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STEVENSON, Andrew. History of ther of Labour or Recreation, proper to

each particular Moneth. By M. Steventhe Church and State of Scotland,

son. Lond. 1661, 4to. Pp. 59, not including from the Accession of K. Charles I. title and to the reader, two leaves. There to the Restoration of K. Charles II. are 32 coppercuts representing the months

on the letter-press, and each month conEdinb. 1753-57, post 8vo. 3 vols.

cludes with au epigram. Lilly's Cata. FINE PAPER.- New edition, Edinb. 1840, logue, pt. iv. morocco, 61. 6s. 8vo.

Bellum Presbyteriale. Lond. 1661, 4to. A Collection of the Laws in Favour of Heber, pt. iv. 48. Mitford, April, 1860, the Reformation in Scotland, &c. the whole 6s. 6d. making up a genuine History of the Legal

Poems. Lond. 1665, 8vo. pp. 172, with Establishment of Religion in Scotland, portrait of the author by Gaywood. One from 1560 to 1749. Edinb. 1749, 8vo. 6s.

of the books destroyed in the great fire

of London. Nassau,'pt. ii. 545, 12. 13. HibJohn Hall. Works, corrected bert, 7607, with some verses in MS., 11s. and enlarged with several original Bindley, pt. iii. 1071, 21. Bibl. AngloPoems, now first printed, and ex, portrait, '77. 78. Heber, pt. iv. 11. 11s. planatory Notes.

Lond. Printed Bright, 41. 139. 6d. Bliss, (last leaf im. by J. Nichols, 1793-5, 8vo. 3 vols. perfect) 8s.

Poems: or a Miscellany of Sonnets, frontispieces.

Satyrs, Drollery, Panegyricks, Elegies, Duke of York, 4872, 12s. Bindley, pt. &c. Lond. 1673, small 8vo. pp, 134. Bibl. ii. 300, 16s. 6d. Reed, 6897, with a Ms. Anglo-Poet, 702, 11. 11s. 6d." Bindley, pt. Poem, 11. 2s. Fonthill, 190, 11. 108. Hol- iii. 1072, 11. 11s. 6d. Heber, pt. viii. 10s. lis, 556, 17. 165. Hanrott, 11.58. Sotheby's, Some copies have the following title of May, 1860, 17s. Puttick's, July,1862, 188. Norfolk Drollery.

John Hall Stevenson is the Eugenius Norfolk Drollery, a Collection of Songs, of Sterne. He was a man of great wit, &c. Lond. 1673, 8vo. Hibbert, 7608, 12s. and his poems, written somewhat in the Nassau, pt. ii. 546, 21. 6s. Sir M. M. Sykes, manner of Cólman's Broad Grins, but pt. iii. 469, 31. This is one of the most with more freedom, were once in consi- humorous of all the Drolleries. It contains derable vogue, especially his Crazy Poems on the principal Norfolk Families; Tales,' which it was endeavoured to sup- His Majesty's Progress into Norfolk, press. For some account of him, see 1671; upon the Norfolk Largess; FareNichols' Lit. Anecd. vol. 3, p. 86.

well to Sharrington; Elegies upon R. CRAZY Tales (hy John Hall Stevenson). Doughty of Greyes Inn, Dr. Crofts, Dean 1762, 4to. with frontispiece. White of Norwich, Herbert Ashley, Dean of Knights, 1924, 158.—1764. sm. 8vo. Hib- Norwich, Sir Jos. Payne, Colonel of the bert, 3628, 98.-1785, small 8vo. Stanley, Norwich Trained Bands, Henry Terne, 42, russia, 15s.

Captain of the Triumph, Miles Hobart,

Dr. Jno. Porter, Prebend of Norwich, Sir Matthew, Florus Britanni- Thomas Rant, &c. &c. Reprinted in Mr.

Halliwell's Norfolk Anthology. See p. cus, or Epitome of the History of

1701. England from William the Čon The Wits; or, Poems and Songs on vaqueror to Charles II. Are to be rious Occasions. Lond. 1685, small 8vo.

pp. 134. Sotheby's, Aug. 1860, morocco, sold by T. Jenner, 1662, folio.

