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SLAVE TRADE.—Poems on the leges ; the Ruins of many ancient Abolition of the Slave - Trade, Abbeys, Churches, Mona series and written by James Montgomery, Convents, within the said kingdom ; James Graham, and E. Benger. all curiously engraven on copper Lond. 1809, 4to.

plates ; with a short description of Printed by Bowyer, and illustrated by each Place. Lond. 1693, folio. 13 engravings. LARGE PAPER, with proof

This first edition contains 5 prelimi. plates. Brockett, 2267, 12s.

nary leaves, 65 pages of letterpress, with See CLARKSON, Thomas. WILBERFORCE, Arms of the Nobility, and 57 folding William,

plates. Heber, pt. vii. 41. 8s. Hibbert, SLEAFORD.-Sketches illustrative | 7571, 21. 198. Gardner, fine, in morocco, of the Topography and History of 116 11s.-- Second edition, enlarged, with New and Old Sleaford, in the county burgh. 1710, 31. 13s. 60.-- Third edition,

an additional Panoramic View of Edin. of Lincoln. Sleaford, Creasey, 1825, 43 pages of letterpress, 58 folding plates royal 8vo. 24 plates, 11. 1s.

and large Panoramic View of Edinburgh, SLEATER, Rev. Matth. Intro- | 1718, 41, 4s. Chalmers, pt.iii.date 1719, 71.

-Edinb. 1797, with 8 additional plates by ductory Essay to a new System of Pouncy, fol. 21. 12s.6d. - New edit. containTopography and Itinerary of Coun- ing all the works of Slezer known to exist, ties of Ireland, with Remembrances (printed from the original copper plates),

with the Life of the Author enlarged by of mer orable Events, &c. ublin, John Jamieson, D.D. Edinb. 1814, folio, 1806, 8vo.

69 plates, Pp. xx and 334.

SLINGSBY, Sir Henry. Original SLEEPERS.-A Relation of two Memoirs, written during the Great wonderful Sleepers. Lond. 1646, Civil War ; being the History of 4to.

Sir Henry Slingsby, 1638–48, and Nassau, pt. ii. 1121, 3s. Memoirs of Captain Hodgson, with SLEEPWALKER, The. See An- Notes, &c.

Edinb. 1806, 8vo. SPACH, Margravine of.

portrait, 10g. 60. SLEIDAN, John. Cronicle, or Edited by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Pp. Commentaries concerning the State 367. Hibbert, 7435, 6s. Gough, 3288. of Religion and Commonwealth 8s.6d. Bindley, pt. iii. 840, 6s. LARGE

PAPER. Fifty copies printed. Sir M. M. during the Raigne of the Emperour Sykes, pt. iii. 365, 11.4s. Towneley, pt. ii. Charles V. translated out of Latin 723, 10s. Baker, 332, 11. 1s. Fonthill, 3091, into Englishe by Ihon Daus. Lond. 31. 4s.

The Diary of Sir Henry Slingsby of by Jhon Daie, 1560, folio.

Scriven; with his Trial, Father's Legacy, BLACK LETTER. Nassall, pt. ii. 1321, Family Correspondence, Genealogical Me9s. Townely, pt. ii. 1498, 13s.

moir, &c. Edited by the Rev. D. Parsons. A briefe Chronicle of the foure princi: Lond. 1836, 8vo. 14s. In the Preface, the pall Empyres, Babilon, Persia, Grecia and Editor says, the extracts given by Sir Rome, englished by Stephan Wythers. Walter Scott, in the edition of 1806, as Lond. by Ronland Ilall, 1563, 4to. BLACK from the MS., are not given fairly or with LETTER. Horne Tooke, 653, 11. 4s. Reed, judgment. This editor seems á furious 5637, 11. 2s. Heber, pt. ii. 11.1s.

loyalist. General History of the Reformation Father's Legacy. Instruction to his begun in Germany, by M. Luther. With Sonnes. Lond. 1058, Svo. Heber, pt. ix. 10s. & Continuation by E. Bohun to 1562.

