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SMITH, Capt. John-continued. Sign. A to Z, in fours, with a plate of &

A Description of New England : or the ship, opposite which is a letter-press de Observations and Discoueries of Captain scription. Iohn Smith (Admirall of that Country)

The true Travels, Adventures and Obin the North of America in 1614: with servations of Captain John Smith, in the Successe of sixe Ships, that went the Europe, Asia, Affrica and America, from next Yeare 1615; and the accidents befell Anno Domini 1593 to 1629, &c. Together

with a Continuation of his generall Hishim among the French men of warre. With the proofe of the present benefit tory of Virginia, Summer-lles, New Enthis countrey affoords; whither this pre to this present 1629; as also of the new

gland, and their Proceedings, since 1624 sent yeare 1616, eight voluntary ships are Plantations of the great River of the gone to make further tryall. Lond.byHumfrey Lownes, 1616, 4to. Jadis, 252,with the Amazons, the Iles of St. Christopher, map, morocco, 21. 38.

Nevis, and Barbados, in the West Indies. Caldecott, no title,

All written by actual authors, whose 178.-Collation. Title, epistle dedicatory to Charles Prince of Great Britaine, To Lond. by J. H. for Thomas Slater, 1630,

names you shall finde along the History. the Knights & Gentlemen of his Maies: folio. Pp. 60, not including title, dedicaties Councell," "To the right Worshipfull tion to William Earle of Pembroke, &c. Aduenturers,' and complimentary verses, together 8 leaves; the description, pp. 61, the back of the title is a coat of arms

contents, verses, together six leaves. At after which are complimentary verses by engraved by Cecil, and at page 1 a large John Davies of Hereford. Geo. Wither, folding plate, in nine compartments, re. Ed. Robinson and Tho. Carlton, 2 pages presenting the various perils, &c. of the At page 1 is a folding map of New Eng: captain, by M. Rten Dr[æshout). Hibbert, land, S. Passæus sculp., at the corner of 17577, 21. 193. Nassau, pt. ii. 1025, 31. 38. which is a portrait of Capt. John Smith. Jadis, 348, 41. 6s. New England's Trials; declaring the Inglis, 1435, 61. 6s. Heber, pt. v. 31. Put

Gordonstoun, 2203, 5l. Successe of 26 Ships employed thither tick's, May, 1854, 71. 128. 6d. within these six Yeares: &c. by Captaine lohn Smith. Lond. 1620, 4to. March, 1862, 51. 5s.-Reprinted together Ten leaves, including the title. Copies U.S., as already described at p. 2422. Also

with the History of Virginia, Richmond, are in the British Museum and the Bod- in the second volume of Churchill's Colleian Library.

lection of Voyages and Travels. New England's Trials : declaring the Success of 80 Ships employed thither Planters of New England, or any where;

Advertisements for the unexperienced within these eight years; and the benefit or the Pathway to Experience to erect a of that Countrey by Sea and Land, &c. Plantation. With the yearly proceedings Written by Captaine John Smith. The of the Country in Fishing and Planting, second edition, Lond. by William Jones, from 1614 to 1630, &c. By Captaine Johu 1622, 4to, Sign. A to D, in fours, and a Smith, sometimes Governour of Virginia map, with portrait. A copy is in the and Admirall of New England. Lond. 1631, Grenville Collection.

4to. Sign. A to F, in fours, with a map, An Accidence, or the Pathway to Ex-containing a portrait of Capt. Smith by perience, necessary for all young Seamen, Pass. Inglis, 1360, 11. 38. Jadis, 253, &c. Written by Captaine Iohn Smith

morocco, 21. 1s. Gordonstoun, 2204, 31, sometimes Governour of Virginia, and

Heber, pt. i. 17s. Admirall of New England. Lond. 1626,

A Congratulatory Poem upon the noble 4to. Sign. A to F 3, in fours. Inglis, Feast made by the Ancient

and renowned 1359, 6s. Gordonstoun, 2122, 11s.