21. 55.- Stevenson's Poems of 1673, with a With portraits by Elstracke, Delaram, new title-page. &c. Sir M. M.Sykes. pt. iii. 469, russia, morocco, 2ī.

Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 703, 31.; 735, calf gilt, 71. (now in the Signet

For an account of this writer, see Gent. Library, Edinburgh). Sir P. Thomson, Mag. for 1835, vol. iii. p. 277. 943, 31. 13s. Occasion's Off-spring; or, Poems upon

Robert. Account of the Bell several Occasions. Lond. 1654, 8vo. pp. Rock Light House, including the 125, with portrait by Gaywood. Nassau, Details of the Erection and pecupt. ii. 543, 11. 18. Lloyd, 1152, no portrait, with Ovid's Festivalls, 1640, 17. 85. Bind" | liar Construction of that Edifice. ley, pt. iii. 1070*, date 1645, 9s. Heber, pt. Edinb. 1824, royal 4to. 51. 58. iv. 12s. Bright, 13s. Utterson, 21. Bliss,

With frontispiece after a drawing by pt. i. 88. Mitford, April, 1860, morocco, J. M.W.Turner, and 22 plates. Stowe, 11. 10s.

4926, the frontispiece on India Paper, 31. The twelve Moneths, or a pleasant and 12s. Eyton, ib. morocco, 51. 7s. 60. Hadprofitable Discourse of every Action, whe- | rott, pt, iv. Bl. 10s.

STEVENSON, Robert, of Castle He. Choice Collection of the Works of tho dingham. Scripture Portraits: or Highland Bards, collected in the High

lands and Isles. By Alexander and Dobiographical Memoirs of the most nald Stewart. (In Gaelic.) Duneidin, 1804, distinguished Characters recorded 8vo. 2 vols. in 1, 10s. 6d. Sotheby's, May, in the Old Testament and in the 1860, 5s. Evangelists. Lond. 1817-20, 12mo.

Archibald. A true Account 4 vols. 188.

of the Behaviour and Conduet of Seth William. Tour through Provost of Edinburgh, in a Letter

Archibald Stewart, Esq. late Lord France, Flanders, and Holland. Norwich, 1817, 8vo.

to a Friend. Lond. 1748, 8vo. Privately printed. Hanrott, 21. 108.

Confidently attributed to the pen of

Dayid Hume. Tour in France, Savoy, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Charles. A descriptive CaLond. 1827, 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 1s.

talogue of the Oriental Library of William. Historical Sketch the late Tippoo Sultaun : to which of the Progress of Discovery, Navi- are prefixed Memoirs of Hyder gation and Commerce, from the Ally Khan and his son Tippoo Sulearliest Records to the beginning tan. Cambridge, 1809, 4to. of the nineteenth Century. Edinb. 4964, 11, 138. Heber, pt. y. 11, 5s. Han

An excellent catalogue. Duke of York, 1824, 8vo. pub. at 14s.

rott, pt. iv. 11. 6s. This historical sketch was drawn up The History of Bengal, from the first with reference to, and in order to complete Mohammedan Invasion until 1757. Lond. Kerr's Collection of Voyages and Travels, 1813, 4to. pub. at 31. 3s. of which it forms the eighteenth volume. Introduction to the Anvari Soohyly of It contains, besides an Index to that work, Hussein Vaiz Kāshify. Lond. 1801, 4to. a Catalogue of Voyages and Travels (pp.1-Lond. 1821, 4to, 11. is. 629-632).

Anvari Soohyly. The Fables of Pilpay William. See BENTHAM, Jas. in classical Persian, by Hussein Vaiz - W. B. Historical and De- Kassify, published by Moolvey Hussein

and Capt. c. Stewart. Calcutta, 1804, 4to. scriptive Narrative of twenty years' - Again, 1805, 4to. Residence in South America ; con Seventh Chapter of Anvari Soohyly, taining Travels in Arauco, Chili, with an English Translation and Analy

sis of all the Arabic words. Lond. 1821, Peru, Columbia, &c. Lond. 1828, 4to. 155. 8vo. 3 vols. plates, pub. 11. 168. Original Persian Letters and other Do.