SLOANE, Sir Hans. Voyage to the Lond. 1689, fol. With portrait by Faithorne. Bindley, pt. iii. 419, 11. 155. Islands Madera, Barbados, Nieves, Roxburghe, 7837, 108.6à. Bishop of Ely, St. Christopher's, and Jamaica, with 1459, 88. Sotheby's, July, 1860, i3s.

the Natural History of the last of SLEZER, Capt. John. Theatrum these Islands. Lond. 1707-25, fol. Scotiæ ; containing the Prospects 2 vols. of their Majesties Castles and Pa. With 274 plates. A rich mine of natulaces, together with those of the title of sir dans Sloane's History of Ja.

ral history, generally known under the most considerable Towns and Col- ! maica. Nassau. pt. ii. 1022*, 61. 12s.6d.

Williams, 1685, russia, 81. Towneley, New Testament. Lond. 1722. Bindley, pt. ii, 1510, russia, 101. 15s. Willett, pt. iv. 1057, 19s. 6d. 2310, 161. 15s. Dept, pt. ii. 1279, morocco,

SMALL, Robert, D.D. An Ac171, 178. Heath, 2790, 191. 19s. Heber, pt. x. 51. 5s. Holland, 1860, 41. 18s. So- count of the Astronomical Distheby's, March, 1861, 61. 6s. LARGE PAPER, coreries of Kepler : including an WITH COLOURED PLATES, Paris, in 1791, historical Review of the Systems 264, with 156 plates. Vol. i1. pp. 499, and which had successively prevailed plates 157 to 274.

before his Time. Lond. 1804, 8vo. Catalogus Plantarum qnæ in Insulo 6s. Jamaica, sponte proveniunt, vel vulga

Pp. 370, with 11 plates. coluntur, &c. Lond. 1696, 12mo. pp. 232, 3s. 6d.

SMALLE, Pet. Man's May, or a SLOETTEN, Henry Corn. Van. Month's Mind, wherein the Liberty The Isle of Pines, or a late Dis- of Man's Mind is compared to the covery of a fourth Island near Month of May. Lond. 1615, 4to. Terra Australis Incognita. Lond. In verse. Roxburghe, 3343. Jolley,

141. 14s. 1668, 4to. Pp. 31, with a plate, written by Henry

SMALRIDGE, George, Bishop of Nevile. White Knights, 4433, 3s. Bristol. Sixty Sermons on several Printed without the plate 1768, 12mo. In Occasions. Oxford, 1724, folio, the Memoirs of Thomas Hollis, vol. i. p.

10s. 6d. 269-70, it is said Mr. Hollis sent to the London Chronicle a piece of drollery, as

With portrait of the Bishop by Vertue, he calls it, by Henry Nevile, entitled after Kneller.-Oxford, J. H. Parker, 1853, "The Isle of Pines,' with a short Preface 8vo, 2 vols. pub. 15s., reduced, 8s. signed 'Harpocrates, of which he also

SMART, Benjamin Humphrey. procured an elegant edition, 12mo. 1768, printed for Cadell, to which was prefixed Practical Grammar of English à satirical, and not over delicate, piece Pronunciation. Lond. 1810, 8vo. entitled "The Parliament of Ladies,' 9s. first printed in 1647. See NEVILE, Henry,

Rudiments of English Grammar Eluci.

dated. Lond. 1811, 12mo. 3s. 60, Sloss, James. Doctrine of the

Grammar of English Sounds. Lond. Trinity explained and confirmed. 1813, 12mo. 4s. Lond. 1736, 8vo.

First Step to Elocution. Lond. 1818,

12mo. 4s. Second edition, revised, 1752, 8vo. masterly antidote against Arianism, So

Theory of Elocution. Lond. 1819, 8vo. cinianism and Sabellianism.

Practice of Elocution, or Course of ExSLOVENRIE, School of. See F. R., ercises for Acquiring the several reqni

sites of a Good Delivery.

Lond. 1822, SMAGGE, Jan. An exact Narra. Svo. 5s.--Fourth edition, 1842, 12mo. 5s.”

Fifth edition, 1845. tive of many surprising Matters of

Practical Logic, or Hints to Theme Fact incontestable wraught by an Writers. Lond. 1823, 12mo. 3s.6d. evil Spirit or Spirits in the House

Guide to Parsing. Lond. 1825, 12mo.

