 72 pages; title to Charleton’s Chorea Rome-Pagan and Rome-Christian. Gigantum, one leaf; dedication, four pages; lines addressed to the author, 4

Lond. 1675, 8vo. pages; the treatise, 48 pages; title to

Bright, 5427, 6s. Webb's Vindication, one leaf; dedication,

STORCH, Henry. The Picture of 4 pages ; treatise, 228 pages; and the index, printed in double columns, 13 pages,

Petersburg. From the German, The volume contains 14 plates, including Lond. 1801, 8vo. 6s. the portrait of Inigo Jones by Hollar, also 14 plates on the letter-press.

STORER, James. History and An. A Dissertation in Vindication of the tiquities of the Cathedral Churches Antiquity of Stone-Henge ; in Answer to of Great Britain, (27) with numethe Treatises of Mr. Inigo Jones, Dr.

rous highly - finished Engravings. Charleton, and all that have written upon that Subject. By a Clergyman living in Lond. 1814-19, 8vo. 4 vols, 256 the Neighbourhood of that famous Monu- plates, pub. at 71. 108., reduced ment of Antiquity. Sarum, 1730, 8vo. pp. Bohn, 1862, 21. 8s. 31, exclusive of the title. A concise Account of Stonehenge, and proof plates, pub. at 101. 10s.

LARGE PAPER, in super-royal 8vo. with

LARGEST the Barrows round it, situate upon Salis-PAPER, in quarto, with proofs on India bury Plain. 12mo. 28 pages, with fine paper, pub. at 211. An esteemed work, engravings on wood.

which Pugin considered by far the most A Description of Stonehenge, Abiry correct on English Cathedrals. &c. in Wiltshire; with an Account of the In the last issue of this work the fol. Learning and Discipline of the Druids : lowing Cathedrals have substituted letter. to which is added an Account of Antiqui. press by Pugin, who was engaged in a ties on Salisbury Plain. Salisbury, 1776, new edition when he died: Canterbury, 12mo. 100 pages, with six wood-cuts. Chichester, Durham, Exeter, Gloster, He

A Description of Stonehenge on Salis- reford, Lichfield, Lincoln, Peterborough, bury Plain : to which is added, an Ac.

Salsbury, Winchester, York. count of the Fall of three Stones, Jan. 3, Antiquarian and Topographical Cabi. 1797. Salisb. 1800, 12mo. 92 pages, with net; containing 500 Views of the most five views of Stonehenge, engraved by interesting Objects of Curiosity in Great H. Roberts.

Britain, by J. Storer and J. Greig, with Stonehenge, a Poem. Lond. 1792, 4to. letter-press Descriptions. Lond. 1806-12, 24 pages, including the title and advertise- fscap. 8vo. 60 nos. in 10 vols. pub. at 77.10s. ment,

Heber, pt. vii. 11. 10s, LARGE PAPER,

demy 8vo. proof plates. Nassau, with the STOOP, Theodore and Roderic. Ancient Reliques, 2 vols. 61. Dent, with The Solemnity of the Earl of Sand- the Ancient Reliques, 6l. 128. 6d. Earl

of Kerry, 131. 2s, 6d. LARGE PAPER, INDIA wich's Embassy to Lisbon to con

PROOFS, royal 8vo. Duke of York, 77. 7s. duct Queen Catherine to England, Fonthill, 121. 128. Marquis of Towns. with her Reception, and the King's hend, 141. 148, White Knights, 161. Procession on the River from

Ancient Reliques. Lond. 1812, fsc. 8vo.

16 nos. in 2 vols. LARGE PAPER, demy 8vo. Hampton Court to Whitehall. proof plates. Kerry, 21, 28. LARGE PAPER, 1661-2, folio.

INDIA PROOFS, roy. 8vo. Fonthill, 31. 16s. The work contains seven plates, with Description of Fonthill Abbey, Wiltdescriptions in Latin, English, and Por- shire, with Views drawn and engraved by tuguese. The artists were Flemings, and J. Storer. Lond. 1812. super royal octavo, Theodore was afterwards appointed painter pp. 24, with 8 plates, 10s. 6d. LARGE PAPER to the Queen of England,

4to. Duke of York, 11.

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