STEWARD, Richard, D.D. The cuments, with facsimiles. Lond. 1825, 4to. English Case, exactly set down by pub. at 11. 10s. Hezekiah’s Reformation in a Court

Charles, Elements of the Sermon at Paris. Lond. 1659, Natural History of the Animal 12mo.

Kingdom. [Anon.] Edinb. 1817, Pp: 71, not including title, preface, and 8vo. 2 vols. plates, 12s. inscription, six leaves. Prefixed to some C. S. Journal of a Residence copies is a portrait of K. Charles II. when in the Sandwich Islands, during in exile. Lloyd, 1153, 18s. Bindley, pt. iii. 1137, 11. 8s. Heber, pt. ii, 19s.

the years 1823, 1824 and 1825. STEWARD'S TABLE. Treatise on Lond. 1828, 12mo. the Use and Abuse of the Second years 1829 and 1830, including Scenes in

Visit to the South Seas during the called the Steward's Table, in Fa- Brazil, Peru, &c. Lond. 1832, post 8vo. milies of the first Rank. In four 2 vols. plates, 10s. 6d parts. Lond. n.d. 8vo. frontispiece. David, Major-Gen. Sketches

STEWART, Rev. Alexander. Ele- of the Character, Manners and prements of Gaelic Grammar, Edinb. sent State of the Highlanders of 1801, 8vo.

Scotland, with Details of the miliSecond edition, Edinb. 1812, 8vo. 4s. tary Service of the Highland Regio

ments, by Major-General David 1854-58, 8vo. 10 vols. port, 61. Vol. 1, DisStewart. Third Edition, Edinb. sertation., 2, 3, 4, Elements of the Philo

sophy of the Human Mind. 5, Philosophi1825, 8vo. 2 vols.

cal Essays. 6,7, Philosophy of the Active With a map, pub. at 1l. 88. 'One of and Moral Powers. 8, 9, Lectures on Pothe most interesting military memoirs in litical Economy (previously unpublished). the world.'— Quart. Řeview. First edition, 10, Biographical Memoirs of Stewart, 1822, 8vo. 2 vols. Second edition, Edinb. Smith, Robertson, and Reid. To which is 1822, 8vo. 2 vols. Hibbert, 7612, 98. Brock. prefixed a Memoir of Dugald Stewart, with ett, 2924, 15s. Stowe, 8s. 60.

Selections from his Correspondence. Remarks on Stewart's Sketches of the

Dugald Stewart also wrote A General Highlanders. Edinb. 1823, 8vo.

View of the Progress of Metaphysical, STEWART, Dugald. Elements of Ethical, and Political Philosophy since the

Revival of Letters in Europe, for the Enthe Philosophy of the Human Mind. cyclopedia Britannica, the first part pubEdinb. and Lond. 1792, 1814, 27, lished in 1815, the second in 1821, 4to. 4to. 3 vols. 11. 11s. 6d.

Reprinted, Boston, U.S., 1822, 8vo.

12s. And it forms the first volume of his An admirable work. Vols. 1 and 2 have Works, edited by Sir William Hamilton. been frequently reprinted in 2 vols. 8vo. It has been reviewed in two elaborate arti(The third volume has not been reprint-cles by Sir James Mackintosh, in the ed, excepting in the collected Works.) Edinburgh Review, vol. 27, p. 186; and vol.

- Second edition of Vol. 1, 1802.-Fifth 36, p. 220. See also Quarterly Review, vol. edition, 1814.--Sixth edition, 1818.-Second

17. p. 39, and vol. 26, p. 474. edition of Vol. 2, 1816, 8v0.-- Third edition,

Duncan. Historical and Ge1821, Both vols. 1822.-- Boston, U.S. 1821, in which the quotations are all translated, nealogical Account of the Royal 2 vols. 8vo:-Cambridge, U. Ş., 1833, 8vo. Family of Scotland, and of the Sure' Tegg, 1843, 8vo. 105. – Reduced, 1850, name of Stewart, with a chronolo8vo. 7s. - 1859. - 1862. - Revised and gical and genealogical Tree. Edinb. abridged with Notes for Colleges and 1739, 4to. Schools, by Francis Bowen, Boston, U. S.