Families of the Smiths. Lond. printed A Sea Grammar, with the plaine Ex- for Francis Smith, n. d. A Broadside, position of Smith's Accidence for young with an engraving representing Captain Seamen enlarged. Lond. 1627, 4to. pp. Smith in single combat with a Turk,

and vi. and 86. Steevens, 1502, 2s. 6d. Inglis, a second compartnient representing King 1361, 4s,

Jadis, 217, with portrait of Sigismond presenting him with a banner Smith inserted, 118. Nassau, pt. ii. 1124, with three Pagans' heads for his Arms. with portrait of Smith, 13s. Gordonstoun, In the Grenville Collection; probably 2123, 11s.

unique. The Sea-man's Grammer, by Captain

The Life of Capt. John Smith, the John Smith, sometimes Governour of Founder of Virginia, by W. G. Simms. Virginia and Admiral of New England. New York (1846), 12mo. 7s. Lond. 1653, 4to. Sign. A, two leaves, B to

For a Life of Capt. Smith, see POLYANL 2, in fours, printed in black letter.

THEA, at p. 1909. The Seaman's Grammar and Dictionary, This extraordinary man was sent out in by Captain John Smith, now much am- 1606 by the London Company, to whom a plified and enlarged. Lond. 1692, 4to. patent had been granted to plant a colo

SMITH, Capt. John-continued. John, of Queen's College, ny, but falling into the hands of Powha. Cambridge. Select Discourses (9) tan, the chief king, and about to be put with his Life, Death and funeral to death, his life was saved by Pocahontas, the king's daughter, of twelve or Sermon by Simon Patrick. Lond. thirteen years of age. This princess 1660, 4to. 108. 6d. afterwards became the wife of a Mr. Rolfe, whom she accompanied to Eng dition and strength of mind.—Cambr.

John Smith was a writer of great eriland in 1616, when Captain Smith sented a Petition to Queen Anne in favour 1673, 4to. 6s. Williams, 1417, 12s.-With of his deliverer; and he has introduced Life by Sir David Dalrymple Lord her portrait (No. 4) into his History of Hailes, and Funeral Sermon by Bp. PaVirginia. These particulars are contained trick, Lond. 1821, 8vo. 128. – An abridgin Beverley's History of Virginia, 1705, ment edited by Sir David Dalrymple Lord p. 26, with a copy of the petition. See also Hailes, Edinb. 1756, 12mo.-An abridga long account of him in Seward's Anec ment by John King, Lond. 1820, 12mo. dotes of Eminent Persons, Lond. 1804,

3s.6d. 8vo. vol. ii. p. 267.

John, M.D. King SoloSMITH, Capt.John. The Innocent mon's Portraiture of Old Age ; cleared, or a Vindication of Cap- being a Paraphrase on Ecclesiastes, taine John Smith, Capt. Lieuten- XII. 1-6. Lond. 1676, 4to. 4s. ant under Colonell Rainsborough,

In this curious work the author attriagainst those false Aspersions raised butes the discovery of the circulation of against him by one Major Wylkes. the blood to King Solomon.-- 1752, 12mo.

The substance of the work will be found Lond. 1648, 4to.

in Poole's Synopsis. Seven leaves.

Captain John. The Trade - John. Cytherea, or the enand Fishing of Great Britain Dis- amouring Girdle, a Comedy. Lond. played ; with a Description of the 1677, 4to. Islands of Orkney and Scotland. Roxburghe, 5882, 3s. Rhodes, 2364,

6s. 60. Lond. 1662, 4to.

LARGE PAPER. Thorpe, in 1835, 108.6d. John. History of the Monar.

England's Improvement reviv'd: di- chical Conventions and Military gested into six books. In the Savoy, by Institutions and Description of the Th. Newcomb, 1679, 4to.

John, of St. John's College, Religious and Military Orders of Oxford. Works, in several Trea: Europe. Lond. 1686, 18mo. frontises. Published by J. Hart. Lond. tispiece, 6s. 1637, 4to.