2s.6d. of Master Jan Smagge, in Canvy Walker Remodelled: a new English Island, near Leigh in Essex. Lond. Dictionary, adapted to the present state 1708, 4to.

of Literature and Science. Lond. 1836, 8vo. Nassau, pt. ii. 385, 158.-1709, 8vo.

-New edition, entitled 'Critical and Pro

nouncing English Dictionary.' Lond. SMALBROKE, Richard, Bishop of Longman, 1849, 8vo. 15s. St. David's, afterwards of Litch

Pronouncing Dictionary of the English field and Coventry. Vindication of Language Epitomized. 1850, 12mo. 7s.6d. the Miracles. Lond. 1729-34, 8vo. English and Roman History. Lond. 1839,

Shakspearian Readings, illustrative of 2 vols.

12mo.-New edition, 1843, 12mo. 6s. Willett, 2247, 9s.

Accidence and Principles of English Enquiry into the Authority of the Pri- Grammar. Lond. 1841, 12m0.-1847, 12mo mitive Complutension Edition of the 3s. 6d.

p. 1661.



p. 771.


Accidence of English Grammar. Lond. found in Africa and other Hot 1848, 12mo, 1s.

Manual of English Grammar. Lond. Climates. Lond. 1781, 4to. 1847, 12mo. 2s.6dWith Accidence and

With three coloured plates. Stanley, Key, 4s.

108, 21. 5s. This work forms a portion of Key to the Exercises in the Grammar.

the 71st volume of the Philosophical Lond. 1847, 12mo. 1s.

Transactions. Manual of Rhetoric. Lond. 1848, 12mo. SMEATON, John. Reports of the

late J. Smeaton, made on various Manual of Logic. Lond. 1849, 12mo. Occasions, in the Course of his 2s. 60.

Beginnings of a New School of Meta- Employment as an Engineer. With physics. Lond. 1842, 8vo. 10s,

an Account of his Life, Character, Outlines of Sematology. Lond. 1844, and Works. Lond. 1812-14, 4to. 12mo. 78.

Sequel to the Outlines of Sematology. | 3 vols. 41. 4s. Lond. 1844, 12mo. 5s.

A valuable and esteemed work. HolWay out of Metaphysics. Lond. 1844, land, 1860, 21. Lond 1797, 4to. vol. 1.8vo. 18.

Second edition, 1837, 4to. 2 vols. 74 plates, SMART, Christopher. Poems : 31.3sreduced, Bohn, 21. 2s. to which' is prefixed, an Account bour. Lond. 1791, 8vo. pp. 86. with a

Historical Report on Ramsgate Har. of his Life and Writings. Reading, folding plan. --Second edition, 1791, 8vo. printed by Smart and Cowsdale, Experimental Enquiry concerning the and sold by Power and Co., St. natural Powers of Wind and Water to

turn Mills and other Machines. Lond. Paul's Church Yard, London, 1791, 1794, royal 8vo, 5 plates. -Second edit. 12mo. 2 vols. 5s.

1796, royal 8v0.--Lond. 1823, royal 8vo. Best edition, with portrait. Heber, pt. 10s. 6d. This work was translated into iv. 28.-1752, 4to. In Chalmers' British | French by M.P.S.Girard, Paris, 1810, 4to. Poets, vol. 16.

A Narrative of the Building, and a DeJohn. Tables of Simple In- scription of the Construction, of the Edy

stone Lighthouse with Stone: to which terest and Discount. Lond. 1726, is subjoined an Appendix, giving some 4to. 5s.

Account of the Light-house on the Spurn An accurate work, still held in estima- Point, built upon a Sand.

Lond. 1791, tion.--1736, 8v0.-1747, 8vo.

imp. fol. pp. 198, with 23 plates. — The

second edition, corrected. Lond. 1793, Peter. The Vanitie and imperial folio. Pp. 198, not including Downefall of Superstitious Popish title, one leaf; dedication, two pages; Ceremonies, a Sermon preached in also 23 plates, not including the vignette the Cathedral Church of Durham. in the title-page. Hibbert, 8572, 11.8s. Edinb. 1628, 4to.

Nassau, pt. ii. 1023, 21. Fonthill, 1845, 61. Gordonstoun, 2078, 17. 1s.