John (the Traveller, com1854, crown 8vo.

Outlines of Moral Philosophy for the monly called Walking Stewart). Use of Students. Edinb. 1793, 8vo.—Third Works. 1810, 3 vols. edition, enlarged and corrected, 1808, 8vo. Hibbert, 7610, 31. The works of this -Fourth edition, 1818, 8v0.-Seventh eccentric philosophical visionary were edition, Lond. 1844, fcp. 8vo. 4s. 60.- mostly printed for private distribution. Edinb. 1845, 18mo. 28.- Witb Questions, Mr. de Quincy, in an especial article reLond. Simpkin, 1855, 12mo. 3s. 6d.

specting him, contributed to the London Philosophical Essays. Edinb 1810, 4to. Magazine, Sept. 1823, says," Mr. Stewart, Hibbert, 7720, 88.-Third edition, Edinb. the traveller, commonly called 'Walking 1818, 8vó. Reviewed at great length in Stewart,' was a man of very extraordithe Quarterly Review, vol. 6, p. 1-37, nary genius. He has generally been and Edinburgh Review, vol, 17, p. 167. treated by those who have spoken of him

Account of the Life and Writings of in print as a madman. But this is a misWilliam Robertson, D.D. Lond. 1801, 8vo. take, and must have been founded chiefly

Account of the Life and Writings of on the titles of his books. He was a man Thomas Reid, D.D, Lond. 1803, 8vo. of sound mind and of sublime aspira

Biographical Memoir of Adam Smith, tions; but he was no madman, or if he LL.D., of William Robertson, D.D., and of was, then I say that it is so far desirable Thomas Reid, D.D. Edinb. 1811, 4to. Sir 1 to be a madman." To this the editor (H. M. M. Sykes, 13s. Hibbert, 11. 10s. G. Bohn) takes leave to add, that about Sotheby, March, 1862, 7s.6d.

45 years ago he was in the habit of atThe Philosophy of the active and moral tending Mr. Stewart's philosophical Powers of Man. Edinb. 1828, 8vo. 2 vols. soirées, in company with Thomas Taylor, 11. 48.-Revised by James Walker, D.D. the Platonist. These meetings were Cambridge, U.S, 1849, 12mo. 5s. 6d. usually held on Sunday evenings, and the

Account of a Boy born Blind and Deaf, company, including ladies, was often nucollected from authentic sources of infor- merous. Mr. Stewart was a familiar and mation. Edinb. 1812, 4to.

pleasant companion, making due allowWorks. Cambridge, U.S., 1829, 8vo. ance for his crotchets. He lived near 7 yols.

Spring Gardens, St. James's Park, and Collected Works, edited by Sir William used to walk regularly two miles before Hamilton, Bart. Edinb. Constable & Co., breakfast, one out and one in. He started

STEWART, John-continued. Philosophy of Human Society, in its with his coat buttoned up to the neck, and Origin, Progress, etc. 1810, 8vo. pp. 112. opened it by degrees at established inter The Traveller the only Man of Nature vals, buttoning up again as Le approached that ever appeared in the World, Last home.

Will and Testament, and Regulator of Travels over the most interesting Parts Mental Power. Lond. 1810, 8vo. 8 vols. of the Globe, to discover the Source of Mitford, April, 1860, 11. 68. Moral Motion. [Lond.) in the year of Dawn of Sense; his Moral IntellecMan's retrospective Knowledge by Astro-tual last Will and Testament. Lond. nomical Calculation, 5000, 12mo. pp. xlviii 1810, 18mo. pp. 415, with the codicil, & 252. Sotheby's, Mar. 1862, with the 496. next article and one other, 16s.

The Roll of a Tennis Ball, through the The Apocalypse of Nature; wherein the Moral World. Dublin, 1812, 12mo. Source of Moral Motion is discovered, and Book of Nature. In the 7000 Year of a Moral System established, &c. (a Se- Astronomical History from the Chinese quel to the preceding work). Lond. n. d. Tables. 18mo. (1790), 12mo. pp. xvi & 316, with a leaf Book of Intellectual Life or Sun of the of errata.