John. Chronicon Rusticum Third edition, corrected and amended. Commerciale; or, Memoirs of - 1629, 4to.

According to Ant. & Wood, Wool, &c. Lond. 1747, 8vo. 2 Smith was skilful in the original lan

vols. guages, an excellent text-man, and well read in writers that were of note in seve An invaluable and erudite work. Mar. ral ages of the church.'

quis of Townshend, 2939, 199. Willett, Sir John, Knight. Britan- 2251, 11. 18.-Lond. 1756, 7, 4to. 2 vols. nicæ Virtutis Imago : or, the Effi- Reed, 1555, 11. 133. gies of trve Fortitvde expressed to

John. The Printer's Gramthe Life in the famous Actions of mar. Lond. 1755, 8vo. 58. that incomparable Knight, Major inserted in Stower's Printer's Grammar.

The principal parts of this work are Generall nith, who here repre- An abridgment was published in 1787, sented, June, 1644. Oxford, 1644, 8vo. 4to.

John, M.D. Choir Gaur, the Pp. 28, not including title, and dedica- Grand Orrery of the ancient Druids, tion signed E. W(alsingham). pt. ii. 1125, 38. Bindley, pt. 'it. 2533, 11! commonly called Stonehenge, on 11s. 6d.

Salisbury Plain, astronomically exSee SMYTH, Sir John,

plained, and mathematically proved Lond. R. Wilkinson (1798), royal to be a Temple erected in the ear- 8vo. 20 portraits, 15s. liest Ages, for observing the Mo LARGE PAPER, royal 4to. 11. 11s. 6d. tions of the Heavenly Bodies. John. Catalogue Raisonné Salisbury, 1771, 4to.

of the Works the most eminent Brockett, 2856, 11s. Hibbert, 7526, illustrated with

plates, 17.28. Dent, pt. ii. Dutch, Flemish, and French Paint1041, morocco, 11. 8s.- Collation. Pp. vi ers, with Biographical Notices of & 74, with three folded plans of stone- the Artists, and a copious descriphenge by Palmer, also

two views of tion of their principal Pictures ; a Stonehenge engraved by H. Roberts. These latter were not published with the statement of the Prices at which volume.

they have been sold, and the GalleSMITH, John of Campbelton, D.D. ries or Collections in which they Galic Antiquities, consisting of a

are at present found ; with a Sup, History of the Druids, particularly plement. Lond. 1829-42, roy. 8vo. of those of Caledonia ; a Disser- 9 vols., portrait, pub. at 11l. 189. tation on the Authenticity of the 11.65. each; the 9th, which is Suppler

The first 8 vols. were published at Poems of Ossian ; and a Collection mentary, ii. 10s. They are still sold of Ancient Poems, translated from separately, at the original price. the Galic of Ullin, Ossian, Orran,

John. Select Views in Italy, &c. Edinb. 1780, 4to.

Hibbert, 7528, 3s. 61. Towneley, pt. ii. with Descriptions in English and 1430, 9s. Heber, pt. iv. 10s.

French. 1792-6, oblong 4to. or fol. A summary View and Explanations of 2 vols. the Writings of the Prophets. Edinb.

Seventy-two plates by Byrne, Watts. 1787, 12mo. A judicious abstract of all that is valu.

and Pouncey. Gough, 3398, 51. 15s. 6d. able in the writings of Bishop Lowth; Hibbert, 7527, norocco, 72. 10s. Dent, pt.

Duke of York, 1931, morocco, 51. 15s.6d. Abp. Newcombe, Bishop Newton, and ii. 1282, morocco, 71. 10. Edwards, 502, Drs. Kennicott and Blayney ; it was originally compiled to accompany a Gaelic morocco, 61. 108., 503, with proofs and

White version of the Prophets, and was subse- / many etchings, morocco, 137. quently translated into English by the Knights, 3971, morocco, 131. Baker, 843, author himself.—Camb. 1804, 8v0.-Edit. 1885, with a triple set of plates, &c., 307.

with proofs and etchings, 111. Fonthill, ed by P. Hall. Lond. 1840, 12mo. 4s.

