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of that Event. Lond. 1803, 4to. I lished with coloured Figures of 2 vols.

the rarer and more interesting Drury, 4051, 8s. Hibbert, 7725. 8s. Species. Arranged in two great Horne Tooke, 666, with Ms. notes by classes, viz. : Mandibulata, 7 vols.; Tooke, 41. 1s. See Tooke, J. H.

Haustellata, 4 vols.; Supplement, 1 STEPHENS, John. Cinthias Re- vol. Lond. Baldwin, 1828-46, roy. venge : or Mænander's Extasie. 8vo. 86 parts, forming 12 vols. coLond. 1613, 4to.

loured plates, pub. at 211. reduced One of the longest plays I ever read, H. G. Bohn, 87. 88. and withall the most tedious.'-Langbaine. In this profound work Mr. Stephens Rhodes, 2391, 21. 12s. 6d. Mitford, April, follows, to some extent, Clairville's ar1860, 21. 6s. A copy is in the British rangement. MANDIBULATA includes, 1. Museum.

Coleoptera; 2. Strepsiptera; 3. Dermaptera; Satyrical Essayes, Characters, and 4. Orthoptera ; 5. Neuroptera; 6. Trichopo others, or accurate and quick Descrip- tera; 7. Hymenoptera. HAUSTELLATA intions fitted to the Life of their Subiects. cludes, 1. Hemiptera ; 2. Homoptera; 3. Lond. by Nicholas Okes, &c. 1615, 8vo. Lepidoptera; 4. Diptera ; 5. Homaloptera ; pp. 321, also title, preface, dedication to 6. Aphaniptera ; 7. Aptera. Mr. Stephens, Thomas Turner, Esq. 14 more. Hibbert, after more than twenty years' labour, and 7603, morocco, 12s. Lloyd, 1151, 18s. an expenditure of ten thousand pounds Gordonstoun, 2153, 1l. 2s. Sir M. M. on the work, left it slightly unfinished, Sykes, pt. iii. 466, morocco, 11, 5s. Bright, which is partially remedied by a Supple14s. In Halliwell's Old Books of Charac-ment. ters, 1857, 4to. See a Notice of these Systematic Catalogue of British InEssays in Brydges' Restituta, vol. 4, p. sects, being an attempt to arrange all the 503.

hitherto discovered indigenous Insects in Essayes and Characters ironical and in accordance with their Natural Affinities. structive. The second Impression. With Lond. 1829, 8vo. pub. 11. 75. a new Satyre, in Defence of common Nomenclature of British Insects, being Lawyers, mixt with Reproofe against a Compendious List of such Species as their common Enemy, with many new are contained in his Systematic CataCharacters, and divers other Things ad- logue of British Insects, and forming ded: and every Thing amended. By Guide to the Classification. Lond. 1829, John Stephens the yonger, of Lincolne's small 8vo. 4s. 60. Inne, Gent. Lond. by E. Allde, 1615, Abstract of Indigenous Lepidoptera small 8vo. pp. 540. Lloyd, 1150, 31. 45.

contained in Hübner's “Verzeichniss Bindley, pt. iii. 688, 11. 38. Bibl. Anglo- bekaunter Schmetterlinge." Lond. 1835, Poet. 714, 31. 3s. Gordonstoun, 2154, 1l.

8vo. 3s. 138. Nassau, pt. ii. 539, russia, 11. 3s. Dent, pt. ii. 557, 11. 58. Mitford, April, of Great Britain and Ireland. Lond. 1839,

Manual of British Coleoptera, or Beetles 1860, 158. Puttick's, July, 1862, 11s.

8vo. 14s. New Essayes and Characters, with a new Satyre in Defence of the Common Philip. Catalogus Horti BoLaw and Lawyers: mixt with Reproofe: tanici Oxoniensis.

Oxon. 1658, against their Enemy Ignoramus. Lond. small 8vo. 1631. Sotheby's in 1821, 8s. Heber, pt.