Moral World. Published in the Year of The Revolution of Reason: or, the Es- Sense 7000 Year of Astronomical History tablishment of the Constitution of Things of the Chinese Tables. Lond. n. d. 18mo. in Nature, of Man, of Human Intellect, The Lyre of Apollo. n. d. 18mo. or Moral Truth, of universal Good. Lond. Sophiometer or Regulator of Mental n. d. 12mo. pp. xxiv & 240.

Power. n. d. 18mo. pp. 240. The Moral World displayed: an expo Scripture of Reason and Nature. 1813, sitory Sequel to the Moral State of Nations 12mo. and A pocalypse of Nature. Lond. 17–, Système nouveau de la Philosophie 2 vols.

Physique, Morale, Politique et SpecuThe Book: or, Continuation of the Mo- lative. Lond. 1815, 18mo. ral World. vol. v. Lond. 1793, 12mo. Introd. pp. xiv. Essay on Man, 214 ppi revealing the Laws of the Intellectual

Philosophy of Sense, or Book of Nature, An Inquiry into the Nature of Good, 24 World. i2mo.-In French, with some few pp. The Criterion of Reason, 24 pp. Alchymy of Nature, &c. 48 pp. also a front.

Additions, 1816. to the volume, with explanation.

Life and Adventures, including his The Tocsin of Britannia, with a novel Travels in the East Indies, Turkey, Gere

By & Relative. Plan for a Constitutional Army. Lond. many, and America.

Lond. 1822, 8vo. pp. 16. 1794, 8vo. pp. 56. The second Peal of the Tocsin of Bri

See Taylor's Records of My Life, vol. i. tannia, or Alarm Bell of Britons, with pp. 284-94, and an article by De Quincy, Plans of National Armament and National London Magazine, May and Sept. 1823, Defence, addressed to the British Yeo- pp. 253-260. manry. Lond. 1794, 8vo. pp. 52. Good Sense addressed to the English or the Whole Art of Hair-Dressing.

STEWART, James. Plococasmus, Nation. Lond. 1794, 8vo. pp. 124.

The Tocsin of Social Life, addressed Lond. 1782, 8vo. plates. to all Nations of the civilized World; in a Discovery of the Laws of Nature rela

John. An Account of Prince tive to human Existence. Lond. 1803, of Wales Island, in the Gulph of 8vo, pp. 96.

St. Laurence, North America. Lond. Opus Maximum, or a great Essay to reduce the Moral World from Contin. 1806, 8vo. 4s. gency to System. With his Life. 1803, This work, which is deficient in zoology, 12mo. Hibbert, 7611, 11. 2s.

contains a good deal of information on The Conquest of the Moral World, pp.

the soil, agriculture, productions, climate, 24.

&c. The Important and Infallible Secret of

John. Collections and ReVictory, to render British Soldiers and British Citizens Invincible in their 1s. collections, or Historical, Biograland, and the Protectors of Civilized Life. phical and Miscellaneous AnecPart 1. Lond. 1807, 8vo. pp. 64.- Part 2, dotes, Notices and Sketches. Edinb. 1808, 8vo. pp. 80.

Revelation of Reason and Nature. pp. 1823, post 8vo. 88. 6d. 86. Apocalypse of Human Perfectability.

Lady Mary. Extracts from 1808, pp. 20.

the Household Book of Lady Ma.



rie Stewart,(Daughter of Esme Duke pt. iii. 2051, 191. 5s. Heber, pt. ii. 111. of Lennox, and) Countesse of Mar. Jolley, 121. 128.-1661, 4to.

Rhodes, 2401, il. 58. Halliwell, Edited byĆ. K. Sharpe, Esq. 21. 38. It is reprinted in Hawkins' Origin Edinb. (1815) 4to.

of the English Drama, Dodsley's CollecWith portrait and plates. Only fifty tion of Old Plays, &c. copies printed for sale, at 11. 58. Strettell, 1014, russia, 17s. Bindley, pt. ii. 810, Literary Life and Select Works of

STILLINGFLEET, Benjamin. The 11. 4s. Heber, pt. viii. 16s.