98.-A new edition (with worn plates), View of the last Judgment. Edinb. entitled Italian Scenery, 1817, Ato, 72 1783, 8vo, 4s. Williams, 1629, 108.6d.

plates, 11. 1s. Lectures on the Nature and End of the Sacred Office, and on the Dignity, Duty,

John Prince.

Reports of Qualificutions and Character of the Sacred Cases argued in the King's Bench Order. Glasg. 1798, 8vo. 5s.

and in the Court of Chancery, in The Life of St. Columba, the Apostle the 44th, 45th, and 46th Years of and Patron Saint of the Ancient Scots and Picts, and joint Patron of the Irish ; com

Geo. III. Lond. 1804-7, 8vo. 3 monly called Column-Kille, the Apostle vols. 11. 11s. 6d. of the Highlands. By John Smith, D.D. The above reports contain many cases Edinb. 1798, 8vo. 58. Fonthill, 1590, 16s. not to be found in any other reporter.

Letter to the Rev. Dr. Smith, containing See Law Journal. a few Strictures on his Life of St. Colum. Elements of the Science of Money, ba. By Alexander Cameron. Edinb. founded on the Principles of the Law of 1798, 8vo.

Nature. Lond. 1813, 8vo. 128.
See AGRICULTURE (Argyle), p. 20. Os-
BIAN, p. 1737.

John Pye, D.D. The ScripJohn, of the Inner Temple. ture Testimony to the Messiah : Iconographia Scotica, or Portraits an Inquiry, with a View to a satis. of Illustrious Persons of Scotland, factory Determination of the Docwith their Lives. By John Smith. | trine taught in the Holy Scriptures

concerning the Person of Christ. Collation,-Title, dedication to K. Geo. Lond. 1818-21, 8vo. 3 vols.

III. signed John Thomas Smith; ad

vertisement; preface, pp. iii-xV; list of Second edition, Lond. 1829, 879. 3 vols. plates, one leaf; the work and list of sube -Third edition, Lond. 1837, 8vo. 3 vols.- scribers, pp. 1-276. A plate at p. 48, InFourth edition, Lond. 1847, 8vo. 2 vols. ternal View of the Painted Chamber,' 1l. 48.-Fifth edition, Lond. 1859, 8vo. 2 engraved on stone, is frequently wanting. vols, 11.1s. This work, written by the theo- The plate at p. 50 is a copy of it, with the logical tutor of the dissenting academy addition of two figures, the draughtsman at Homerton, contains, says Mr. Orme, and his friend. The early copies have a 'a treasure of Christian instruction, with title-page on which the name of JOHN SIDwhich no Christian minister ought to NEY HAWKINS appears, and a dedication to dispense.'

George III. signed 'The Author;' also du. Scripture and Geology, or the Relation plicate pages 251, 2, 3, 4. On pages 252 and between the Holy Scriptures and some

254will be found the name of Mr. Hawkins. parts of Geological Science, by John Pye such copies will commonly be found Mr.

These pages are usually cancelled, and in Smith, D.D. Lond. 1839, 8vo.-Second edition, enlarged. Lond. 1840, 8vo. 108.6d.