Dent, pt. ii. 1280, russia, 11. 155. Marqnis

of Townshend, 3051, 71. 7s.- Lond. 1513, Septuagenarii Senis Itenerantis Cantos Epithalamicus. 1643, 4to. 103. 60. Brock- fol. A reprint' of that of 1793, pub. at

67. 6s., but now sold for about 11. 11s. 6d. ett, 732, no title, 31.5s.

To this copy was

The Miscellaneous Papers of John added 'a short Treatise of Altars, AltarFurniture, Altar-cringing, Musick of all Smeaton, containing Communications to the Quire, Singing Men, and Choristers, the Royal Society. Lond. 1814, 4to. with

12 engravings. when the holy Communion was administered in the Cathedrall Church of Durham, Works of J. Smeaton. Lond. 1793, 12mo.

Narrative of the Genins, Life and by Prebendaries and Petty Canons, in glorious Copes embroidered with Images, SMEDLEY, Edward. History of 1629.'

the Reformed Religion in France. Canterburies Crueltie, coworking with his Prelattical Brethren in the Persecut- Lond. (Theological Library), 1832ing of Peter Smart. Lond. 1643, 4to. 34, 12mo. 3 vols. portraits, 18s. Heber, pt. ii. 11. 16s.

Erin, a geographical and descriptive See Wood's Athen, Oxon. by Bliss, iii. Poem. Lond. 1810, 8vo. 40-1.

Jephtha, a Poem. Lond. 1814, 8vo.

Jonah, a Poem. Lond. 1815, 8vo. SMEATHMAN, H. M. Some Ac

Prescience, or the Secrets of Divina. count of the Termites, which are Ition, a Poem. Lond. 1828, 12mo. 7s.6d.

SMEDLEY, Edward-continued. &c. by W. Smellie, M.D. A new

Marriage in Cana, a Poem. Lond. 1828, Edition, with Illustrations by A. 8vo.

Sketches from Venetian History, (Fa- Hamilton, M.D. Edinb. 1787, roy. mily Liby.). Lond. 1831–32, 18mo. 2 vols. folio, 21. 2s.

Poems, with Selection of his Corre An excellent edition.-1754, roy. folio. spondence, and a Memoir of his Life, -1761, roy. folio.-1787, 8vo. This edi. Lond. 1837, 8vo. portrait, 11. 1s.

tion is of little value. Mr. Smedley was editor of the 'Ency William, F.R.S.E. The Philoclopedia Metropolitana.'

sophy of Natural History. Edinb. SMEDLEY, Rev. Jonathan. A Spe- 1790–9, 4to. 2 vols. cimen of an universal View of the

Hibbert, 7523, 11. 78.-Reprinted, with eminent Writers on the holy Scrip- an Introduction and various Additions

and Alterations, by J. Ware. Fifth tures. 1728, folio. This specimen contains only the first edition, Boston, U.s. 1846, 12mo. 5s.

Account of the Society of the Antichapter of Genesis. A copy is in the quaries of Scotland. Edinb. 1780-82, 4to. British Museum.

2 parts, Brockett, 2855. 4s. SMEETON, George. Biographia Literary and characteristical Lives of Curiosa, or Memoirs of Remarkable John Gregory, M.D.; Henry Home, Lord Characters of the Reign of George Smith, LL.D.: to which are added a Disthe Third. Westminster, 1820, sertation on Public Spirit, and three Esroyal 8vo. in 2 parts, with 39 por- says, Edinb. 1800, 8vo. "Biudley, pt. iii.

620, 7s. traits, and a plate of the 'Beggar's

Memoirs of the Life, Writings and Opera at St. Ĝiles.