STEWART, Matthew, D.D. Tracts Benjamin Stillingfleet. By the Physical and Mathematical,contain- F.A.S. Lond. 1811, 8vo. 3 vols.

Rev. William Coxe, M.A., F.R.S., ing an Explanation of important

LARGE PAPER, with coloured plates. Points in Astronomy, etc. Lond. Coxe, 493, with proof impressions of the 1761-3, 8vo.

portraits and original drawings, 31. 48. Propositiones Geometricæ more Vete Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Natu. rum demonstratee. Edinb. 1763, 8vo. ral History, Husbandry, and Physic,

Geometrical Propositions, demonstrated Lond. 1759, 8vo. — Fourth edition, 1791, after the manner of the Ancients. Lond. 8vo. 1901, 8vo.

Plays. Joseph, Moses, and Zipporah,

An unfiW. Grant. The popular Su- David and Bathsheba. '8vo.

18 copies printed, but perstitions and festive Amusements not published. [1800), 8vo. Bindley, pt. of the Highlanders of Scotland. iii. 675, 21. 58. Reed, 8561, 31. 138.68. Edinb. 1823, fscp. 8vo. 6s.

- Edward, Bishop of WorcesStowe, 9s. 60.

ter. Works, with his Life. Lond. STEWART FAMILY. See STUART 1710, folio, 6 vols. 101. 10s. FAMILY. STEWART, Duncan.

With portrait by White. Bishop of

Ely, 1461, 51. 7s, 6d. Williams, 1689, date STEWS. — A modest Defence of 1707, 151. Sotheby (Brogden), Aug. 1841, Publick Stews, or an Essay upon 161. 58. Sotheby, April, 1860, 51. 105. Whoring as it is now practised in Irenicum, a weapon - salve for the these Kingdoms. Lond. 1724, 8vo. Church's wounds, or the divine right of : Stanley, 692, 10s. 6d. Roxburghe, 6700, discussed. Lond. 1659, 4to.-Second edi

particular forms of Church-Government 13s. See MANDEVILLE, Bernard. WHORE. tion, with a discourse concerning the

STILES, Ezra. History of three power of excommunication. 1662, 4to. of the Judges of King Charles I., Origines Sacræ, or a rational account Major - General Whalley, Major- and divine authority of the Scriptures,

of the Christian Faith, as to the truth General Goffe, and Col. Dixwell ; and the matter contained therein." Lond. with an Account of Mr. Theophilus 1662, 4to. This work is esteemed one of

the best defences of revealed religion Whale of Narraganset, supposed to

ever written, Edited by Dr. Bentley, have been also one of the Judges. with part of another book upon the same Hartford, in Connecticut, 1794, subject from the author's own Ms. Lond. 12mo.

1709, folio.-Reprinted, Oxford, 1797, 8vo.

2 vols. Drury, 3981, 15s. Dent, 559, 16s. Pp. 357. With cuts. Gough, 3424, – Oxford, 1817, 8vo. 2 vols. Nassau, pt. ii. 68. 6d. Bright, 118.

547, 15s.- Oxford, 1837, 8vo. 2 vols. 15s. A copious abridgment of this work is given in Anecdotes of Eminent Persons,

Rational Account of the Grounds of tbe published also under the title Polyanthea, Protestant Religion; being a Vindication vol. 2, p. 75. See POLYANTREA, p. 1908.

of the Archbishop of Canterbury's (Laud)

relation of a Conference, &c. Lond. 1665, STILL, John, Bishop of Bath and folio. Bliss, pt. i. 138. -- Second edition, Wells. Gammer Gurton's Nedle : 1681.-Third edition, 1702, folio. - Re. Played on Stage not longe ago in printed, Oxford, 1844, 8vo. 2 vols. 188. Christes Colledge in Cambridge. ties of the British Churches; with a

Origines Britannicæ; or, the AntiquiLond. by T. Colwell, 1575, 4to. preface in Vindication of the Bishop of

Sothebg's in 1826, 61. 10s. Roxburghe, St. A saph (Lloyd) against Sir George 5918, 81. 8s. Rhodes, 2399, 101. Bindley, Mackenzie. Lond. 1685, fulio.


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