John Thomas Smith's Vindication, being - Fourth edition, greatly enlarged, with a

an answer to a pamphlet written and pubSketch of the Life of the Author, by the lisned by John Sidney Hawkins, Esq., Rev.J. H. Davies. Lond. 1848. - Fifth edi. | F.A.S., concerning Mr. J. T. Smith's con. tion, Lond. (Bohn's Scientific Library), Antiquities of Westminster. N.B. To be

duct to Mr. Hawkins, in relation to the 1854, post 8vo. 5s. First Lines of Christian Theology, the advertisement.

bound up with the work immediately after Edited, with Notes, References, and In

New edition, including the Supplement, dexes, by W. Farrer. Lond. 1854, 8vo. with 22 additional Illustrations, and an 183.--Second edition, revised, 1860, 8vo. Index. Lond. J. B. Nichols, 1837, in one 158.

volume, royal 4to. 122 plates, pub. at Memoirs of the Life and Writings of 51. 5s, reduced 21. 126.60. John Pye Smith, D.D. By J. Medway. The additional illustrations in this edi. Lond. 1853, 8vo. 12s.

tion were taken from old coppers belong

ing to Malcolm's London, and other books. SMITH, John Thomas. Antiquities A correct Statement and Vindication of of the City of Westminster, the old the Conduct of John Sidney Hawkins, Palace, St. Stephen’s Chapel, (now Esa, F.A.S., towards Mr. John

Thomas the House of Commons), &c. &c. Hawkins himself. Lond. 1807, 8vo. pp. Containing 246 engravings of To- 87, with a separate leaf prefixed. pographical Objects, of which 122 Vindication. By John Sidney Hawkins,

A Reply to Mr. John Thomas Smith's no longer exist, (on 38 copper Esq., F.A.S. Lond. 1808, 8vo. pp. vi. and plates). (The literary part by Jno. 79. Sidney Hawkins, Esq. F.A.S.) Lond.

Antiquities of London and its Environs.

Lond. (1791-1800), 4to. This volume con1807, royal 4to. 61. 6s.

sists of 96 plates. A few ocpies were To this a second or supplementary issued with coloured plates. Koxburghe, volume was afterwards published under 8636, 21. 55. Nassan, pt. i. 2552, 11. 13s. the title of SIXTY - TWO ADDITIONAL FOLIO. Fonthill, 1911, coloured plates, Plates. 1809, royal 4to. 61. 6s. Imme- 31..3s. "Fifty copies of these plates, after diately after the plates will be found Mr. having been four times retouched, were John Thomas Smith's Vindication, 16 issued by the last possessor in a folio size, pages, which an N.B. informs us should as proof impressions, for the purpose of be placed in the preceding volume imme- illustration.' diately after the advertisement.

Remarks on Rural Scenery, with twenty Some of the original copies contain a Etchings of Cottages from Nature, &c. duplicate of the so-called stone plate, one Lond. 1797, 4to. Bindley, pt. iii. 2005, 5s. of which being printed from an engraved Fonthill, 1364, 11. stone (the first ever attempted,) broke Ancient Topography of London. Lond. after a certain number were taken off, and 1815, imperial 4to. Fonthill, 591, 11. 15s. was necessarily omitted in part of the Strettell, 1461, 31. 118. Bindley, pt, iii. edition. Duke of York, 4933, 41. 14s. 6d. 1840, 41. 4s. The volume consists of 32 Fonthill, 1724, 91. 198. 6á. Dent, pt. ii. plates, not including the engraved title1043, with many of the original coloured page, dated 1810, also a printed one, a drawings, the stone plate, and original preface, and the letter-press description, title-page, russia, 181. 108.

B to M, 84 pages.

SMITH, John Thomas-continued. in verse. Imp. Henry Kirkeham,

Tag, Rag, and Bob-tail; being Portraits 1575, 8vo. of Notorious Personages, Famous and

Jolley, 71. Infamous, chiefly about Cromwell's Time, copied with accuracy from scarce origi

Leveson. Remarks on an nal prints, by J. T. Smith. Lond. 1800, Essay on Government, by James 4to.

Vagabondiana; or, Etchings of remark- Mill, Esq. Edited by his Mother.
able Beggars, itinerant Traders, and other Lond. 1827, 4to. portrait.
Persons of Notoriety in London and its

Frivately printed.
Environs, with an Introduction by Francis
Douce. Lond. 1815-17, 4to. Bindley, pt.