Correspondence of the late Mr. William Reprints of Rare and Curious Tracts Smellie, by Robert Kerr. Edinb. 1811, relating to English History. Westmin. 8vo. 2 vols. with portrait and facsimiles ster, 1820, &c. 4to. 2 vols, (usually 16 of his hand-writing, &c. Tracts, but sometimes 17), portraits and SMELL - KNAVE. Fearful and plates, 21. 12s.6d. 250 copies printed, and of these many copies were destroyed by fire. lamentable effects of two dange

Contents.--1. England's Remembrancer, rous comets which shall appeare in or account of the Spanish Armada, 1588. the yeare of our Lorde, 1591, by 2. The Fatal Vespers, or Judgment of Simon Smell-Knave. n. d. 4to. God upon the Papists in the Fall of the House in Blackfriers, 1623. 3. History

Jolley, 41. of the Gunpowder Treason. 4. King SMETON, Thomas. Ad virulenJames' Book of Sports. 5. Weldon's Court tum Archibaldi Hamiltonii Aposand Character of K. James I.. 6. Count tatæ Dialogum, de confusione Calmoirs of Geo. Villiers, Duke of Bucking-vinianæ Sectæ apud Scotos, Responham. 8. Life of Q. Henriettta Maria. .. sio; adiecta est vera Historia exLife of the famed Colonel Blood. Life of James Duke of Monmouth. 1: tremæ vitæ et obitus Joan. Knoxii. Vicar's English Worthies, iucluding co- Edinburgia pud Johan. Rosseum pies of the rare portraits. 12. Life of pro H. Charteris, 1579, 4to. Hugh Peters. 13, Short View of the

Roman letter, pp. 123, besides prefixes. long reign of Henry III. 14. Life of Bindley, pt. iii. 2068, 12s. 6d. Hibbert, Dickory Cronk. 15. No Jest like a True 7524, morocco, 31. 58. Heber, in a vol. of Jest, or the Life of Captain Hind. 16. Se 14 Tracts, pt. vi. 3008, 31. 38. cond Captain Hind, or the notorious Life of Captain James Simpson. 17. To some

SMIRKE, Robert, R.A. The Adcopies is added 'The Life and Death of venture of Hunchback, and the Q. Anne Bullen,' which was published as Stories connected with it. (From the first number of a third vol. The Eccentric Magazine, or Lives and

the Arabian Nights' EntertainPortraits of Remarkable Characters. ments.) With illustrative Prints. (Edited by Henry Lemoine and James Lond. 1814, imperial 4to. Caulfield.) Lond. 1814, 2 vols. 77 portraits. Seventeen plates, engraved by W. DaLARGE PAPER, 4to, 2 vols. Saunders, in nieil. LARGE PAPER, INDIA PROOFS, pub. 1818, 11. 10s.

at 61. 6s., 11. 16s. SMELLIE, William, M.D. Ana

Illustrations to Don Quixote. See. CERtomical Tables, with Explanations,' Illustrations to Gil Blas. See LE SAGE


Illustrations of SHAKESPEARE. See p. with considerable Additions and Correc2309.

tions. Lond. 1790, 8vo. 2 vols, Roscoe, SMITH, Aaron. Atrocities of the 723, 11.-Seventh edition, 1801, 8vo. 2 vols. Pirates; being a Faithful Narrative Edwards, 81, 95.6d.-Eighth elition, 1804,

8vo. 2 vols.-Ninth edition, Edinb. 1808, of the Unparalleled Sufferings en. 8vo. 2 vols.-- Tenth edition, Glasgow, 1809, dured by the Author during his in 1 vol. 8vo.- Eleventh edition, to which is Captivity among the Pirates of Langliages. Lond. Cadell, 1812, in 1 vol. Cuba; with an account of the 8vo. 128.-- New edition, with the DisserExcesses and Barbarities of those tation and a biographical and critical Inhuman Freebooters. Lond. 1824, Lond. (Bohn's Stand. Lib.) 1853-61, 3s. 6d.

Memoir of the author by Dugald Stewart. 12mo. 4s. 6d.

Essays on Philosophical Subjects, with Adam, LL.D. The Works an Account of the Life and Writings of

Lond. complete of Adam Smith, with Life the Author by Dugald Stewart.