Pp. 228, including preface and commenviii. 178.

datory verses. White Knights, 3920, 2s, John. Historical Discourse -Oxon. 1648, 12mo.-Oxon. 1659, 12mo. on Procurations, Synodals and Pen P. 150 Views in Italy, tacostals. Lond. 1661, 4to. etched by various Artists and Ama

"The best account.'- Nicolson. teurs on the Spot. 1767, oblong

J. F. Illustrations of Bri- | 4to. 158 plates. tish Entomology, or a Synopsis of

Bindley, pt. iii. 1826, russia, 21. 15s. Indigenous Insects, containing their

Rev. Walter. Notes on the generic and specific Distinctions, Mineralogy of Part of the Vicinity with an account of their Metamor- of Dublin. Lond. 1812, 8vo. phoses, times of appearance, loca STEPHENSON, John. Medical lities, food and economy. Embel- | Botany, or Illustrations and De.

and others, scriptions of the Medicinal Plants of

Marquis of Townshend,

2967, 31. 3s. Sotheby's, May, 1860, 11. 4s. the London, Edinburgh, and Dub. Lond. 1793, 10 vols. plates. Duke of lin Pharmacopeias. By John Ste- York, 4867, 21. 28. Williams, 1649, 11. 14s. phenson and James Morss Chur--Gainsborough, Mozley, 1795, 12mo. 8

vols. - Lond. 1798, 10 vols. Brockett, chill. Lond. 1831, 8vo. 4 vols. 2925, 11. 78.—Berwick, 1800, 18mo. 8 vols. coloured plates.

-Lond. Cadell, 1803, 8vo. 4 vols. portrait New edition, edited by Gilbert and and plates, 11. 168. LARGE PAPER, royal Bennet. Lond. 1853, royal 8vo. 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 88.-Lond. Cadell, 1808, 8vo. 4 vols. coloured plates, 41.

plates after designs by Stothard and Medical Zoology and Mineralogy, or Thurston, 21, 28.-Lond. Cadell, 1815, 12mo. Illustrations and Descriptions of the Ani. 4 vols. plates.- Lond. Cadell, 1819, 8vo. 4 mals and Minerals employed in Medi- vols. plates. Sotheby's, Jan. 1866, 17. 98. cine, including an account of the Ani. -Loud. 1823, 18mo. 5 vols. pub. at 11.1s. mal and Mineral Poisons. Lond. Church. -Lond. Daly, 1829, 8vo. in i vol.- Lond. ill, 1832, royal 8vo. 42 coloured plates.- 1839, 8vo. in 1 vol. 158.-Lond. Chidley, Second edition, 1838, royal 8vo. 45 coloured 1847, 8vo. in 1 vol, port. and vignette. plates, 21. 28. reduced, H. G. Bohn, 11. 18.

Lond. H. G. Bohn, 1843.-1854.-1860, 8vo. STEPNEY, W.

The Spanish

in 1 vol. portrait and vignette, 108.6d.

Sterne may be recorded as at once one Schoole Master, containing Seven of the most affected, and one of the most Dialogues. R. Field, 1591, 8vo. simple of writers--as one of the greatest Heber, pt. ix. 11. 6s.

plagiarists, and one of the most original

geniuses, that England has produced.'STEPNEY and Hackney. · The Sir Walter Scott. Auncient seuerall Customes of the Select Works, (Tristram Shandy and seuerall Mannors of Stebbunhuth Sentimental Journey). Lond. 1818, post and Hackney, within the Countie of 8vo. 4 vols. 128.

SERMONS of Mr. Yorick. Lond. 12mo. Middlesex, ratified, allowed and 7 yols. First edition, vols. 1 and 2, no date : approved by Henrie Lord Went- vols. 3 and 4, Becket and de Hondt, 1766 worth, Lord of the saide seuerall (in, vol. 3 is a list of subscribers); vols, 5,

6,7, Strahan, Cadell, Miller and Becket, Mannors, the X day of November, 1769. - Lond. 1778, 12mo. 7 vols.—1787, 1587, n. p. or d. 4to.

8vo. in 1 vol. BLACK LETTER. 24 leaves. Copies are Sermon for a Charity School. York, 1747. in the British Museum, and in the Gren Sermon on Conscience. 1750, 8vo, ville Collection.-1587, 4to. Bindley, pt. Bindley, with other Tracts, 6s.6d. i. 2015, 13s.6d. Hibbert, 5417, 31. 10s. The

An Assize Sermon. York, 1756. reprints of 1651 and 1736 have considerable

SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY through France alterations. The Free Customes, Benefits, and Pri: Lond. 1768, 12mo. 2 vols. with List of Sub

and Italy, by Mr. Yorick. First edition, vileges of the Copyhold Tenants of the Mannors of Stepney and Hackney. Lond. scribers, 8 pp. LARGE PAPER. Garrick, 58. by W. Jones, 1617, 4to. Nassau, pt. i.