- Matthew. Memoirs of Secret iii. 1841, 21. 9s. Strettell, 1462, 41. 5s. Service. By Matthew Smith. Lond.

Cries of London, exhibiting some of the 1699, 8vo. Itinerant Traders of ancient and modern

Pp. xviii & 160; A character of R. F. Times, copied from Rare Prints and &c. pp. 24. This book is said to have Drawings, with Memoirs. Lond. Nichols, been written by Charles, Earl of Peter. 1839, royal 4to. Portrait and 30 etchings. borough, with the assistance of Dr. DaPub. at 21. 2s., reduced 11. 18. LARGE

venant, against the Duke of Shrewsbury. PAPER,royal 4to. 21. 12s. 6d. red. 11. 11s. 6d. It was ordered by the House of Peers to

Nollekins and his Times, by John be burnt by the hangman. Mackay's Thomas Smith. Lond. 1829, 8vo. 2 vols. Memoirs, p. 64.

Book for a Rainy Day; or, Recollections Remarks upon the D- of S—'s Letter for fifty years.

Lond. 1845, post vo. to the House of Lords, concerning Captain 10s. 60.

Smyth. By Matthew Smyth. Lond. Antiquarian Rambles in the Streets of 1700, 8vo. pp. xvi and 31. London ; with Anecdotes of their more

A modest Answer to Capt. Smith's imcelebrated Residents. Edited by C. Mac- modest Memoirs of secret Service. By kay. Lond. 1846, 8vo. 2 vols. 11. 88.- Rich. Kingston. Lond. 1700, 8vo. Bentley's Parlour Bookcase edition, 12mo. A Reply to a Libel, entitled A modest 88.6d,

Answer to Capt. Smyth's immodest MeSee REMBRANDT, p. 2071.

moirs of secret Service; and of his ReSMITH, Joseph. Bibliotheca Smi. marks on the D. of S.'s Letter. Lond.

1700, 8vo. thiana, seu Catalogus Librorum

Impudence, Lying and Forgery detected, D. Josephi Smithi, per cognomina in a Rejoinder to Smith's Reply. By Rich. Authorum dispositus. Cura J. B. Kingston, Lond. 1700, 8vo. Paschali. Venetiis, 1755, 4to.

Miles, Bishop of Gloucester. Mitford, pt. i. 11. 138.-Second edition. Sermons (15). Lond. 1632, folio. Lond. 1773, 8vo. The library of Con

This prelate was one of those appointed sul Smith was purchased by George III., to translate the Holy Scriptures by K. and now forms a portion of the King's James I. Library, British Museum.

Nicolas. Defence against Dr. Joshua Hett. Authentic

Kellison on Ecclesiastical HierarNarrative of the Causes which led to the Death of Major André, Ad- chy: Rouen, 1630, 12mo.

Modesta ac brevis discussio aliquarum jutant-General of His Majesty's assertionem. D. Doctoris Kellison. AntForces in North America. To werp, 1631, 12mo.

Thorpe, in 1842, 18s. which is added a Monody on his Tierney. Dec. 1862, 18. The real name of

this Roman Catholic writer was Matthew death, by Miss Seward.

Lond. Wilson. He published also under the

For his other pieces see 1808, 8vo. portrait, map and plate. name of Knot. New York, 1809, 12mo.

KNOTT, Edward. Wilson, Matthew.
Jud. A Misticall Deuise of

Richard, D.D. The Assertion the spirituall and Godlie Love be- and Defence of the Sacramente, by tween Christ the Spouse and the Mayster Richard Smythe Doctoure Churche or Congregation, whereun- of Diuinitie. Lond. by Thon Herto is annexed certain briefe Stories forde, 1546, sm. 8vo.

BLACK LETTER. White Knights, 3871, firste made by the wise Prince So

morocco, 12. 10s. Heber, pt. i. 12. 2s. ; loman, and now newely set forth pt. v. with a playne Declaration, &c.

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