1795, 4to. Edwards, 86, 88.-Lond. 1812, by Dugald Stewart. Lond. Cadell, Svo. 1811-12, 8vo. 5 vols. pub. at 31. Letter to Mr. Strahan on the last illness

An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of David Hume. Lond. 1777. 8vo. of the Wealth of Nations. Lond. 1776,

The Rights of Great Britain asserted 4to. 2 vols. Willett, 2283, 1l. 8s. Heath, against the Claims of America. Glasgow, 1409, 11. 10s. Horne Tooke, 654, 11. 11s. 1776, 8vo. 6d, Roxburghe, 9331, date 1777, 11. 9s. Life of Adam Smith, LL.D., together 1778, 4to. 2 vols.-Additions and Correc- with a view of his Doctrine compared tions to the first and second Editions. with that of the French Economists. Lond. 1784, 4to.Third edition, with Ad-(By W. Playfair.) Glasgow, 1805, 8vo. ditions. Lond. 1784, 8vo. 3 vols.-Fourth

Literary and characteristic Life of edition, 1786, Svo, 3 vols. Edwards, 114, Adam Smith. See SMELLIE, William. 11. 2s.-Fifth edition, 1791, 8vo. 3 vols. Alexander. Comical and Sixth edition, 1793, 8vo. 3 vols. Dent, pt: tragical Lives and Adventures of

Lond. vols. Nassau, pt. ii. 496, 11. 35.–Ninth the most noted Bayliffs. edition, 1800, 8vo. 3 vols.—Tenth edition, 1723, 8vo. 1802, 8vo. 3 vols. Drury, 3915, 88.-Ele. With a frontispiece. Baker, 652, 78. venth edition, with Notes, supplemental Reed, 5656, 13s. Heber, pt. viii. 8s. Chapters, and a Life of Dr. Smith by W. History of the Lives and Robberies of Playfair, 1805, 8vo. 3 vols. Twelfth edi- Highwaymen, &c. Lond. 1714, 12mo. 2 tion, 1809, 8vo. 3 vols.-Thirteenth edition. vols. Hibbert, 7440, with the Supple1812, 3 vols. 8vo.-Fourteenth edit. Ediub. ment, 1720, 3 vols. 11 68.--1718-20, 3 vols. 1817,8vo.3 vols.-Fifteenth edit. with a Life -1719-20, 12mo. 3 vols. Nassau, pt. ii. 492, of the Author: also, a View of the Doc- 31. 98. Gardner, in 1854, 61. 6s. Resold, trine of Smith compared with that of the Tasker, 1862, 21. 158. French Economists. Lond. 1819, 8vo. 3 Secret History of the Lives of the most vols. 11. 45.-With Notes and Additional celebrated Beauties, Ladies of Quality and volume by D. BUCHANAN. Edinb. 1814, Jilts, from Fair Rosamond down to this 8vo. 4 vols. LARGE PAPER, Willianis, Time. Lond. 1715, 12mo. 2 vols. Field, 1627, morocco. 41. 4s. — With Notes, &c. 1126, 31. 11s. by David Buchanan. Second edition, Court of Venus, or Cupid restored to Edinb. 1817, 8vo. 4 vols.— With a Life of Sight. Lond. 1716, 12mo. 2 vols. Strettell, the Author, and Introductory Discourse. 1339, 178. Halliwell, June, 1858, 21.12s.6d. Notes, and Supplemental Dissertations,

Thieves New Canting Dictionary of the by J. R. McCULLOCH. Edinb. 1828, 8vo. Words, Proverbs, Terms, and Phrases 4 vols.- New edition, 1839, in 1 thick used in the language of Thieves, &c. vol. 8vo. 17. 18.-Corrected and enlarged, Lond. 1719, 12mo. 10s. Ed. 1846, 8vo. 1 vol. 16s.-Fourth edition,

Thieves Grammar. corrected, 1850, 158.-Fifth edition, 1859, | 3865, 23.

White Knights, 168.-With a Commentary by Ed. Gib.

Memoirs of the famous Jonathan Wild BON WAKEFIELD. Lond. Knight, 1835-39, and other Rogues. ond. 1726, 8vo. 12mo. 4 vols. Unfinished; this edition

Court Intrigue, or an Account of the was intended to be 6 vols.

Secret Memoirs of the British Nobility The Theory of Moral Sentiments. and others. Lond. 1730, 12mo. Tasker, Lond. 1759, 8vo.-Lond. 1767,8vo. Horne

1862, 15s... Tooke, 655, 13s. 60. Heber, pt. vii. with MS. notes by Horne Tooke, 11. 2s.-Lond.

Charles. Topographical His1781, 8vo. Ź vols. — The Sixth edition, tories of Waterford, Cork and

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