Williams, 148.-1770, 12mo. 2 vols.- Lond.

Duke of 1064, 6s. In the Grenville Collection. -- Becket, 1778, 12mo. 2 vols.

York, 4865, 16s. - Reprinted with many alterations and

Lond. 1782, 8vo. additions, Lond. 1651, 4to.

Lond. 1792, 8vo. with six plates after

Stothard. Customs and Privileges of the Manors

LARGE PAPER, in royal 8vo. of Stepney and Hackney. In the Savoy, ris, Didot, 1800, 18mo.

with proof plates. Field, 1635, 68.-Pa

To this edition 1736, small 8vo. Nassau, pt. i. 808, 59.

Yorick's Letters to Eliza are appended, STERLING. See STIRLING. On VELLUM. Two copies struck off. J11STERNE, Rev. Laurence

not, 17, 41, 5s.- Paris (by Crapelet), for The

Ant. Aug. Renouard, 1802, 12mo, pp. 259. Works of Laurence Sterne, with a PINK PAPER, Three copies printed. On Life of the Author, written by VELLUM. One copy struck off. - Lond. himself. Lond. 1780, crown 8vo. cuts,-Lond. 1809, 12mo. 2 plates after

Vernor and Hood, 1804, 12mo., with wood10 vols. plates after Hogarth. Rowlandson.—Lond. (Walker's Classics),

Best edition. Drury, 3980, 11. 6s. 1817, 24mo. 38.-Lond. J. E. Nichols, Heath, 1725, 31. 58. Fonthill, 12, 21. 12s. 1839 and 1841, 8vo. 100 wood engravings -Dublin, Armitage, 1776, 12mo. 8 vols. after designs by Jaques and Fussell, 8s. Sotheby's, May, 1860, 65.-Lond. 1788, -With memoir by Blanchard, Lond. crown 8vo. 10 vols. plates after Hogarth (1857), 8vo. plates by Johannot, 78.


STERNE, Laurence--continued.


Yorick's Sentimental Journey, conSHANDY, Gentleman. Lond. 1759-67, 12mo. tinued. To which is prefixed, some AC9 vols. First edition, vols. 1 and 2, York, count of the Life and Writings of Mr. 1759.-Reprinted, no place or publisher, Sterne. Lond. 17—, 12mo. 2 vols. A 1760 ; also, as second edition, Lond. Dods wretched imitation of Sterne. ley, 1760 (vol. 1 has a frontispiece by

Continuation of Yorick's Sentimental Hogarth); vols. 3 and 4, Dodsley, 1761, Journey. Lond. 1782, 12mo.-1788, 12mo. (vol. 3 has a frontisp. by Hogarth); vol. 4, A Sentimental Journal, intended as a p. 112; (an engraving by Hogarth); vols. Sequel to Mr. Sterne's, through Italy, 5 and 6, Becket and de Hondt, 1762; vols. Switzerland. and France, by Mr. Shandy. 7 and 8, ib. 1765 ; vol. 9, ib. 1767. Sterne's Lond. 1793, 12mo. 2 vols. 5s. autograph is often found in several of the A Supplement to the Life and Opinions volumes, generally in volumes 5, 7, and 9. of Tristram Shandy, serving to elucidate -- Lond. 1768, small 8vo. 9 volumes. that work. Lond. 1760, 12mo. Bindley, pt. iii. 685, 10s. 6d. Mitford, The Life and Opinions of Tristram A pril, 1860, with Sermons and Sentimen- Shandy, Gentleman. Lond. for Scott, tal Journey, 11. 6s. — Lond. 1781, 8vo. in 1 1760, 12mo. vol. III. (Written by John vol.-Gainsborough, Moseley, 1795, 12mo. Carr, LL.D.) 8 vols.-Lond. Cooke (1798), 18mo. 6 vols. Explanatory Remarks upon (Vols. 1 and in 2, plates. — Lond. 1810, 12mo. 3 vols.-- | 2 of) the Life and Opinions of Tristram Lond. (Walker's Classics), 1819, 24mo. 58. Shandy, by Jer. Kunastrokius, M.D. 1760, -Lond. (Roscoe's Novelist's Lib.) 1836, 8vo. 12mo. 2 vols. 105,-Lond. (Smith's Stand Explanatory Remarks upon the third ard Lib.) 1839, 8vo. 3s.

and fourth Volumes of the Life and Opi. The Life and Opinions of Tristram nions of Tristram Shandy; wherein the Shandy, Gentleman. Lond. 17–, sm. Svo. / Wit and Humour of this Piece are disvol. IX. Lowndes inserts this, and adds, closed and elucidated to the Conception Not written by Sterne, but there is every rea

of the meanest Capacity. Lond. 1762, son to doubt the existence of any spurious 12mo. vol. 11, vol. 9, which was probably been confounded

The Clockmaker's Outcry against the with the spurious vol. 3, mentioned in next Author of the Life and Opinions of Triscolumn.

tram Shandy ; dedicated to the most humThe History of a Warm Watchcoat. ble of Christian prelates. Lond. 1760.8vo. Lond. 1769, 12mo.

An Answer to the Clockmaker. Lond. Sterne's Letters to his Friends, on va

n. d. 8vo. rious Occasions. To which is added, his

Yorick's Meditations upon various im. History of a Watch Coat, with explana- portant and interesting subjects. Lond, tory Notes. Lond. Kearsly, 1775, 12mo.

1760, 8vo.

A Methodist Preacher's Letter to Letters of the late Rev. Laurence Sterne, Sterne. Lond. 1760, 4to. to his most intimate Friends, with a Frag.

A Funeral Discourse, occasioned by the ment in the Manner of Rabelais :

to Death of Mr. Yorick, preached before a which are prefixed Memoirs of his Life mixed Society of Jemmies, Jessamies, and Family, written by himself, and pub- &c. at a Nocturnal Meeting in Petticoat lished by his daughter, Mrs. Medalle. Lane. Loud. 1761, 8vo. Lond. 1775, 12mo. 3 vols. with portrait of Lydia Sterne de Medalle after B. West.

Occasional Verses on the death of Mr. See Gent. Mag. vol. xlvi. p. 27. – Second Sterne. To which is added an Epistle to edition, Lond. T. Becket, 1777, 12mo. 3

a Young Lady on the Taste and Genius vols. portrait.

of the Times. Lond. 1768, 4to. Letters from Yorick to Eliza, Lond. The posthumous Works of a late celeKearsly, 1775, 12mo.

brated Genius, deceased. Lond, 1770, Original Letters of the late Rev. Lau. 12mo. 2 vols. 58.-Dublin, 1770, 12mo. 2 rence Sterne ; never before published. vols. The celebrated Genius whose posLond. 1788, crown 8vo. pp. 216, 3s.

thumous works these are assumed to be, Seven Letters written by Sterne and is Sterne ; but they are manifestly spuri. his Friends, hitherto unpublished, Edited ons. Reissued,with the title 'THE KORAN.' by W. Durrant Cooper. Lond. 1844, 8vo. (Written by Richard Griffiths, son of Mrs. privately printed.

Griffiths, the novelist.) See Gent. Mag, The Beauties of Sterne. Lond. 1783, vol. 67, pp. 565 and 755 ; also, Notes and 12mo. portrait.--1793, 12mo.--Lond.(Wal. Queries, vol. 1, p. 418. ker's Classics), 1811, 24mo. 3s.

Yorick's Skull, or College Oscitations ; Gleanings from the Works of Laurence with some Remarks on the Writings of Sterne, comprising Tales, Sermons, Leto Sterne, and a Specimen of his Shandean Lond. 1798, small 8vo.

style. Lond. 1777, 8vo.

ters, &c.

STERNE, Laurence-continued. Sir Henry. Planter's Guide, Letters supposed to have been written by Yorick and Eliza. Lond.1779, 12m0,2 v: thod of Giving immediate effect to

or Practical Essay on the best meFragments after Sterne, by Isaac Brandon. Lond. 1808, 12mo.

Wood, by the Transplanting of Sterne and his Day; a Life of Sterne large Trees and underwood. Edinb. Percy Fitzgerald, in Dublin University 1827, 8vo. five plates after W. Tur. Magazine, 1860-63.

ner, &c., engraved by Miller. Únpublished Letters of Sterne, in Phi Second edition, enlarged. Edinb. 1828, Tobiblon Miscellany. See also an article 8vo. 5 plates. Some copies with India on Sterne in Quarterly Review, vol. 94, proof plates.- Third edition, with a Mep. 303-49.

moir of the Author, and his last additions Illustrations of Sterne. See FERRIAR. and improvements, Edinb. Blackwood, STEERY, Peter. Discourse on the 1848, 8vo. portrait and 5 plates, 11. 18.

STEUART, Sir James, Bart. An Freedom of the Will. Lond. 1675, Inquiry into the Principles of Pofolio, 10s. 6d.

litical Oeconomy.

Lond. 1767, The Rise, Race, and Royalty of the Kingdom of God in the Soul of Man.

4to. 2 vols. Lond. 1683, 4to.

Bindley, pt. iii. 1825, 9s. Marquis of For Notices of Sterry and his Wri Townshend, 3011, 11. 2s. Willett, 2304, tings, see Notes and Queries, vol. iii. p. 11. 6s. Roxburghe, 9330, 11. 78.—Dublin, 434, and vii. p. 388; N. S. xii. p. 271.

1770, 8vo. 3 vols. Stowe, 4s.

The Works political, metaphysical and STEUART, Adam. Some Obser- chronological of Sir James Steuart, Bart. vations and Annotations upon the To which are subjoined Anecdotes of the Apologeticall Narration, humbly

Author. Lond. 1805, 8vo. 6 vols. Heber,

pt. x. 9s. An account of this author and submitted to the honourable Houses of his works will be found in Brydges' of Parliament, the most reverend Censura Literaria, and learned Divines of the Assem

John. De adventu Henrici bly, and all the Protestant Churches Francorum Regis in metropolim here in this Island and abroad. regni suo oratio. Paris, 1549, 4to. Lond. 1644, 4to.

Bright, 5416, 138.

ColThe dedication of this piece, an answer

Walter, of Pardovan. to An Apologeticall Narration, is sub- lections and Observations methoscribed A. S. and is alluded to in the fola dized, concerning the Worship, lowing line of Milton's, on the new Forcers Discipline, and Government of the ment, Taught ye by mere A. S. and Ro. Church of Scotland. Edinb. 1709, therford ?

4to. 58. Au Answer to A cool Conference be

Reprinted, Arbroath, 1802, 8vo.-- Edinb. tweene the cleared Reformation and the 1830, 12mo. apologeticall Narration. Lond. 1644, 4to. The Covenanter vindicated.

STEVEN, William, D.D. History

Lond. 1644, 4to.

of the Scottish Church, Rotterdam, Zerubbabel to Sanballat and Tobiah : or, from 1644; with Notices of other the first Part of the Duply to M. S. alias British Churches in the NetherTwo Brethren, by Adam Steuart, &c. Imprim. March 17, 1644, 4to,

lands. Edinb. 1833, portrait of The second Part of the Duply to Ms. Rev. Alexander Petrie, and vigalias Two Brethren, with a brief Epitome nette on title-page, 10s. 6d. and Refutation of all the whole Independent-Government: most humbly sub

Memoir of George Heriot, with the mitted to the Kings most excellent Ma. History of the Hospital founded by bim jestie, to the most Honorable Houses of in Edinburgh. Edinb. 1845, 12mo. 7s.6d. Parliament, the most Reverend and History of the High School of EdinLearned Divines of the Assembly, and burgh. Edinb. 1849, 12mo. 8s. 6d. all the Protestant Churches in this Island STEVENS, C. See STEPHENS, Chs and abroad, by Adam Steuart. Imprim, F. Etchings of Views of Oct. 3, 1644, 4to. Reply to the 20 Part of his Duply. n. p. land and Wales. Lond. 1815. 4to.

Cottages and Farmhouses in Eng. 1644, 410.

53 plates, pub. 21. 123. 6d. LABGE Cauche. Heber, pt. il. 198. Puttick's, PAPER, imperial 4to.

March, 1862, 31. 7s.6d. STEVENS, George Alexander. A Capt. John. Monasticon HiLecture on Heads, by Geo. Alex. bernicum. Lond. 1722, 8vo.

A translation of Monsieur Alemand's Stevens, with Additions by Mr. Pilon ; as delivered by Charles Lee merous additions and alterations, pub

Histoire Monastique d'Irelande, with nuLewes : to which is added, an Es- iished anonymously. White Knights, say on Satire. Lond. 1799, sm. 8vo. 2054, morocco, 11. 11s. 6d. Reed, 5244, 5s. with 24 humorous heads by Nesbit, Bishop of Ely, 615, 13s. 68. LARGE PAPER.

Heath, 4769, 11. Towneley, pt. ii. 744, 15s. from Designs by Thurston, 3s. 6d. Dent, pt. i. 1436, russia, 31. 6s. Nassau,

1787, sm. 8vo. frontispiece, designed by pt. i. 1782, 31. 4s. Hanrott, 168. Charles Fox. — With a large folio plate of heads, n. d. 1802, 12mo. woodcuts..-1812, which is added, an English and Spanish

Spanish and English Dictionary: to 12mo.' woodcuts. — With Life by Tolley, Dictionary, with a Grammar. Lond. 1706, Lond. 1823, 12mo,

folio. Willett, 2363, russia, 11. 7s. RoxPlays, &c. 1751-80. Reed, 8560, 19s. The Choice Spirits Chaplet, a Collection 11s. 6d. Heber, pt. ii. 4s,

burghe, 2132, 115.-1726, folio. Reed, 216, of Songs. Whitehaven, 1771, 12mo. 4s. Lilly, calf extra, 11. 11s. 60.

History of Persia. Lond. 1715, 8vo. Comic and Satyrical Songs. Oxford, | Roxburghe, 8858, 58. 1772, 12mo. with a frontispiece. Sir M. The Spanish Rule of Trade to the West M. Sykes, pt. iii. 468, 5s.-1782, 12mo. Indies. Translated from the Spanish of D. Duke of York, 4870, with Stevens' Lecture Joseph de Veitia Linage. Lond. 1720, 8vo. on Heads, 1799, 11. 1s.

Sotheby's, May, 1860, 11s. The dramatic History of Master Ed. Historical Account of all Taxes from ward (Shuter), Miss An (Catley), Mrs. the Conquest to the death of George I. Llwhuddwhydd, and others, the Extraor- Second edition, to which is added, a table dinaries of these Times, illustrated with of the principal events in each reign. Copper-plates. Lond. 1786, 12mo. Pub. Lond. 1733, 8vo. lished anonymously. Roxburghe, 9327, 9s. See DUGDALE, Monasticon, p. 686. Duke of York, 4874, 135.-1785, 12mo. Hibbert, 7605, 4s. 6d. Rhodes, 2393, 6s.6d.

Mrs. Maria. Devotional Strettell, 1328, 78.

Comments : being a Series of ScripThe Adventures of a Speculist; or, a tural Expositions, with a Prayer Journey through London, with a Life of annexed to each Subject. Knaresthe Author by the Editor. Lond. 1788,12mo borough, 1823-30, 8vo. 20 vols. a Visit to the Fleet-Visit to Bedlam- pub. at 101. Authentic Life of a Woman of the Town

Brief Memoir and Account of her spi. --Description of what Covent GARDEN ritual labours. By her Sister, Lond. 1841, WAS, and what it Is.

post 8vo. 8s. 60. Works, consisting of his Lecture on Heads and Songs, by Pulton. Lond. 1807, her Sister. Lond. 1842, crown 8vo. 125.

Letters to Various Friends. Edited by 18mo. John. New Collection of

Sacheverell. Miscellaneous Voyages and Travels into several Remarks made on the Spot in a Parts of the World, none of them late Seven Years' Tour through ever before printed in English. France, Italy, Germany, and HolLond. J. Knapton, 1711, 4to. 2 land. Lond. 1756, 8vo. plates. vols. maps and plates.

William. The Works of Containing, 1. Description of the Mo- Nobody (Anon.) Lond. (1805) 8vo. lucca and Philippine Islands, by L. de Argensola ; 2. New Account of Carolina, Author's Tracts published anonymously

This volume consists of a reprint of the by Lawson ; 3. Travels of P. de Cieza in between 1777 and 1800. He was Treasurer Peru ; 4. Travels of the Jesuits in Ethio

to Queen Ann's Bounty, pia ; 5. Captivity of Sieur Mouette in Fez and Morocco ; 6. Travels of P. Teixeira Memoir of William Stevens, Esq. [By from India to the Low Countries by land; Sir James Allan Park.] Lond. 1812, 7. Voyage to Madagascar by the Sieur 8vo.

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